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Chapter 1

"Buffy, duck!" A boy yelled from the other side of the playground as a huge basketball now headed towards the blonde. Buffy Summers turned around just in time to see it. Sure that it was going to collide with her face, she let out a yell and prepared herself for the pain.

It never came. She opened her eyes that she had closed a moment ago. The basketball was hovering in front of her. No it wasn't hovering; it was just being held on the palm of a girl's hand.

"Faith," Buffy exclaimed. The girl looked at her, her brown hair falling slightly over her chocolate eyes that were full of laughter.

"Tell me, B," she spoke, throwing the ball over her shoulder, where it bounced into the nothingness. The whole playground was disappearing. But the two girls calmly walked away, chatting.

"... Why do you keep dreaming of being hurt, huh?" she asked, mock frowning, "Is there something you want to talk about?"

Rolling her eyes, Buffy elbowed her friend gently.

Anxious to change the subject away from the previous dream she had been having, the blonde spoke up, "So how's it going?"

The laughter in Faith's eyes disappeared and she gave her a wry smile. "Five by five?" she offered.

"Five by what? What does that mean?" Buffy asked, curious.

"No idea," the brunette chuckled. "My uncle uses it all the time and I guess it means fine or something."

The scenery around them had changed completely. The playground had disappeared and instead they were now in a living room of sorts. There was a large couch with pillows in front of a fireplace, a small table between them. That was pretty much it. Not asking any questions, Buffy plopped onto the couch, waiting until her friend joined her to ask,

"You have an uncle? How come I've missed that factoid?"

Faith got more comfortable, by bringing her knees to her chest. She shrugged. "Because I've never heard of him until two days ago?"

"Yeah, that begins to explain it. So where did he pop up from?"

The brunette gave her a half of a shrug, smiling wryly. It was a look Buffy had deciphered years ago.

"What happened?" she whispered, a small part of her fearing the worst.

"Nothing," Faith replied, averting her eyes.

"Right," Buffy spoke sarcastically. "Listen, if you don't want to talk to me about it, I won't bother you, you know? Just... are you okay?"

A hesitant nod came from Faith. She glanced at her best friend. She knew that Buffy knew her better than anyone else in the world. It's not like many people made any effort anyways.

She couldn't remember when the first time she met Buffy in her dreams was. It had to be when she was like... six or something! At first they didn't made a big deal out of it. It was a dream. But as they started to find themselves alone in a sand box almost every day as soon as they fell asleep, they began to talk. They grew closer and the dreams, while they got slightly more infrequent, started to last a lot longer.

It was a dream. It made everything seem easier. They could reveal their secrets and not worry about them being revealed. Soon it went to such lengths, that both of them told each other things they've never told anyone else. Buffy was Faith's security blanket. Someone who made her feel totally safe during those few nights in a week that they met in. Someone she could trust.

With that in his mind, Faith's brown eyes locked with Buffy's concerned emerald ones.

The twelve year old sighed. "It's my mother. I, I couldn't stay with her anymore and if my uncle hadn't taken me in I would've most likely ended up with Social Services or something."

The blonde girl remained quiet, waiting for Faith to continue. The brunette gave her a look, but did so anyways.

"She got mad at Roger or Richard or whatever this one's name is and she kicked him out," she chuckled, her eyes clouding, "She drank, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time... One thing led to another and she... she..."

"You know," she tilted her head, not wanting to speak the words. Buffy did understand what she meant, but she didn't understand how a mother could do that.

"How bad," she asked softly instead.

"Not too bad, but I fell. Hit my head, got knocked out," her eyes darted around the room, "The next thing I knew Social Service people were all around me questioning me about the bruises on my face. They tracked down my relatives and only my Uncle was willing to take me in."

A silence followed. Buffy broke it.

"Mum freaked today. She found my diary and she 'happened' to read it. I got a whole speech about 'imaginary friends' all over again."

"What? She's still saying that? Jeez, it's been like six years," Faith chuckled, thankful for the change of subject. "I'd think she'd understand that I'm not a phase or something. I do exist, you know?"

Buffy too smiled. "Actually I'm not sure if I should be madder at mum for reading my diary or for treating me like a five year old."

"And your dad?"

"He came by yesterday for Dawn's play," Buffy shrugged, "I barely saw him. He came fashionable late and left before it ended."


"My life stinks!" The blonde girl suddenly exclaimed throwing her hands up. "Everything's so messed up right now."

"Tell me about it," Faith sighed, leaning against the pillows. "My life hasn't smelled like roses since... like ever."


"Depressive," Faith agreed with the blonde girl. "So your date with... Michael?"

"Even more depressive."

Faith sniggered at the look on Buffy's face. "That bad?"

"He tried to... He tried to..." Buffy flushed a bright red colour. "I can't... I mean..."

"Okay, calm down, twinkie," Faith ordered, totally amused. "What did he try to do?"

Buffy mumbled something under her breath. Faith heard her anyways.

"I won't laugh. Really. I won't."


Moment of silence

"He tried to kiss you," Faith repeated staring at her. "As in on the cheek?"

"No as on the lips! I freaked, F. I mean, I seriously freaked," Buffy muttered, hiding her face into her hands and trying to make the burning feeling go away. Needless to say it didn't.

"Um, I thought you 'liked' Michael," Buffy peeked through her fingers to see her best friend looking at her with confusion.

"Yeah," she responded.

"So, why were you so freaked?" Faith inched closer, interested. She always liked the whole heart-to-heart between the two friends. Buffy always had something to say that surprised her.

"I don't know," the blonde responded. When Faith gave her the look, she insisted, "I don't!"

More of the look from Faith.

"Fine," Buffy huffed, "I just... You know... can't... I've never..."

"Woah, time out," Faith clutched her pillow in shock. "You've never kissed anyone before?"

The pillow that hit her face suggested that she wasn't very subtle about her shock.

"You know, not all of us manage to kiss five guys in ten minutes."

The brunette girl waggled her eyebrows, "Gotta love spin the bottle."

"Well, I'm not as brave as that. I can't kiss boys."

"Why? Afraid of getting cooties?"

Another pillow hit Faith's face. The teenager groaned. "Stop that, B!"

"Stop mocking me!" Buffy said, folding her arms over her chest.

"I wasn't mocking, I was telling the facts," the brunette shrugged. She then grinned comfortingly. "It's not that bad. Not if you find a normal guy. Some guys try to..." she shuddered at the thought. "But you just... go with the flow."

"Go with the flow," Buffy raised an eyebrow. "When did you began having faith in metaphors."

"Hey, now you're mocking me."

"Nope, just stating the truth," Buffy denied. "But for the record, it's bad when a boy tries to kiss you and you break away and run as fast as you can."


"Thought so," Buffy spoke. "My life is so messed up."


She approached the target slowly. She could hear the swing moving. Just as she was supposed to step out of the shadows, the girl on the swings jerked slightly.

"Jeez, trying to give me a fucking heart attack, B?" The teenager on the swings turned to look at the girl in question, "Were you a stalker in your previous life or something."

"Possibly," Buffy sat onto the swing. "It's been a while."

"Yeah," Faith whispered softly.

During the last year, their shared dreams had lost their frequency. Now they barely met twice a month. It was weird, given that the two of them spent about half of their childhood dreams together. They both felt like they were losing their best friend. And it wasn't a nice feeling.

"Hey, you alright?" Buffy noticed the look on Faith's face. "Did something happen?"

"Yeh. I guess. I don't know. This is as confusing as hell," she glanced at her friend. "I... I'm not supposed to tell anyone."

For a moment Buffy looked slightly hurt. The brunette quickly shook her head,

"No. It's not like I don't want to tell you. I do. But... it's complicated. Like really complicated. I don't even get some of the stuff."

"Come on. Try me," Buffy pushed off the ground, swinging slowly.

"You can't tell anyone and don't laugh. It's kind of weird, but it's serious," Faith bit her lip. Buffy stopped the swinging. She rarely saw the other girl nervous.

"I promise," the blonde spoke, turning the chains slightly, so she was facing her. "Come on, you know you can tell me."

Faith nodded slowly. "Well, you know how I was supposed to go to the foster home when Mum hit me three weeks ago?"

Buffy scowled but nodded her head. Faith's mum had for unknown reasons gotten Faith back to live with her. For some time Faith had even believed that things were going to work out. Then Martin showed up. More drinking, more yelling, more violence. Resulting in Faith being hurt.

"Well, anyways, I never made it to that foster home. No, don't look at me like that. I promised you I wouldn't run and I didn't, but this woman came up to me and she told me... stuff. Stuff I didn't want to believe. But she showed me. She showed me that they really exist."

"What exist?" Buffy looked at her friend, who was looking rather pale.

"The vampires and demons, B. I know it sounds crazy and I can't explain what's going on, but... But it's real. They exist and I'm, I'm a potential, what ever that is," Faith swallowed. When Buffy opened her mouth to speak, Faith raised a hand. "Wait let me finish."

"I know I'm only thirteen and a half and all, but Diana, she says I have to train, because someday I could become the Slayer, no idea what that was, but it seemed important. She's taking me away, to live with her. My mum doesn't give a damn and I... I just want to get away."

The girl looked at her blonde friend. "I'm not expecting you to understand, but I saw a vampire. Rising for the grave and then turning to dust. Diana says doing that is my destiny. I need a destiny, B."

She tucked her hair behind her ear. "You must think I'm going whacko, don't you?"

Buffy was rendered speechless. "Vampires exist?" she finally asked, surprised.

Faith nodded slowly, before looking at her. "You... you believe me? Like that? You believe me?"

"Of course I believe you. You're my best friend and I love you. I have to believe you. Besides why the hell would you lie about something like that?"

Faith blinked several times, before speaking again. "This is crazy. Now I think I'm imagining this conversation. You are so... calm about this? How can you be calm? I almost fainted!"


"No, not really. I don't faint," Faith argued, "But still. You're cool about this? You're not going to think I'm crazy and this conversation, it's really happening."

"As far as I can think yes it is happening and no, I don't think your crazy. Now come on, swinging contest? You look like you could loosen up a little."

"Oh, you're so on, B."

So they swung a bit and then bet on who could jump further. On weird note, they both landed on the exact same line.

"I win," Faith finally announced after the whole measuring.

"How do you figure that?" the blonde gazed at her. "I'm pretty sure I landed farther away."

"No you didn't," Faith responded. "I'm a better swingjumper, admit it."

"Not for the world," Buffy grinned. "I've seen five year olds jump farther. Hence, I win, because out of the two of us, I'm the only one with the intelligence above a five year old."

"Okay, that might've not made sense, but you're going down anyways, B!" Faith lunged at her and the two of them rolled on the ground, in a huge tickling competition. Buffy finally won, sitting on Faith's stomach.

"Admit it, I won," she said smugly.

"I did," Faith argued. That brought on another round of tickling. "Fine," she gasped. "I.Give. You fucking. Win."

"Ah, watch your language, will you? Mum already yelled at me for cursing. You're bad influence on me."

"Aw, is little Buffy using too big words," Faith teased.

"Right, you're forgetting who has the control here," Buffy grinned down at her, still positioned on her stomach. "Do you want a remainder."

"Hah, like you..."


The call was so distant, but Faith recognized the voice.

"That's Diana. She's here to pick me up. I should... I should wake up soon," the brunette looked up at Buffy. The blonde got off of her and reached out a hand. Faith grabbed it, grinning.

"So, I'll see you whenever we share a dream again?"

"Yeah, like always. See you, Faith."

"See you, B!"

Then Faith's outlines blurred and a moment later she disappeared completely. Unknown to both girls, this was the last dream they shared for a long time.

Time passed and soon both girls begun to forget about each other. Not completely, since that wasn't possible. They thought of each other once a while, but Buffy was busy trying to help her now single mother take care of the household and going to school. She even started cheerleading.

Faith on the other hand spent her time with Diana, her Watcher, as she was told. She took better care of her than any adult had ever before and they fell into a pattern consisting of school, training and free time alike.

It was a short while after Buffy's fifteenth birthday, when an accident occurred.

Many miles away in California

"Come on, Vanessa," a man whispered, "Breathe."

He took in a big gulp of air, lowered his mouth to Vanessa's and blew, while applying some pressure to her chest.

Nothing. Still no pulse.

"Vanessa, come on." She was bleeding. He could see that much, but she also had been underwater for so long. The vampire had stabbed her and then pushed her down the bridge.

He once again repeated the procedure. His heart jumped, when the green eyed slayer coughed. She was alive.


"I'm here. I'm here," he spoke gently, "Don't move, you're hurt."

"Merrick, I..." She coughed, blood trickled down the corners of her mouth, "I'm sorry. I should've listened. You're my Watcher and I..." she coughed and more blood appeared. The man looked close to crying.

"Don't. Nessa, keep fighting. Don't give up."

"I'm sorry I lost," Vanessa whispered, her black hair falling over her eyes. Then her eyes fell closed.

"No, Vanessa. Vanessa!"

It was over. She was dead. A single tear running down his cheek, Merrick had no idea what was happening.

Far away Buffy Summers' dreams shifted. Instead of random stuff, she began having violent dreams about women from different periods of history slaying monsters. She had no idea what was happening to her until a man approached her. His name was Merrick Jamison-Smythe and he was her Watcher.

The day she met him was a big day in Buffy's life. Not only did she get an important destiny and a lot more information about ... everything, she also got back Faith.

But that's a whole another chapter.


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