Angelus: I'll Face Myself

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Summary: With four out of the five fortresses conquered, the Smashers set their sight on the Angelus fortress. Playing one of his two trump cards, Tsusuki sets a deadly trap at the fortress. The bait seems to be Lyn but by the time the Smashers realize that she's only a decoy for the true danger, it's already too late. Stafy is the only one immune to the demon's magic, but he can't save everyone from their darkness. Will Shadow, Lucas and Link be able to face the darkness in their heart or will an outside force have to step in and save them at the cost of his life?

Me: Part 5 of 6. The title was taken from Persona 4 when each character has to fight their inner shadow. That is what's going to make this chapter cool! Enjoy!

Chapter 42: Angelus: I'll Face Myself

If anyone were in the room, they would have been running out to avoid furniture being thrown in their faces. Tsusuki's plans were falling apart in front of him quickly all because one angel got away from being turned into a feather and used to power up his barrier. He had lost many of his followers from Alex Kidd, Grey Fox and Ash's father. The brainwashed Luigi came back to his senses and went back to his brother. The hold he had on Nastasia was broken instantly and she left his side. Twinbellows and Hewdra were destroyed and there was only one fortress left to protect. It was in Angelus where the water angel was kept. If he lost that point, then they could get to him easily before his plan was complete. He needed Pit and another angel to obtain power stronger than the Goddess of Light. She may be held in a prison that no one could break until he was defeated or killed, but she was still able to emit light to other people.

The only allies left were Pit and a certain monster that helped Medusa conquer Heaven years ago. He could not rely on Li anymore especially since he was head over heels over a Nazi.

"I will do all in my power to prevent those Smashers from getting to me." He spoke toward the mirror where the green haired Goddess was encased in. "You won't win this game like you did the last time." He turned around as he called a familiar name. "Pandora, you here?"

"Of course I am~" Came a rather happy voice. Blue flames appeared below the floor as it arose into the room. Pandora was a big ball of fire that floated around. "I was just finishing my preparations in Angelus. It's going to be a mind screw for those that challenge me."

"Make sure that those Smashers don't make it out alive. That fortress must be protected at all cost!"

"You can count on me Tsusuki. I always put up a fight."

"You didn't against the Captain during Medusa's War."

"That was then, and this is now. You need to stop being paranoid. A villain must keep his composure until the end. He must never show weakness in front of the heroes."

"I won't have to worry if you do your job. Now get out. I must make preparations in this castle."

"I'm always stuck with the serious people…but at least Medusa had a heart…"

Pandora started to go into the floor before she disappeared completely. Tsusuki cursed some more before looking for something else in the Goddess' chamber to smash. He didn't have to do because the door opened.

"…Capture complete."

Tsusuki wanted to know what the hell Pit did when he wasn't looking at him. He looked to see that the white angel captured another one of his allies from the outside. He didn't look like he was part of the royal bodyguards though. He bore the scale on his robe like tunic though, so that meant he was a member of the Angel Assembly.

"The reason why Pepper escaped." Pit said in a monotone voice.

"Dammit Pit, snap out of it before I beat the shit out of you."


The Amail threw the one eyed angel onto the floor in front of his boss. Valerie cursed his bad luck that seemed to happen whenever he tried to assist someone who was a royal bodyguard particularly anyone who was friends with Ian. He was winning against the demons but once Pit showed up on their side, he found it difficult to match him. Sure he was part of the Angel Assembly, but he just used a lot of his magic and Pit went all out with the intention of killing him. He was lucky his other eye wasn't gorged out, but being blind worried him. Another thing that worried him was that he couldn't read Pit's mind at all to see what was going on in that small brain he had. It didn't take long for Pit to defeat and tie him up and even though he struggled the entire way, Pit didn't flinch.

"So he's the reason my plans are failing?" He asked in a sinister tone.



Valerie shivered at that tone. So this was the man that is trying to take over Heaven. Looking behind him, Valerie could see the Goddess trapped in a mirror. She looked like she was in a deep sleep but he could still feel her aura. He tried to read Tsusuki's mind as he got closer but Pit ended up smacking him in the back of his head making everything hazy.

"So from what I see just now, you're a mind reader." Tsusuki concluded darkly. "I see how it's easy for you to get under my radar and kill most of the demons before those stupid Smashers got here. But your work here is done. I'll make sure you won't interfere with my plans again."

Tsusuki got a good look at Valerie who continued to glare at him with his one eye. Eyeing him from the head down, he couldn't help but chuckle. "I guess angels can be beautiful."

"Back off you demon!" Valerie hissed almost instantly when Tsusuki reached over to touch his hair.

"Aww, you like your hair this much? I figured women love their hair like its their best friend." He chuckled as he went from gently stroking it to yanking the ponytail toward him causing Valerie to squirm. "I wonder what makes you tick."

The demon laughed as he began to glow. He was going to show Palutena what happened when her subjects fought against him. Pit turned his back to the scene and left the now terrified angel alone with the madman. As he was subjected to unimaginable hell…maybe because they failed to notice another angel was in the room ready to stir things up…

Getting to Angelus was hard work for Shadow's group if only because this section of Angel Land was flooded thanks to Aqua. It puzzled the black hedgehog how the world above the sky could be flooding when the water would just fall down and become rain.

Shadow also didn't understand why Lucas had to come along with them. Link was the only partner he needed to get through these familiar monsters. Lucas came off as a liability.

"D-Do we have to do this?" Lucas asked nervously. "I mean…I can go back to Rosalina…"

"We didn't ask you to go with us. You were assigned to be with us."

"Uh…but uh…why are those two with us?"

Lucas was referring to Toon Link and Stafy. He couldn't remember if Pepper told them to follow Shadow's group or not. They were treating the situation too lightly. The demon army was few in this section of Angel Land, so TL was having fun tossing Stafy in the air.

"We're going to help too!" Toon Link declared. "The more the merrier."

"I think Stafy will be useless."

"Don't count me out! I can do stuff!"

"Like what?" Shadow honestly didn't want an answer but got it anyway.


"Why did I bother asking?"

Stafy giggled as Shadow raced away destroying any enemy that came their way. He just wanted to get this over with and find Lyn. He closed his eyes as he made a big gap between him and the Smashers. Lyndis was a powerful warrior that could protect herself and if she found an opening, she would indeed use it to get away from Tsusuki. She was still human in the end…and even though she was a potent woman, he still had the urge to protect her.

"Shadow, wait up!" Toon Link called out as the group made it to the black hedgehog waiting in front of the fortress.

"You sure took your sweet time." Shadow grumbled. "Let's go…"

The Smashers noticed that Shadow was acting weird ever since this mission began. They could only hope he would be okay.

If the outside wasn't a challenge, the inside was a joke. There weren't any enemies in the fortress. It was like the enemies saw the Smashers coming and bailed before they lost their lives. No enemy movement could be heard, but the sound you could hear included the water running in the fortress.

"It's quiet." Toon Link stated the obvious admiring the building from the inside. There was no life in the fortress at all, but it made it look intriguing to the younger Link.

"Too quiet." Shadow mumbled. "Keep your guard up. There is probably a trap that will activate soon."

The group was cautious, but the kids still decided to admire the water in the fortress. The path was long, but it was straightforward. When they made it to the door, Shadow didn't hesitate to kick the door as it fell down in front of them. The fortress was old despite the interior design.

The black hedgehog's eyes widened immediately seeing what was in front of him. "L-Lyn?!"

The green haired girl was alive, but she might not be much longer. She was tied up and placed in a huge hourglass like prison. Water flowed through the small crack onto the bottom causing the bottom to slowly be filled up with water. Tsusuki's plan for the swordsman was to drown her in a given time limit.


Even though the Ultimate Lifeform suggested that everyone stay on guard and beware of traps, it was Shadow that ended up charging ahead to where Lyn was captive.

"Wait Shadow!" Link shouted as he and Lucas went after the black hedgehog to assist him despite the trap being laid out in front of them.

They got to the hourglass and still no trap triggered. The glass Lyn was in could easily be broken with a powerful attack. All Shadow needed to do was use Chaos Spear on the top of the hourglass to force the water out. After all, attacking the bottom of the class could very well endanger Lyn.

"Everyone, look out!" They could hear Stafy warn in his high pitch voice.

It was too late for anyone that got too close to the hourglass. Shadow felt his vision blur almost immediately before blacking out.

When Shadow opened his eyes, he was no longer in the chamber where Lyn and the Smashers were in. Of all places to be, he was stuck in that damn space capsule again. His eyes widened in horror seeing a familiar girl in front of him, shot in the back and breathing her last breathe.

"MARIA!" He shouted as he tried to break the glass again. Even if he was the Ultimate Lifeform, this capsule was meant to contain him.


"MARIA! DON'T TALK!" Shadow continued to scream. He knew this was a god damn illusion meant to mess with his mind, but it was so real. He didn't want to think about the past after he let go of his past life when Black Doom was defeated. Why did this flashback have to happen now?

"Give them a chance…to be happy…"


"…Sayonara…Shadow the Hedgehog…"

Shadow was forced to watch his best friend pull the lever that sent him into space where he would be caught by GUN and would not be awoken for fifty years. He didn't want to go through the thought of having the urge to wipe out humanity again. He wished that he had a Chaos Emerald so he could Chaos Control out of the capsule and save Maria.

Instead he ended up crashing into a deserted planet that was all too familiar. Shadow thought the flashbacks were over but he realized that this planet was undeveloped and being attacked by an enemy organization.

"No…! Don't tell me!"

He was able to break out of the capsule easily to hear Rogue call out someone's name.


Panicked, Shadow jumped toward her ship that was shooting at the Metarex fleet. This time, Shadow intended to save her from her impending death. However, fate was not on his side as when he tried to get to her ship, she ended up flying faster toward her death. The Metarex shot at her fleet instantly blowing it up.


"NO!" Shadow ended up screaming as he crashed into the rock again from the impact of the explosion. This time, he didn't get up. Twice did he allow Molly to kamikaze herself to the enemy. Twice did he let Maria save him instead of her own life…twice did he let the two most important people in his life die in front of his eyes. He couldn't stand it anymore and just gave a skyward screen as everything faded to black literally.

It wasn't done there though to his horror. He ended up seeing a vision of a bad future. His best friend Omega turning his gun on him and forcing Shadow into another capsule where he would sleep for hundreds of years because humanity deemed him too dangerous. Shadow tried to get out of this capsule but Omega made sure that he wouldn't get out.

"Don't do this to me Omega!" He shouted kicking the capsule.

"This is for safety precaution Shadow the Hedgehog…"

Hearing a click, Shadow could feel gas entering the capsule attempting to put him to sleep. Trying to hold his breath, he struggled to break free from his confinement.

"Why…why is this happening now…what is going on?"

"Shadow, why must you insist with helping the humans after they have turned your ally against you?"

The Ultimate Lifeform froze at that voice. No longer in the capsule, he was in outer space. Turning around, he saw the alien that he killed with his own hands…the alien that was his father in terms of blood.

"Black Doom, are you the cause of these hallucinations?!"

"Hallucinations? Shadow, these are your memories that you are suppressing. You do not want to remember what humanity has done to you…and continue to serve them until they betray you."

Shadow shook his head denying the scene he participated in with Omega. There was no way that would happen to him in the future right? Where was Sonic? Why did he need to be sealed up? Didn't he prove to humanity that he would protect them after killing this evil bastard?

"Shadow, it is not too late to revive the Black Arms and start a rebellion against the humans."

"It's not going to happen Black Doom. Even if you show me my past again, I will keep walking forward. I promised Lyn that I would not falter from the path."

"...The woman…that planned to betray Master Hand."


"Shadow, she is deceiving you. You should let her die and revive the Black Arms. You are the Ultimate Lifeform. You take no orders from the humans!"

The black hedgehog glared at Black Doom as he jumped into the air and used Chaos Spear on the alien. To his horror, Black Doom wasn't disappearing.

"I am not an illusion. I am the real thing, but need you to revive the Black Arms."

"No…this can't be…"

"Shadow, revive the Black Arms…or perish."

The Ultimate Lifeform felt gravity give up on him as he was no longer able to stand toe to toe with Black Doom. He could only scream as he fell into the darkness, Black Doom mocking him as he blacked out.

Similar to Shadow, Lucas was going down memory lane. His past was far from present starting from Tazmily village having a forest fire and his mother getting killed protecting him and his twin brother Claus. The sight of his mother being impaled by a Drago was terrifying enough but the reaction his father had to her death made him burst out in tears. To make matters worse, Claus went off to avenge his mother only to disappear, never to be seen again.

Lucas was just standing as a ghost watching his younger self bawling at his mother's grave. Everyone gave his or her apologies before leaving him alone to grieve. Lucas watched as Flint ended up going into the mountains to search for his son. Every day, he would try to find the older twin that he could not stop and would come back home a defeated man. The cycle would repeat every day for three years leaving poor Lucas to defend for himself with his only companion being his dog Boney.

What was worse was that Lucas had to watch the mysterious foreigner Fassad corrupt his village by introducing the Happy Box to the citizens lying about what the box was meant for.

"Please…don't take it…" Lucas mumbled as he saw the villagers he grew up with take the box. "He's tricking you to succumb to your greed…"

No one could hear him though as Fassad kept spreading the corruption and enjoyed every minute of it. These flashbacks intentionally skipped the wonderful moments of Lucas' life as Lucas traveled down memory lane being the chosen one to pull out the Seven Needles. Looking back on it, Lucas should have just rejected the offer and let Claus win the race. The Dark Dragon destroyed his world regardless if someone with a pure heart or not pulled more needles. That's how he ended up alone in the Abandoned Zoo. He was forced to look at the ruins of New Pork City. The fact that Porky was still alive didn't ease him at all.

"Lucas…" The young Smasher spoke to his younger self despite not being able to hear him. "Please don't do this to yourself. Just end it all now…"

The worse hardship that Lucas had to see was he, Duster and Kumatora eating those mushrooms and getting high off of it. It was a bad idea given the mushroom's bright colors. They ate it out of hunger and hallucinated as a result. This was where Lucas wanted to drown out the voices. He pictured the people close to him saying horrifying things to him and they were too high to actually understand the meaning of the words.

Someone poked Lucas on the shoulder. The island boy didn't want to turn around to see who it was. His curiosity got the best of him as he slowly turned his head. He saw himself staring into his eyes happily. It wasn't him though. This boy had a darker hair color than him and seemed more energetic.

"C-Claus?" He called out as he wanted to reach out to him.

Claus ended up reaching for his hand happily…before trying to twist it. Lucas screamed as he tried to break away. It was then those innocent eyes turned into something demonic.

"Everyone is waiting for you, Lucas." He told him with a crazed laugh. "Waiting to throw rocks at you, spit on you, and make your life Hell. Who's 'everyone'?...everyone you love."

Instantly, Lucas felt the pain of his arm being twisted and the pain of being laughed at hitting him instantly. His past self may not have been affected by these words but this Lucas was and screamed as Claus dragged him into the darkness of his own mind.

What Link was going through was something completely different from Shadow and Lucas. He wasn't seeing a loved one dying or relieving horrible memories like he should have had. No, he ended up in a black hole away from reality. He couldn't move his body inside this darkness nor could he move his mouth or blink. He could stare at the pictures forming before him. Looking closely at it, he noticed that all of them had one thing in common as he saw the pictures branching out.


Sure enough, these images had him all in different areas. Link only remembered the journey where he turned into a wolf and helped Midna out and saved Zelda. The other journeys he apparently had were foreign to him. He didn't remember stabbing Ganondorf in the forehead (as much as he wanted to kill Ganondorf that guy wouldn't stay dead…and look what happened). He didn't recall leaving this beautiful forest and being scolded by a girl that looked to be his only friend about leaving without telling her, and he certainly would have noticed if the creepy looking moon crashing into the planet. There other confusing images like seeing four versions of him in different clothing doing tasks together and seeing someone close to him die. He felt his heart clench in pain seeing this scene before him and he didn't understand why it hurt. Link then saw a fight with his dark side. Unlike Pit, he finished that side off once and for all instead of allowing the dark side to live and cause mayhem and destruction. Then there was the very first fight with Ganondorf apparently…

"I don't understand…what is this…?"

The final image was of him and a cute looking girl. Link could tell it was Zelda judging from the blonde hair that was one of Zelda's alternate costumes in Brawl. He saw Zelda in this sphere like object ready to go to sleep. He saw himself crying for her knowing there was nothing he could do until he completed his trials.

These images of him in the sky seemed to be what the darkness focused on as they were the brightest. What were they trying to tell him seeing that everything he was doing was for Zelda?

"You strayed from your path Link." A voice whispered in his ear.

Link noticed that there was a pale hand that was placed roughly on his shoulder. Slowly turning his head to the side to see it is, Link instantly jumped back and screamed when he saw a pale man with white hair and diamond cut clothes. Link didn't know who this was but he was surprised that he was able to move again when this man touched his shoulder. It sent shivers down his spine as the man just smiled sinisterly at him.

"You forgotten me already Link? I warned you we were tied to the red strings of fate, didn't I?"

"W-Who are you?!" Link ended up asking taking his Master Sword out to defend himself.

The man just flipped his hair and licked his lips. "You dare turn your sword against me again? How I imagined fighting you again?"

The Hyrulian glared at the man as he charged him without warning. The white haired man chuckled as he grabbed at Link's sword catching him off guard. Trying to break free from his grip, Link found that this crazy man had a tight grip on his sword and eventually pushed him away, claiming the Master Sword as his own.


"Oh Link, you're fighting like an amateur now. Where is that spirit that made me lose my temper? Where is the flare in your eyes when I nearly sacrificed your precious Zelda to my master?"

Link didn't understand what he was talking about at all. Zelda was locked in her castle, most of his journey working from the shadows. He never had time to interact with her that much, but knew there was something special about her. Why would she need to be sacrificed?

The pale man just laughed hysterically seeing the confused look on Link's face. "You really aren't the same Link I fought in the past…what a shame…that means killing you isn't worth it."

Link didn't expect the man to disappear in front of him only to appear behind the Hyrulian and stab him with his own Master Sword. Link's eyes widened in horror seeing the red blood drop into the black darkness.

"The Link I know would have blocked this. You're not worth my time…but my master still wants revenge on you." He chuckled as Link ended up leaning into his sword making the wound worse. The crazy man smirked taking Link and forcing him deeper into his own sword like it was something else.

"I love the pained look you're showing now."


"But my master doesn't want you dead."

He pushed Link off of his sword leaving a huge hole in his chest that was bleeding quickly. Link didn't understand why he wasn't dead yet, but it might be because it was only a nightmare. This nightmare wasn't over yet when a shadow appeared behind the crazy man.

"Ghirahim, you went too far again."

"Master, you know that the Link I know wouldn't even fall for this trap. It's a shame that this Link is so weak."

"The generation gets weaker as time goes on. Just as I have planned it, and my recent reincarnation has successfully broken him."

Link's body was heavy again as he stared at the giant in front of him. He wanted to turn tail and run but couldn't with the injury. The giant laughed as he grabbed onto Link's arm, pushing him on his back.

"Looks like I'm going to be able to have some fun again."

"N…No! Get away from me Ganondorf!"

"…Ganondorf? That's what they call me now? I preferred my old name better, but I guess we'll go with that."

Link could only scream as he was seized of his innocence again, and this time, no one would help him from his nightmare…

"Guys, what's going on?!" Toon Link asked.

There was miasma in the room that Shadow, Link and Lucas failed to notice. Whoever got near the hourglass to try and help Lyn was covered up in it. Almost immediately when the miasma showed up, the bubbles that came from the water attacked the Smashers. Stafy warned Toon Link about the surprise attack. The younger Link was able to pop the bubble heading his way with his sword. Shadow, Lucas and Link weren't so lucky and were caught in the bubble. Immediately the miasma went away leaving only Toon Link in battle stance.

"And the clone is the one that can see through this illusion." A suspicious voice announced.

Stafy hid behind Toon Link as a fire formed in front of the bubbles.

"It's a pleasure to meet you."

"W-Who are you?"

"The name is Pandora. I used to be Medusa's trusted warrior, but now I work for Tsusuki."

Toon Link didn't like seeing the ball of flames in front of him. This monster would be hard to fight by himself.

"Stafy…do all you can to help the others out. I'll defeat this ball of flame."

"I have a name!"

Stafy only nodded his head as he went toward the bubbles.

"It's Auntie Pandora hour! Let's see how long you last!"

When Li opened his eyes, he found himself on his bed. Closing his eyes again, he realized he must have cried himself to sleep for a couple of minutes or so. He didn't want to look around his room to see that the damage Tsusuki did was still there. At least he still had Isaak's feather in his hand…

The dark angel suddenly shot up out of bed realizing the feather wasn't in his hand anymore. Instantly, he panicked as he quickly searched his room for the yellow feather. Paranoia crept up on him making him think that Tsusuki went back into his room while he was asleep and took the feather.

"No…no…no, no, no! I can't lose it here!"

Searching the room, he realized that the roses weren't on the floor anymore. In fact, it was almost like someone or something ate the ash that came from the petals. Looking around his room some more, Li finally noticed that there was someone else in the room with him watching from the shadows. His sword was on the other side of the room, but he didn't need it. Using his dark magic, he fired a dark beam in the direction of the shadow. Out came a blue fox with four tails instead of one. She looked more like a kitsune more than a fox, but there really was no difference

"Who the hell are you?" Li questioned as he was ready to attack her.

"Woah, chill Captain! You don't hurt your pet, would you?"

"…I'm not Pit…" Li growled. "And I had no idea that Pit liked foxes…I'll ask you again…who are you?"

"Pit calls me Tiki. I'm usually with Lady Palutena though, but I had somewhere to go. I come back and the whole place is deserted! What happened?"


"Don't tell me you're with that mean pretty guy!"

"…I wish I wasn't."

"Oh no! You betrayed Lady Palutena! I should fight you here but…" She shook her head, "what would be the point if I have this?"

The dark angel eyed the yellow feather that the kitsune was holding in her hands. Instantly, Li reached out for it, but she jumped back from him.

"Give it back!" He ended up shouting. "That doesn't belong to you!"

"No it doesn't. I know this is Isaak…I can feel his presence in here…but unlike everyone else that I felt…he's not being released that easily."


"What spell did you hit him with? Did you hit him with so much anger that you still haven't forgiven the idiot yet, or is it because he's too ashamed to face you after what you told him?"


The four tailed fox ended up shushing the dark angel before he could answer. "Don't answer that question. I can feel that you two are distressed. That's not how it should be if you're on the villain side and Isaak is the happy go lucky one."

The dark angel didn't say anything as Tiki ended up sitting on his bed annoyed at the damage that was done to the bed. Looking at the presents that the other royal bodyguards gave she gave Li a countenance of concern.

"You can't let Tsusuki get away with this." The fox girl exclaimed. "If you let him walk all over you, I bet Isaak wouldn't forgive you."


"I'll tell you right now that Aqua should be the one that you save. She is Isaak's partner. Once you save her, Isaak will feel much better."


"He wants to know if there is still a heart somewhere inside. If you have a heart, you'll do the right thing."

Tiki grinned as she turned back into a kitsune and pushed the door given that it wasn't closed all the way. She snickered as she ran off to another portion of the palace. He wondered if she was going to where the other angels that weren't turned to stone were. She left the yellow feather at the door.

The dark angel closed his eyes as he retrieved the feather from the floor. Holding it close, he knew what he had to do. The question was how would he be able to do it without Tsusuki noticing?

"Shadow please wake up! Things are looking bad!"

Stafy tackled the bubble Shadow was in for the fiftieth time. Bubbles were supposed to be fragile from just one touch so it should have popped easily. Yet no matter how many times Stafy tackled the bubble, it would not burst. The poor star was getting tired from the hopeless assaults.

Toon Link wasn't fairing well against Pandora at all. It was safe to say he was losing badly against her. The attacks she had were completely different. She was shooting fireballs from her mouth and bombs that Toon Link had a time deflecting back. He noticed that he was supposed to play tennis with her because his attacks weren't doing any damage. He got too close to Pandora and felt her hot flames. His arrows, boomerang and bombs were useless.

"Having a problem there?" Pandora questioned as she shot more flames from her mouth. "You're going to get burned alive like the cartoon you are."

Toon Link jumped into the air after another fireball and tried to stab Pandora with his sword. Not only did the sword go through the flames. Pandora hid into the ground only to come out and charge at the toon.


Stafy could only watch in horror as Toon Link's body was being burned by the flames. He jumped into the water, but the minute he did, the flames have gotten worse.


"You think the water benefits you?" Pandora asked. "Think again. I control this area. The water will harm you even if you are engulfed in flames."

Toon Link had to roll on the ground to put out the flames. His tunic was burned up because of flames. Slowly, he got up; his legs were very wobbly as he held his sword out in front of him.

"…This is not good…"

Stafy started to cry when he saw the condition Toon Link was in. "Shadow, please wake up. Toon Link will be defeated if this keeps up."

Shadow's psyche was getting weaker the longer he stayed in his illusions. Even if it were obvious, he wouldn't wake up. Now he was in an old castle stuck in a glass cage. He couldn't break out of the cage no matter how many times he banged on the glass and his powers weren't working.

This illusion he had was not based on any tragic events of Shadow's life. In fact, it felt like Black Doom was showing him this just to break him psychologically.

The word he seemed to be was Lyn's word. He knew this because she was talking normally to her comrades and telling them that she'll handle this mission alone. She was a strong girl so she wouldn't fall for her enemy's tricks.

So she went alone into the castle with the enemy soldiers paying attention to her. Not once did they touch her as they lead her to a room with a mysterious woman with gold eyes and black hair. They then left her alone with her. Shadow knew that this woman was trouble and tried to call out to Lyn. His voice couldn't be heard from the glass though.

Lyn fell for the woman's words as she lied to her what she needed to do before she met her uncle. The black hedgehog could call bullshit…but he realized that he didn't know anything about Lyn's life at all. She insisted that she wanted to forget certain things, and this might be one of them…

The green haired swordsman stripped herself down to nothing as the golden orbed woman rubbed something on her body touching her in inappropriate places. Lyn tried to cover her private parts when the cream was being rubbed on her, but the woman told her that she needed her entire body covered to "protect her" from harm.

"Lyn, don't listen to her! That's aphrodisiac!"

Black Doom chuckled behind Shadow. "She claims she will be cautious let she let's a woman she had never met fondle her like this." He looked down at Shadow and continued to laugh evilly. "Are you being turned on by this? Your crush being violated by this exotic women?"

Shadow shook his head violently doing all of his power to hold back his blush. This was not the time to think thoughts like this and this was essentially rape. There was nothing hot about this.

The woman stopped toying with Lyn as she told her she was ready leaving the young girl in the room confused and aroused. Lyn didn't know what was going on. Her knee gave up on her as she tried to regain her strength but was failing miserably.

"Lyn! Lyn!"

The swordsman thought her sexual urges as she stood up and put her clothes back on. She didn't understand why she wanted to continue where the raven haired woman left off. A few minutes later, the soldiers came back and escorted her to her uncle.

When she finally met her uncle face to face, the first thought was for her to cut him down. However, they were here to make a truce so no one would have to die anymore.

The problem was that she wasn't listening to her uncle's speech on what she needed to do. The aphrodisiac quickly affected her body to the point where all she wanted to do was leave the room and relieve herself. Shadow shouted that she couldn't give in, but his words fell on death ears.

"Now Lyndis…" He began as he looked at her and smirked. "Can you recite what I just said?"


"You heard me. I want you to understand the conditions I want if you want to be clear of suspicion of being a traitor to your father."


The uncle stood up from his spot and went over to his nephew and chuckled. "Perhaps you're simply not interested in becoming your father's successor."

"O-Of course I am! I just…ahhhhhh!"

Lyn shrieked when he reached out and grabbed her breast. She pushed him away in rage as she got ready to draw her sword.

"Maybe you need to be relieved before you actually listen to me."

"You scum!" Lyn cried out as she took her sword from her sheath. Her eyes widened in horror seeing the sword were cut in half. "I-In two?"

Shadow and Lyn didn't understand what happened. Black Doom was enjoying this and decided to lecture the Ultimate Lifeform on her sword.

"Her sword is powered by her will. A broken will equal a broken sword."


"Sex is more important than her duties. Very shameful…"

Lyn dropped her sword realizing what just happened. She wanted to break with her sword but her uncle wouldn't let her do it yet.

"Alright boys, let's have fun with her. We'll destroy the last person that stands in the way of me being the next lord and we'll keep this girl to be our cum dumpster."

"Bastard! You take your hand off her!" Shadow cursed seeing Lyn struggling helplessly against these older men. Without her sword she was defenseless and they took advantage of her. "Chaos Spear!" He aimed at the glass but nothing came from his fingertips. "Black Doom, get me out of here! This has to stop!"

"Why? You will enjoy every minute of it Shadow. Remember Shadow, this is all a manifestation of your memories and desires."

"…W-What? D-Desire?"

"Yes desire. Your memories of all of the women you couldn't protect remain in your mind. Now that you met someone like them, you desire more than friendship. You want to have your way with her like those two are doing now."

"That's a lie!" Shadow insisted. "You're mixing me up with someone else!"

"Am I?"


Hearing Lyn's moans, he turned around to see that those soldiers already ripped her clothes off and got her on her knees. They were enjoying teasing her breasts while in that position and rubbing their cock against her ass causing her to shiver.

"Lyn! Lyn!"

Shadow closed his eyes and tried to shut everything out. He didn't want to see her get raped. Black Doom just laughed as the black hedgehog fell to his knees almost in tears.

"Surrender Shadow the hedgehog if you want the girl to be spare a lifetime of pain."


"Revive the Black Arms, or watch her turn into a doll for the soldiers to play with."

The black hedgehog shivered at those words. He promised himself that he would never allow the Black Arms to rise again, but if Lyn's life was destroyed because of him…

Black Doom chuckled seeing Shadow's eyes become lifeless as he slowly looked at his "biological" father.

"…I…Shadow the hedgehog will…"

Shadow didn't finish his sentence because something hit the glass causing it to shatter. Black Doom screeched in pain as the illusion fell around them. Lyn and her tormenters disappeared along with Black Doom leaving Shadow in darkness.

"Wake up Shadow, please! You have to save everyone!"

Shadow could hear Stafy's voice. He had to get out of this illusion and do what he came here for…to save Lyn and help defeat Tsusuki. His power was slowly coming back to him as he began to glow.


A red blast filled the entire black area allowing him to break the illusion…

Shadow felt himself gasping for breathe the minute he was out of the bubble. That would explain why in the illusion he was giving up…he was drowning in water and the past.

"Shadow! Shadow!" Stafy cried as he tried to get the black hedgehog to move from his place. "You have to hurry before Toon Link…"

Shadow slowly looked in front of him and perceived that it was too late. Toon Link was at his limit so he couldn't dodge Pandora's next attack. She shot out bombs from her mouth before setting them off in his direction. The young hero of Time screamed as the bombs went off sending him almost over the edge into the hazardous water. He wouldn't need to fall in though, he couldn't move anymore and he felt his heart slowing down from the flames constantly hammering his body. It was to the point that burn marks were showing.


That wasn't Shadow's voice. Link woke up at the same time when he witnessed his younger self critically being injured. Pandora didn't expect for Link to get out and rush toward Toon Link.

"Toon Link, everything is going to be okay!" He shouted as he searched his pockets for a fairy. Maybe he could revive him with one…

"That won't work dear." Pandora taunted. "This is Angel Land. All death is final here without the help of the Goddess. Your potions, rings, hearts and mushrooms won't work here."

"That can't be!" Link cried out in denial as he held Toon Link. "Come on, something like this wouldn't defeat you! Wake up!"


"Don't apologize! You'll going to make it!

Toon Link shook his head as he closed his eye. "Just…save everyone for me…k? Tetra…sorry…"

Link felt his heart sink when his younger self went limp in his arms. Stafy immediately went into Shadow's arm and cried.

"Waahhhhhhhhh! Don't go!"

Pandora only yawned as a response. "What a boring battle. Hope you two will entertain me." Her sinister smile was still plastered on her face. "You better hurry, the girl will be next if you don't hurry up~"

The hourglass was 3/4th full when Shadow turned his head. The water was below Lyn's chin and it wouldn't be long before her head was submerged into the water. There was so much at stake here if they didn't take Pandora out now.

Shadow placed Stafy next to the hourglass and looked toward the two Links. "Link…we fight now."


"Don't go sulking! The Hero of Time doesn't sulk! There's more at sake here and you don't have time for tears!"

"The black hedgehog is speaking logically." Pandora said as she was preparing her attack. "Once that girl and you two are gone, I think I'll have fun and attack the trophies powering up this place."


"You were so focused on the girl you didn't notice the reason why you were here in the first place."

Behind the Smashers on the wall were the last two Smasher trophies with the blue feather in the middle. Link turned his head slowly, his eyes widened seeing that Zelda's trophy was there…despite what happened…he had to fight…

Placing Toon Link on the ground, he sheaved his Master Sword and charged Pandora just as she shot bombs from her mouth. Using his sword like a tennis racket, he hit the bombs back in her face. It did faze her but she continued moving quickly. While Toon Link was killed by her that didn't mean he didn't do any damage to her. They only needed to hit her a few more times before she would go down.

Shadow took off his bracelets when Link charged. Saving his strength for a later battle would have been the wiser option, but Shadow wanted to end this quickly. He had to save Lyn and the Smashers along with avenging the little boy that fought while they were trapped in an illusion.

"Stafy, stay back." Shadow ordered as he charged at Pandora with lightning speed. He was glowing a red color ready to go all out.

"Fools, do you think normal attacks would do damage to me?!" Pandora questioned as her flames turned red. She incinerated into the ground with only the top of her flame still visible as she traveled toward the Hero of Time. Link did a quick back flip as she popped up trying to burn him. Shadow charged her and shot a chaos spear in her direction. Pandora brushed it off as she backed off.

"Link, physical attacks won't be affected." Shadow warned the Hyrulian. "Either play tennis with her bombs or use long distant projectiles."

"Got it."

It was odd for Link to be getting advice from the black hedgehog. He was use to Midna being his guide that he just did what he was told.

"Like you'll be able to defeat me at all!" Pandora's voice boomed as she inhaled the air around her trying to suck them into her. Link stood his ground, but Shadow was just as light as Sonic. He let himself get close as he shot a chaos spear into her mouth. She countered by blowing flames onto his body. The black hedgehog was used to this type of punishment.



"Don't worry about me. Focus on her."

Pandora made sure to not throw bombs at them often. She continued to shoot fireballs in their direction. Link blocked with his shield but he was amazed at how strong these fireballs were. Fighting off the flames, Shadow rushed around the battlefield continuing to shoot his chaos spear in her direction. He couldn't get in close anymore if it meant taking critical damage, but he could feel the chaos wave building up.

Link took out a bomb from his bag and threw it at the Goddess of Calamity. She reacted by shooting a stream of flame from her mouth forcing Link to roll out of the way. At this point, Shadow felt he was ready for a big attack now.


He unleashed a powerful red blast that was aimed directly toward Pandora. She actually felt the pain and went back into the ground trying to burn him. Shadow took the burst as he hit her with another blast.

"You stupid rat!" She announced as she shot more flames from her mouth.

"I'm not a rat. I am Shadow the Hedgehog." The Ultimate Lifeform corrected dodging her attacks again. He needed to hurry up and defeat her.

Link had to think quickly. What would be the best way to do damage to her? Taking out more bombs, he had an idea on how to make this work. Without saying anything, he did his very best to attach the bomb onto one of his arrows. He then took two bombs and put it on his boomerang, which he then threw at Pandora when she was trying to inhale Shadow again. Pandora flipped out and turned her attention to Link who quickly prepared his bow and fired the arrow hitting her in between the eye. The Goddess of Calamity was only a ball of flames so it wasn't a headshot, but she still took a lot of damage when the bomb went through her and blew up.

"How dare you!" Pandora changed her target to the Hero of Time. "Looks like you want to join your little clone!"

She went back into the ground and charged at Link with binding speed.

"Link, watch yourself!"

Link took his Master Sword out. This had to be the finishing blow or he would take critical damage. The Hero of Time raised his sword up ready to strike, but unknown to him, he was gathering light from around the area.


The light was getting incredibly bright until it lit the entire room.

"W-What is this?" Link questioned as the sword seemed to have a will of its own lifting Link's hand into the air. He flinched when he heard a voice. It sounded really familiar to him, but he couldn't remember who it was. It didn't found like Midna at all…it sounded more robotic.

Continue to hold the sword into the air and then release at its brightest.

"H-Huh? Who are you?"

There is a 96% probability of this attack being the final blow. She is exhausted from her previous battle.

Link blinked at her probability. Why was it familiar?

"YOU SHALL DIE!" Pandora announced as she appeared in front of Link and instead of shooting fire, she covered his body with flames.

"Link!" Stafy called out as Link was losing focus from the powerful flames and had to close his eyes. Was Toon Link feeling the same pain when he was burned?


Release the energy now Master Link.

The Hero of Time opened his eyes and forced his sword back into the air allowing it to shine a bright blue. When he released the light, it was powerful enough to slice through the flames and because Pandora was part of the major flames, he ended up slicing her in half as well.

"Impossible…" She mumbled as the flames died down almost immediately. "I'm the Goddess of Calamity…I can't…"

Link raised his sword up again to attract the light in the room before slamming it back down on the flames to make sure Pandora was gone for good. Shadow stared in awe at the sword as Link looked at the Master Sword that was still glowing.

"Well done Master have not lost the touch of your ancestors…"

"Hey! Who are you! You can't just go away!"

The voice departed before Link could get any answers. It was almost like the voice was a guardian angel…it could be possible that it was a different deity instead of an angel? After all the angels are either captured, turned to stone or in hiding.

"I didn't know you could do that." Shadow told him as he put his rings back on. He used too much chaos energy.

"I didn't know either…" Link said as he was about to sheave his sword but stopped when an arrow came their direction. The arrow was so fast they didn't see where it hit, but it made Shadow realize something important.

Turning around, he used chaos spear on the hourglass that had completely covered the green haired swordsmen. With Pandora gone, it wouldn't be catastrophic to the green haired swordsmen inside. The glass shattered leaving Lyn coughing from being submerged.

"Lyn!" He called out as he ran toward her.

Link saw where the arrow hit the bubble that made Lucas continue to be caught in a bad illusion. Stafy was pleased seeing the bubble burst freeing the young boy. The psychic boy shook his head like a dog before turning around and using PK Thunder on the glass case that kept the blue feather. Quickly he levitated toward the trophies and touched them causing Zelda and Ness to be free from their trophy state. The blue feather landed on the floor. Stafy tried to pick it up but because his hands were too small, it slipped away and the feather was swept into the air. Zelda ended up grabbing it after she reached her hand out trying to stretch from being stuck as a trophy for too long causing Aqua to come back. Lucas didn't seem to pay attention to the girls though as he ran to his best friend and tackled him to the ground.

"Ness! You're back!"


"I'm so sorry! If it weren't for me you wouldn't have had…uh…uhhhh…"

Ness was still trying to recover from the tackle and tried to recall what happened. "Wasn't I at Isle Delfino?"

"I'm sorry Ness…I'm sorry…"

"That means my underwear wasn't changed…"

While the two boys had their tearful reunion, Zelda looked around the battlefield. She noticed a blue angel in front of her she had never seen before. Behind her, she could see the black hedgehog holding onto the green haired swordsman and not letting go despite Lyn telling him to get off and that he was creeping her out. Looking ahead, she saw black flames were dispersing…and there, she saw Link holding onto someone.

"Link…" She called out.

The Hero of Time didn't respond. Zelda walked forward and then noticed why he was solemn.

"Link…what is going on…is that…"

"My Queen…I…"

The Queen of Hyrule slowly walked toward Link's side and gave a sad glance to Toon Link.


"his sacrifice will not be in vain." Aqua verbalized.

"Isn't there a way to save him?" Link asked the water angel. "We're in Heaven. Shouldn't he be able to come back to life?"

"…if you die in Angel Land, it's an all death finale. reincarnation occurs if one dies here…but because Tsusuki has petrified the world, reincarnation is impossible at the moment."

"Then what are we supposed to do?! We can't leave his body here as this place begins to crumble!" Link snapped.

Aqua continued to have her stoic expression as she continued. "there is nothing I can do. the only way to make sure he will be okay when he is reborn is to defeat Tsusuki and restore peace to Angel Land…"

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"Link…I think you'll going to have to lay his body to rest."

The Hero of Time didn't register what his queen told him so she ended up repeating her phrase.

"Link, the only way to give him a proper burial now is to lay him into the water."

Link paled hearing her suggestion and shook his head furiously. "No way! Why would I do something like that? If I put his body over into the water, we'll never retrieve the body!"

"you don't retrieve the body once you bury someone in the ground, do you not?"

"! But that's…"

"this is the only suggestion that will work unless you want to carry his dead body back to where your allies are and make everyone realize that he's dead."

"…No I couldn't…"

"he fought a good battle and good warriors need their rest."

Link could no longer argue with Aqua anymore. His Queen placed a hand on his shoulder as if trying to reassure him that everything will be okay, but he knew better. Slowly, he walked out of the room. The water in this area was dangerous, but he was certain the water in the middle not connected to the final chamber was not hazardous.

I'm a failure. Link thought to himself was he made it to the edge of the water and lowered himself down. I let my insecurities trap me and now I lost…a part of me…I'm sorry…

He hesitated to do the deed, but in the end, he caved in and lowered Toon Link's body into the water. The body didn't sink though when he left it there. Turning around, he saw Aqua was up and already using her magic.

"…you should be heading out now. This place will collapse. I will give him a proper water barrier before I leave."

"Link…we should go."

With Shadow helping an injured Lyndis and Stafy on his shoulder and Ness and Lucas coming out of the chamber together, the Smashers obeyed the water angel and quickly scurried out of the fortress leaving their fallen comrade behind. Aqua only frowned as she turned back to the chamber.


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1. The interpretation of the Mother 3 ending is interpreted differently depending on whom you ask. Some people thought it was a happy ending. I interpret it as a bad ending for this reason. Someone wakes the dragon up with either a pure heart or one full of hate. However, Lucas just witnessed his twin in front of him. That could bring out extreme sorrow, so when he pulled the needle, the dragon ended Lucas' world and despite the ending where it says everyone is okay, you don't see them, so they might as well be dead and sent to Heaven. Lucas and Porky are the only ones who are alive though. During Subspace Emissary, Tabuu was taking parts of worlds from other games trying to absorb them all. What Lucas was walking through was the remains of his world. The reason why he's so sad and scared is because all he has done was for nothing. The fact that Porky chases him in that undefeatable statue doesn't help, and the reason why Porky can be killed is because they're not in Lucas' world anymore where he can be immortal. Porky claims that the capsule is unbreakable but the fact that you can blow it up in Smash Brothers proves otherwise.

2. I admit the scene where Shadow images Lyn being raped is based on a hentai doushinji I read made by Crimson Comics. I really love their artwork and sometimes their story makes sense as it can fit into the gaming universe. The only difference is I think Lyn would be too headstrong to give into temptation plus she had comrades waiting for her outside. You can't tell me that they just left her in the castle while she was raped for eternity like all hentai ends up with. And if you guys don't know who the golden-eyed woman is, it's Sonia, one of the major villains of Fire Emblem 7. She's awful but I love her character design.

3. As you know, Fii is from the recent Zelda game Skyworld Sword. Now remember that any game past 2008 is future events. Any character after 2008 is supposed to be foreshadowing the next adventure like when Pepper jokes about the fifth generation of Pokémon or foreshadowing the events of Golden Sun Dark Dawn and Sin and Punishment 2. Fii is the Goddess of the sword and given that the Smashers are in Angel Land, it's legitimately easy for Gods and Goddesses to enter. Because Link was in close proximity of not just one but, two (Pandora is the Goddess of Calamity), Fii was able to make herself known. Alas, Fii cannot take a form for Link because it wasn't the one from Skyworld Sword, but regardless of the Link, she will continue to watch over him. Which goes to another thing.

4. In this story, I have established that all the Links are different that go to Smash Brothers mansion if only vaguely. Link's nightmare is getting attacked by Demise who he has never met because he's the Link from the Twilight Princess game and the one Ghirahim is referring to come from Skyworld Sword. This means the previous two Links are truly from Orcania of Time and Majora's Mask. This Link is not the Hero of Time no matter how many times he's referred that mainly because everyone in Smash Brothers mansion except Master and Crazy are aware that this Link is different from the other two Links. The Link from the last two Smasher tournaments was one and the same. This Link in comparison just went along with everyone even if he had no idea who everyone was.

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