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Chapter 1

Sakura walked confidently into her new school.

She held her head up high, no one could bring this girl down.

She was the highest of the high… No not with the drugs, she was the highest person in her old school.

Her old school was full of dreamers, artists, and aspiring youths…

But she had no clue what kind of turf she had just step foot in.



Name: Uchiha Sasuke

Age: 15

Siblings: One… Uchiha Itachi

Likes: Being on top, quiet, tomatoes, being the best of the best.

Dislikes: Fan girls, his brother, people better than him.

Sasuke stared at the floor as he took a shower.

He thought quietly to himself, Hm… first day of school… how annoying.

He turned off the water and stepped out to change his clothes.

As soon as he was done he walked down stairs and grabbed a tomato.

He took a bite of the juicy thing.

He walked outside and heading to school.


Sakura had a bright smile plastered to her face and skipped to school.

She had a pink tank top on top of a white one, with faded shorts that went up to her knees.

Her pink flip-flops slapped on the ground creating a loud noise.

Her long, bright, pink hair bounced back from behind her.

She hummed a tone as well.

As soon as she neared the school she started to walk more normal.

She walked into the school her head was held up high, and the smile was still shining brightly on her face.

As soon as her foot set in the hallway grew quiet.

Sakura scanned the crowd and waved, "Hi!"

A group of girls started laughing. "Look at her HUGE forehead!" a blonde one giggled.

"Look! Her hair is PINK!" one with RED hair laughed.

"EW! She doesn't look PLASTIC at all!" another blonde one called with four ponytails.

Sakura scowled clearly not understanding what they were saying. "Excuse me?" her voice was small.

The blonde one walked up to her and poked her forehead, "Babe, she is clueless." She called to her friends.

Sakura backed away, "My name is Sakura." She was nervous and confused at the same time.

What did these girls mean?

Why are their clothes so… skimpy?

The red headed one had short-shorts and a yellow belly shower tank top.

The one with light blonde hair had a jean skirt and a light purple shirt that said "THE SHIT!"

The other blonde one had skinny jeans and a dress/tank top that had fans all over it.

"I'm Karin," the red one says then points to her friends, "This is Ino and Temari."

Sakura nodded and said, "I'm new."

Temari shook her head, "Oh, I can tell."

They were about to speak again… but something behind Sakura caught their eye.


Sasuke walked to the school totally aware the calls of his name were getting louder.

Then someone called his name, "Yo, Sasuke."

He turned, it was his friends.

Tenten, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru.

"Hn." He replied smirking.

Neji nodded as a response, "Good morning, Uchiha." He was always such a gentlemen.

"WHAT UP TEME?" And Naruto was uh… NEVER?

"Hello Sasuke." Shikamaru yawned, while he was the lazy ass.

Sasuke waited for them to walk closer so he could walk with them.

"So, I heard there are going to be a lot of new students this year." Tenten started, twirling her favorite drumsticks in her slender fingers.

"So?" Neji and Sasuke raised a brow.

"It means more competition." Shikamaru droned.

"OOOH! NEWBIES!" Naruto screamed like a kid that is high off of sugar… that he is.

Sasuke sighed and hit Naruto over the head, "Dobe."

They walked over to the door and opened it just to see the strangest thing they have ever seen…

"SSSSAAASSSSSUUUUKKKKKKEEEEEE-KKKUUUUUUUNNNNNN!" Ino and Karin screamed shoving a girl out of the way.

What? Sakura thought being shoved into the ground.

Sasuke sighed.

He ignored the two girls fighting over who could hug him… but instead he watched the peculiar girl in front of him.

The petite girl had PINK hair!

She was totally unfazed from falling and popped back up.

He saw that she was walking towards them.

His friends were staring in shock at the girl.

She wasn't like other people.

She looked… looked… NORMAL!

She walked over to his friends completely ignoring Sasuke and says, "Hi!" and waves.

Naruto waves back and says, "HELLO!"

Sakura giggled, "I'm Haruno Sakura, and I'm new."

Tenten smiled, "I'm Tenten! Nice to meet a normal girl like you!"

"Huh?" Sakura smiled and tilted her head.

"Never mind her, I'm Hyuuga Neji." A boy with long hair spoke his white eyes piercing into hers, as if he was analyzing her.

White eyes? "Hey… are you blind?" Sakura waved a hand before his eyes.

Naruto and Tenten laughed, "She-she thinks you're… you're BLIND!"

Neji glared at Naruto and Tenten, "No Sakura-san, I am not."

Sakura sweat dropped. Jeez. This guy is intense. Tell me about it. "Just call me Sakura."

"Like wise." He nods.

"Nara Shikamaru." The last guy replied. His eyes were blank.

He looked like he had just woken up… and he probably did.

"AND I AM UZUMAKI NARUTO BELIEVE IT!" the blonde boy yelled.

Sakura giggled again, "You're cute!"

Naruto blushed. Then he fell over, into Neji how rudely pushed him off.

Sasuke somehow pried the girls off of him.

"LATER SASUKE-KUN!" the girls waved off and went some where else.

He walked over to them, "Tch. How annoying."

Sakura walks up to him and looks him in the eye, "HI! I'm Haruno Sakura!"

He looked at her back and replied, "Hn."

She tilted her head to the side again, "What does that mean?"

He chuckled, "You're not like other girls."

"Huh?" she raised a pink brow.

"You're not normal. You're real. You aren't a pretender."


"You are not like other girls… what are you?"

"I don't get it… what do you mean normal?"

"Sakura, nobody in high school are really who they are."

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