Chapter 3

"Ne, Sakura, you taste good." Sasuke mumbled as he pulled his head back.

Naruto pulled his head back as well, choking. "Sasu-Sasuke?!"

Sakura paled then blushed, "Uhh…" She fell forward and banged her head on her desk. "No. No. No."

Sasuke raised a brow and sighed, "You'll bruise your forehead, kid."

Naruto nodded pushing her to lean on her chair, "Yeah…" his voice was a little off.

Sasuke smirked, "I was kidding." Sakura turned to look at him, face kind of horrified, "No, seriously, I was kidding." Sakura nodded and sighed,

"Well, Teme, you have such dark humor. Jesus, no wonder you're a poet." Naruto said smiling and patting Sakura's back.

"It's okay, I'll protect you from my horny friend!" Naruto hugged her and playfully glared at Sasuke, "Die you bastardly dragon! I will save the princess and kill you!"

Sakura couldn't help but laugh too, "Ah! My prince in aluminum foil!" She hugged Naruto back and giggled.

Sasuke smirked and pretended to have bullhorns or whatever, "Roar! I'm gonna kill you!" He laughed.

Soon they stopped laughing and the classroom grew quiet.

Sakura coughed, "That was sufficiently awkward…"

Sasuke nodded and recomposed himself, "This never happened."

Naruto grinned, "Yup."

Sakura smiled awkwardly and noticed a couple of important things.

One, Naruto had his arm around her.

Two, she was leaning on him.

Three, her hand is on the side of the chair where Sasuke is,

Four, Sasuke's hand is on top of hers.

Five, he's holding on pretty tightly.

Ten, they're glaring at each other.


Class went on with the three of them in the same position and just talking about random crap.

Ne, so is this how school always is, guys?


Dobe, shut up.





Don't start this on me again!

So, blah… blah… blah….


Naruto was pulling Sakura to his lunch table. "SIT WITH US! SIT WITH US!"

Sakura shook her head politely, "I'd hate to intrude…"

Naruto smiled, "It's no problem!"

He forced Sakura to sit down, next to him.

Tenten smiled and waved, "What's up?"

Neji just nodded.

Shikamaru was sleeping.

And Sasuke just sat down.

Naruto laughed, "My table's a real winner!"

Sakura laughed, "Great."

There was a moment of pleasant silence when Neji suddenly broke it.

"I heard there was some action in 1st period." His eyes quickly looked over to Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke.

Sakura blushed, Naruto uneasily laughed and scratched the back of his head, "Well…" and Sasuke paled.

Tenten smacked the table and laughed, "So it's true!"

Shikamaru rested his head on his arms and chuckled, "So… how kissed who?"

Naruto choked on his soda. Sasuke stood up and left.

Sakura laughed slowly and said, "Ah… I… got to… Go with Sasuke to class! SEEYA!" She stood up and sprinting to the boy.

Thus leaving Naruto alone with the group of ravenous friends who want answers.

"Hey… Naruto."


Sakura ran to where Sasuke left.

He was sitting under a tree… but he didn't see her yet.

She heard him mumble… so she listened.

Sasuke leaned against the tree, a notepad in hand and he spoke…

"Her hair gleamed in the pale sunlight…

I try to resist her with all my might.

But I fear my will is giving in.

But any emotions shall cause me chagrin.

I have no time to love.

I have to beat my brother, who is above.

Sakura, I have no time for her.

I must fight the actions that so badly want to occur.

I will keep it inside,

Until my feelings fully reside.

I don't need a lover.

I don't need secrets to be uncovered.

I don't need to love and lose.

My reputation shall be bruised.

I will hide.

Until I beat my brother with the final stride."

Sasuke stood up and flips his hair slowly.

Sakura stood in shock and quickly runs away.

She hides in the parking lot, behind a bright red car.

She whipped out her own notebook, and wrote.


Sasuke saw a blur of pink whiz by the entrance. He felt his heart slump.

He ran after her. She heard. Oh my god, she heard.

He rushed into the parking lot and listened.

He heard a familiar flowing voice and just leaned on the bright red car and listened.

"Highschool. It's definitely a weird experience. It's filled with stereotypical cliques, unseen laws, and false hopes.

I was consumed by a false hope today. Even though it is barely the first day, I feel for a certain boy. Uchiha Sasuke. I felt an attachment already form.

But he, that arrogant boy, he said that he should forget about me to win against his brother? That's horrible.

I'm sad to say that I'm crying and writing behind someone's car. How embarrassing. But not as embarrassing to as if someone was actually listening.

So anyway, should I feel for this boy? Possibly, is he just pretending… like he told me?

"Sakura, nobody in highschool-!""

"Is really their real selves." Sasuke said as he walked away.

Sakura yelped and jumped up. She scanned the area, nobody else was there.

The bell rung and she ran to class. "I'm so gonna be late!"

She ran into Deidara's chemistry class.

She immediately sat down to the seat she saw first (even though it was in the back and furthest away from her.)

She was actually almost first.

"Hey, sitting next to me?" that familiar voice.

Sakura yelped.


Naruto sweated and laughed nervously, "Nothing happened."

Tenten's eye glinted, "Oh really?" She took out on of her clay modeling tools.

Neji rolled his eyes at their antics and breathed out, "Just tell us."

Shikamaru chuckled, "Seriously Naruto, no one would stop Tenten if she went off."

Naruto gulped, "Well, I'd rather die by her hand rather than Teme's glares."

Tenten laughed and held the stick close to his neck. Her eyes glinted again, "Tell. Us."

Naruto glared, "You wouldn't!"

Tenten smiled, "I would." She raised her "stick" and was about to let it down when…


Neji glared and firmly said, "Alright. We get it."

Tenten suddenly bust out laughing, "He accepted her already?" she slapped the table, "It took me like a whole month!"

Shikamaru wasn't really paying attention, his gaze led elsewhere.

Neji silently followed it. Ah, so he likes the blonde.

Lol you don't know if it's Temari or Ino!

The bell rang and they all got up.

Tenten elbowed Naruto's side and whispered, "By the way kid. That 'stick' was an unsharpened pencil."

Naruto screamed, "I'm gonna DIEEEEEEEEE!"


Sakura yelped and jumped. "Sasu-Sasuke?"

Said boy nodded and slouched down in his chair, "Where's the Dobe?"

He's in this class too?

"Yes, he's in the class. Where is he."

Shit. I left him with the others.

Sasuke frowned. "Nice." He ran his fingers through his hair and closed his eyes.

Sakura nodded and just stared at him.

He opened one eye and asked, "What?"

"Nothing… it's just that…"

Suddenly someone crashed into her and she fell… on him…

Actually kissing…

Two-way this time…


Regular boy and girl kissing.

Deidara walked in and wooted, "Look at those chemicals reacting!"

Sasuke felt himself smirk, as he saw they Dobe suddenly rush in.

They broke apart, Sakura fell into his chest, panting and blushing heavily.



"TWO-TIMER! Wait… what?"

Sasuke smirked and said in her ear, "We really need to stop kissing in public, the janitor's closet is always empty…"

Sakura looked up with shocked eyes, "You're kidding?"

Sasuke shook his head, "Do I ever?"

Sakura fainted.

"Oh shit." Sasuke sighed.

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