Hi, I'm lord Martiya. First of all, I want apologize for my bad English, I'm Italian and I don't use English often. Second, this is my first fanfiction on the Pokemon anime and videogames, and I wanted to use the misterious 'Silver' from the games as protagonist. I hope you will like his tales.

by lord Martiya


So, you want to know about my history as a trainer? Very well, but I have to warn you, my tales are not very educative, I was a Team Rocket member, and before become sane I did many things that I regret. So?



Whatever, it's your choice.

I was eight years old when it all began. That day Giovanni, my not-exactly beloved father, bringed me with him at the Indigo Plateau to see the so-called First Saffron Gym Challenge.

''So, who will win?'' he asked me.

''Kiyo is a Fighting-type Pokemon trainer, so Adam(1)'s Psychic Pokemons have a type advantage. I responded. But if Kiyo's Pokemons are strong enough he could beat that gym leader: you regularly beat Grass and Water-type Pokemon with disadvantaged Ground-type Pokemons, and even Flying-type Pokemon aren't usually a match, so...''

''Good response, my son. Oh, the judge is here. Let's see the match.''

The judge was that Mister Lance who at that time was the Master Champion of our entire league... BTW, can you tell me how our league managed to become such thing? No other league is similar... Hey, you are a very big one in the league, this is why you're supposed to know... Nevermind, it's no important. As I said, the judge was Mister Lance, who announced the match. As you know, despite the enemy advantage Kiyo won the match, beating Adam's Mr. Mime, Hypno, Espeon, Xatu, Slowbro and Alakazam with loss for his Tyrogue, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop and without even use his Machamp.

We had some funnie, like when the Cinnabar Island gym leader, Blaine, yanked Brock, son of the then-Pewter City gym leader Flint Harrison and himself a future gym leader, from Gardenia Town gym leader (all the gym leaders contemporary to Brock and the majority of their relatives took this habit, even me) during the party for Kiyo's victory (he didn't know that he had to pay until a Joy and a Jenny presented him the bill), but for the rest the day was boring after the match.

The day after we were about to return to Viridian when we saw a Meowth and a Sneasel running away with something stolen from the three then Cerulean gym leaders. No, I don't know what, my father refused to say and now I have no will to investigate it, while I'm able to suppose from the fury of the three girls (for years I supposed that they stolen Cascadebagdes. I was SO wrong...) and their volenterous protectors Brock, Surge and Hercule (yes, he was already a gym leader). My father decided to help the three girls and tripped up the thieves.

''Hey, you, do you want trouble?!'' asked the Meowth.

Yes, a talking Meowth, the infamous talking Meowth from Hollywood who worked for Team Rocket and was fixated in being my father's 'top cat'. Everybody exclamed "A talking Meowth?!", everybody but me, who was young and with little experience, and my father, who deduced that a Meowth has to be really intelligent to learn human language (he had no possibility to deduce the great insanity of that Meowth) and asked him: ''And you? Why do you stolen badges from gym leaders?''

The Meowth looked at the Waterflower sisters and then said: ''Hey, we didn't know that they were gym leaders, only that they were famous for their aquatic ballets, and we stolen...'' he then looked at me and said: ''I cannot tell what we stolen...''

''You stolen something to sell to their fanbase.'' my father said, and the Meowth nodded.

Suddendly the Sneasel interrupted them, and the Meowth responded: ''You're right, Snyer! Run! Run!''

The two Pokemon tried to run away, but my father trowed the Safari Ball of his Nidoking, stopping them with a Pokemon of his main team, and then attacking Sneasel with a Trash attack. Sneasel dodged the first strike, but not the second, and then my father recalled his Pokemon and, seeing that Snyer (as the talking Meowth called him) was harmed but still standing, trowed an Ultra Ball to catch the Sneasel. And nothing happened. After a laugh, Meowth stated: ''Snyer's trainer is death but he's yet a captured Pokemon from Cianwood City, he cannot be captured in this way!''

My father simply trowed an Ultra-level Snag Ball(2), catching Snyer in face of his being a tecnically captured Pokemon. Then he turned on the Meowth, who said: ''You're strong! Who are you?!''

''I'm Giovanni P...''

''Viridian City Gym Leader?!''


''I was looking for you! Please, take me as your Top Cat! I'll do whatever you want! Pleease!''

The Meowth purred, and my father, seeing the strange situation and all the present (his Nidoking and me comprised) were trying to not laugh at him, accepted. Returned at the gym the Meowth confessed that he was looking for my father because he managed to know his role as Team Rocket leader. Before going to think about how use that annoying and overtalking Meowth (he ended up using him as servant and secretary, before aquiring a Persian causing a loss of his performances), my father gave me the Ultra Ball with Snyer and said: ''This is your challenge: make him obey you.''

''What?!'' I exclaimed.

''Do you want to be strong?''


''So, you'll have to win this challenge.''

At that time my father was the most important person in the world in my opinion, so I maked no other question, while I had a really difficult challenge: make a notoriously vicious Pokemon to obey me, while I wasn't his original trainer.

Obviously, the first days weren't easy: the first day he tried to organize a revolt between the gym's Pokemon; the second day he sacked all the Pokemon food of the gym and tried to sale it to passing trainers (thankfully I was able to stop him while organizing the deal with Meowth); the third day he managed to sale a Magikarp to a passing trainer. Then, I understood how make him obey me: I had to demonstrating me a better 'businessman', as he was more happy of the sales than other things. I'll return later on how I sensed it, just listen for now.

After the demonstration, Snyer become a loyal buddy, and no, I won't reveal particulars on that demonstration. Why? Well, the rare times I revelead that business the people believe that I'm joking or risk to choke for the laughing.

That day I went to the gym's arena to show my victory to my father, but he was about to fight a challenger. I decided to see the battle: Viridian's Gym battles were always interesting, even if their end was every time the same. You know, at the time Giovanni didn't lose a Gym Battle, because the rare and strong trainers who managed to beat two of the initial Pokemon (one if they were really strong) had then to face one or two of the powerful Ground Pokemon of Giovanni's main party, six Master-level Pokemon strong as the ones of a Battle Frontier's Frontier Brain or even an Elite Four. So, I was really surprised when the gates of the main party's Pokemon(3) opened at the beginning, and even more surprised when my father's Dugtrio exited from the gates: not only that Dugtrio was the fastest and the third strongest Pokemon of my father, but he used him in Gym Battles only when he really needed his speed and his evading skills, because his galleries were a nightmare for upkeep. Then I saw the opponent's Pokemon: a simple CHIKORITA. OK, he had the type advantage, but one time I saw a Meganium being beated by the initial impact of a simple Sand Tomb of my father's Sandslash, the weakest Pokemon of his main party, and you know that in the initial impact a Sand Tomb is not very powerful... What the heck was happening?!

My father beginning unleashing a Sandstorm, and then a Slash. A powerful combo, you know: Sandstorm dealed damages to the Chikorita while covering Dugtrio, and Slash is very damaging. And the Chikorita retailated with a Wine Whip, managing to strike Dugtrio a split-second before he went underground. I knew exactly what was about to happen. And, immediatly, the Chikorita experienced in succession a powerful Earthquake, a Mud Slap and another Slash, and then, after the placing of some Spikes(4), was fainted by another Slash.

I was expecting other victories. Then the challenger sent out a Dragonite, who skipped the Spikes in flying and, in the exact beginning of the round, fainted Dugtrio with a Bubblebeam before he could go underground. In a single move, the challenger defeated that Dugtrio and reversed the Spike's trap. My father was in trouble, and he sent out the Nidoking and immediatly attacked with Blizzard, an attack used even by the challenger's Dragonite, disperding the Spikes. After the confront, concluded in a draw, Nidoking used Hyper Beam, hitting Dragonite, who retailated with an Ice Beam, freezing Nidoking during the recharge, and then with a Blizzard, fainting him.

Dragonite, damaged at the wings from the Hyper Beam, was forced to land, while my father sent out his Nidoqueen, who immediatly used Fissure. Yes, Fissure. And no, Viridian Gym never had an open arena. Simply the Gym was builded for Ground-type Pokemons, so has some feature that permitted it to deal with the powerful attack with no damage.

Normally a trainer don't use Fissure in a closed space to not collapsing it, so both the challenger and the Dragonite were surprised like you just a minute ago, and the poor Dragon, caught on ground with harmed wings, was hit by the one-hit KO move and fainted, making the challenger laughing.

''It was a lot from the last time someone stand up against me, do you know this?'' he said. ''Now it's time to win. Go, Salamence!''

In the instant the round began, Salamence used Dragonbreath, managing to paralize Nidoqueen, and then striked with Dragon Claw, fainting Nidoqueen and winning the match and the Earthbadge.

I couldn't believe it: in my mind, my father was the strongest trainer of all, and not only that man managed to defeat him, but he even managed to faint his Nidoqueen, his strongest Pokemon, with only two attacks. How was happened?! The answer was simple, and my father said it to me: ''He was strong, too strong even to me.''

''But you're the strongest in the world!'' I exclaimed.

''I'm really strong, and I'm also the major Ground Pokemon expert in the world, but I'm not the strongest. There's EVER someone strongest.''


''And you can become strong, much stronger than me.''


''It's true. Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was?''

I was shocked. Being stronger than my father? Being the strongest of all? I accepted. The day after I went to Mahogany Town, to the local Team Rocket base and training academy.


(1)Name that I gived to an unnamed character appeared in the anime, I'll reveal (or, more probably, confirm) who in future. This name come from his voice actress, Adam Blaustein (also known as Maddie Blaustein).

(2)A type of Pokè Ball from the games Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: The Gale of Darkness used to catch captured Pokemon (snagging), is a normal Pokè Ball modified by a Snag Machine to snag a Pokemon. In the anime, the Pokè Ball used by Jessie in the episode Bad to the Bone in the attempted thieft of Otoshi's Doduo is probably a Snag Ball converted from a normal Pokeball, and probably even the strange Pokè Balls used by Mewtwo in Mewtwo Strikes Back were a type of dedicated Snag Ball developed from Team Rocket.

(3)The gates that Mewtwo used to enter in the gym's Arena in The Battle for the Badge.

(4)For who don't know: Spikes is a Ground-type move that lays a trap of spikes that damages switched Pokemon, like the Rock-type Stealth Rock used by Roark's Onix in the anime. It has no effect on Flying Pokemon.