Chapter 11

Bella POV

"Carlisle," Alice said running up the stairs, she actually yelled it as if he wouldn't hear, "we have a problem." she said when he appeared at the top of the stairs, Esme stood at the unused dinning room door.

Edward squeezed my hand, and I gave him a pathetic excuse for a smile. He didn't seem convinced and switched my hand for my waist so could hold me to his chest, I could feel his cool breath against my neck as he whispered, "Everything will be alright love." I hid my face against his shirt and nodded.

"Maybe we should talk in the dinning room." Carlisle said professionally. When Edward and I reached the door slowed by my mortal state everyone had taken their spots. Fang stood between Iggy and Max, who was watching me. The Cullen were seated, but Jasper got up to open a seat for myself. "Alright, Alice what is going on?"

"Jane came to school, she wants to speak with you, it sounds important. And she's not very happy with the – flock, being here." she looked at Edward.

"They just want to know if they're a threat, nothing major." Edward said and looked at me with tightened eyes.

"Shut up Edward." Rosalie's voice cut through the silence, "your just saying that as not to scare your precious Bella, she needs to be scared--"

"Rose." Esme said apologetically.

"Rose that's harsh." Emmett said completely serious.

She didn't stop though the protests of her family, I could still make out her threat "-- she needs to be afraid and figure out that nothing is worth this life." after that she removed herself from the table. And headed up the stairs. Emmett's eyes trailed after her, not knowing if he should follow or not.

"Go Emmett we'll fill you in later." he nodded and ran up to his shared room.

We all looked at Carlisle, everyone seemed to sigh at once, a weight being lifted. "alright when and where?"

Alice answered with, "Here, but I see us in the meadow?" she stated opening her eyes slowly.

"Edward nodded, "Around eight tonight, she – Jane wants Max and Fang present, along with Iggy if necessary. But mostly shes only interested in having Bella, you, Jasper, Alice, Max, Fang, and I present.

And I think it best if we kept it at that, it's better if they don't know about the younger ones – Angel in particular." he says regrettably with his head bowed I rub my palm against his smooth cheek.

I know how close he had become with Angel, they are so alike in a million ways, I really do hope when I become a vampire and join this family we can adopt Angel and Gazzy too. The rest of the flock even.

I listened silently to the conversation at hand. Evidently they are running here not taking a car, it will be dark, and we are meeting the in Edward and I's meadow so they have no chance of finding the other flock members. Edward tried talking me into just going home or even staying here, I declined and Alice called Charlie telling him me and her were studying for a big test if it would be alright if I slept her.

Of course he said yes to Alice, and offered to drop my stuff off here. So now we have a plan, all we have to do now is run it by the kids when we go to pick them up from school.

Edward and I sat in the car with Angel and Gazzy while sitting in front of the junior high looking for Nudge. "Um Edward, I'm hungry," angel says from the backseat.

"Oh, come here Angel," I say needing something to distract me from everything wrong with the world, " you can come sit on my lap while we wait for her." she climbs up into my lap and stares at me for a long time.

She then laughs and turns to Edward shaking her head. "What?" they both just shake their heads Edward flashes me his crooked smile, and Angel just grins at. I turn to Gazzy and he just shrugs and looks out the window with a real bored expression.

Edward reaches for my hand and his thumb massages it, "its nothing, love."

"Hey look, look over there!" Gazzy says from behind Edward. We look out his window he points to group of kids at the main entrance. "Its Nudge, see it Nudge its Nudge!" and then I see it, Nudge being center of attention. Most of the kids separate going off in their separate directions. Then all was left were Nudge and a boy not much taller then herself.

When she sees us, she waves. Hugs the boy and prances over to the car like its natural. Angle opens my door and jumps from my lap climbing in the back before Nudge. When she closes the door we all just look at her. "What?" and for once she didn't continue... until we got home.

"Omigod Max he is soo cute, and the most popular guy in the grade, even eighth graders want him, and today he sat with me at lunch, which intern brought over a whole group of kids and they all started talking to me! I'm popular! He said I was cute, too. His eyes are green, and so gorgeous he's my color too. He's playing on our football team and invited me to the game Thursday, I said I would go, can I please?"

She got on her knees and everything. "Edward, he is so cute, no one liked me before him and he could be my first boyfriend come on have a heart!"

"Shut up Nudge." Iggy said standing, she looked at him and her jaw dropped. "If you would listen for five seconds there are things more important that your love life... or lack there of. No one wants to hear you go on and on about some guy you know nothing about. Drop it, just drop it."

I was surprised I didn't expect that, especially from Iggy, he looked hurt. And so did Nudge. Her eyes started filling with tears, she ran and climbed into Max's open arms as she rubbed in between her wings like any good mother would do. "What did I do, what did I say?"

I don't think anyone knew the answer to that question. Not even Iggy himself. But with the look on fangs face I guessed there was something going on, something between Nudge and Iggy. I shook off my assumption when Edward came and sat beside me. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes only two hours left.


I climbed down from Edwards back it was 7:59 the kids were safely home under the watchful and some what caring eye of Rosalie and Emmett. The wolves had perimeter of the house covered as precaution. Suddenly Alice and Edwards' heads turned slightly to the right, followed by Jasper and Carlisle. Last was me following behind Max and Fang.

Calm rushed over me, Jasper was watching Fang and Max from the corner of his eye. I guessed she was worried for the kids at home.

"Nice to see you Carlisle, my you are handsome." I heard the voice before I saw the tiny body, she was alone I guess to prove a point of peace. Everybody released there tense postures, Carlisle extended his hand to the demon child.

"Sorry I'm alone, Aro thought it less stressful this way. But don't try anything Dimitri and Felix aren't far off." she smiled a small smile that didn't reach her eyes. She asked questions about the flock, and wolves, said she was happy to see me human – shes a horrible lier. She said she had a plane to catch and would see 'us' soon. But as she said this she glared directly at me.

I cringed into Edwards' side. After she left I felt exhausted. Alice gasped, "the flock" and soon all of us took off to the house. Max and Fang took the air I decided to keep my eyes on them, until suddenly Max blurred out of sight.

We made it back to the house record time, Iggy had Nudge in his lap he was depressed and Nudge cried loudly, Max was screaming at Rosalie in the kitchen. And the Gasman watched with the saddest blue eyes.

"Edward," I cried.

"They took Angel, Emmett still trying to follow them, Esme took the car shes going straight to the airport. It's okay." he kissed my hair, and I saw the pain in his eyes. "We leave for Volterra in the morning."

Carlisle and the rest of the Cullens, and the flock nodded. Max stalked back into the room, not a tear in her unforgiving eyes. She knelt beside Gazzy's shaking frame, held him tight, fang just stood looking out into the backyard, his silence some how screamed louder then Nudge and Gazzy.

Edward led me up the stairs and sat me on his bed, he knelt in front of me watching closely. "I think it's time you get some sleep." I didn't bother fighting him, he was right. I just wanted this day to end already.

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