Perfect Dress

Fandoms: House MD and Harry Potter

Pairing: Robert Chase/Hermione Granger

A/N: Written for my claim Hermione/Chase at 7 Crossovers Challenge Community at Livejournal for the prompt Eloquent. FINISHED MY CLAIM! YAY!

Please note I have NOT seen all the House episodes… I'm working on it though. I'm finished both Season 1 and 2.

Disclaimer: Don't own anyone, but I would love to date Chase anytime, heh.

- - -

Hermione gently fingered the silky dress, she wasn't one to be practical about fashion or clothing but this one was… well, just perfect. The sleeves were long and made of silk that she just adored feeling against her skin. The rest of the dress were just as long and lovely, looking almost like a medieval fashioned dress that she adored. She absolutely adored long flowing dresses though, and this dress was like a long lost dream wedding gown she never knew she had.

"Try it on!" stated Ginny Weasley, bringing Hermione out of her reverie and to look over to her best friend and maid of honor. Ginny grinned at her, and grabbed the dress for her friend and shoved the dress in her hands and Hermione into the dressing room.

A few minutes later Hermione was wearing the wedding gown and slowly walked out of the dressing room; she feared that it ended up looking horrible on her. Ginny stared at her in shock, as well as her brother Ron Weasley.

"What? Does it look bad?" Hermione asked nervously.

"Hermione… you have to get that dress, it was like it was made for you." Ginny stated after her initial shock wavered.

"You look beautiful Hermione… Chase is the luckiest guy on the planet," Harry Potter, Hermione's best friend, stated. Ron nodded numbly along with his friend, with his mouth still open in shock. Ginny nodded as well before glancing over to her brother and smacked him in the head to get him to stop drooling.

Hermione blushed deeply and turned to face the mirror. She studied herself in the mirror and instantly agreed with her best friends. The dress was perfect… and Hermione couldn't wait to see Robert's reaction of her dress would be.