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"Sakura, honey, it's not that bad." My mom sighed from the front seat of her old car. "So you're the new girl. So you're really smart and sarcastic and will probably get beaten up six times a day. So you have abnormal pink hair and a larger-than-normal forehead. Don't think about it, hon."

My left eye twitched as I said, through gritted teeth, "I wasn't thinking about it, Mom...thanks for giving me those reasons to commit suicide, though, I feel soooooo much better now."

"Don't get snippy with me, young lady. Now get out of my car and drive your own tomorrow. I'll pick you up at three."

"Uh, Mom," I said as I got out and paused with the door in my hands, "school gets out at 2:30..."

"Sure, hon. I'll be here at four."

With a frustrated sigh, I slammed the door and resolved to walk home. As I watched my mother drive away, the sounds of students talking and shrieking around me sunk into my brain until I wanted to deck every one of them. Instead, I just gave yet another sigh and turned.

My name is Haruno Sakura, and I am 16 years old. I used to be such an unhappy, misunderstood child, so carefree...until I came home from the worst school in Musaroghe and was pulled into a nice, warm hug from my workaholic mother. Bizarre as this was, and the fact that she was at home in the afternoon on a weekday, what scared me most was that she was smiling. I shudder just thinking of it. Then she proceeded to tell me that she'd been given a promotion...in Konoha.

I was the only one that wasn't smiling.

See, even though I was never a loved child, never had two(or one) tender parents that wanted the best for me, never got chosen to be the princess in plays, never had real friends, always got teased about my intelligence (just the fact that I can say that word explains it), and was never chosen as a partner for the Fall dance, I was content. Yes, content with my dysfunctional life. And now, I would be moving to a great town, where my mom would be a happy work-9-to-5-a-day mom, and I would be going to a rich, snooty school with rich, snooty people.

Kill. Me. Now.

Then I learned that I had a uniform at this new rich, snooty school. It's so cute, with a red and black checkered jacket, a pristine white collared shirt with long sleeves ending in cuffs, a red and black checkered skirt that went half-way to my knees, high school-girl white socks, and black flats with little checkered patterns. Oh, and the adorable red and black checkered tie. I was about ready to strangle myself with it. Do I sound suicidal to you? Oh well.

I was wearing said uniform, but I'd...heh...accessorized. I had several black and red bangles on each arm, a necklace I bought off of a friend with what looked like real teeth on it (don't worry, they're fake...I think.), and red dangly earrings. My long pink hair (which I secretly love though I moan about it) was up in a ponytail, and the scrunchie was red and black checkered too. (A/N: I HATE WRITING RED AND BLACK CHECKERED!!!!!! ...CRAP)

I hoisted my new black bag higher on my shoulderblades and looked around for a sign that said, "This Way, Sakura...Office Is This Way..." There was, of course, no such sign. Damn.

"You new?" A female voice asked from behind me, and I looked nonchalantly over my shoulder to see a pretty blonde with light blue eyes smirking at me. She wore a uniform too, so I knew she was a student like me.

"Yeah. You the welcoming committee?" I asked, in a sort of sarcastic voice, waiting for her to stiffen and walk away. But to my surprise, she just laughed. "Sort of. I'm Yamaka Ino. So...new girl. Bet you hate that, huh?"

"Eh, it's got it's benefits. At least no one knows me. And if they try to talk to me, I can always slam their face into a wall." Attempt Number Two. Oh, didn't I say? Whenever I meet new people, I give them a test. I'll try to make them uncomfortable, so if they pass all three benchmarks, they're cool. She'd already cleared the first hurdle.

A grin again. "Sounds fun. I might help you."

Okay, Attempt Number Three. The biggie. "I'm not a very social person. My Friday and Saturday nights are spent in my jammies, eating chocolate ice cream and watching funny movies."

Her face was red. I thought she'd definitely blow me off---Then she laughed. And I realized she had been trying to hold in her laughter. "Oh--Oh Kami--! Oh Kami, you just have to be my friend, Babe--I haven't laughed like this in years! Ahhahahahahaha!"

A reluctant grin spread across my face, even as kids stopped to stare at the maniacally laughing girl and the new girl with pink hair. One of these ran up to them excitedly. "Ohayo, Ino! What up?!" He yelled practically in my ear.

Ino stopped laughing and took the hand I extended to help her up. Then she glared at the hyperactive blonde. "Naruto, go away! You're scaring my new friend!

At this, the boy called Naruto spotted me and pointed dramatically, yelling, "OMG, pink hair!!!!!!!!"

I held up a fist. "What was that, baka?"

"Eh...nothing! Ehhehhehheh...So, what's your name?" He hurriedly changed the subject.

"Haruno Sakura. Just moved here from Musaroghe. How'd'ya do?" I uncurled the fist and he took my hand in a very business-like shake. "Uzumaki Naruto! I'm gonna be the next mayor of Konoha, BELIEVE IT!" He yelled, and my hair stood on end from the force of his declaration as spit flew in every direction.

"N-naruto-k-kun, p-please don't y-yell!" A beautiful girl with long dark blue hair, pupil-less white eyes, and pale skin walked up to them along with a brunette boy. They were both wearing the uniform, as was Naruto.

He turned and scratched the back of his head ashamedly. "Gomen, Hinata-chan...Ohayo, Kiba."

Kiba waved his arm enthusiastically. "Yo baka, did you do your homework last night for English?"

Naruto's jaw dropped in shock. "AAUURRGGHH!!!!!! I completely forgot!!!!!!!" He clutched fistfuls of his blonde hair and ran around in a circle.

"N-naruto-kun..." Hinata stuttered as she watched the boy's suffering. "Y-you can copy m-mine."

He immediately paused in his tirade and grinned at her. "Yatta! You rock, Hinata-chan!" He wrapped the girl in a hug, so that only her bright red face was visible. I laughed. "Awwwwww..." I teased, and Naruto let her go, his cheeks slightly pink.

Ino turned to me. "Oh yeah! Sakura, these are my friends Inuzuka Kiba and Hyuga Hinata. Kiba, Hinata, this is Haruno Sakura. She just transferred here from Musaroghe."

"O-ohayo." Hinata greeted me, and Kiba mimicked her, but without the stuttering. I smiled. "Ohayo, guys."

Just then, a bell rang, and they all jumped. "Ah crap! Sakura, you need any help?" Ino asked me.

"Uh, if you could just show me where the office is, that'd be great." I replied.

"I'll take you! I know where it is!" Naruto said. Kiba snorted. "You would, baka, you're in there every day."

Before Naruto could get into a shouting match with Kiba, I took his arm and steered him away. "'Kay, so the office is...-?"

"Oh yeah. This way."

He led me into the building, and my jaw dropped. The place was drop-dead gorgeous! It looked pretty nice from the outside--but from the inside, it was a palace! Every thing was so new and shiny... "You like?" He asked as I stood in awe, staring--just staring. "Yeah..." I breathed. He laughed. "Welcome to Konoha High School!"

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