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Summary: It wasn't his fault. It never was but one wrong turn destroyed everything. Love was never his forte. As he shields himself from the world, he found someone to hold onto...but will he be able to fight for this person against them, against the memory, against the desire...?

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A crash punctuated the screaming when Ryoma fell back against the bed, his hand hitting the elegant lampshade which sent it crashing against the floor.


Ryoma winced as he touched his cheeks. He did not look at Atobe...or Fuji. Not even at Tezuka or Sanada. There was only one thing that is going inside his head.

'He hit me.'

"How dare you come back here after you spent the whole night with that bastard?!?!?" Atobe was fuming in anger. He wanted so much to maul, hurt and inflict pain on the young man. He wanted to make him feel the same amount of pain that he is currently dealing with.

On his other hand was a CD...sent by Yukimura just to spite them. It was a CD of him and Ryoma.

Blinded by rage he moved to hit him once more but strong arms seized him.

"Let me go Mitsu! Gen!" he tried to escape from their firm grips but they are much too strong. "Syusuke!"

Fuji just stood there, watching the whole scene unfold. His eyes were opened and yet his expression was unreadable.

"Ryoma, just leave." Tezuka told the young man on the bed. As much as he wanted to vent out his anger on him, he couldn't.

"Leave this house. I don't want to see you ever again."

Ryoma stared at them for a few seconds, extreme hurt evident in his golden eyes. His heart felt so strained for the simple words that came out of Tezuka's mouth. One night...just one night that he couldn't even remember is the reason for this fiasco. However, seeing the obvious hatred from his lovers...no, former lovers' eyes, Ryoma felt as if someone punctured his chest...he couldn't breathe right.


He heard a gasp. He didn't need to see who it was...they asked him to leave...to disappear from this room, this house, their lives...

He stood up and started for the door, still wincing. Whatever they are accusing him of, it must've have been true since his ass hurt like hell. However, he couldn't really remember any of it.

As he counted every step he took, memories of their 7-year relationship soon came rushing back to him.

"Why now?" He asked, his voice soft enough to keep the other from hearing him. His eyes clouded with tears but he fought against it. 'No...I won't cry. I will never cry.' He yanked the door open and slammed it shut, not caring if he woke up the whole mansion.

To hell with them! Ryoma bit his lip hard as he made his way down the stairs, enduring the ache inside his chest and the rest of his body. What did Yukimura do to him? Why did everything ended like this?

He took a deep breath. 'It's too late for that now.' He made his way towards the door when Yosuke, the butler blocked his way.

"Master Ryoma, where are you going? It's the middle of the night--?"

"Home Yosuke." Ryoma pushed past the man and pulled the massive oak doors open. When the cold breeze of the night finally embraced him, he found the strength to run...as fast as he could.

They want him gone...and he didn't need to be told twice about getting out of there fast.

"Che! So much for happily ever after." He muttered angrily as he put his car into gear. In a split second, Echizen Ryoma disappeared into the night...leaving a shrill silence that loomed inside the Atobe Mansion.


None of them made a move to follow the young man. They just stood there, as if void of life and energy as they listened to the sound of a car engine brought back to life.

The sound of thundering footsteps brought them back to reality.

"Master Keigo! Master Ryoma has left!" Yosuke barged inside the room, noticing the gloomy faces of its occupants.

"Get out Yosuke." Atobe snapped at him. "This is none of your business."

The icy in those obsidian eyes told Yosuke that he better listen to his young master. He sighed deeply before leaving. When the door was shut, Fuji collapsed onto his knees, sobbing his heart out.

Tezuka immediately went to the tensai. Atobe soon felt Sanada's grip on him loosened so he shrugged his hands away.

"I'm sleeping in my parent's bedroom." with this he left.

Sanada collapsed on the bed, silently shedding his own tears. "Kunimitsu...i-is this really the end?"

Tezuka looked up to him, eyes brimming with unshed tears. "I don't know Gen...I don't know."

"Oh god, w-why? How could h-he cheat on us?" Fuji sobbed into Tezuka's chest.


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