The slender girl lifted her head high, trying to forget the fact that her life could be on her terms classified as torcher. She leaned back in her chair trying not to knock off her gold tiara in the process. Her feet ached from having to dance with so many men last night. She mentally scolded herself for allowing her mother to sign her up for this dreadful meeting. She tried to hold back her yawns when she saw someone dreadfully familiar. Of course, it was the Avatar. The young monk walked in with 1,2,3,4,5 compainons. One of them being the fire nation exiled prince. Her look of boredom came that of , interest and yet at the same time out rage. She fiddled with her middle back length brown hair. Her gazed casted upon the generals she was surrounded by, then to the guards that stood at the door. She sat upright as they entered after an awkward silence she spoke.

" Welcome young avatar. We have heard so much about you and your adventures across the world." As she said that one word, 'world' a wave a pain came over her face, she was pretty but at the mention of that word she seemed so unhappy as though she would die. She tried to hide it desperately with a fake smile. But that did not go un noticed by Aang and his group.

" We are glad to be in your presence princess Isidar." Katara spoke her ocean blue eyes sparkling

" The honor is mine." She responded her voice having no life with in it. The meeting went on for hours , discussing plans for a fire navy attack. In the last hour they began to talk about the invasion. Isidar burried her face in her arms as she bent over on the wooden round table. Every thing in her body hurt, finally she could not take it any more. She got up and quietly left the room. No one tried to stop her.

What does the gaang have to do with this young princess' life? What is her problem? Will she get what she has been longing for her entire life? REad and review