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Prologue: Suggestions: Ianto looked down into his drink, wondering how to begin.

"Something on your mind?" Jack teased.

Ianto hesitated, but he had promised to do this tonight. And he had enough troubles without dealing with the repercussions of not following through. "Actually, yes." He considered, then continued. "Do you remember that little chat we had, about three weeks before you left, about... er, the possibility of sharing?"

Jack raised an eyebrow, because he did remember.

"You're in love with her, aren't you?" Ianto's question made Jack flinch. He turned away from watching Gwen drive away on the CCTV and looked at his lover. Ianto continued, "I'm not saying you were lying when you said you loved me, just that you love her too."

He relaxed a little – it wasn't an accusation then. So he nodded. "Yeah. But it's not going to go anywhere. She's got Rhys, and I'm not planning to drop you anytime soon."

"As if you'd see that as a requirement. After all, twin acrobats."

"You're saying you'd be fine with, what? Sharing?"

"I thought about it before we got involved." At Jack's surprised expression, Ianto smirked. "What, you thought I brought up my stopwatch on a whim? I thought things through. I always do, Jack. You should know that."

"Oh." Jack was damn near speechless, a rare thing for him. "So, if it came up..."

"If she – or someone else, but I'll admit I prefer Gwen to some stranger – gets involved with you, I'm not necessarily promising all of us at once, but I won't walk over it. Unless the other person's a real ass."

Shaking off the memory, he frowned at Ianto. "So... I don't get it." He actually didn't.

"Gwen's talked to you, hasn't she? When Hart was here?"

"Yeah. She yelled at me about leaving, then we got talking. I asked about Rhys. She said they broke up, and that she was seeing someone... someone else." His voice slowed down as a thought struck him. He looked at Ianto, and saw a slight, somewhat mischievous smile on the other man's lips. "No. You can't be serious."

Ianto's smile widened, but then he sobered. "I am, actually. It... well, it started about two months after you left. In some ways, I guess it was you who brought us together. I mean, Owen and Tosh struggled too, all of us did, but Gwen and I... at first, we needed each other just as support, because after you left, things just kept going downhill in our lives. Then, well, it became more. I was willing to share, but... I actually want to, if it's Gwen."

Jack couldn't say anything. He'd come up with crazy plans to get to this point during the year he'd been the Master's prisoner, first to give him some hope, then – his gut twisted at the memories of those videos, of his team dying. Gwen and Ianto last, and the worst deaths, as though the Master knew... – then, it had been wishing for what might have been. When they'd reversed time, Jack had said he'd thought about his team. He'd thought of Tosh and Owen; he cared about them too. But it was Gwen and Ianto who haunted his thoughts. When he'd come back, he'd hoped that maybe he could talk them around, but his hopes had – he'd thought – come to nothing when Gwen told him she was seeing someone. But now... now, things were looking up. He looked at Ianto, considering exactly what to say.

Meanwhile, someone else was waiting, just like Ianto, for Jack's response. Gwen Cooper stared out her window, wondering what was happening. Ianto had said he thought Jack would be pleased, but she wasn't sure that he was right. And if he was... she wanted this, but a part of her said she shouldn't. It wasn't right, was it? Three people in a relationship? By normal standards, no. But they were Torchwood. When had 'normal' ever applied to them? It felt right for them, and that was all that mattered. If, of course, Jack said yes...

"So?" Ianto pressed.

"So... are you two psychic?"


"You landed on the one thing I really want. You. Both of you. But I have to ask, how did this all happen? Just out of curiosity, you understand."

"Oh, curiosity, of course. Well, like I said, it was two months after you'd left, so four months ago. I was first to the Hub – "

"As usual."

"If you want to hear this, stop interrupting." Jack adopted a mock-penitent face, and Ianto rolled his eyes and continued. "Anyway, I came in first, and I'd been there for about a half-hour when..."

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