Chapter 9

After another 15 minutes of roof jumping and running they arrived at the forest of death. Kyuubi was stood in front of the forest tapping her foot on the floor impatiently.

"What took you so long?" Kyuubi asked impatiently.

"Sorry we had a little problem with Hinata's father." Naruto explained.

"Well look on the bright side, at least people aren't attacking us or flipping out because of our tails." Emi said half-heartedly.

"Yea well its not really like it matters anymore." Naruto said grimly. "This village has lost our respect and has made enemies and lost the respect of some of the other shinobi villages; I wouldn't be surprised if we get invaded soon."

"I agree, the Hyuuga have become arrogant and self centered, I have made a promise to mother that I will put the Hyuuga back onto the path of light and I will make sure that I keep that promise." Hinata told them.

"So you were talking to you're mother when you were releasing you're powers?" Kyuubi asked.

"Yes, she said that she wanted me to bring the Hyuuga back onto the path of light but the arrogance of the clan is astounding." Hinata replied with a hint of sadness and disgust in her voice.

"We had better go into the forest and start our training. Hinata and Emi you will need to begin to wear weights." Kyuubi told the group as they walked through the gates and into the forest of death.

"I already wear weights." Emi told her.

"Really?" She asked. "How much?"

"Each of my limbs weigh 130 pounds and am going to add 50 pounds when we get into the forest for our training." Emi told her.

"I have 100 on each limb and need to add another 50 pounds as well." Naruto told Emi.

"Hinata we'll start you off with 30 pounds. It will help increase your strength, speed, stamina and chakra reserves. Also I'm going to give each of you gravity seals, what they do is increase the force of gravity that is being applied to your body. When you have all gotten used to the extra weight from your normal weights then we will put the gravity weights on." Kyuubi told them as they began to walk through the forest. "Emi there is something I would like to ask."

"Go ahead." He told her.

"Your bonded to the 5 tails right?" She asked. He nodded to her question. "Then why is he still in your body, does he never come out?"

"He isn't in my body now." He told her. "He hasn't been in my body since we got here but he will return in about a day."

"Were has he been?" She asked.

"I don't know, he wouldn't tell me." He told her his brow creased.

"Well from what I can sense Houkou (Five tails) has done the same thing that I did with Naruto. When he blended with you he blended the basics of his power. This means that when both you and Naruto get a tail it has the basics of our power in it. With me I was waiting for you to get up to 5 tails before I got you to increase each of the tails to full power, you will not get another tail until each of your tails has the full strength that each one of my tails has. As for you Emi you are the same, you have all five tails and you need to increase the strength in each of them. Though that does not mean that Naruto is far stronger than you because from what I can sense of Houkou, that is still connected to you he is about the same strength as Kaku the seven tails." Kyuubi explained to the group. "The tails are only a basic representation of strength and stamina, you may very well grow more tails beyond the five that you have. If you do then the beast that has the same number of tails will lose a tail as you will only gain an extra tail if you are stronger than they are, so if you increase in strength and go from 5 tails to 6 tails then the 6 tailed beast will become the 5 tails. They may lose a tail but they will have the same strength and stamina that they always had. This is similar to your human Hierarchy of power, a person can go from being low on the Hierarchy to being high but as he goes up he takes another persons place and that person will go down because they are to weak to be in that place when there is someone stronger and more suited for that place. Although this will only happen if you fight one that has more tails than you and you will fairly." She explained, more to Naruto and Emi than to Hinata. "Understand?"

"Hai." The group said at once.

"Another thing is that right now you can control 5 elements, earth, water, fire, wind and lightning but each of you will also gain the ability to control light and darkness when you get stronger. Although Hinata your ability to control them is not as strong as Emi's and Naruto's ability but you are stronger with the elements that you have an affinity for and from what I can tell they are water, light and wind. Naruto your strongest affinities are wind, water and earth. Emi yours are water, earth and darkness." Kyuubi told them.

They continued to walk for another 10 minutes till they reached a large clearing.

"So what are we going to learn first sensei?" Hinata asked as they put the packs with all there things in at one side.

"Well first were going to work on your chakra control." Kyuubi told the trio. "I assume you can all do the tree and water walking exercises." The group all nodded their heads. "Ok, this is a very advanced adaptation of those exercises, its called air walking. The basic idea is that you create a column of chakra under your feet that you use to walk on air. It is similar to the water walking exercise in respect that the amount of chakra that you use doesn't stay constant because of the wind and constant change in air pressure." She explained.

The group practiced this until around 7pm when it began to get dark.

"Right you lot that's enough for today." Kyuubi told the trio. Each of them were using large amounts of chakra, because they had never done this exercise before they wasted quite a proportion of there chakra.

All the groups chakra reserves had increased by quite a bit and their chakra control had increased as well, Hinata's hadn't increased that much because she had easily the best control of the group.

While they had been practicing this Kyuubi had been making a house (using Mokuton jutsu) for them to stay in while they were in the forest, Naruto and Kyuubi had had to get rid of the house they had built when they left the forest before the chuunin exams so that nobody would accidentally stumble onto it while in the survival test of the exam. She had also taken unsealed the furniture from that house from scrolls and put it all into this house, including many, many scrolls full of jutsu and fighting styles.

The group walked into the building and found themselves in an entrance hallway; it was a small hall way that went through the middle of the building from the entrance to a door way at the end of the hall.

There were 3 doorways on the left and 3 on the right. On the left were the bedrooms and on the right were the kitchen/dinning room, the library which contained all the scrolls, and the kitchen.

"Each of you chose a room and unpack your things, dinner will be in an hour so you can relax until then." Kyuubi told the group.

Hinata chose the room closest to the door, Naruto chose the one next to that and Emi the next one. (AN: Kyuubi sleeps in the seal and she teaches Naruto in his mindscape when he sleeps.)

While the three unpacked their things Kyuubi went into the kitchen and unsealed food from a number of scrolls. The kitchen was rectangular with a cooker, a fridge, a freezer, an oven, a sink and a microwave with cupboards above them; at the other end of the room was a circular table with four chairs around it. The room was a warm yellow colour. She put away the food she wouldn't use and began to make supper. For the electricity they used a generator and for gas, gas tanks were used. Each of these were unsealed by Kyuubi and attached while they trained.

After 10 minutes Naruto, Emi and Hinata came into the kitchen to see Kyuubi cooking with a large pan full of noodles and another full of something that the couldn't see.

"Sit down suppers almost ready." Kyuubi told them. "I'll explain the basics of what I am going to teach you over supper."

The three took a seat at the table. Naruto next to Hinata and opposite Emi with the spare place next to him; Naruto and Hinata holding hands under the table. Kyuubi came over with chopsticks and in hand and two of her tails held a tray with 4 bowls of ramen.

Naruto's lit up immediately when he saw the ramen, Hinata giggled softly at that while Kyuubi smiled softly and Emi was slightly confused as to why he looked so happy all of sudden.

"Iadikimas." (sp?) They all said softly when they each had a bowl each. Naruto immediately started eating, fast. While Kyuubi and Hinata began to eat normally Emi was sat there with his mouth hanging in a comical 0 shape.

When Naruto finished, 10 seconds after starting, he noticed that Emi was looking at him with his chin sitting on the table, mouth agape.

"What?" Naruto asked confusedly.

Emi picked up his jaw before he started talking.

"Do you always eat like that?" He asked a little disturbed.

Naruto just grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck. "Hehehe. Sorry, I guess you don't really know about my ramen habit."

"Habit? More like addiction." Kyuubi mumbled half jokingly. Naruto just stuck his tongue out at her playfully, which Kyuubi replied to by bonking him on the head. Naruto just scowled playfully at her while she smiled sweetly and Hinata sighed exasperatedly.

Emi sighed and began to eat his food too. After 10 minutes they had all eaten Kyuubi decided to tell them about the training that she had in mind for them.

"Ok about the training were gunna do. This week we will work on chakra control and finding out what you can do with your abilities, Hinata we will have you meditate and find out anything you can about your powers from your mind or maybe your mother. Emi me and Naruto only have bare minimum idea about the doujutsu that you both have so we wont be much help." Kyuubi said.

"Don't worry I have all the scrolls we will need about it with me." Emi said in-between mouthfuls of noodles.

Naruto's and Kyuubi's jaw dropped. "You have all the information with you?" Kyuubi asked silently, to which Emi just nodded.

"I always bring the information with me incase I ever unlocked the ability to use it. I have memorized a sizable chunk but I always keep the information with me." Emi told them. "We can start reading the information when you're ready."

"Do either of you know Kage Bunshin no jutsu?" Kyuubi asked Emi and Hinata.

"I do, Houkou made me learn it so that I could train faster as what the bunshin learns I learn." Emi told them.

"I don't." Hinata said looking down at her lap.

Naruto entwined his fingers in hers, making her look at him startled.

"Then we're just gunna have to teach it to you." Naruto said smiling warmly at her while she turned a deep beetroot red. Naruto turned back to Kyuubi who was smiling mischievously at him. Naruto forgot all about holding Hinata's hand as they continued to talk about training.

"Right then, tomorrow we will teach Hinata Kage bunshin no jutsu while you to create a mass amount of kage bunshin's to read over all the scrolls and learn the knowledge, also I will be giving you all books on the biology, chemistry, the human anatomy, herbs and plants, explosives and weapons. You will use kage bunshin to read these books while you do physical exercises. The reason you will be doing the physical exercises and not your clones is because the clones cannot pass on to you things that have changed in you body, they can only give you things that have changed in the mind, this includes knowledge, information, chakra reserves, stamina etc." Kyuubi explained. "At night I will teach Naruto inside his mindscape, I suggest you get Houkou and your mother to do the same." She said to Emi and Hinata.

"Hai." They both replied.

"After we have taught Hinata how to do Kage bunshin you will create a large amount of kage bunshin and split them into groups. How many can you create Emi?" Kyuubi asked.

"I can create over one thousand when using Houkou's chakra but about three hundred and fifty on my own without being winded." Emi told her.

"Good that's about the same as Naruto, and with the amount of chakra that Hinata has she should be able to create about 100 hundred when she learns how to use as minimal amount as is needed without wasting any chakra." Kyuubi told them. "When we have done that then we will split them up to do the different tasks I out lined before, also have a group work on air walking and another group work on jutsu's and other chakra control exercises. Each morning you will get up at 5am then you will run around the clearing 20 times after I have inspected your weights and decided weather to increase the weight or not. Hinata you will put on 150 pounds tomorrow morning." Kyuubi told them all.

"Hai Kyuubi-sensei." They all replied. Kyuubi blushed slightly at the sensei part.

"Just call me Kyuubi here but when we are in the village or around others call me Sara-sensei." She hold them.

"Hai." They said back.

"Alright then all of you off to bed, you have a long day ahead of you in the morning." Kyuubi told them. Each of them got up, Naruto and Hinata still holding hands, and took their bowls to the sink and headed to their respective rooms.

"Good night Naruto-kun." Hinata said as she reluctantly disentangled her hand from Naruto's, she immediately missed the warmth that his hand had provided.

"Good night Hinata-chan." Naruto replied and before he left to go into his room he bent down slightly and kissed her softly on her cheek. Hinata's eyes widened to the size of saucers and she went a deep shade of red.

Before she could reply he turned and went into his room and closed the door softly, he didn't want her to see that he was blushing.

After a few minutes Hinata snapped out of her daze and slowly walked into her own room, she lay down on her bed and was instantly asleep with a huge smile on her face. She hadn't realized that she was as tired as she was until she was lying down.

In Emi's room he was just finishing brushing his teeth when a tall figure appeared next to him, effectively scaring the crap out of him.

Emi shot a foot in the air before he realized who it was.

"JESUS CHRIST HOUKOU ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK." Emi shouted at him, good thing he put a silencing jutsu on his room just incase Houkou decided to do something like this.

Houkou was tall, around 6 foot 2 although he wasn't lanky, he was well muscled and broad shouldered. He was wearing a long dark blue coat (like Ibiki's but not leather and dark blue instead of black); underneath he wore a black muscle shirt effectively showing off his toned body. He wore tight fitting dark blue jeans; he had black combat boots on. He had a rugged and handsome face, dark blue eyes with slitted pupils (exactly the same as Emi's), and he had long black/blue hair (exactly the same colour as Emi's).

Houkou gave a short, deep chuckle. "Soz Emi didn't mean to scare ya." He said in a mocking tone.

"You startled me and why shouldn't I be startled when you just appear right next to me without any warning." Emi said mock glaring at Houkou.

Houkou just grinned wider, exposing his sharp canines. Emi just sighed and walked over to his bed and sat down. "Are we training in my mindscape again?" Emi asked.

Houkou turned serious automatically. "Yes, I am going to start training you in more powerful and deadly jutsu's." He told him.

Emi was instantly happy. "Yes new justsu's." He said fisting the air.

Obviously something that both he and Naruto share a liking for is learning new jutsu's.

Houkou just sighed as he began to transform into a deep blue mist and move over to Emi. The blue mist just sunk straight into Emi and was suddenly in the seal.

Emi went to sleep soon after.

Hinata also contacted her mother who agreed to teach her everything that she knew and also teach her jutsu's that she had learnt from their ancestors that they had wanted to be past on from one generation to the next but unfortunately were destroyed in a fire that destroyed the first Hyuuga clan house.

And so this routine went on for the next month. They would wake up at 5am and do 20- laps around the clearing, which was BIG, after they had their weights inspected. Both Kyuubi and Houkou taught them all in chakra control, elemental manipulation which Hinata also had an ability for, then again considering she came from their clan it did make sense, she had a very strong affinity for water, over the month she trained in a new style of the gentle fist style that mainly required the user to be flexible and flow like water. They all increased in strength, speed, stamina, chakra reserves, 

elemental manipulation, jutsu inventory, weapons, weapons and armor crafting, biology, chemistry, the human anatomy, herbs and plants, seals, and explosives. They all trained in taijutsu for after running while they did all this; their kage bunshin would read many books and train in their jutsu's. They had all signed the demonic fox and demonic wolf summoning contracts.

Emi's weights now weighed 550 pounds on each limb. Naruto has 500 pounds on each limb and Hinata has 300 on each limb. They all each had a gravity seal on that was currently on level 4 (4 times gravity) for Naruto and Hinata but Emi had been wearing one since he had left his home village and was currently on level 6.

Then at night Kyuubi would train Naruto, Houkou would train Emi and Hinata's mother would train Hinata. Each of them learnt that person's specific jutsu's and fighting styles. Because Naruto also has Haku's Kekkei Gankai and knowledge he can use senbon very effectively and the knowledge he had on the human anatomy meant that he can bring down an opponent quickly and efficiently.

(AN: I will not explain all their abilities as I want them to be revealed when they use them and also there are some that I will only be able to describe properly when the ability(s) are used also they learnt more then what I just described, with the help of a lot of kage bunshin.)

They had all grown closer together over the month and Emi was beginning to consider becoming a Konoha nin so that he could be with his family, of course he hadn't talked to Naruto about it yet. He decided to talk to the Hokage after the exam finished. Hinata and Naruto had most especially grown close together.

On the last day of the month they were just finishing training when both Naruto and Emi sensed something lurking around the house. Hinata was controlling some water so that her reactions and movement would be almost flawless tomorrow.

Naruto and Emi both had enhanced senses because of Kyuubi and Houkou so they could sense things that a normal person could only sense when they enhanced their senses with chakra. They both stopped as they noticed the multiple chakra signatures bypass them and go to the area that Hinata was training in.

It took them less then a second to realize that they were after Hinata.

"HINATA LOOK OUT." Emi shouted to her.

Hinata looked to him with confusion which turned to shock as a large wave of shuriken and kunai came flying at her. Lucky her reflexes were sharp, as they approached her she moved the water fluidly into a barrier between her and the projectiles. As it came to place she closed her hand slightly and the water froze to create a strong barrier.

The kunai and shuriken all embedded into the wall and then fell to the floor when the ice turned back into water and moved to Hinata.

As this happened two men came out of the bush and charged at Hinata with the intent to kill. What shocked the group was that the two men were Hyuuga's. Each of them wore black shinobi fighting outfits and had long black hair tied up into ponytails. Their faces were hard and cruel which were accented by their cold white Byakugan active eyes that glared at Hinata.

The old Hinata would have cowered in fear but unfortunately for these Hyuuga this was not the old Hinata. She glared right back at them, that alone shocked them but what they saw next scared the crap out of them. When the battle between her and Neji was over she had used a high level concealing genjutsu, that Kurenai-sensei had taught her, to hide her wings.

She released the genjutsu and unfolded her wings, in the same motion she flapped them once and sent a large gust of wind at them with a cry of "Futton: Diatoppa." The wind hit them head on sending them flying across the clearing and landed at the feet of Emi and Naruto, who both looked extremely pissed off. They looked at each other and then down at the stunned men and smiled evilly. Both the Hyuuga's shivered involuntary at the smiles, they were evil, cold and promised a world of pain for the person they were aimed at. They both put there hands together in the snake seal.

"Mokuton: Shichuurou no jutsu" (four pillar prison technique) they both shouted at the same time. Before the men had time to react 2 cages made out of wood erupted from the ground and encompassed each of them.

"Now I think that its time we made a little visit to see Hiashi." Houkou said as he walked out of the house with Kyuubi, they both looked pissed and were barely holding back their killer intent, although it could easily be sensed and it made both the Hyuuga's terrified at the shear volume of it.

"No." Hinata said shocking the group. "We will show him what we can do tomorrow at the exams. We can have these two delivered to my father as they are. That should be enough to piss him off. for now." She bit her thumb and flashed through seals then slammed her hand on the ground with a cry of "Kuchiyose no jutsu." A medium size plume of smoke covered a small area, when the smoke had gone there were two large dog sized foxes stood there. They both had 3 tails.

"Hinata-sama." They said bowing slightly. "What is it that we can do for you?" The one on the right asked as it raised its head.

"I told you to stop calling me Hinata-sama. Just call me Hinata okay." She told the two foxes.

"Hai Hinata-sa. Hinata." The one on the left said. Hinata smiled kindly at them.

"I was wondering if you could deliver these two in the cage to the Hyuuga compound." Hinata asked pointing to the two wooden cages that had the two Hyuuga's in them. "I want you to deliver them too Hiashi and to tell him next time he sends assassins after me we will deliver them back to him in a matchbox."

Both the foxes seemed to get rather annoyed that her own father, yes they know who Hiashi is, would send assassins after his own daughter and one of their masters.

Both the foxes nodded curtly and turned around and picked up the two cages and ran off to do as they were asked.

Kyuubi, Houkou, Naruto and Emi were still radiating killer intent when they walked back into the house.

"Guys calm down I'm fine." Hinata said to the group. "Look I'm fine and now Hiashi will think again before he sends assassins after me considering you put the fear of god into them with those smiles you gave them and the amount of killer intent that Houkou-sensei and Kyuubi-sensei were radiating." At this Hinata started laughing at the memory of the look of pure horror and fear on the Hyuuga's faces. "I don't think I have ever seen a Hyuuga more scared in my entire life."

Naruto and Emi then also began to laugh, followed by Houkou and then Kyuubi.

After 5 minutes they stopped laughing and made there way into the kitchen. They had supper which consisted of ramen and ice cream. Hinata and Naruto had made it a habit of holding hands under the table after the first day. Naruto had asked Hinata out on the second week, she had fainted. Showing that there was still part of the old Hinata in her. Then said yes when she woke up and they were waiting until after the exams to go on a date.

"Alright everyone early night, I want you all up at the regular time and do your morning exercises and warm ups." Kyuubi told the group. "We will be leaving at 8 because the exam starts at nine. When we get there me and Houkou will go to sit with the crowd. In this exam you can drop your weights if you need to and because it is the exam tomorrow we will not add more to you until after it has finished. That way you won't be straining yourselves with the added weight."

After that was said each of them made there way to their room.

"Night Hinata-chan." Naruto said giving her a kiss on the lips.

"Night Naruto-kun." Hinata replied before she retired to her room.

"Aww. Young love." Houkou whispered to Kyuubi.

"Shut up ya great big softy." Kyuubi replied playfully bonking him on the head, like she does to Naruto only harder.

"Oww. That hurt." He said rubbing the back of his head.

"I think those kits have been making us soft." Kyuubi said half to herself.

"Yeah well what ya gunna do, better being soft to them than being a bastard, or in your case a bitch, to them eh." Houkou said to her.

"I'm a VIXEN you oaff." She said to him bonking on the head again.

"You really need to stop hitting me you know that." He said rubbing his head again.

"No I don't." She said smirking at him evilly. Oh shit was the only thing he could think as Kyuubi chased him out the house and around the clearing, bonking him on the head again and again.

The next day at 8:00 am Naruto, Hinata and Emi were stood in front of Kyuubi while they checked to make sure they had everything for the exam.

Naruto wore a black shirt with a red kyuubi on the back with one tail wrapped around the waist. He wore baggy black pants with red and blue flames going up the legs. He wore black combat boots and 

a black leather coat with a white pentacle on the back, his and Emi's clan symbol, the coat went down to the back of his feet. His hair was pulled up into a pony tail that ended just pas his shoulders. It now had white streaks with the red because of the training with Kyuubi in his divine powers. (Red was because of the youki he can use, same with Emi, when they train and can use youki they get streaks in their hair that are the same colour as the youki.) Strapped to his back were 2 swords in a cross pattern, both were in a black sheath with a red nine tailed fox running up each.

Hinata wore black form fitting pants and top, the top had the design of vines snaking up her body and there was an ice design on her pants. She wore the same kind of coat that Naruto is wearing minus the pentacle. She wore black knee high leather boots. Her hair was left down and reached down to her mid back, with all the training she had recently done in her advanced form of the byakugan and her light/divine powers her hair had gotten white streaks in it and her eyes were a solid silver. She had a pair of Sai's at her hips. (Sai's are the weapons that Electra uses in Dare Devil and Electra.)

Emi wore a white shirt with a five tailed wolf on it, one tail wrapped around the waist, like Naruto's shirt. He wore white pants with silver 'tentacles' wrapping around the legs. He wore a white version of the coat that Naruto is wearing only the pentacle is black. His black/blue hair had streaks of dark blue and white in it from the training with Houkou in both his youki and his divine powers. His hair was done in a plait all the way down to his mid back. He wore light blue combat boots. Emi like Naruto had 2 swords in a cross pattern on his back but unlike Naruto's his were red with blue 5 tailed foxes running up the sheath's.

"Where's Houkou-sensei?" Hinata asked looking around.

"He's in the seal sleeping while murmuring something about mean vixens beating wolves up for asking them to stop hitting them." Emi said with a frown and a confused look on his face.

"Well next time he should know not to tell me what to do." Kyuubi said smiling evilly.

Emi just sweatdropped. "He asked you not to hit him so you beat him up?" Emi asked incredulously.

"Yep." She said adopting a childish triumphant smile that could have rivalled one of Naruto's.

"And these are the great and powerful bijuu that people are so scared of." Emi said with an exasperated sigh.

"By the way Emi nii-chan I forgot to ask you what was that jutsu that you used on Lee in the preliminaries?" Naruto asked Emi.

"It was a really advanced earth summoning, it summons earth guardians that can be used offensively or defensively but I used them to imprison Lee so that he would either wear himself out or give up when he realised he couldn't break through the shield. Although with the strength he was hitting the shield with and the chakra needed to sustain the shield for a long time I would have only been able to hold it for a maximum of half an hour." He told them as they set off for the arena at high speeds.

"But didn't you tell him that you could hold it for days?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah; I lied." Emi replied simply. Hinata and Naruto just sweatdropped and continued on their way.

The group arrived at the arena after half an hour. When they got to there Emi, Naruto and Hinata headed for the competitors area while Kyuubi and Houkou headed for the audience.

When the group got to the competitors area they noticed that the sound nin, Dosu, and Sasuke were not there.

Shrugging it off they walked over to the railing that overlooked the fighting area. The referee was a man that was about 6 foot tall; he had shoulder length brown hair, was dressed in the usual jounin attire and was chewing on the end of a senbon needle.

The other half of the light team walked over to them. While Naruto and Hinata went over to Shino and Shikamaru to see how they were and how their month was.

"Hey Emi, long time no see." Kira said smiling at him.

"Hey Kira. How'd your month go?" Emi asked as Kira and Shin stood next to them by the railing.

"Fine, yours?" She asked.

"It went great." He replied smiling. They were interrupted from talking any more by the guy in the arena.

"Quite down please." The man shouted. Soon the whole arena was silent. "My name is Genma and I will be the referee for these matches. Dosu died during the month so he obviously will not be taking part. The matches will be chosen randomly on the screen by the Kage booth." Everyone looked up to see a screen flicking through names.

Temari Vs Nara Shikamaru

(AN: Same as in anime so I will skip that one. The only difference is that Temari was caught when she didn't look behind her and notice that she was closer to the shadows behind her than the ones in front of her so the ones behind her caught her.)

Everyone looked back up at the screen for the next match.

Aburame Shino Vs Shin

Shino calmly walked down the stairs while Shin went for the quick way and jumped over the edge and walked to the centre of the arena to wait for Shino. When Shino got to the centre Genma started the match and jumped away to the side.

Both if them just stood there for a minute until Shin made a set of hand seals.

"Heavenly art: Heavenly air blast." Shin muttered. A ball of air with white light in it shot out of his mouth and at Shino who burst into bugs when he got hit.

Shin smiled slightly. Maybe this will be a small challenge. Shin thought. He had been disappointed with his preliminary match.

Shin turned around to face one of the trees in the arena and shot another air bullet at them and Shino who was hiding behind them. This Shino also burst into bugs. This continued for a few minutes until Shin began to grow tired of this game of cat and mouse.

Shin got into the middle of the arena and began to spin like a spinning top. Many people looked on with confusion while Emi and Kira looked down and began to count down from 10.


The air began to collect around the spinning form of Shin.


The air formed the shape of a small tornado.


Loose sections of the arena began to be pulled into spinning tower of wind that had stopped growing and was getting stronger.


Some of Shino's bugs began to get sucked in.


Shino was holding onto the floor with chakra while his bugs retreated back into his body.


The tornado was turning brown from the amount of dust and rocks that were collecting inside the tower of air.


Shino looked on in silent awe and horror and Shin rose from the floor in the middle to the centre.


When Shin got to the top of the tower he opened his eyes to reveal they were glowing with an ethereal beauty and had a red slit in the centre were the pupil should have been.


Shin lifted his hands above his head then slammed them onto the top of the vortex forcing it down and compressing the air so that it spread outwards through the arena area floor.


The air blast hit Shino dead in the chest and shot him into the wall with tremendous force. The blast blew up a dust cloud the blocked everything from view.


After the dust settled after a few seconds it revealed Shin in the middle of the arena breathing slightly heavily, Shino was lying at the base of the wall opposite him, unconscious.

"Winner Shin." Genma said in a slight daze at the power behind that last attack.

Shin made his way back up to his place by his teammates ignoring the applause from the audience.

"Hey Shin I didn't know that you finished that move." Emi said when Shin got to the top of the stairs.

"I haven't yet. It still needs some work and it takes a lot out of me to do." Shin answered.

Everyone looked back to the screen to see the next match. When the board stopped and showed the names Emi and Naruto grinned while Hinata smiled and Kira cracked her knuckles.

"Kira Vs Hinata." Genma announced.