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It was as if Sokka had entered a whole new existence. As Zuko explored his body with both hands and mouth, the Water teen could not help but groan with appreciation. The sensations the Fire teen was causing on Sokka's cool skin were enough to send even the most frigid lover into convulsions.

But Sokka was not frigid. Far from it. Especially when Zuko was involved. Sokka was constantly confused as to what he wanted from the other teen. One moment he loved being dominant, he loved it when he could have the Fire prince writhing at his touch. But then the next minute, when he was pinned beneath the scarred teen completely at Zuko's mercy, he could not think of anything he would want more.

Like it was at that moment. He was trapped under the golden eyed teen's warm body, trying his hardest to coax the body above him to move faster, but to no avail. Zuko seemed intent on going slowly, forcing Sokka to squirm beneath him.

Zuko was going out of his mind trying to keep the slow pace. He wanted to strip Sokka of all his clothes and fuck him without holding anything back. But even though he knew Sokka could, and would, take it, and probably like it, he had to take it slowly. They had no idea what time the next day the others would return, so this was likely to be the last time they had alone for a long time. And damn it if Zuko was not going to make Sokka want him more after this night. He didn't want the Water teen going back on his decision to tell the others about their, what was it? Relationship? Tonight he was going to make Sokka beg for more.

Sokka was lying beneath him, his mouth slightly open, and his eyes glistening with a lust that was equally returned by Zuko. The Fire teen leant down and pressed his mouth against Sokka's tanned neck. The Water teen writhed at the touch and tilted his head back to allow Zuko more room. Ask Zuko sucked at the Water teen's cool skin, he ran his hand down Sokka's side and slipped it up under the blue-eyes teen's shirt. Sokka groaned as Zuko's warm fingers made their way back up his side, this time skin on skin, sending goose bumps across his entire body.

He gasped as Zuko gently pinched his nipple and ground his hips down at the same time Zuko took this chance to remove his lips from Sokka's neck and kiss the Water teen firmly on the lips. He moaned at Sokka's enthusiastic response, he would never get tired of the way Sokka felt pressed against him and moaning. But it would feel much better if there were no annoying clothes between them. Zuko pulled Sokka up so the other teen was sitting, legs either side of Zuko's knees. The Fire Prince grabbed the hem of Sokka's shirt and pulled it over the other teen's head.

Gazing at Sokka's naked chest in the orange glow from the dying fire, Zuko suddenly began to long for home. He wished he could take Sokka back to his big bed in the Fire Palace; the dim red glow from the small fires in his room would cast a similar light on them… He sorely wished he could take back everything bad he had done to the young man sitting with him. He wished he had never challenged his father, all that time ago.

Zuko felt cool fingers on his arm and, blinking a few times, brought Sokka's concerned face into focus.

"Zuko, are you alright? You zoned out for a bit there… We can stop if you wa–"

"No!" Zuko replied quickly. "No it's not that…" He rubbed his face with his hand. "It is definitely not that…"

"Then what's with the Zhao face?"

Zuko gave a chuckle at Sokka's mention of Zhao. "I just…" he began, but was not sure where to start. He slumped his head into his hands, his dark fringe running through his fingers. "Gods, Sokka… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…"

Sokka's brow furrowed at the slight break in Zuko's voice. "What are you sorry for?"

"For everything!" The fire teen placed his hands on either side of Sokka's hips and hung his head, "For everything. For my country attacking, for my sister being a bitch, for chasing your group, for hurting Katara and Toph, for standing up to my father, for getting this stupid scar…" At that Zuko looked up, saw the pained expression on Sokka's face and quickly looked away. "There are so many things I wish I could change. If all these terrible things hadn't happened, we could be in my bed, in palace luxury… Sokka, there was so much I could have offered you… But now I have nothing." Zuko growled, angry at himself.

Sokka let out an exasperated sigh. "Zuko…" He got no response from the Fire teen. "Zuko, look at me…"

The golden-eyed teen let out a breath and slowly looked up at Sokka, taking in his still naked chest as his eyes made their way gradually up to meet Sokka's. He was surprised to find, among other emotions, mirth in the watery blue eyes. His scowl deepened. Then Sokka spoke.

"For starters," He leaned forward and kissed Zuko's scar just beside his eye, "I like your scar. It makes you look all tough and manly…" Sokka smiled broadly when Zuko chuckled softly. "And secondly, half of those things you said were nothing to do with you! And the ones that were you have already apologized for. And besides, if all that stuff hadn't happened then you would never have met me. Now, that I could not forgive, Zuky."

Zuko narrowed his eyes at Sokka's ridiculous pet name for him, "Gah! You're infuriating and endearing at the same time… You're going to make my head explode…"

"Plus, cushy beds and palaces are nice, but if it meant I had to share it with your sister and the Fire Lord, I think I like it here more. The company is a whole lot better…" Sokka finished as he leaned in and kissed Zuko on the lips. "I don't want anything from you. Except maybe for you to continue what you were doing before…"

Zuko crossed his arms and feigned ignorance, "Which was what, exactly?"

"Well…" Sokka took hold of one of Zuko's hands. "This was here…" He placed the warm hand against his chest and shivered the calloused skin of Zuko's palm grazed across his nipple. "I'm not sure where this hand was…" he took hold of Zuko's other hand, "But let's just say it was here… Just to be on the safe side…" He moved Zuko's hand and placed it over his semi hard cock. He groaned at the touch and looked lustfully at Zuko. "Bringing back any memories?"

Zuko smirked. Rubbing his hand hard across Sokka's crotch, he pinched the nipple beneath his other hand. Sokka gasped loudly and nearly fell backwards, his body seeming to have lost all its bones. "That…" Zuko said, referring to Sokka's lusty gasp "I remember…" Zuko grinned.

Sokka blushed and hoped it wouldn't show in the dim fire light. Attempting to take the focus off himself, the blue-eyed teen grabbed Zuko by the collar and kissed him hard, half hanging on to stop Zuko from pulling away, and half to steady himself. Then, giving up on trying to stay upright, he fell backwards pulling Zuko down on top of him.

Zuko, becoming annoyed at the cloth between his hand and Sokka's erection, began working on Sokka's belt and pants. When he finally had them undone, Zuko wasted no time in slipping his hand into Sokka's undershorts, running his fingers eagerly over the hardened flesh he found there. Sokka moaned and arched up into Zuko's touch, wanting the Fire teen to know exactly how he was feeling.

Zuko took pride in the fact that he was the one responsible for the sounds coming from the writhing, moaning young man below him. At first, his teasing fingers just ghosted their way down the Water teen's warm, twitching member. He pondered at how Sokka's skin could be both warm and cool to touch at the same time. Zuko loved how Sokka's skin was normally cool like trickling water, but he loved it even more when the cerulean-eyed teenager's skin sent a sensation through his fingers like warm water running over cold skin. Tingles like gentle electric pulses ran from Sokka's pulsing erection up Zuko's fingers, filling the Fire teen's chest with a tightness he was not sure he was ready to feel, but loving it all the same.

Sokka, becoming frustrated at Zuko's feather light touches on his cock, bucked up to grind into the other young man's hand. Zuko chuckled deep in his throat at Sokka's eagerness. "Keen, aren't we?"

Sokka growled, "Stop fucking around, Zuko!"

Zuko chuckled again and leaned over the teen below him, smiling at Sokka's flushed and frustrated face. "Whatever you say, Princess…" He spoke huskily against Sokka's lips, his voice laden with lust. Any retort that would have come from the Water teen was lost in a whimper as Zuko tightly wrapped his warm fingers around Sokka's rock hard member and stroked.

Sokka needed something to grip onto as he squeezed his eyes shut with much awaited pleasure. He buried his fingers into Zuko's shirt, but was left wanting. With hazy eyes and shaky fingers, he found the hem of Zuko's shirt and dragged it over the Fire prince's head. To get the shirt completely off Zuko had to remove his hand from Sokka's pants. The young man beneath him wiggled his hips, trying to keep the friction going, but failing.

"Gods, Zuko. Hurry up!" As the Fire teen tossed his shirt aside.

"Sokka…" Zuko, instead of putting his hand back down the blue-eyes teen's pants, opted to sit back on his heels between Sokka's legs. He gripped Sokka's pants by the waist, pulling them down and off, tossing them to where their shirts lay. "I am not going to rush this…" He placed a warm hand on Sokka's thigh, then slowly slid it up until his thumb found the adorable little dip at the young man's hip. Leaning down, the golden-eyed teen kissed the peak of the hipbone, which was just jutting out Sokka's undershorts. Zuko flicked his tongue out and licked from Sokka's hipbone, down along the dip until the undershorts stopped him from going further, there he sucked and nipped gently, leaving a red mark.

Sokka arched his back, desperately trying to get something to touch his cock. He was so hard it was starting to hurt. Zuko put a steadying hand on Sokka's hip and pressed down, effectively stopping the blue-eyed teen from bucking. "Just wait, Sokka. It will be worth it..." Zuko whispered as he moved up to kiss the young man's neck, "I promise…" He breathed into Sokka's ear.

He continued to touch and kiss all over Sokka's exposed flesh, his chest, his arms, his thighs, his hands, his neck… Sokka pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes to keep from crying out. The fire teen was using every ounce of his will power not to rush things, his own erection painfully pressing against his pants. But he only had to last a bit longer, just until Sokka began to beg.

But he did not get the chance to hear it, for as he licked up the inside of one of Sokka's thighs, he heard a particularly frustrated grunt from the other young man, and before he realized it, he was flat on his back with a cross looking, mostly naked Sokka straddling his hips, the azure-eyed teen's hands on his chest. Wide-eyed, Zuko looked up at Sokka's stern, yet flustered, face and wondered what he had done wrong.

"Sokka, what…" He began, but was cut short when the Water teen rocked his hips, pressing Zuko's fully clothed erection between his arse cheeks. "Hnn –"

"I'm fine with taking it slowly…" Sokka said as he rocked his hips again, listening to the wicked grunt that came from the young man below him, "But I am not fine with letting you have all the fun…" Sokka leaned down and sucked on Zuko's collar bone, but he did not miss the delicious smirk that played across Zuko's features, the Fire teen knowing Sokka could give as well as he could receive.

As he kissed the Fire teen, Sokka set his hands to work on Zuko's frustratingly-difficult-to-remove pants. Finally, after having to sit back and look at what he was doing, he managed to pull Zuko's pants over his feet and toss them to the ever-growing pile of discarded clothing. Looking up at Zuko through hooded eyes and think lashes, Sokka bent down and took the hem of Zuko's undershorts between his teeth, carefully lifting it up and over the golden-eyed teen's straining erection, making sure he breathed a warm breath out as he ghosted the tip of his nose down the almost purple skin of Zuko's hard flesh.

"Hgn…" Zuko groaned and dug his fingers into Sokka's shoulder length hair, tugging slightly. With a bit of help from his hands, Sokka stripped Zuko of the last of his clothes. Zuko lay completely naked beneath Sokka. Not sure what to do with his hands, he grabbed Sokka by the hips and pulled the other teen forwards so he could buck against Sokka's arse, which was still clothed in undershorts, much to Zuko chagrin. But Sokka had other plans.

Grabbing Zuko's hands, he removed them from his hips. Scooting backwards, he bent down and ran his tongue down Zuko's length. Zuko gasped despite himself and his hands flew to Sokka's hair again, and again tugging almost painfully on the soft brown strands. Sokka grinned as he blew softly on the slick skin, bringing a hand up to gently run his short nails over Zuko's balls, massaging them and rolling them in his fingers.

"Hnnn… Gods, Sokka, stop teasing…" Zuko gritted out. Sokka was more than happy to oblige.

Sokka swallowed Zuko's length until it hit the back of his throat; he groaned in a sensation almost like pain as Zuko growled deep and tightened his grip on the Water teen's long hair. The delicious vibrations this sent down Zuko's shaft only made it more pleasurable for the Fire Prince and he bucked in response, trying to push himself further down Sokka's warm throat. He was not going to last much longer.

"Sokka…. Sokka, St-… Stop…." He gently pulled Sokka's head off his hard on, sat up and looked down at him with clouded eyes. The azure eyes that shone back at him were filled with confusion, and what Zuko could only describe as hurt.

"Zuko… Whats wro– "

"I was not going to last much longer…"

Sokka sat up, still looking slightly hurt, "But, I wanted you too – " He was cut off as Zuko leant forwards and kissed him passionately. Sokka sat still for a moment, no responding to the lips against his, but when Zuko's fingers found their way into his hair and played with the soft strands at the edge of his neck, he could not help but to kiss the other teen back, constantly surprised at the tenderness the Fire Prince was capable of.

Again Zuko pulled away first and took Sokka's face in his hands, his warm palms on the Water teens flushed cheeks.

"I don't want to cum until I'm inside you…" his voice was barely above a whisper, but Sokka definitely heard him. Zuko not only felt, but saw Sokka visibly shiver at his words. He worried that Sokka was shivering out of fear or anxiety, but was pleasantly surprised when Sokka leaned forward and kissed his neck. The Water teens kissed his way up to Zuko's ear and in a lust filled rough whisper said,

"Gods, Zuko… You're so sexy…" And with that he pushed Zuko backwards, pulling off his last item of clothing and straddled the other teenager's hips. "I'm not exactly sure what you're meant to do, but what ever it is, I want you to do it now!"

Zuko grabbed Sokka's hips and rocked him forward, rubbing his erection against the cleft of Sokka's arse, smearing it with pre cum.

"It's going to hurt… a lot… we haven't got anything to make it smoother…" Zuko explained almost apologetically.

Sokka frowned stubbornly. "I can take it." He crossed his arms over his chest defiantly, Zuko's long pale fingers still gripping his tanned hips. The Fire teen gave a challenging smirk.

"I don't doubt it…" He pushed Sokka back a bit, and then released his grip on the smooth hips. None too elegantly, he spat into his hand and wrapped his fingers around his own length. The golden eyed teen grit his teeth as pleasure coursed though his body at his own, well practiced touch. Sokka was engrossed in the visage below him, but he realized what Zuko was doing. Reaching down and removing Zuko's hand he spat into his own hand and continued rubbing Zuko's cock.

With one hand, Zuko clawed at the ground below him, with his other he took hold of Sokka's pulsing hard on and mimicked Sokka's actions. He was surprised when he felt the tip of his erection press against Sokka's entrance.

The young man above him had kneeled up and positioned himself so that if he sat back down on his heels, the Fire teen's length would impale him. "Sokka… Are you sure that you're read –" Zuko chocked on his words as Sokka laid his hands on his pale chest and pushed himself halfway down onto the Fire Prince's heated flesh. Sokka screwed his eyes shut as a searing pain shot through his body. He had been right, he could take it… But damn if it didn't hurt like a bitch!

Breathing in and out a few times, forcing himself to relax, Sokka concentrated on Zuko's face as he pushed himself down, completely sheathing Zuko into him. Zuko's grip tightened almost painfully on Sokka's member.

"Hnn… Gods, Sokka… You're so tight… Try to relax!"

"I am trying, damn it!" Sokka snapped back, but his words lacked venom. He was surprised when Zuko took hold of his hand in both of his, brought it to his lips and kissed his calloused palm.

"Sorry…" Zuko whispered, and laced his fingers with Sokka's.

Sokka's brow creased, Why was Zuko being so …touchy-feely? Then Sokka realized the Fire teen was trying to help him relax, and he gave the Prince a pained smile. It had worked, he felt much more at ease now. While the pain was definitely still there, it was less of a stinging pain and more like a dull ache. Sokka decided that now was a good a time as any to move. He rocked his hips upwards, drawing out Zuko's cock almost to the tip, then rocked back. It felt more than strange to have Zuko's erection up his backside, and not the slightest bit pleasurable, but as he looked down at Zuko, whose face was contorted with pleasure, he felt a certain sense of pride flow through him.

He rocked up and down again, again concentrating on Zuko's face rather than the pain, and his heart swelled when Zuko moaned out his name and tightened his grip on his hand. Why did it mean so much to Sokka to make Zuko feel good? It felt almost surreal to be looking down at Zuko… holding his hand… having sex with him. Surreal… But good. As he continued to rock, he smiled down at the Fire prince, who had his eyes closed, panting with every movement Sokka's hips made. The azure eyed teen wondered how he had arrived at this point. So many things had lead to him and Zuko getting together and he wondered if, had he done any of it differently, they would still me in this position? His thoughts were interrupted when a warm hand wrapped around his erection.

Sokka gasped at the strange sensation of being impaled and stroked at the same time. He glanced down at Zuko to see him grinning, and while the pain in his backside was still coursing though him, he found it made a curiously pleasurable contrast to the sensations Zuko was creating with the movement of his hand.

When Sokka had begun rocking his hips at a steady pace, Zuko had almost lost the ability to think. He could not believe how incredibly tight the cerulean eyed teenager was, even when he was relaxed. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. Why had he waited so long for this? But what was 'this' exactly? Was it just the sex? Was it the fact that it was sex with a male? Or was there something about his situation and feelings for Sokka that made all this so much better? Whatever it was, he was not going to let Sokka go to find out.

As he stroked Sokka, Zuko thrust upwards to meet the Water teen's movements.

"Oh shit…" Sokka grunted as he hung his head, his long hair hanging down around his face. Worried he had hurt his new lover, Zuko stopped moving. " No, Zuko, don't… Don't stop…" Sokka grunted out as he moved over the Fire teen's hard on. The upwards thrust that Zuko had made had had gone deeper inside him than Sokka thought existed. It almost made the pain go away. Almost.

Encouraged by Sokka's words, Zuko thrust up again and moved his hand down Sokka's length, and was rewarded with a pleasure filled gasp from the young man above him. In the dark red glow from the fire Sokka's face was beautiful, a slight sheen of perspiration causing a few stray strands of hair to cling to his cheeks and forehead. As the scarred teen watched Sokka move above him, he knew that even though he was the one penetrating the Water teen, Sokka was the one fucking him. He wouldn't have had it any other way for their first time.

It was funny how, no matter what they were doing these days, they always seemed equal. He realized that that was what he liked so much about Sokka. He valued him not only as a friend, but also as a equal. There was only one other person Zuko could think of who thought of him like that, and that was his Uncle… And if he loved his Uncle… then what did Sokka mean to him?

At that thought, Zuko realized how close he was to coming.

"Sokka… I'm sorry… I can't…. I'm going to…."

Sokka smiled and squeezed the scarred young man's hand. "That's ok…" He replied as he continued to slide over Zuko's cock.

After a few more thrusts, Zuko managed a few words. "Where should I…. You know…"

Sokka, barely hanging on as Zuko thrust hard into him, looked down at the golden eyed young man. "Inside…" He breathed... "Me…Cum inside me…"

"Hnn…Shit…" Zuko groaned at Sokka's ridiculously sexy words . He stopped stroking his new lover's erection and grabbed hold of the blue eyed teen's thigh.

He grunted as he came, shuddering and squeezing Sokka's thigh hard enough to leave five finger sized bruises.

It was not until Zuko let go of his erection that Sokka realized how close he himself had been to release, and when he felt Zuko release inside him, he craved it. The hand that still held Zuko's moved so the Fire teen's fingers were once again wrapped around his length. He could tell that Zuko was in no state to do it himself, so with his own hand over Zuko's , he closed his eyes and began to jerk himself off. It did not take long until his balls began to tighten and he got that clenching feeling in his lower gut.

He felt himself being watched and opened his eyes. Zuko was staring at him intently, his golden eyes glistening in the dim glow from the dying fire. Sokka's face flushed and he hoped Zuko could not see it.

Suddenly Zuko thought of something. Without actually producing fire, Zuko warmed his hand just as he would before bending. Sokka let out a strangled cry as the palm and fingers that were wrapped around his sensitive flesh heated up. When it was almost too hot to bare, the temperature stopped increasing. With the new heated sensation, it only took a few more strokes before Sokka came over their hands and spilled onto Zuko's abdomen.

Both teenagers were silent for a few moments. Both just breathing, quietly dwelling in their own thoughts, appreciating each other's company. Still without speaking, Sokka slowly lifted himself off Zuko. Now, without the adrenaline of sex, he hurt. And although it should have just been where Zuko had entered him, it wasn't; he seemed to hurt everywhere. Zuko noticed the grimace cross Sokka's face as the Water teen silently dealt with his pain, and a wave of guilt swept over him.

With one arm reaching out for the blanket that had been forgotten about, he reached out with the other hand and wrapped it around Sokka's slender waist. Pulling the other teen to lay beside him, he covered them both with the blanket. Sokka pressed his face into the steady rise and fall of Zuko's chest as the Fire teen gently rubbed Sokka's lower back.

When Zuko was sure Sokka was asleep, he was started when the Water teen spoke.

"Hey, Zuko?"


"That thing you did… at the end… with your hand and the heat…"


"That was really awesome."

Zuko chuckled, the comforting laughter reverberated from his chest into Sokka's cheek.

"Thank you." The Fire prince replied. "You were not too bad yourself, Princess."

Sokka growled at the nickname, but pulled the other teen closer to him, too tired to do more than that.


Haru returned to the others who had waited behind as he had gone ahead to scout the camp. If Aang and the others had been captured by the Fire Nation, there was no telling what kind of ambush may be waiting for them.

"Haru, what's wrong? You're pale as a ghost!" Teto held up his small flaming torch to his friend's face/

"The camp is fine…" Haru replied.

"Well then what are we waiting for? "

"We'll camp here until tomorrow" Haru sat down.

"What the..? Why can't we go to meet up with Aang and the others?"

"Aang, Katara and Toph aren't there … Its just Zuko and Sokka."

"Well then what…"

"They're busy…" Haru interrupted.

"They're busy doing what? Let's just go!" Teto complained. The Duke remained silent.

"No! They are bu-sy!" Haru explained with the help of some hand gestures.

"Oh…" The Duke balked.

Teto looked defeated, "Well.. Ok. We'll camp here. Wait! They're what?!"

Lolol… poor Haru….