Chapter Two

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The song at the beginning of this chapter is a bonus track on My Chemical Romance's "The Black Parade" CD entitled "Blood". You should go listen to it. Also in this chapter, Emmett mentions that on the Projekt Revolution tour in Virgina, Gerard said something...well...Gerardy. So, in order for you to get that part, you need to read this. Well, I had gone to that concert with my best friend Alisa (the inspiration for this story) and it was an awesome concert, but right in the middle when MCR was about to perform a next song, Gerard started talking about David Cassidy, and how someone had mistook him for Mr. Cassidy. Well, he kinda made a comment which went along the lines of "I have sucked way more dick than that guy!" -shakes head- I guess thats just Gerard. I'm not even joking, that actually happened. I hope no one was offended. This is why this story is rated "M". THANK YOU YOU AWESOME FANS!!

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Well they encourage your complete cooperation,

Send ya roses when they think you need to smile

What is that?

I can't control myself because I don't know how

And they love me for it honestly I'll be here for while

The piano was playing an old timy tune, and two voices sang that I did not yet recognize.

So give them Blood, blood

Gallons of the stuff

Give them all that they can drink

And it will never be enough

Give them blood, blood, blooooood

Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood

I sat up and looked around. I was in Edward's room, and he wasn't here.

A Celebrated man amongst the gurneys

They can fix me proper with a bit of luck

The doctors and the nurses they adore me so

But it's really quite alarming, cause I'm such an awful


(Why thank you)

On that note, I descended the stairs to see what people were singing. When I got there, I saw a grumpy Edward at the piano, a gleeful Gerard singing, and...Emmett...singing with him.

I gave you blood, blood

Gallons of the stuff

I gave you all that you can drink and it has never been enough

I gave you blood, blood, BLOOOOOOOOD!!

I'm the kind of human wreckage that you love!

"Such a indecent song." Edward grumbled.

"Ooh! Emmie! You should record a duet with me on our new CD!" Gerard squeaked as he embraced Emmett.

Emmett gently pushed him off. "Don't get all squeaky with me. I know what you said on the Projekt Revolution tour in Virginia." (AN: See authors note above)

"What did he say?" I asked, my voice think from sleeping. Gerard grinned.

After a few months, I kind of got used to Gerard's strange ways.

"Well-" Emmett started to say with a mischievous grin on his face, but was interrupted by Edward scooting off of the piano stool, racing over here, and carry me up the stairs.

"Ack! Edward!" I screeched. Why must he always be so dramatic?

He didn't say anything as we entered his room, and while he set me on the bed. He slowly laid back on

the golden comforter, closed his eyes, and rubbed his temples while he let out a gust of breath.

Was it possible for a vampire to get a headache?

"Why did you decide to whisk me away to your room Edward?"

"I knew what he was about to say- you would not appreciate."

"Can I please make my own decisions?"

"Of course Bella, it's just...that kind of thing in the morning...would not me pleasant." he said seriously.

He sighed, sat up and held my hand in his.

"You know, we haven't really gotten to spend time together with him around."

Edward was right. Even though I was practically living at the Cullen's...we hadn't really had a second to just breathe...even though he didn't need to. Alice was going crazy over the wedding, and now that we discovered Gerard...and his cameras...

Emmett had been laughing for days about that, and Gerard's obsession with Edward.

Gerard had even put a camera in Edward's bathroom for when he takes a shower.

"So let me get this straight Eddie." Emmett had said. "He's seen you naked, and yet Bella hasn't?"

Emmett wouldn't leave him alone, and much to my embarrassment, he brought it up when I was there the most.

Edward had kept insisting to Alice that we rid Gerard of this house, but she would not budge.

It was making Jasper kind of jealous. I wouldn't blame him. Your wife having a freaky friend as Gerard. They were quite the duo together. It scared me greatly.

"I propose we go somewhere before the wedding." he said softly.

Alice chose that moment to all but break down the door.

"NO! No, no no no no no NO!" she bellowed. "You are Not going anywhere!" The wedding is in four weeks!" for such a small vampire, she could make her voice exceptionally loud.

I heard a tiny voice downstairs pipe up. "OOOHH!! I love weddings!" it was obviously Gerard.

"Alice, it is none of your concern. We will take a few days to get away, it will not harm anything."

It sounded nice. A few days to ourselves.

"Edward!" Alice whined "I might need you guys here! It really hasn't happened yet, but I may need to know something!"

"I'm sure you can handle things for a few days Alice." Edward grabbed my hand, scooted past Alice, and flew down the stairs with me at tow.

Carlise now occupied the couch with Esme, while he read the newspaper. Emmett was playing a video game, and Gerard was trying to get Rosalie to talk to him-with no success.

"Carlise, Bella and I will be gone for a few days." Edward said, while looking at his father figure.

"That's fine Edward, you know where the passports are."

Jasper and Alice then descended the stairs; Alice having a glum look on her face; Jasper holding her hand, patting her back, while shooting death glares at Gerard.

"It's okay Alice, let it go." Carlise gave her a soothing look.

"My little Alice in wonderland, it'll be okay, let the lovey dovy battie and birdie have their fun." Gerard winked at her. (An: haha, get it? Mutts?)

"Okay Gee." She let go of Jasper and went to sit on the couch with Gerard, and gave him a hug.

Jasper growled. "She my little Alice in wonderland!" he said in a low voice.

I felt Edward give a nod to Gerard. Well, that was good, he at least was not glaring...as usual.

"Wait!" Gerard squeaked "I just had a wonderful idea!" At that, Edward growled a fierce growl.

"Edward, behave." Esme commanded.

He lowered his growl, and settled for glaring. So much for my last thought.

"Aw! C'mon Eddie! It'll be fun!"

"Let Gerard tell us his idea Edward." Esme cooed. Carlise peeked over the newspaper that he had recently put back in front of his face, at Esme to study her expression.

"What did you have in mind Gee?" Alice held onto his arm. Jasper glowered at the sight. Rosalie actually turned her head to look at Gerard.

"Well, My Chem has a couple of concerts coming up, maybe we could travel a little, meet the band, and the second part was kind of a surprise, but if all else fails and everyone finds out, I;ll just surprise Bella." Gerard winked at me.

"I'm in!" Emmett shut off his video game and grinned. Edward turned his glare to Emmett.

"I'll go with you Gee!" Alice squealed. "C'mon Jasper! We have to go pack!" and with that, she grabbed his arm, and danced up the stairs.

"I'll start packing our things Emmett." Rosalie said gently. Everyone turned to her. Rosalie was going along with Gerard?

"What do I need to pack?" she asked him.

"Ohhh, just a little bit of everything. If it's possible, I want everyone to be surprised." Rosalie glided up the stairs.

"Wait Rose!" Will you pack that sequin thong you bought!?" Emmett ran up the stairs after her. Gerard then got up-to pack I guess.

"We'll just let you kids have fun, and we'll stay here." Carlise said, eying Esme.

I peeked up at Edward. He was staring back ruefully. I put my hands on each side of his face.

"I guess we have no choice." I said as I kissed his nose.

Even without Alice's vision, I could tell we were in for a long, unnatural, Gerard generated ride.

Edward sighed. "So much for Alice not being able to cope because the wedding is in four weeks."

"I heard that Edward! I'll hook the video cameras back up!"

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