Fallen Angel

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Smash Brothers Brawl or any of the characters.

Summary: Pit has a vision of someone from the past. He doesn't think much about it at the time, but when one of the Smashers begins to stalk him, it's not a coincidence. The stalker will do anything to get his hands on Pit-even make the other Smashers disappear. Can the other Smashers (mainly Ike, Sonic, and Ash (Pokémon Trainer)) protect Pit before they all fall victim to the stalker's plan. And what if the stalker was actually trying to warn the other Smashers of an even bigger threat that wants to kill Pit and destroy the world while he's at it?

Pairing: Ike/Pit, Marth/Roy, Ash/Gary (Palletshipping), Fox/Sonic/Knuckles, Isaac/Saki, Link/Zelda and mention of other pairings

Genre: Suspense, Romance, Humor, Action/Adventure, Mystery, and Angst

Rating: M (for Mature)

Warning: Yaoi, swearing, violence, dark themes, nudity/suggestive themes, unintentional OOC (and for good reasons mind you) and non-con

Me: This is my first Smash Brothers story, so go easy on it. There is one thing that sucks. I'm doing this in school, and if I get caught then I'll lose everything I've written. Enjoy the chapter, nya! This is dedicated for Brawl which has officially come out!

Italics mean thoughts, flashbacks, or visions.

Chapter 1: Beginning of a Nightmare

He caught a glimpse of his surroundings. He was completely surrounded by darkness. Wherever he turned, it was always black…like the darkness in his heart that never showed since he was an angel. Angels were not supposed to have even a slight black spot in their hearts, yet he was one of them when he was held prisoner in the underworld. He could blame it on the people who abandoned him until his Goddess came and got him out. Even when he saved the Heavens and brought peace to Angel Land again, he still lost something important and he couldn't remember what it was.

"Pit…" a voice whispered, "Pit…"

What? Who's calling me?

"Pit," the voice called again only a bit louder, "I need your help…"

Pit got a glimpse of the character who was calling him. He couldn't make out the shape that well, but he knew that he saw him somewhere before.

"Who are you?" Pit asked.

"Why…" the voice began. It was no longer calm and smoothly. It was filled with lust and anger, "Why did you abandon me?"

The angel looked at the figure with a confused feature, "What?"

"Anyone who leaves me alone deserves to die…die…DIE!"

Before he knew what was happening to him, Pit was wrapped around by the darkness immobilizing him. Panicked, he opened his wings to fly, but that made the pain worse. He groaned as the darkness pulled him down. The angel could see that the figure was grinning evilly. Once he was pulled back into the darkness, he saw the figure come closer to him. He flinched when the figure wrapped his arms around his body. He felt cold…very cold.

"But I still love you, so you'll suffer before you die…"

He couldn't speak either. The coldness he felt prevented him from doing anything.

"And I'll start with the Smashers."

No! Not them!

"Should I start with the hedgehog, that Pokémon brat, or maybe that swordsman."

Please, don't hurt them! Sonic, Ash…and Ike…

Pit felt the darkness slowly start to cover him when he heard a voice telling him to wake up.

"Tch, that hedgehog really is annoying. I should start with him first…"


Pit opened his eyes to see green eyes looking down at him in worry before they switched to annoyance. It took him a while to realize that Sonic was above him trying to shake him awake.

"Took you long enough," Sonic began as he got off of him, "I thought you would never wake up…"

The angel rose from his bed and groaned, "What was I…"

"Nothing much. Just making too much noise. You were driving me crazy. I thought you were in an intense wet dream or something," the blue hedgehog said adding that last line to insult Pit.

"It wasn't like that…" Pit said flatly. He rubbed his temples. It was rare for him to have a headache in the early morning unless he got drunk or if he stayed up too late.

Sonic sighed, "I know that. I was only playing with you. It's obvious that you had a nightmare of some sorts."

Pit nodded his head slowly, "Yeah…"

"So what was it about?"

"I…" Pit thought for a moment and realized that he couldn't remember that much, "I don't know…all I know was that I was surrounded in darkness."

Sonic blinked, "That doesn't help much."


"You'll get over it."

"I hope so."

A few minutes passed before there was a loud bang coming from the hallway. Voices were heard and one of them didn't sound too happy.

Sonic sighed, "What did Kirby do to Triple D now?"

Pit shrugged his shoulders. The two waited for the noise to die down before continuing their conversation.

"Are you going to confess today?"

Pit wasn't liking the start of the new conversation, "What do you mean?"

"Confess your feelings to Ike."

Pit blushed slightly, "N-No way. I don't think of him that way."

Sonic rolled his eyes, "If you don't do something, then I will."

"You wouldn't!"

"I would."

"Drop the subject or I'll shoot you."

"You can try, but your arrow will never hit me. I'm just too fast-"

Pit ignored him after that. Whenever the hedgehog started talking about how fast he was, there was no stopping him. He was just as annoying as Jigglypuff when she sings that stupid lullaby. The angel decided to try and remember what he was dreaming about. It was still faint, but he could remember the figure's shape. His voice sounded too familiar that he was certain that he met him somewhere before.

Why can't I remember who he is? Pit asked himself.

"Are you listening to me?"

Pit's attention turned to the blue hedgehog. Annoyed that he was still talking about being the fastest thing alive, he said, "I heard you. Nobody can hit you since you're so fast."

Sonic grinned, "I'm glad that you agree."

Before Sonic could continue bragging about his speed, Master Hand came on the megaphone, "Attention all Smashers! May I please see the following people to the battlefield: Mario, Pit, Falco, and Sonic!"

Thank god! I won't have to hear his annoying voice in battle! Pit thought to himself. Too bad he was wrong about the annoying voice.

Pit had to get ready fast since the Master Hand wanted the four Smashers in five minutes when he called the second time. Sonic was already out the door and in the waiting room of the Smash Brothers mansion (which was four stories by the way). Being the last Smasher to appear in the room, Sonic commented at how slow angels were. The angel said nothing. He would hit him with an arrow at least once in the fight.

"If you can shoot me once with an arrow," Sonic began as the four players walked onto the battlefield ready to be teleported, "I won't force you to confess."

Pit nodded. "You read my mind."

The four Smashers were teleported to the battlefield where the fight began. Unknown to Pit though, someone was watching his every move…

Me: TBC with 1636 words.

Yohko: Very short…

Me: It had to be since I only have eight minutes before class is over. I couldn't really think of a good beginning anyway. I might as well skip the battle scene for the next chapter and get on with the suspense. Notes…

1. In the English version of the anime Hoshi no Kirby, Esgargon (DDD's assistant) calls him Triple D sometimes, and that's the nickname Sonic gave the king.

Update 1: Please note everyone I am going back to edit the story. Therefore many errors will be fixed and the most important thing is that the Japanese names for Pokémon will go back to English. I'm sorry but because I'm working on Seizensetsu, I have been using the English names and seeing the Japanese names now drive me crazy because I can't remember on the top of my head of the Pokémon Ash uses. It doesn't matter if it's Satoshi/Ash though since they're still the same person but he's still going to be referred to as Red.

Update 2: This is another update if people are still confused about some things.

1. Because Fallen Angel was written before Kid Icarus Uprising, Dark Pit's name in this story is Lived Twilight (Li) therefore most of his backstory is purely fanon now.

2. Related to the above is Pit's portrayal that already flipped between my interpretation of Pit and Uprising's personality. I also wrote him younger than his actual age here (15) but when I edited it, I had Pit state he is way older than a teenager.

3. Its not until halfway through the story does it become more original character centric rather than focusing on Smash Brothers Mansion (that's 25 chapters mind you). This is also the genre shift from a romantic/mystery to action/drama.

4. Pit cannot fly without the Power of Flight or the angel feather. If I say he's flying, he's using the Wings of Pegasus.