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Charlotte's Story

Chapter 1- Restricted Number

Ah, a nice peaceful summer night on the street where the Potter Manor was. Well, not inside the Potter Manor.

"James they are not coming over, sorry."

"Yes they are Charlotte. Their my friends and I was left in charge. So too bad!" I threw my hands over my head as my idiotic brother yelled at me. I was standing in our kitchen, in front of the island, really ticked. My long straight black hair flew up with my hands, my identical hazel eyes in slits. Sometimes it really sucked being his twin sister.

"No their not! First off, if they're over and you get caught I'll get in trouble too. And second because their just probably coming over here to see me anyways! And the only reason you were left in charge is because you are older!"

"And wiser, funnier, sexier, and smarter! And ha, ha, ha like my friends would ever like you! You wish!" He had no idea, I sadly thought.

"Yeah, well I don't see your waiting list lined up with hotties. In fact my own best friend won't come over to my house because of you!"

"God you are so annoying! They're coming over!" I noticed his subject change as soon as she was brought up, but I really didn't care about his creepy obsession right now.

"No they're not!"

"I really don't care about what you think little sis," Yes, because 1.4 seconds changes everything, I rolled my eyes at him.

"Well big bro, you should, because you know I'm always right!"

He scoffed at me than took out his cell phone, "James the Marauder's are not coming over!"

"Yeah, hey Sirius, wanna come over, yeah parents are outta town,"

I screamed loudly and walked over to the door, I grabbed my cell phone and slipped my flip flops on and stalked off outside. We lived in a neighborhood, but still it was a little creepy. Once I got out the feeling of anger and frustration left me as I beathed in cool air. I started to walk around aimlessly thinking to myself.

I can't believe him! No wonder Lilly hates him! He is such a pig headed, egoistical, well toe rag! Oh wow, I really am turning into Lilly.

I checked my phone to see what time it was, I clicked out of the little pop up message that announced that I had three new text messages and saw that it was 12:11.

Wonderful, if only he decided to be a pig a few hours ago…

I head this rustling in a bush and decided that I should read my texts messages for a distraction.

Why had Lilly shown me a TV? Why had I begged my parents to buy us one? If we hadn't I would been replaying all those Law and Order shows in my mind. Why didn't I watch that new episode tomorrow night, not tonight…

I turned on "Witch Hunt Ave." (chuckling at the name) to get home quicker in my little loop, and opened my phone. The first was from Lilly.

Hey what's up? Killing your brother yet?

I chuckled, 'just about' I replied. The next was from Melanie, my other friend from Hogwarts who me and Lilly convinced to buy a cell phone as well. So much faster than owls. Melanie had strawberry blonde hair a few inches above her shoulders, that got shorter in the back. Baby blue eyes, high cheek bones, and a long elegant neck. She was the shortest of us, only 5'4 to my 5'11 and Lils 5'7.

I am cynical, or so they tell me, but you know I'm not just one word. I'm a lot of things. My life summed up would kinda be this, let's see, my twin brother is James Potter, and my best friend is Lilly Evans, my secret crush that I will take to my grave is Sirius Black, and thank God Peter Pettigrew hasn't fallen in love with me because then I'd surely kill myself. Yeah that's me.

I got stuck with babysitting tonight can you believe it? Ben is so annoying, I'm gonna strange him one of these days.

Melanie's little five year old brother was so cute! I didn't know why she detested him so much, well that was the exact same thing she said about my brother. Though I think we used the word 'cute' in a different sense.

When the third message popped up my heart stopped and I sucked in a breath as my phone hit the sidewalk. I looked down again to make sure I'd seen correctly. I had.


I bent my knees slowly and quickly picked it up. All the sudden my senes had increased and the slightest sound made my heart pump so fast and loud I could hear it. I wanted to turn around, but I didn't have enough courage. I turned my feet sideways so I could easily turn in one second once I had my nerve back. My phone buzzed and I looked down.


I moved my feet at once to where they were and started to walk very quickly back home. I turned the corner and ran home. Where I slammed the door shut and bolted it. From all the sounds in the kitchens I could tell that the Marauder's were here. I ran to the kitchen, panicked.

"Charlotte?" James's asked.

"James!" I yelled to him and came in the kitchen. He was sitting on one of the bar stools, eating some of my cake I had baked earlier.

"What is it?" He was cautious now.

I told him what had happened and had one tear escape my eyes, which I quickly wiped away. I was in James's lap, as he smoothed down my hair and told me it would all be alright and it was probably just some cruel big prank. He might be pig headed, but he was the sweetest and best big brother a girl could ever hope for.

"Its okay, Charlotte, the Marauder's are here, we'll protect you, no one could ever hurt you with our study, manalistic, strong, sexiness, around, m'dear." James joked.

"Oh, wow and modest too? Can any of you cook?" I laughed, it was a little shaky, but I was ok.

"Yeah, Charlotte, don't worry," Remus walked up to me and moved some of my hair that was in my face to behind my ear and smiled at me.

"Hey, that's my sister," James warned, I rolled my eyes.

"Doesn't mean she's not sexy," Sirius said, yeah SCORE!

"Yes, it does,"

"Oh your just jealous that I got all the good looks in the family," I got out of his lap and laughed, a little stronger this time, to his fake hurt pout.

"And here I was being all nice to you! And not to mention that we're identical twins,"

Everyone laughed and I shrugged, "Yea, I'm going to go take a shower!"

"Ooh, can I join?" Sirius asked, wiggling his eye brows up and down. I rolled my eyes again, but my heart did this weird flippy thing. My brother smacked him on the back of his head.

"Only in you dreams, hun" Then I walked to James to whisper in his ear for only him to hear "I told you, they just come for me."

"Did you hear that?!" Sirius exclaimed.

"What rejection?" Lupin quipped, ha, that was a good one.

"No silly Moony! She called me 'hun!' I'm in love!" If only, if only…

"Oh god," James groaned as they walked into the living room to watch the telly.

"Hey do you have a spare bedroom?" Sirius asked.


"Because she said 'in my dreams' so if I go to sleep I get to see her amazingly sexy body in the shower,"

"Would you like me to help you go to sleep?"

"I wouldn't mind the quiet," Remus mused.

"Oh trust me, she wouldn't quiet in that dream,"

"Oh like you haven't seen enough girls in showers by now," Remus added.

"Yes, but this one would be better, I can tell she'd be a good fu-"

And that was how Sirius was sent to the kitchen to get an ice pack for his bloody nose because they weren't of age to duel. Ok so I lied, I really loved it when they came over. I was completely okay now, but there was something James had said… A big cruel prank. Marauders and pranks normally go together pretty well… But they wouldn't do something like this, not to me. Ok, so yeah they would have done something like that to me, but they would have owned up to it and laughed at me, not soothed me.

I reached my bathroom upstairs and I started to take off my shirt but my buzzing phone stopped me.


I figured that that was just the Marauders just playing around so I quickly undressed and got in the scorching hot water. But I couldn't shake of feeling someone watching me the whole time so as soon as I was shampoo-ed, conditioned and shaved, I grabbed a white fluffy towel and got out, I realized then that I had forgotten to close the drapes so I quickly went to close them, and I swear I saw something move behind the tree across the street. A shiver consumed me as I left to my bed room.

Once inside my large bed room I threw my phone on my vintage silver dresser and started to put on some black shorty shorts and a purple tank top. All the sudden my phone blasted its ring tone.

"Hello?" nothing, "Hello? Anyone there?" No answer. I hung up, really freaked out.

It rang again.

"Hello?" My voice was panicked and hasty. No answer, same restricted number. I hung up; I tried to calm down again.

It rang again. I jumped and answered it.

"Hello?" No answer, this time my voice shook a little and my breathing was loud. Then I realized I wasn't the only one breathing. I hung up.

It rang again. "Hello?!" No answer.

It rang again. "Hello!?"

"Hey Charlotte, what's up? Are you okay?"

It was Lilly, it was Lilly, it kept repeating in my mind, "Did you call before this?"

"No, this was the first time today, why, what's wrong?"

As I explained to Lilly what had happened a feeling in my stomach grew. A feeling that something was seriously not right.

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