Chapter One:
Never Felt a Kiss like This

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"Hey guys lets go if we don't leave now, we'll---"

Max go to Washington!!

I thought for a moment, what was in Washington? And what was Jebs problem, is he crazy? Thinking he can just talk to me when ever he wants. Hemp. 'tell me Jeb, why would i want to listen to you? And especially why would i go to a no sunshine, rain all day, hellhole!?'

Max please watch your language we are not alone...

I turned around Gazzy looked half asleep on a fallen log, Nudge was talking Iggy's ears off--- but he looked suprisingly content--- Fang was in his normal emotionless state staring off into space. But where was Angel? I heard laughing and turned 90 degrees to see her and Total talking together beneath a close by tree. I listened in just slightly and found out she was just telling Total what I was thinking about fang earlier... so she was reading my mind.

I told you Max you really should listen to your father more often.

'i have no father, he disappeared almost three years ago.' I scolded.

I turned back watching each and every member of my flock closely memorizing everything about them, knowing that at any moment they could be gone, taken from me. I have been doing this often since we left mom's house two months ago. It's hard to believe but it has been a very long time since we have been home, our little 'castle in the sky'.

My gaze lingered on Fang the longest, I couldn't help it, it seems every time I look at him there is something i don't know, yah I know it's Fang, but there is still---

You love him Max why is that so hard for you to believe? How would you ever know if he loves you back? Max you are getting older, wiser, maturing. I could've sworn right there my voice/ Jeb/ Daddy dearest, snickered, who snickers these days other than a raccoon? Let what has to happen- happen, it's part of life, and there is meant to be someone in your life differently than he is. I sighed there he goes again about what is supposed to happen in my life I'm tired of it, of him! Listen to me sweetheart if only for a secoond, he feels the same, trust me on that...

'why would he think i would trust him... ever!? But was he serious when he said that Fang loved me? Did he even mean love when he said, 'he feels the same'? He could be talking about anything, right?

I looked back at Fang it was all involunteery but he is very very cute... no, hot--- wow-wow-wow, wait, did I just say Fang was hot? Ewww, I mean he is cute, but I mean coeon he's like a brother... yah my brother, as in just brother. Right, right? Wiat no I kissed him, eww kissing my brother?! Wow no way in hell, could I compare that to kissing my brother, there is no possible way for him to ever be called my brother in any way ever again... then what do I call him?

'--- hey Max, Earth to Max. Are you okay? I mean you were just plain out of it was it that voice again? No wait I mean Jeb...? yah Jeb your dad, or wait you still hate him right, anyway you looked like you were getting ready to faint, like you know you saw a ghost like on those movies. So what did the voice say, or tell you 'cause i want to know and---" You can pretty much guess who that was. Nudge.

"Actually she was just thinking about some-one." Angel giggled. Walking up with Total at her heal. She paused eyeing Fang secretively so I was the only one to notice, she made a slight nod telling me she promised to keep it a secret. "Hey Nudge come see what me and Total found, it's right over here." She drove her little thumb over her shoulder toward the gegneral direction of where Total, and she were moments ago. She winked, turning to follow Nudge.

"Yah, it is too cool!" Total added, I woundered for a moment if they actually found something. But let it pass to be overuled once more on more pressing matters of my own.

Iggy put his hand on my shoulder. "Wipe that look off your face you don't have to worry about a thing, Fang and you would be a cute couple, I'm hungrey and weren't we supposed to leave half an hour ago?" I swear blind guys creep me out or atleast Iggy does, how would he know what my face looked like. And ohmigosh we were supposed to leave a long time ago! "Chill out, I'll go wake Gazzy a tell the girls, to get there stuff together. You have something more important to deal with," his eyes moved over to Fang, though he couldn't see him, smiled and headed for a sprawled out Gazzy.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Fang. He looked up at me emotionless eyes glued to mine, for the longest moment. He looked away and suddenly I could breath-- I never noticed I stopped breathing. He looked back at me from the corner of his eye, and smirked. I was staring, I quickly looked away, me staring at Fang?

He moved slightly when I went to sit next to him in the shade from the Cali sun. He turned his head to look at me for less than a milisecond then looked away.

"Fang?" he looked like he knew something like this was going to happen. He watched me, looking at me like I was, I don't even know. But whatever, his eyes caught mine, my breath caught in my throat. "Fang we're goin to have to leave soon, and um---" right then he grabbed me gently behind my head, his fingers in my hair. He was watching me pulling me closer, his hand, he placed above mine on the ground pulling it away from the ground, I was pulverising with my fingers from my nerves. He weaved his fingers between mine pulling my hand to his waist.

Inches from his face, he asked, "how long do we have, exactly?" his breath with each word caressing my cheeks, and nose. I breathed in the sweet scent. Swallowing hard, my heart, that had lept up to my throat I took a deep breath.

I said not trusting my voice to not crack, '' Enough" I said simply. My voice cracked. He laugghed moving away, he got up. I looked down at my hand, in my lap as it balled into a fist. He walked away, saying nothing he walked in the opposite direction then our camp. He headed farther--- than we already were--- into the woods.

I sat there eyes closed, as I began to shut down starting with my heart. A cough came behind the tree. I looked up not caring if something jumped out and attacked me, I'd let it right now. "psst!" came from behind the tree. So I got up looking to see if anyone had noticed, I walked out of camp, turning right into Fang, his rock hard chest knocking me to the ground.

He reached his hand out for me to use, but I got up wit out it. Not wanting to seem helpless, I mean come on I'm Max the invinsible. He began to walk away motioning for me to follow. Up ahead I could see light breaking through the trees. When we got to the end it was a cliff. I sat at the edge, looking over, at the bottom at the deer grazing with various other wildlife. Some ones hand made contact with my shoulder, "Want a closer look?" Fang whispered in my ear making Chills run down my spine. I nodded and he reached for my hand. Out came our wings with a rush of air, I smiled at the contact, when his wing brushed mine. I looked up at him with a grin. He smiled and jumped off the cliff, dragging me down with him. A squeak was released from my lips, before he placed his fingers over my lips. He laced his fingers between mine, and our wings batted in unison. Up and down, and then all over again, that and our hearts beating together, was all I was aware of. We hovered above the meadow unnoticed. He reaached for my chin, lifting it, he laid his lips upon mine. I reached my arms around his neck, he held my waist.

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