Teenagers scare the living...

By: Alex Aycock

Summery: What happens when Bella is left home ( Cullen's house), alone while the Cullen's are out hunting? With a plasma flat-(Well, Emmett's tv) and the Fuse channel? ((For my best friend Alisa, because she LOVES Gerard Way.))

Music: "Teenagers" By My Chemical Romance-Obviously.

(I wrote this for Alisa on christmas. I just never posted it. Please tell me what you think)

DISCLAIMER:I do not own anything

He had been gone...ten minutes, and I already missed him. Charlie for some unknown reason had gone out of town this week. He wouldn't bother to tell me why. As much as he disapproved of me staying with the Cullen's, Carlise and Esme had persuaded him. It was Saturday, and I had a whole week to look forward to, but since I was staying over, the Cullen's thought it would be a good idea to go hunting. With reluctance on Edward's (and mine, though I didn't let it show for him,) part, I had finally all but shoved him out the door. They should be back sometime tomorrow since they left early this morning. I didn't know what to do with myself, I had just eaten dinner, (Esme had stocked the house better than a Food lion) and I couldn't stop thinking about Edward. I hated when he had to go away. To save (or attempt to) myself from being lonely, I decided to switch on the huge flat-screen tv. (It really was everyone's, but Emmett referred to it as his "Passionate Storyteller"). The channel that came on was 'Fuse', a rock-music video channel. I had watched this channel before, they played decent music. Right now it was on a commercial, so I decided to get out a new manga, (I was actually starting to like anime) while I waited for the commercial to go off. The manga I was reading was called "DN Angel". I was at the part where Daisuke found out he was Dark in Vol. 1 when I heard a song come on.

'They're gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies in the books, to make a citizen outta you.

Because they sleep with a gun, and keep an eye on you son, so they can watch all the things you do.'

I peeked above "DN Angel", to look at the tv. My nose was still in the book though (literally ha ha). There was a guy with black hair clinging to a microphone.

'Because the drugs never work,'

The drums came in to create a catchy beat.

They gonna give you a smirk, cause they got methods of keeping you clean.

They gonna rip up your heads, your aspirations to shreds, another cock in the murder machine.'

I think I had heard this band before...wasn't it like 'My Chemical' something?

'They say that Teenagers scare! The living shit outta me!'

The lead singer was...good looking. Nothing compared to Edward of course, but still...

I watched the video in amazement. Wow, he really- OH MY GOD!!! He was climbing up the microphone!

I woke up on the Cullen's couch to the vacuum running, Emmett swinging the cord around, listening, and singing to "Dancing Queen". I cracked a smile until Edward bounded into the room. I felt guilty.

"You woke her up!" he fumed at Emmett.

Emmett cut off the vacuum and headphones.

"It's eleven-thirty! Besides, if you didn't want to wake her up, you should have taken her to your room. It's not like your not capable." Emmett stated.

"Good morning Bella." he added.

"It's okay!" I got between Edward and Emmett. It seemed silly, what on earth could I do to stop them? "Emmett is a good alarm clock," I told Edward. Emmett smiled at me. "I needed to get up." I had been kinda dreaming something I shouldn't. I hoped I hadn't talked in my sleep.

Edward and I were in his room later that day, trying to spend some time alone together. There had been too many interruptions, such as Emmett wanting Edward's help with Rosalie's Bra. I did not want to know what he was doing with it, but it involved syrup. And then Alice and Jasper had wanted to play their version of Truth or Dare. It was a long day. Edward was unconsciously fiddling with my hair as I explained why it was impossible to teach me a musical instrument.

"What did you do yesterday?" he interrupted me. I turned as red as a stop sign. This had been the topic I had been hoping to avoid. I attempted to avoid eye contact with him as I spoke.

"I just...hung around-nothing special, just watched tv and read." I wasn't lying really...I just wasn't telling him everything.

"Oh c'mon Bella-"

There were three knocks on the door.

"Yes Alice," he said, a little irritated. The door opened noiselessly.

"Edward, I was just wondering if I could...borrow Bella for a minute." Alice said-unusually serious for her.

Edward had a confused look on his face as he answered.

"If it's only just for a minute."

"Bella." Alice beckoned me with her hand. I got up from where I was sitting on Edward's bed, and followed her out the door.

"Please don't listen Edward-for Bella's sake." she said while closing the door and not looking at him.

I was terrified at what she had said. We walked silently as we reached her room. She held up one finger-for me to wait- and stared, not looking at me. She then put her hand down and dragged me into her room.

"Okay," she said slowly "he's not going to listen."

Alice looked at me with scared eyes. "Bella, I saw something while I was hunting yesterday."

OH NO! No no! No, no no no NO!

I sat on her bed, silent on the outside-screaming at myself on the inside to wake up from this nightmare.

"I suppose you know who Gerard Way is." she said quietly. I had to strain my ears to hear.

"Erm... a decent musician?" I said hopelessly.

"I want to show something to you Bella." Alice said, as she got up to go to her closest. "I am going to show you something no one has seen. Not Edward, or even Jasper." My eyes grew wide.

She pulled up a couple floorboards to reveal a metal door with a 'high tech' combination lock on it. My only thought was 'How could Jasper not have noticed this?'

Alice punched in a code too fast for me to see, and the door spread open.

In the next few moments, my eyes fell out of my sockets. On the bottom of this metal like chamber, was a man asleep. Not just any man-Gerard way, wrapped in a sleeping bag like a butterfly's cocoon. I looked from Alice to Gerard back and forth, in shock,

Alice tried to hold back a giggle."Where do you think he got all his ideas about vampires for his songs from?" she asked me with wide eyes and a grin spreading along her face.


"SHHH!!! Bella! Shush! They'll hear!" Alice said while covering my mouth. I stole a peek at Gerard. He moved, and while he did the sleeping bag came unzipped. Revealing that he was only wearing boxers.

"For a human, he is remarkably good looking. Besides," Alice continued "After that vision,I thought you wouldn't mind meeting him." Alice laughed.

Now I was beyond shocked."H-h-how did you get him here and keep him with no one noticing? It seemed impossible.

"It wasn't easy," she sighed.

When Gerard suddenly opened his eyes, it scared me so much, I some how managed to fall into the dark pit of doom. I landed with a huge thud on Gerard, I looked down at him and blushed madly.

"Hi." Gerard grinned.

"ALICE! Get me out!!!" I yelled. Gerard wrapped his arms around me.

"Don't go yet, I want to meet the girl who stole my Edward's heart Bella." Since my eyes had already fallen out of my head, they now rolled around on the floor.

"Oh yeah..." Alice said "I forgot to tell you. He sorta has a thing for Edward."

"HE'S GAY!?!?" I exclaimed.

"No, just Bi." Alice laughed. "He seems to really like you."

Gerard nuzzled his head all over me. I felt violated.

"There's a camera in Edward's room," Alice explained. "He likes to watch him."

Sheer horror washed over me. He had seen everything Edward and I do. In the back of my mind though, I reminded myself to ask him if he had some tapes of just Edward.

"Bella!" Edward called. "Alice! Give her back! I can't stand it any longer!" At that precise second, Edward busted through the door. This is worse than the time Emmett and- my train of thought got stopped from seeing Edward's face appear at the top of the well-like structure. Gerard's arms were still wrapped around me. I saw Edward's eyes narrow into slits.

"OH MY GOD!!!! EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gerard shrieked in a girly voice. Gerard all but tossed me into the wall.


"Well," I groaned as I talked "Alice, kinda kidnapped Gerard Way, and she erm...from what I find...did things too him." I explained. I looked over to the side and saw whipped cream, handcuffs, and...other such things.

"Well!" Alice huffed "Bella is the one who masturbated when she saw Gerard on the tv! She liked it when he crawled up the microphone!" she yelled.

All was silent. I could literally hear the crickets chirping outside. It wasn't too long until I heard heavy footsteps proceeding this way. I saw Emmett's head appear at the top of the hole. Peering down like the rest of them. He blinked twice, and his booming laugh echoed throughout the house as he walked away.


One month later

I sat on the edge of the couch as Gerard put the tape in. We were completely alone. (He became my new buddy when the Cullen's were out hunting)

On the screen, Edward appeared laying on his bed. How the video camera could capture this beyond beautiful Greek God was beyond me.

"Okay, now Bella," Gerard started talking "The night before you had slept in this bed." Gerard said pointing to the screen. "Now, in a couple of minutes you will see...some behavior you have probably never have seen out of Edward (his eyes sparkled as he said his name) before."

Edward lay completely still, and then all of a sudden, he began to sniff the pillow I had layed on by wrapping my legs around it. In mere seconds, he began to unzip his pants. It was like watching "The Last Day" with Gaspard Ulliel in it all over again,except it was Edward.

Two Months later

I layed on the floor, on Edward's carpet. Edward layed beside me, stroking my hair. He looked away from me, and began speak

"Hey Bella," he sounded embrassed by something.

"Yeah?" I asked curious.

"I was wondering...if you would like it...if I bought...a microphone?"

Emmett's laugh echoed through the woods once again.