Dear Arnold

By Ahhelga

Author's Note: Very typical story; very, very typical story. Actually, when I started off, I didn't think much past one letter; I originally planned having just Phoebe's letter. So, I'm sorry if there's lack of organization. Still, I hope you enjoy, because I certainly had quite a time doing this. :)

Summary:"You haven't been forgotten. We all miss you. She does, most of all, despite her lack of letters. Have faith. With love, Phoebe." Arnold had kept his promise about keeping in touch, much to the surprise of many. Their letters, their news from Hillwood, especially now, years later, are so dear to him, just to hear how everything has changed.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Hey Arnold!, or even a DVD set of the series—but alas, it isn't to be.


Hey Arnold!

I was wondering when your next letter was gonna arrive. But, I understand that life gets busy. Heck, I'm pretty busy myself. SATs and college applications are a killer, and I've been going nuts about it. Though, your busy activities are pretty different from my busy activities. I feel like were in completely different worlds, but we're still writing to each other.

You know, I really can't believe it. I actually stopped to look at the date today, and I had a realization that it was that faithful day in the fifth grade when you said to me, "I'm going to win that essay contest." How in the world do I remember this? Well for one, it was the day before Timberly's birthday, and we were on our way to my house for the party preparations. (Oh man, remember those awful pink, sparkly streamers she made us put everywhere? Glad she's not as girly now.) Though, I think it was because I don't think I could ever forget the day my best friend decided to leave me.

Haha, of course I mean you had good reason.

So being the day that it is, along with your recent letter, I've been thinking a lot about your move. It was all because of that damn essay contest that Mr. Packenham was promoting like crazy. Not that you needed the endorsement. You lit up like fire as soon as you read the flyer at school. "Take the chance to go to one of the most tropical and exclusive places: San Lorenzo!" is what I think it said. (Not that I keep record of this, but you know.) You musta read it, like, four, five times before saying you'll join the contest. I was skeptical at first (okay, I was skeptical all the way until I read your essay), but hot damn, imagine if I actually convinced you to not enter?

Oh boy, and remember Mr. Simmons' face when he pulled you aside and told you that you won? He was glowing, you were glowing, and the whole class was freaking glowing. It's like everybody knew we were gonna go. (And not only that; later on, we found out that Helga was the runner-up winner, there was no way we couldn't go to San Lorenzo.) And then the place was nothing like we imagined. It was beautiful and sad all at the same time, and, hell, even a place like that could turn me into a poet like Helga (and remember when we found that out too!).

Well, anyway, as beautiful as it was, that sure didn't last long. All because of your wanting to explore "the jungle's intense beauty and antiquity", you got yourself lost, and managed to run into some village, that just happened to be exactly what you were looking for. I'm still going to press you for what really happened when you, Helga, and Brainy were out there. You never told me the whole story. Well, anyway, I guess it was a good thing, or else you wouldn't have found the Green Eyed People.

Those Green Eyed People... wow. What's their actual tribe name again? I can't ever remember those type of details. I just remember the last night we were there... and that whole festival they threw in honor for their independence and the saving of their relics. We happened to land ourselves into a revolution, and we were on the other side at first. Thank goodness for learning the truth in time.

When we found out the real reason for the essay contest, you turned from normal boy to super-kid...again. Haha. But those donkeys got what was coming for them. It was like saving the whole neighborhood all over again—only with a whole country! (Sometimes, I can't believe the things we did down in South America, but hey, it happened, and we got on national television for it and everything!) Their culture was saved, and the economy is now going up without the need of the rainforest killing thanks to our efforts. (And who knew my man Fuzzy Slippers would have such hook-ups!) But not that you need me to tell you that. It's one of your day-to-day struggles now, right?

You are a true hero, Arnold. There are times when your heroism just strikes me and I'm just so proud of you and to be your friend. I don't understand how you pull it off, man. But you are really the one urban legend true in every sense.

Stay gold,

Author's Note:
I started off with Gerald's letter because I wanted a proper introduction to Arnold's departure, and what had happened during and after those events, and still leave it to your imagination as to what exactly happened, because to tell the truth I don't know much about the would-have-been-Jungle-Movie. These letters won't be long, with some exceptions, so don't expect some extravagant odyssey. It's not that kind of story. In fact, this will be a really, really short story. I'm estimating about 10 – 13 chapters, all ranging more or less the same amount as this chapter. Like I said, it's not some epic. Though, I'd nonetheless appreciate a review!

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