Wilson has to break it to House gently

Wilson has to break it to House gently. He knows how House can be. And he really, really wants this, so he has to find a way to make it as if it was House's own idea. Or at least some way for him to buy into it. And that is going to take a month of Sunday's macadamia nut pancakes and a never ending supply of Vicodin and porn. But if that's what it takes, Wilson will do it. You see, Wilson wants to go camping.

Now remember, we are using camping in the loosest of terms. Wilson has no desire to rough it. His back can't handle a night in a sleeping bag in the wild any more than House's leg can handle a few hours of sleep on his couch. Wilson wants to be able have the luxuries of home at his leisure and the ability to roast marshmallows over an open fire. Granted, if he really wanted to do that he probably should have taken advantage of House's fireplace during the winter rather than have waited until early summer. Well hindsight is twenty-twenty and all that. But how to convince House?

Wilson spent a week or so dropping subtle hints about how it would be nice to get away before it got unbearably hot. That, along with strategically placed brochures of North Conway, New Hampshire, finally caused House to snap over a leisurely Saturday brunch of bacon, eggs, and toast.

House slammed his coffee cup down on the table, exasperated after Wilson had managed to fit a brochure about "Luxury Mountain Getaways" in the morning paper. "Wilson, for fuck's sake, are you going to ask me to go with you to New Hampshire or are you taking that new nurse in peds?"

Wilson's jaw dropped open. And closed. And opened again. "I was beginning to think you hadn't noticed." House rolled his eyes. "Yeah, me ignorer of the obvious. I assume this was some way for you to get me to make this my idea so I would be more inclined to go along?" Wilson closed his eyes, sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "All you had to do was ask," House mumbled. Wilson opened his eyes and met House's across the table. "Seriously?" Wilson thought this would be more work. "Yeah," House replied. "I think getting away is exactly what we need," he said with raised eyebrows and a gregarious leer in Wilson's direction. House stood up and leaned over the table toward him, forcing his lips upon Wilson's with an intensity he had been lacking as of late. Wilson rose and returned the kiss, which turned into a post brunch romp and a long afternoon nap for the both of them.