Dear Arnold

By Ahhelga

Summary: "You haven't been forgotten. We all miss you. She does, most of all, despite her lack of letters. Have faith. With love, Phoebe." Arnold had kept his promise about keeping in touch, much to the surprise of many. Their letters, their news from Hillwood, especially now, are so dear to him, just to hear how everything has changed.

Disclaimer: The characters of Hey Arnold! simply don't belong to me, sorry.


Hello Arnold,

I hope everything's going good for you. I hope the same for your parents. We all miss you, and there's not a day that we don't think of you, Arnold. In fact, just last night, Phil found another album, full of pictures from Thanksgiving a long time ago. He reminded a few of us of that day, and said it was the only Thanksgiving before you left that you hadn't stayed with us the whole day. He cried again. It seems he's been doing that more and more frequently now. At first he seemed so distant, but ever since you guys came for the funeral, he's been letting out his emotions nearly everyday. It doesn't help the atmosphere of the boarding house. Figuratively and literally.

Mr. Potts took up smoking ever since the funeral. There's a faint smell of cigarettes if you take a whiff coming in the house, but it's gone right away because you get used to it. But it's there, and if you think about it, the smell engulfs you until your head hurts with pain and sorrow and realization... He is going to move soon, with Lola. I hope they come out okay in all of this, since I'm afraid he's been keeping to himself a little much lately. That might not be healthy for their relationship.

I'm glad to say however Mr. Hyunh has been doing well for himself, and has finally decided to retire with the money he's built up over the years. He even offered to help with the family, but of course I had to decline. He's too much of a friend; I couldn't do that to him. Besides, I have enough help already from his daughter. Mai has become an integral part of our boarding lives. She and her fiancé Xuan are pretty much part of the family now, and it's nice to see such cooperation they have. It's sweet to see them working together and making plans and holding hands… They are here almost every day taking care of the older folks over here. Which I should mention, there are a lot of newer boarders, all old, and to tell the truth, less exciting than the old boarders. In fact, it seems that Oscar and I, and our baby, are the youngest living here. Phil is put off by the fact that there's going to be a kid here, but he hasn't said anything about it. Though he says no kids are allowed, he's a big softie when it comes to the young ones; you should know, Arnold.

Oscar is, of course, the same as ever. But ever since little Susanna came into the picture, he's stopped hanging around those creeps, which is at least an improvement. And instead of lazying around all day, he's actually just taking care of the baby. But he still gambles (at times), and he still lies and cheats his way around life. Sometimes, I just want to get up and go away from him, but I know I can't do it, because I do love him with all my heart and there's Susanna to think about. But you shouldn't worry; you're the last person in the whole world who should worry about our little family, Arnold.

It seems that while you're over there doing hard, charitable work, our side of the world is rude and ungrateful. Ever since Gertie's death, we've been more selfish, and harsh... Shouldn't it be the opposite? Shouldn't we be more together and helpful to one another? Arnold, you were always the most levelheaded person in the house, so can you help me out and figure if this is normal -- normal for someone who simply wants to live a good, comfortable life? With the people she loves and the things to make her happy?

I'm sorry if my letter is going out of hand. I know you wanted to hear about the positives of what's going on around the boarders. But to tell the truth, we've gone to the dumps. There are some prosperous moments, but can you really expect things to go so well when one of the most helpful and wonderful people we know is way down south with his own wonderful family? And when life has gotten boring with the new boarders? And with Gertie gone?

What are we doing?

Until next time,

P.S., Would it be you who is sending the mysterious donations? None of us could seem to wrap our brains around it. Nobody on this side of the continent could possibly want to help us out financially. It's the strangest thing.

Author's Note: Sorry for the slight delay. I've been having some difficulty with school as of late and it's been interfering with my computer time. But nonetheless am I glad that you all like it so far! (I didn't even expect for me to have more than a few reviews, so I'm really grateful.) And wasn't I right about it being different from Rhonda's in terms of length? This is pretty much what the average size is going to be.

Oh boy, this chapter was a little difficult for me, because I just couldn't get into Suzie's character for a number of reasons. There's the obvious, of course: she's a grown woman, while I'm still a teenager, and she has probably much more problems than I do. Plain and simple, I just couldn't get into the shoes of a struggling woman like Suzie, so I had to kind of morph her into something my mom is (though I guess it's not that much of a difference… sorry if you're reading this, Mom). I had to lay out the facts; Suzie's been hurt and not to mention foolishly hopeful throughout her years, which could've possibly led to pessimism because of her expectations being shot down. Though, I know I couldn't convey her life correctly, much less life around Sunset Arms. I almost feel guilty for not writing as much, so that I could write more about what is spinning in my head about what's going on in this time in the boarding house. But I know that's not possible because with Suzie, I know that as much as she would love to write to Arnold, she wouldn't want to worry him so much, and even with something as short as this, there's already a crack in her front. And as for the P.S., well… I do have my idea of who's behind it, though, it's not Arnold, and I don't plan on making it a big deal either.

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