A/N: This one came from watching the best of RAW DVD with my dad. I can't for the life of me remember what segment. Oh yeah…it was musical chairs with Eugene. I have no idea how this relates to it, but it happened. I guess this is kind of like Mr. Rogers in a strange way…eh, you guys know that I come up with the most ridiculous shit. Regal's POV.

Boys and girls, and welcome to "Tea Time with William." Hello, I'm William Regal.

Would you care to hear a story? Alright, then. How about a lovely one involving one of your favorite, the Animal, Batista? Jolly good! Let's carry on, then, shall we? Just let me open this story book of mine…


Once upon a time, there was an animal named Buh-tees-ta. He was hungry, so he wanted to go and hunt for some food. As he prowled backstage for a delectable piece of edible substance, he ran into his good friend, Rey Mysterio.

"Hey, Buh-tees-ta, would you like to be my tag team partner tonight?" Rey asked. He started trembling when he noticed the hungry glare in Buh-tees-ta's eyes.

"Who are you facing?" Buh-tees-ta wondered, for he was not one to put himself into precarious situations.

"Oh, just Ken Kennedy and Carlito," Rey answered, getting giddy at the thought of facing such incredible opponents.

Just then, before Buh-tees-ta could answer, the great hero that is William Regal came around. Oh wait, that's me.

Why are you booing me, you insufferable Americans? Can you not enjoy a fine piece of British literature that just doesn't happen to be Harry Potter? Bloody hell, I am the General Manager of this show! I should just cancel the rest of the show and make you all suffer without your precious wrestling.

More boos? Alright then. I will not stand for this.

I guess you don't want to ride the magical double-decker bus into the land of make believe! Fine then. Have it your way.

I will not tell you the wonderful story I had planned! It was a story I wrote myself! It was about King Regal taking on Queen Guerrero. And there was even going to be Squire Triple H and the court jester, Mister Hornswoggle!

That's it for tonight, you ungrateful morons. Next week, Randy Orton will be my special guest. And you will show some damn respect for your WWE Champion. By golly, you will show me some respect.

And no, you incredulous brat in the front row, I do not have any Grey Pupon.

A/N: Charlie liked the idea…

I have no idea how long this will be.