Charlotte's Story

Chapter 8

I have been delaying this because honestly I don't want to end it. I based a lot of Charlotte on myself and it will be so sad to see her go. I know I cant end her story with out some great love scenes with Sirius. So I'm going to try to make up for that in this chapter ;-)

"Um has anyone seen Peter today?"

The room was quiet. Everyone looked around; shaking their heads no. It all seemed to come together in an instant.

James didn't do it.

Sirius didn't do it.

Remus didn't do it.

Peter was the only one who has been in the house.

I remembered the way he had looked at me when I was in my towel. The way the hunger in his eyes watched me. How he had been randomly disappearing all this time. How he was never around when the texts were sent.

It was Peter.

It all showed on our faces that we understood now. We all had figured it out at once.

I wanted to vomit. Peter. Peter had been doing this. I ran upstairs to my room. I was in search of my phone. I ran up the stairs, taking two at a time. Sirius, James, and Remus were following me. Shouting out questions and god knows what. I finally reached my room, throwing open my door. I started to go to my dresser.

I stopped dead. The marauders ran into me.

Peter was on my bed. His face was jammed into my pillow. He was inside my bed. Under my sheet.

Remind me to burn those.

James ripped past me. He grabbed Peter by the back of his neck.

"What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing." The fury made his voice shake. Peter was out of the bed, pushed roughly against the wall. Sirius was now making his way over with Remus behind him.

"Explain yourself." Sirius said in a deathly whisper. "Before I make it impossible for you to talk."

"S-Sirius…It was just a prank! You guys p-prank all the time…"

"We never prank like this you pathetic, crazy, excuse of a man." Damn Sirius was sexy.

"Let me talk to her, I love her, I need to explain—"

"Damn right you need to explain." I said.

Peter tried to go past his 'friends' but they wouldn't let him.

"Speak." I commanded. I wasn't sure if I was more angry, disturbed, or disgusted.

"Charlotte, I didn't know how to get your attention. You are just so beautiful and out of my league that I thought that I could make up this stalker and then be your savoir. But then he—" Peter looked pointy at Sirius, "ruined it all. He swooped in and saved the day like I was supposed to." He eyes softened and he looked closed to tears as he said his last bit. "Charlotte, I love you so much. I was just trying to get some kind of respect from you. I didn't mean to hurt you. But I just got so mad that you weren't coming to me for support that I did it more often. And I tried to call to tell you everything, to confess, but I couldn't. I'm sorry. I love you."

We were all staring at him. I couldn't tell what the others were thinking. I didn't even know what I was thinking. Did I believe him? Was he just insane? Was it innocent? Was this all a ploy of some psychopath?

The marauders loosened their hold on him. He didn't come near me. He just stared at me. His mouth hung slightly open, his eyes hungry on me. I shuddered on his gaze.

James shook his head. I knew he believed him.

"Peter you are going to have to leave." James's voice was calm. "You cant come back. I believe you, but I cant put my little sister in danger." James gave him a stern look. "You will not be able to come back."

Peter looked at me, then hung his head. He then looked at James. "You cant do this James…please. I wont do anything to her. I promise."

"Your promises are no longer good to me. Maybe one day you will be able to gain this trust. But it will take a lot. You need to leave now."

Peter gave one last look at me, then with a 'pop' he was gone.

"James we should go put the protection charms back on. So no one unwanted can 'pop' in." Remus was so smart.

"Good idea, lets go."

James squeezed my shoulder as he left, whispering that he loved me. I stopped him and crushed him with a hug. "I love you too."

They both left, after I hugged Remus as well.

Then Sirius and I were alone.



We laughed. I ran toward him, wrapped my arms around him, so grateful that he was holding me. We stayed like that for a long time. He stroked my hair, kissing it occasionally, muttering sweet nothings into my ear.

"We should go make you some hot chocolate."

I smiled as he took my hand.

All four of us sat around by the fire outside, the sun had gone down a couple hours ago. James had grilled us some hamburgers for dinner and we were all laughing and trying desperately to forget what had happened only hours before.

My phone went off. We were all quiet. Then I saw that it was Lily.

I threw the phone at James, smirking.

"No, no, no. I cant."

"Do it before she picks up!"

He looked scarred but went to hit the button to answer. I rushed over next to him and hit the speaker button for all of us to hear.




"Oh, um, can I speak to Charlotte?"

"No, sorry she's in the—uh bathroom. Can I take a message?"

"No, no, I just wanted to ask if she found out who the stalker was…"

"It was Peter."

She gasped. "No!"

"Yea, I was so shocked. I never in a million years thought one of my closets friends could do this." I hit the off speaker button and motioned for him to go off to the house. This could potentially be the first civil conversation they've ever had. James just about skipped away.

"Jeeze Lily. I see how it is." Remus commented after we all finished laughing.


"I never get to have conversations with Melanie on your phone."

"That's because—wait Melanie?" My best friend Melanie had liked Remus for years.

Even in the fire light I could tell he blushed. I smiled.

"Well um now that Remus has made a nice little confession of love, I say we all go watch a movie. A chick flick in your honor Charlotte?"

"Hell no, I'm way more into a kick ass action movie."

"That's my girl." My heart really had no right to jump at that statement.


A freaking hour into the movie, which is excluding the huge amount of time it took to choose a movie we all agreed on, James showed up. He was grinning so widely I thought he might pop his face. "Your phone's dead sorry."

We all stared at him.

"As if today didn't make history enough." Sirius yelled while he slapped him on the back.

"You so owe me."

It was 12:23. I couldn't sleep. I could barely be in my room. I had washed my sheets while the movie played but I couldn't even bare to sit on it.

I didn't believe Peter. I couldn't believe that he had just wanted my attention. I think he truly was just a creep. I had been pacing for an hour when I finally said to hell with it all and left my room.

I opened his door, shutting it quietly.

"James I don't want hear about Lily anymore."

"Its not James." Sirius spun around in his bed. He was shirtless and breathtakingly beautiful. His hair was all messed up, his eyes wide from shock. A grin on his face.

"Charlotte…." He murmured.

"I-I cant. I cant be in there Sirius." I was close to tears and I hated it.

"Do you want to sleep here tonight?" He pulled the comforter up, opening it to me. I gladly shook my head and went to slip in.

He wrapped his arms around me, letting my head rest on his chest.

"You don't believe him, do you?" He asked. His fingers were running and down my arm. It was driving me crazy and soothing me at the same time.

"No, I don't."

"I think James just couldn't wrap his mind around one of his best friends being like that. You know he always sees only the best in people."

"Its one of his biggest downfalls." We were silent for a moment.


"Yes my love?"

"Were you serious about what you said earlier today?"

"Every word."

"You said that I made you want to be the boyfriend type. But you didn't say that you were my boyfriend."

"I didn't, huh? I thought I made that clear."

"Nope." I was now trailing my hands across his bare torso. It was taking everything I had not to start kissing where my hand touched.

"Well lets take care of that." He took my hand in his, threading our fingers together. His thumb was caressing mine.

"Charlotte Willow Potter?"

I smiled in response. "I will promise to do my very best to be good long term boyfriend. No scratch that, a great long term boyfriend. Because that is what you deserve. Will you give me a chance and be my girlfriend?"

I attacked him. My mouth closed over his and I gave no mercy. I shoved my tongue in his mouth, desperate for his taste. Once oxygen was absolutely necessary, I pulled back. Panting for air. He kept placing soft kisses on my mouth, one of his hands on my neck, titling my head in the right direction, another in my hair massaging my scalp.

We cooled down and I rested my head down on his chest. This time hitching my leg on his hip, our legs tangled together.

"Why did you leave home all those years ago?"

"That place was never home."

"I understand that. But was there a reason, something that set you off the edge and made you come here?"

"Do you remember when I was dating Jenevieve?"

How could I not? I had stared at her for hours trying to see what she had that I didn't. He had seemed head over heels for her. She was beautiful of course. Auburn hair, big blue-gray eyes, plump pink lips. I studied the way he looked at her. The way he held her hand tightly, rubbing circles with his thumb.

"Of course."

"And you remember that she was a muggle born?" I nodded. Then it hit me.


"I went downstairs one day, to get food and return to my room as soon as I was able to when my parents asked me to sit down. They said that they knew I was getting to the dating age and that, even though they knew I was 'odd' they wanted to make sure I still knew what was right. That purebloods were with purebloods. I told them that I hated to break it to them but I was dating a muggle born. They were so furious. They said I wasn't a son of theirs. That I was to break up with her immediately. I didn't tell them that we already had, as you know I didn't keep girls for very long. But I packed up my stuff and told them all the go to hell." I was so shocked. I kissed under his jaw, smiling against him.

"You did all that just because they insulted muggleborns? I'm sure that wasn't the first time."

"Yes but I had just dated Jenevieve and I really liked her. I remembered what it was like for her. Having scum like that telling her she was less than them because of blood. I was just sick of it."

"So you traded her in for a blood traitor. I'm sure they're proud."

"I really, really, hope not." We laughed for a moment. "This has always been my home."

"Mine too."

"You realize that I would be kicked out if James walked in right now."

"He wouldn't."

"Have you ever met your brother?"

"Yes, which is why I plan on using blackmail to get my way. I might just make this my permanent room." He didn't say anything. "If that's ok of course."

"Oh no, its wonderful. I was just thinking about all that would entail…"

"You would have to find another place for your clothes, there wouldn't be room."

"A small price to pay."

"I might also need to bring in some of my furniture."

"Whatever you wish."

"Whatever I wish?"

"Ooh, what did I get myself into…" He chuckled.

"Could you hold me tonight Sirius?" He gave me a squeeze.

"I want to hold you every night." He confessed in my hair. I breathed him in. He smelled like fire wood, from earlier, but under that was his smell. It was musky, and manly, though it filled my mind making it go into a frenzy I couldn't understand. It wasn't strong but I couldn't imagine ever forgetting it. Though everytime I breathed it in, it smelled better than it how it did in my memory. It was Sirius.

"I wont ever let him touch you Charlotte." He whispered, "You're safe." For some reason I began to tear up. "You'll always be safe in my arms."

I didn't doubt him. I knew that whenever I was with Sirius I would be safe. He would protect me. There could be no harm done to me with him around.


"If it's the last thing I do, I'll make you safe."

"You're talking like you love me." I smiled at him.

I looked up at him, his striking face. His piercing eyes. His strong chin. Defined jaw. Perfect nose.

He looked like an angel.

Or a model.

"And what if I said I did?"

"I wouldn't believe you."

"That's probably for the best." I laughed, then kissed him. "But I'm going to be Serious Sirius for a moment."


"I think I'm getting there."

"Sirius in love?" My head rocked backwards laughing. "I'll believe it when I see it."

He flipped me over, and savagely pulled my face to his. His lips relentlessly moved against mine. He broke away a minute later, turning his mouth to work on my neck. Sucking at my pulse point, licking my collar bones. Making me shiver in pleasure.

"I'll give you something to really see."

My giggles quickly turned into moans.

I'm so sad! Its over! My Charlotte's Story is over! Thank you so much for reading! And reviewing, because I know you will ;)