You Have Always Been the One

By PokeShipper4EverMore

Chapter 1-The Beginning of the Beginning

Ash Ketchum nervously looked at his reflection in the mirror trying to comb his hair out. He glanced at his watch and gave a yelp, for he only had a few minutes before he was to meet Misty outside of her workplace. The two of them had been sharing an apartment in Viridian City for a few months, as Misty had decided to stay with Ash when he left the Unova region to head back to Pallet Town, after reuniting with Misty up shortly before he, Brock and Dawn reached Sunyshore City. Ash became very happy soon after, with his new girlfriend and a Sinnoh League victory. From there, he and Misty started dating for real. They had stayed in Pallet Town, living with Delia for a while, before Agatha, at her deathbed, offered Ash her Gengar as an added bonus with his accepted offer of the position of being the new Gym Leader at the Viridian City Gym. Upon arriving there, Misty got herself a job as the owner of a department store not too far from the apartment, but occasionally took part in tag team Gym Battles with Ash. As the first symbol of their love, Misty gave Staryu to Ash with a Water Stone, and evolved it into Starmie, going onto nickname it Starmist, prompting Misty to nickname hers Starash.

Are you wondering how Ash became Viridian City Gym Leader if he has not even gotten to Homika as of the latest Japanese episode, BW082? Well let me catch you up. When Ash returned from Unova and became Gym Leader, he took back of most of his Pokémon, including all residing at Professor Oak's Lab, except for those owned by close friends like Casey's Beedrill and Dawn's Ambipom. As for Ambipom's Ping Pong career, that bombed, so O gave it back to Dawn. As for the Gentleman's Raticate, it ended up that it died with its trainer underwater on the SS Anne. He decided not to retrieve Pokémon he gave to Gym Leaders, like Sabrina's Haunter, especially, because he received Agatha's Gengar. He did not return for Lapras either, as it became head of its pack and would have trouble on land anyway. Butterfree, meanwhile found in Opelucid City during his journey, politely refused to return, as he is justifiably happy with his wife, the Pink Butterfree, and have 21 children, two of them, both alternately colored; they gave to Ash and Misty as mementos and consolation. He fulfilled his promises for Pidgeot and Primeape by returning for them. Ash also took back Charizard after he and Charla called it quits, and she hooked up with another Charizard named Charlie. Just so his Squirtle's friends don't break apart if its leader left, Ash relocated the Squirtle Squad headquarters to Viridian City, and put the Viridian City Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in charge. However, when the Squad touched down in Viridian by helicopter, all members fully evolved and became the Blastoise Brigade, a term coined by Misty. Larvitar grew up, went searching for Ash, and then evolved in the next battle. Everyone else, except Pikachu and Bulbasaur, is now evolved fully. Ash added the recurring Hippopotas, a Riolu from Riley during a second encounter, a Dratini bred from Professor Oak's Dragonite, as well as many more Pokémon, all of which evolved as well. To accommodate all of his Pokémon, he renovated the Gym to include rooms made especially for all of them. He gave Primeape his originaSl hat and Pikachu his Hoenn/Battle Frontier hat, but he still wears his Diamond and Pearl series hat, except on dates, parties, etc.

Misty and Ash both lived together pleasantly with their Pokémon, and their relationship hardly ever hitting a 'bump in the road', so to speak. They rarely argued any more, and they both felt that their lives had no chance of souring. However, there was actually one way to make it better, as far as Ash was concerned…

"Do I have it?" he said aloud to himself, patting his pants' back pocket. "Nope-I don't-but where the heck is it?"

He wildly began looking through his possessions, before remembering that he had hidden it inside the medicine cabinet earlier that morning, of course, after Misty left. He dashed into the bedroom and pulled open the drawer, searching until he came across a small, velvety, pink, heart shaped box. He opened it to look at what it contained, which was a small, but very pretty, cerulean-colored, but pure diamond ring made out of the finest, rarest, cerulean-colored Heart Scales. The band was platinum, the diamond gem was set in the base was a Marquise-cut, and it shone brilliantly, with a fine pearl shard at the core. Ash smiled as he closed the box and placed it in his pants pocket. He glanced again at his watch and, upon seeing the time, hurried out of the apartment.

Misty Williams, in the meantime walked through the gigantic double doors of a department store, and continued until she found a nearby bench. She had left a few minutes earlier than usual, so was not very surprised to see that Ash was not waiting for her. She had tried to manage her hair in the bathroom of the store, after she barfed in the stalls, for she was not exactly sure where Ash would be taking her on their date that night. He had rather hinted that it might be to a more fancier-type of restaurant, so she had done her best not to be either too overdressed, or too underdressed. Indeed, when she had awakened that morning, her outfit had been her biggest issue, but she could not very well say the same now…not since she had gotten that call during her lunch break…

"Hey, Misty!" Ash said suddenly, breaking her train of thought.

"Oh, hi handsome." she replied in a nervous voice, knowing that there will be a bump in the relationship road in the near future.

"I'm late, aren't I?" Ash said, mistaking the nervousness in her voice for aggravation. "I'm sorry-I tried to call you on your lunch break to let you know that I had to stay later at the gym, but they told me you had went somewhere. You look beautiful tonight."

"Oh, n-no, it's fine, Ash-you're not late-I just happened to leave a few minutes early, and thank you. But trust me; you definitely aren't the late one."

"Oh, well, alright then. Are you ready to go? What was that you said under your breath? I heard you say something!"

"I'm absolutely ready. But I did not say anything under my breath!" she replied with a smile, her hand behind her back nervously twirling her hair.

Ash offered her a hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Wow, Ash…" Misty said as they walked into the restaurant he had picked out. "This place is really, really nice."

He smiled at her and replied, "I'm glad you like it."

The waiter had seated them at a table near a window, and handed them menus.

"Your server will be here shortly," the man said in a clearly fake French accent, before turning to walk back to his platform.

"They have a nice selection." Misty said as she looked through her menu.

"Yeah." agreed Ash.

"So, you said you had to stay late at the gym?" Misty said a moment later, still looking at her menu, and then looking down at her waist.

"Yeah, there was this kid who came in just as I getting ready to close up the gym for the day. As gym leader, I had to accept his challenge…and besides, it's not liked I would've turned him away anyway."

Misty looked up from her menu and smiled at him "Or would you?"

"Of course you wouldn't have. If anyone knows what it's like to be a trainer, it's you, Ash, especially compared to my sisters, who've been near-complete amateurs since before I even met you."

He smiled back at her before they both returned their attention to their menus.

"So, how was your day?" Ash asked a couple of minutes later, closing his menu, placing it on the table before him.

"Oh," she answered in an almost faltering voice, also closing her menu and laying it down. "It was alright."

"Alright? Does that mean something bad happened?" Ash inquired, with his voice full of concern.

"Bad? No, no, no not at all actually, it's something good if anything." Misty said hastily. "Things were just…frenzied, that's all."

"Oh, well, alright then. Are you okay now?"

She looked at him for a moment, looking as if she were about to say something, when the server appeared at the table.

About a half an hour later, they had finished eating. The server had just taken their dirty plates away, and Ash was busily trying to figure out exactly the right way to pop the question. Misty sat across from, looking equally preoccupied, putting her hands on her waist, and sighed.

"Do you wish to order dessert?" the server asked, suddenly appearing at their table again.

"Oh well, we would, but can you just wait and come back in around, uh, five to seven minutes?" Ash replied, sounding extremely nervous.

"Um, by all means." the server replied, looking a little confused.

Ash sighed as she turned and walked away from the table.

"Ash," Misty said. "Are you okay?"

"What? Oh, yeah, I am."

He reached his into his pocket and pulled out the small velveteen box, keeping it hid as he held it in his hands beneath the table.

"Actually, Misty, there's, uh, something I've been waiting to ask you that might make your day, and maybe your life, a hell of a lot better."

"There has? There is?"

"Do you remember when that Temacu kid had that big crush on Brock, and you said someday that we'll be married, and not listening, I "agreed", and, then realizing what I said, I freaked out? Well, I think you were right. Misty Williams, I love you…I love everything about you-your smile, your laugh, your eyes, and your obsession with your hair, and your change of attitude ever since Togepi hatched."

They each gave a small laugh before continuing. Ash nodded, and her eyes grew wide as she watched him get up out of his chair, before kneeling down before her on one knee. He took the box and presented it to her, opening it to reveal the diamond ring.

"I think you know what I meant by that…and the point is that I can't imagine not being with you, except for when I was forced to in most of Hoenn and Sinnoh, and all of the Battle Frontier and Unova…for any longer. I think I am ready to take this relationship to the next level. Well, how should I put it, evolve. I cannot afford to lose you again. I love you. So, Misty Williams…will you marry me?"

Ash raised the box up a little higher as he finally asked her the question he had been preoccupied over for the past couple of months. Now all that remained was to hear her long-awaited response.