Happy Valentine's Day

Fandom: Eli Stone

Pairings: (implied) Eli/Maggie and Eli/Taylor

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 3.

Notes: Written for TV 100 (LJ challenge community) prompt Valentine. First try at a Eli Stone fanfic, enjoy!


Today so far sucks… Eli thought. Thankfully no 'visions', but today was Valentine's Day and it was the first time in years he had been alone on this day without Taylor by his side.

"Happy Valentine's day!" said a loud cheery familiar voice, interrupting Eli's thoughts. He glanced up and winced slightly at happy Maggie Dekker.

"And what do I owe of having the pleasure of you in my office?" Eli sarcastically says, glancing down at his forgotten paperwork.

"I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentine's Day and give you this," Eli glanced up and Maggie handed him a card and a box of chocolates.

"Thanks, I guess. Happy Valentine's Day to you too," he said, causing Maggie's smile to widen.

"Thanks, I'll see you around." Maggie turned around and left the room before she could see a small smile form on Eli's lips.