I am so sorry for the delay and I seriously would not be surprised if all of you had given up on this story. Again I'm sorry (it's my computers fault). I might be nice and let you know what she saw because I did leave you waiting for a long time…


Her high pitched scream sent everybody running to the bathroom to see what was wrong.

"Cathrine what's wrong?" Warrik questioned

"What could possibly make you scream that loud?"Nick asked holding his head.

Cathrine, now standing completely still, her eyes were wide and her jaw had dropped to the floor. All she could do was point to the closed door behind her.

"What's in there Cath?" Warrik asked while putting a hand on her shoulder. When he realised that the Nick looking at him suspiciously he removed his hand.

"Were just friends" Warrik stated.

"So, anyway describe what you saw Cath." Nick instructed.

Cathrine looked as if she was about to reply, her mouth started to move but no words came out.

"I'm going in there, it can't be that bad." Warrik stated but was interrupted.

Sara and Grissom came running around the corner at high speed. They were lucky there were no speed cameras around.

"What's happened i heard Catherine's high pitched scream."Grissom inquired.

"She walked into the bathroom cool as a cucumber then ran back out screaming." Nick replied.

"From the looks of it she's in a state of shock." Sara remarked while staring at Catherine as if she held the key to all the answers in life.

"And where were you Sara?" Nick questioned raising a suspicious eye brow.

You're doomed. 2 minutes and he already knows.

Maybe he hasn't.

Oh yeh, because he always raises his eyebrow like that and he always has a look n his face as if to say 'Ha. I know where you were, who you were with and I could take a pretty good stab at what you were doing.'

"I…was…err…is anyone going to go in a see what all the commotion is about? Or do you just plan on standing outside?" Sara asked trying desperately to change the subject.

"In times like this you need a real man, and the best man to do a job is a woman. I say that Sara goes and see what is inside because she is so eager to know." Nick replied the same smile that he had plastered over his face before reappeared.

"Fine. If you men, or should I call you mice, are to scared to walk through the door and see what lies beyond then I guess I'll just have to do it." She stepped forward during this dramatic speech. When she had prepared her self for the worst, she journeyed forward and in to the unknown. As the door opened she walked inside then pulled the door to.

"Why are you pulling the door to?" Grissom questioned.

"Because if I was enough to make Catherine scream it could have been a spider in the bath and I don't want him escaping." She paced forwards. There lying in the bathtub was…Greg.

"OH MY GOD! WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T COME IN." She slammed her eyes shut. "OK, so it is Greg in the bath but the only problem with this is that he happens to be naked. Not only is he naked but he's very…excited…if you get what I mean." She tried to walk backwards but accidentally slipped.

"Ow! My head. Will one of you wimps please drag me out of here?" Sara shouted in pain and also mortified by the sight in front of her.

"Sara. Sara are you OK?" Grissom frantically asked.

"I think my heads bleeding." Sara stated while running a hand through her head. Sure enough when she bought her hand around to her face red slime was present.

"Sara. I'm coming in!" Grissom shouted heroically.

"No. This sit will scar you for life! Don't do it Griss." Sara pleaded.

"Fine but I need a way of getting you out of there." Grissom stood there brain ticking over and waiting for the glowing light bulb to appear about his head.

"I've got it!" Sara's light bulb lit first.

"So what do we do genius?" Nick interrupted there little conversation.

"First you…"