Once Upon a Broken Heart

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Chapter 1: The Announcement

You would think that someone would get used to the violent nature of the youngest daughter of the king, but no one in the castle ever seemed to. Today had been especially bad. The servants who were in the room when the king made the announcement all cringed as they saw the famous mallet that the princess always seemed to get out of thin air came in the direction of the king's face. They all watched as the mallet missed and hit the table the king was sitting next to as he crawled and hid behind his eldest daughter.

"Now Akane, be reasonable! Genma is an old friend of mine and of your dear mother's! His son is the same age as you!" Soun gave a nervous laugh as he peeked over Kasumi's shoulder seeing if it was safe or not.

Akane stood with her mallet held over her head ready to hit her father at any sight of movement. She was breathing heavy from rage and some servants swore that they saw fire in her eyes. Her other sister was sitting silently in her chair next to where Akane was standing watching with half-lidded eyes pretending to be bored with the news their father had just told them.


The king smiled at his three daughters as they sat in front of him waiting for this supposedly "great" news. They were in one of the smaller libraries the castle had that their father used as a conference room with his advisors. Books lined the walls like wallpaper and the one window in the room was big enough for a perfect view of the gardens that were behind the castle. The sun was high in the sky lighting the whole room. Books and scrap paper were thrown all across the floor that the king had not let the maids clean up. He looked at each one of his daughters with a wide smile.

Nabiki looked half asleep in her chair, Akane was leaning her chin into her hand looking at her father with bored eyes, while Kasumi sat up straight with her hands folded in her lap awaiting the announcement.

"Girls, I just got a letter from my old friend King Genma! It seems that the time of an old arrangement we made when we were young has finally come! His son, Prince Ranma, has turned 16 yesterday!" he gushed out in excitement.

All three of his daughters starred blankly at him while he continued to smile at them. When he didn't say anything more, Nabiki got impatient and asked "So?"

Without his smile fading their father held up the letter for them to see and told them in a voice filled with pride "They will be coming here to the castle very soon by the sounds of it…" He drifted off into thought until Nabiki cleared her thought to get back his attention. "Oh yes, when they arrive Prince Ranma and Akane will marry! The kingdoms will finally be joined!"

His smile dimmed after a while when all three girls just kept starring at him with the same blank stare they had when he first had started speaking.

"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped when she finally comprehended what their father had just told them. Nabiki's eyes went wide with shock. Beside her Akane made her hand into a fist and scowled at the letter their father was still holding up.

End of Flashback

Akane was seeing red. She's been known to have a temper, but this was nothing like that. She was ready for murder. Last time she was this mad she broke a servant's pinky that tripped her while she was racing against the boy he was supposed to be looking after.

"Does he seriously think I'll just marry some prince I don't even know? Fat chance!" Akane screamed in her mind.

"Father, she's too young to marry!" Kasumi gently scolded her father over her shoulder.

"Nonsense! We will wait for Akane's 16th birthday of course, so they have time to get to know one another, and then once they are married they will train to be king and queen! This way we will finally be able to unite both kingdoms into one!" Soun explained with streams of tears running down his cheeks.

By the time Soun had said the word married Akane was ready to try hitting her father again. When she went to slam the mallet down on her father's head, the doors to the library were thrown open by non-other than Noblemen Kuno.

"Oh great. Just what I need. The stupidest man on earth and his son." Akane rolled her eyes and brought her arms down to her side not letting go of the mallet.

Noblemen Kuno bowed to the king and the three princesses before walking over to Soun. "I am very sorry about the intrusion Your Highness, but I have a very pressing matter to discuss with you."

"Of course!" Soun said jumping at the excuse to get himself out of his short tempered daughter's hitting range. "If you excuse us girls, Noblemen Kuno and I have very important business to talk over."

Akane stomped out of the library with her two sisters running right behind her. Servants and maids jumped over one another to get out of the way of the enraged princess. Kasumi and Nabiki hurried after her trying to make sure she didn't hurt anyone like last time she was angry.

"How could he do this to me?! Does he honestly believe that I'll go through with marrying some Prince Ranma?!" she spat out with a disgusted look on her face. "Who does he think he is telling me who I'm going to marry?"

"Hmm let's see, the king maybe. And your father for that matter," Nabiki answered holding up her index finger while chasing after Akane.

Akane turned her head glaring at Nabiki with a glare that could have made anyone else run and hide in a corner somewhere. Too busy glaring at Nabiki, Akane didn't see the man standing in her way until she was sitting on the stone floor looking up at the tall figure looming over her.

"My Princess! Are you alright? I hope you are unharmed." The man leaned over and held out his hand to help the fallen princess up.

"Why does the world hate me? What did I ever do to deserve this?"

"I'm fine Kuno," Akane said coldly as she stood up ignoring Kuno's offered hand. She dusted off her skirt and looked around.

"I am very sorry about that Your Highness. Please accept my apologizes," he said as he gave a sweeping bow in front of Akane.

"Yes, well, I see that there's no Sasuke following you around today." Akane said in a fake sweet voice.

"He has become ill Princess," Kuno said eager to answer any question Akane asked him.

Akane rolled her eyes at the love sick expression he had on his face. He gave her a bright smile that showed almost all his teeth and his eyes were practically shaped like hearts. As always, Kuno came with his father for a chance to run into Akane.

"The poor fool will never learn."

"That's too bad. How's his pinky doing?" She said smiling while still using the same sweet voice. Behind her Nabiki smirked and Kasumi looked on with a slight frown.

Kuno gave a nervous cough before answering, "He is still not able to move it down any farther."

Her smile grew. "Good."

"So I see you had a discussion with your father. Good news I hope." Kuno said trying to sound casual while wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth that came from seeing Akane smile.

Immediately Akane's smile vanished and was instead replaced with a scowl. Not bothering to answer, she pushed past Kuno and started heading to the training room where a stack of bricks were waiting for her.

Passing paintings and servants cowering in random corners of the halls, Akane rambled on in her head about the injustice of what her father had just informed them.

"I haven't even met the boy! How am I supposed to marry a total stranger? I won't do it! I'll stand up to father and tell him I couldn't possibly marry someone I don't even know."


"I'll just tell him it's not fair. I'll work up some tears and convince him that it would ruin my happiness. And if he's going to make me miserable for the rest of my life, then I'll do the same for him," Akane cracked her fingers that she had in a fist.


"If that doesn't work I'll say that for a birthday present he can change his mind on all of this! He wouldn't pass on that! Oh who am I kidding? That's the lamest excuse yet."


At the sound of her gentle sister's yell, Akane stopped and turned around to see both her sisters leaning against the wall clutching their stomachs for breath.

Breathing deep Kasumi continued, "Maybe we should go talk this over in my room. You don't have time to get changed to start working out just to get cleaned up again in time for dinner."

Akane starred at her sister in shock. "Dinner? How can I think about dinner when my own father just announced the ending of my life?!"

"It's not as if this is the ending of your life or anything," Nabiki told her in a bored voice.

"Ok, that was just creepy." "If it were you father said that to, you wouldn't be saying that. You'd be just as mad as I am!" Akane said as her voice grew louder as she kept talking.

She squeezed her eyes shut trying not to let the tears that threatened to come fall onto her cheeks.

"I'm so angry I'm going to start crying. I hate when that happens!"

She felt a pair of arms wrap around her in a hug and had to shut her eyes even tighter. She finally gave in and threw her arms around Kasumi and with a cry began sobbing into her shoulder. She felt Kasumi grip her arms tighter around her waist and felt another pair of arms wrap her.

"It's like mother used to say. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. The only thing we can do is learn how to accept everything that comes," she heard Kasumi whisper soothingly in her ear.

After bowing their respects, the servants assigned to cleaning that hallway all left to give the princesses their privacy. Most agreed that it felt too awkward to just standing there seeing such an intimate moment pass between sisters.

"What am I going to do?" Akane asked herself as she hugged her sister tighter.

Ok, so tell me what ya'll think. They might be a little out of character, but I can live with it. Oh ya! The title is from that song "Once upon a broken heart" by The Beu Sisters. Thanks for reading!