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RATING: MATURE!!!!!!!!!!

PAIRINGS: GSR smut, and some YOBling

SUMMARY: They go out to a night club, the whole team apart from Grissom get drunk, and something happens. That's all I'm telling you.


Dare To Bet

"Come on Griss, it will be fun" Cathrine pleaded.

"Cathrine, going out to a club so i can get drunk and wake up with a banging headache isn't my definition of fun" Grissom exclaimed.

"I give up" Cathrine shouted as she walked away from Grissom clearly annoyed. "I'm going to get Grissom to come on this trip if it's the last thing i do! Know where did Sara get to?" she mumbled under her breathe. Cathrine searched the entire lab from top to bottom until she came across Sara. She was sitting in the break room eating a salad sandwich. "Sara" Catherine asked trying to get the brunettes attention.

Sara mumbled a reply, it sounded like "yeh" so Cathrine continued "Grissom will listen to you so i want you to ask him to go out with us tonight". Sara mumbled something again. "Yes Cathrine i will ask grissom" Cathrine sarcastically exclaimed while rolling her eyes. Just then Catherine's pager went off. "I've got to go, but make sure you ask Grissom."

Sara got up from her comfortable position and walked towards grissoms office. The door was slightly ajar so she knocked. "Griss?" there was no reply so she walked in just to make sure he wasn't there. That's when she heard it..."ZZZZZZzzzzz" grissom was lying down on his office sofa fast asleep. "Grissom, grissom, wake up?!" he lazily opened his eyes and got the shock of his life when he saw Sara sitting there staring at him. "Ahhhhh" he shouted as he jumped to his feet. "What are you doing in here?"

"Oh and it's nice to see you to grissom!"

"Sara, i didn't mean it like that"

"I came to ask you if you wanted to come out tonight with me, Cathrine, Warrik, Nick and Greg?"

"I don't think so Sara I've already had Cathrine pester me about this"

"Come on Griss, you never get out. You're always huddled over a microscope."

"Sara you spend more time at the lab than anyone else in this department!"

"I might spend more time at the lab than anyone else but at least i have a social life. Your coming out tonight whether you like it or not" and with that she was gone.

---------------Cathrine and Sara are having an interesting conversation in the locker room--------------------

"You and grissom, ha, don't make me laugh!" Cathrine choked on her words.

"And you think you've got a chance with warrik!" Sara giggled

"Seriously know, i bet you $50 big ones that i can get grissom to kiss me"

"Good luck with that, you'll need it, oh and i bet you $100 that i can get warrik in bed with me"

"You're on" Sara and Cathrine shock hands.

--------------The next morning---------

"What the..."Sara questioned as she began to sit up. She surveyed the room; Nick was lying at the bottom of the bed talking to him, while Grissom was lying down next to her. She could see that Nick was fully clothed but she was pretty sure... Suddenly Grissoms arm slithered around her stomach and pulled her back down. He started nibbling on her earlobe.

"Oh, God Grissom"she moaned in pleasure as he started to rub her nipples. "Grissom, what are you doing! Stop, now, Nicks at the bottom of...um, the...bed."

"The way you're...moaning it doesn't sound as if you...want me to stop."

His lips clamed hers in a passionate kiss, his hand slithered down her stomach making its way towards her heat. He slowly entered two fingers into her wetness and started to move.

"Oh, yeh, gil...right there...oh please don't stop." His movements quickened as she started to thrust into his hand.

"I won't...Sara do you remember what happened last night."

"Um...yeh...sort of...um."

Sara started to moan as he pulled his fingers out of her heat. "Why did...you stop."

"You don't remember what happened last night, do you?"


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