Thank you everyone who has been reading. This is the last chapter I'm afraid. I hope to have more work up online throughout the summer.

The next morning arrived quickly. House woke up in a foul mood and mumbled something about his leg and his head and didn't want to talk about it. By the time they had packed up the car and were ready to check out, House had already taken at least three Vicodin. Wilson figured it was probably more, but didn't press the issue. At this rate, Wilson figured House would sleep most of the way home and that was probably for the best. He didn't want to have the tail end of their vacation sucking.

They made a final stop at the Blueberry Muffin for breakfast and coffee for the road. Despite not feeling well, House still managed to eat two muffins and some of Wilson's fruit. As soon as he finished eating, House pushed the seat back a bit, stretched out, and seemingly fell asleep. Wilson felt the back of his neck grow tense and he began to rub it automatically as he headed south toward Massachusetts and beyond.

House carefully watched Wilson out of the corner of his eye, while he "slept." His leg was hurting, but no more than usual. And he hadn't really taken any more Vicodin than usual. As much as he loved Wilson, he couldn't help getting him all riled up over nothing. It would make what was waiting at home that much more enjoyable.

After they had spent about twenty minutes on the road, House, feeling a fragment of guilt, placed a hand on Wilson's thigh and gave it a gentle caress. He was able to feel Wilson relax immediately, and felt Wilson place a hand on his. House then fell asleep for real.

House woke up two and a half hours later. The car had come to a stop at a rest stop/gas station and Wilson was gently shaking his shoulder, trying to rouse him from sleep.

"Where are we? What time is it?" House cleared his throat and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"Right outside Providence. It's about 12:30. I was getting thirsty, so I figured I'd stop."

"Good. Gotta pee." And as much as House could, he "hopped" out of the car and headed for the bathroom area. Wilson laughed and proceeded to fill the gas tank.

When House got into the bathroom, he quickly sent a text to Chase, letting him know that they would be home around five, and to have everything ready by then for him. He waited to get a confirmation from Chase, and headed back to the car, stopping to get beverages loaded in caffeine for the two of them.

Wilson had already purchased water for both of them and raised an eyebrow at House's beverage selection. House just shrugged and drained one of the drinks quickly.

"Are you hungry? We could stop before getting back on the highway."

"Not really. I did have two muffins for breakfast."

Wilson laughed. "I'm fine. We still have some fruit and cookies left over. As much as I don't want to go home, I just want to get there, you know?"

House nodded as he gulped down some of the contents of Wilson's water bottle. Wilson rolled his eyes and wondered why he bothered buying anything for himself anymore. House snickered in Wilson's direction as he once again made himself comfortable.

The remainder of the drive home was uneventful. Since House mainlined the over-caffineated energy drinks, he didn't go back to sleep. Instead the two discussed the upcoming week's schedule, Wilson's upcoming board meeting, and the things House planned to torture his team with.

They stopped one more time to refuel and use the restroom. Wilson bought more water, in hopes he would be able to finish his own bottle. House again drained another energy drink, and as a result was on edge the remainder of the trip home. House was glad to use that as a diversion, because he was uncharacteristically anxious over what he had planned for when they got home. He hoped Chase was able to set up everything as he had detailed.

By the time they arrived in front of 221B, House's left leg was tired from the bouncing it had done the last half hour of the ride. Wilson had shot him curious glances, but House explained it was the caffeine, and that he had to pee again. Wilson told him they could stop, but House insisted that they just go home, as it wasn't much longer.

They climbed out of the car, and Wilson immediately headed for the trunk to grab the bags.

House waved him off. "Go open the door, I'll grab a bag."

Wilson looked at him as if he had suddenly grown a second head. "You, you're going to help bring stuff in?"

House rolled his eyes in Wilson's direction. "My keys are somewhere at the bottom of my bag. Just go open the door."

Wilson raised his arms up, as if he were about to start lamenting, but thought better of it and turned back in the direction of the door. House smiled to himself as he grabbed the smallest and lightest bag and slowly followed behind Wilson.

Wilson unlocked the door and stepped inside. He immediately felt the cool air of the air conditioner, and smelt what he believed to be a fire burning. As he walked further into the apartment, he could see that a fire was indeed burning in the fireplace. The couch had been pushed to the side, and a moderate-sized tent had been erected in front of the fireplace. Upon further inspection he could see that a canister had been set up with ice-cold beer, and there were fixings for s'mores on the coffee table.

House had come in behind Wilson and closed the door, setting the bag on the floor. He closed the distance between them, and wrapped his arms around Wilson, who was speechless.

"This way we don't have to leave the apartment to go camping," House said simply. Wilson nodded, still unable to speak. After a few moments of standing like that watching the fire, he finally regained his composure.

"How did you manage this? It's incredible. Thank you."

"Ah, a magician never shares his secrets," House said smugly.

Wilson turned around to face House and kissed him deeply, tasting the acrid remains of Vicodin and energy drink. He removed the cane from House's hand, and led him over to the opened partition of the tent, softly stroking the underside of House's arm. Once they were inside the tent, Wilson found that a large, down filled sleeping bag had been placed on top of an air mattress. Their pillows from the bedroom had been placed at the head of the makeshift bed, and on top of one of them was a small, ancient, dusty-looking blue box. Wilson looked from the box to House, and back to the box again. House nodded to Wilson, encouraging him to open it. Inside was an antique, heavy, silver ring, with an ornate design around the band. There was no inscription, but Wilson didn't need there to be one. The fact that House was entrusting something like this to him, that he was opening his heart to him meant more than any words ever could.

Wilson slipped the band on to his finger, and wasn't surprised to see it was a perfect fit. He smiled up at House, and cupped his face as he kissed him. He pulled House to him, feeling House's erection as it pressed up against his thigh. Wilson felt a rush of blood to his groin, as his own member stirred to life.

Wilson's hands slipped under House's t-shirt, and pulled it up over his head. House quickly reciprocated, as Wilson's hands fumbled with House's belt and jeans. Finally, they were naked and panting in each other's arms, kisses sloppily placed on lips and arms and necks. House had somehow managed to get a hand around both of their cocks, now leaking and straining for release, and was pumping both voraciously. As much as Wilson didn't want for this to end, he also had no desire to slow down the pace. They kissed more, tongues fighting for dominance. He heard House moaning as he came, while he licked a trail down his neck. House continued to pump Wilson's cock, while he reached up and ran a hand through Wilson's tousled hair. House looked directly into Wilson's eyes, and the words that were not spoken intoned volumes, and Wilson found him spilling his seed hard and fast all over House's hand and both their chests.

House rolled off of Wilson, once their breathing had slowed down enough. He looked for something to clean them up with and settled on his discarded t-shirt. Once they were dry, House flopped back alongside Wilson and regarded him in the light of the fire.

"Well those bags aren't going to bring themselves in," House said as Wilson sat up, stretching. "And grab me a beer while you're at it too."

Wilson threw the balled up shirt at House's head as he struggled to his feet. He walked unsteadily out of the tent and returned a moment later with 2 beers. He handed one of them to House as he laid back down and smiled. "The bags can wait. I think we have a few hours left of camping to enjoy."