It was late into the night when Isidar woke up and Aang was right by her side.

" Aang.."she croked.

" You know when you see me again I'm not gonna be me."

" What?"

" Let me finish. You belong with Katara and I was never really here. When I was young, I died and then the sould piper. Lavaya, brought me to life. She said that I must first help to emprove the lives of others and that when I die must become the soul piper. But there was a problem. Since she brought me to life I could no longer you know die. So She said if I was fatalyu wounded. As I am now at midnight I will have the mark of the sould piper on my chest and shall do my job as soul piper. But you know what. I'm not gonna die. I'll still be here, and I'll be coming and going. As I said you belong with Katara and listen carefully Haru is planning something I don't know what but on soul piper's honor he is. Go get your girl Aang you can't expect to fall in love with someone simply because you see a vision. It is true that I love you but I know you really don't love me. I know who you belong with, trust me on this. '

" Why, what how?"

" You know you wouldn't be so confused if you would listen and let me finish." She laughed.

" Sorry.'

" Now listen to me carefully here is what you do. Hand me my bag over there."

He got up quietly and handed her her bag. She pulled out a small flute. She played a small tune to it. Aang listened carefully and then watched as a gold ring surrounded her head. She was dressed as though she was an egyptian queen. Her chocolate hair was now raven colored and was was past her but. She stood and said.

" GEt Haru away from Katara and remember AAng I'll be checking in on you guys from time to time. I'll be giving you a 'gental nudge' towards you telling her how you feel about her once I'm gone you'll have only feelings for me as a friend as you do now. I'm going to go see Katara and she will make a certain announcement tomorrow and then I will make mine and leave." With that she left the room.

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