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Chapter 2

Daniels Office

"Daniel you feel like doing team night early this week?"

" How early?" he asks with suspicion.

"Ohh I don't know, say tonight, my place, bout 7 o'clock," replies Jack.


"I have a few things needed to be said."

"But I still have to translate that tablet from P6X-4973."


"So this thing needed to be said, what is it, your finally retiring?" he says innocently.

"You know next time you get captured, you can free yourself."

"Nah, too much paperwork for you."

"Right, just be there, oh and bring Teal'c," Jack says when he's halfway out the door.

"Scaredy cat," Daniel yells after him. 'Wonder what he'll tell Sam'

Jacks Office

'Let it be know, even the brave Jack O'Neill takes the coward way out some times, especially when it comes to his 2IC' Jack thinks as he goes to pick up his phone.

'I could get off lucky' he dials, 'maybe she wasn't planning to work through the night' now it rings.

"Carter," Sam answers

"Hey Carter."



"What do you need?"

"Oh nothing, just wanted to tell you team nights tonight."

"Sorry I can't make it, I still have tons of experiments to finish."

"Yeah but I'm afraid you need to be there, there's some things that I have to announce tonight and I'm suppose to tell the team by tomorrow morning."

"You can't just email it."

"Nope, come on you know me and computers don't mix."


"Great, so what's ya donin?"

"Working, so I'll be there tonight at 7, I'll bring the beer, Goodbye sir."

"Bye." 'Well that wasn't too bad'

Jack's place

Ding Dong

"Doors open," Jack yells from the kitchen.

"Jack I swear this news better be pretty good to not let me finish the translations tonight!" Daniel yells walking through the door way, "Sam will be here in 10 minutes."

"Great! Pizza will be here in five."

"Nope it's here now; by the way you owe men 10 bucks." Daniel says then he goes on about some rock or something.

"Has he been this chatty since you guys left the SGC?" Jack asks Teal'c, "I mean I knew he was annoying but dang."

"Indeed, Daniel Jackson has become quite talkative this evening."

"Is he drunk?" Sam asks as she comes in and finds them.

"Nope just in one of his famous moods."

"You guys know I'm right here?"




"Well kids lets eat then we can talk."

After everyone settled down and finished eating, the three of them stared at Jack, till he noticed.

"What?" he asks trying to prolong the impossible.

"So what do you want to tell us?"

"Well the President has decided that it would be fun for morality if the SGC held a bake sale," now it was hard trying to figure out who was more ecstatic about it.


"You're kidding!"

"No, but hey think of all the revenge we can get and it could be fun."

"Argh." She said as she made a face.

"Cheer up Carter, at least it'll be fun."

"What do we have to do Jack."

"Dunno, the debriefings tomorrow at 1400, we'll get the assignments then."

"Well then I think I'll go finish some work then, I'll see you guys at the meeting."


"Bye Sam," the three chorused.


"I think I'll go to and finish the translation, you gonna come Teal'c or spend the night here?"

"Indeed, I will come Daniel Jackson."

"Bye guys see you tomorrow morning, don't work too late."

"Bye Jack."

"Bye O'Neill."