Chapter 14

She dropped to the ground with a small groan, rolling away quickly and thus managing to avoid the leather boot that stomped down a moment later.

Flipping herself up again, Buffy wheeled around, ready to retaliate. However before she could get to the actual ass-kicking, something else caught her attention. Her eyes widened, her hands fell onto her sides and she clutched the material covering her stomach, completely horrified.

"Are you joking me?" She tugged on the cloth and poked the stain now apparent on her tank top. Un-friggin'-believable! She threw a sharp look at the one responsible and threw her hands up into the air in irritation. "I just bought this, you know!"


Buffy squealed and jumped back, avoiding the kick that seemed to accompany the apology. She felt her back collide with something very solid and a tiny wave of nerves shot up her spine.

She was trapped. Oh damn, damn, damn.

She patted the thing behind her, warily watching her opponent approach her as she did so. A wall. Probably the mausoleum. Chances of breaking through it – zero.

A fist headed right at her.

Lacking alternative escape routes, she ducked.

"OW. Mother-fuckin'..."

After letting out a cheeky snigger, Buffy evaluated her situation. Crouched down by the mausoleum wall, right in front of a nice looking pair of legs, she was smart enough to know what to do next. Her leg swiped out and in less than a second her opponent tumbled onto the ground with a small 'oomph'.

The blonde stood up, a victorious grin on her face. Glancing down at the one she had defeated, her grin widened. She felt oddly satisfied and carefree right now. No weird thoughts to bug her, no doubts in her mind, no...

"If ya wanted me on my back, B, ya should've just asked."


Buffy brushed it off though – as well as she could – and presented the brunette on the ground with a brilliant reply,

"Shut up."

Faith laughed, heartfelt, even though slightly out of breath. She pushed herself up into a sitting position and slid her hand over her hair, getting it out of her face. Doing so she realized that her hand, not that surprisingly, hurt like hell.

Tilting her head she lifted her hand in front of her face and noted, quite dryly,

"That was one wicked strong mausoleum."

"I say it was karma," Buffy responded, glancing at the stain on her brand new top. "Although, that hit was rather impressive." Her brow furrowed now and out of the blue she turned towards the brunette with an affronted, "Hey! What if I hadn't ducked?"

"Come on, it's you, B. You always manage to duck," Faith replied, leaning back. Not comfortable, she let herself fall onto the ground mere moments later, folding her good hand under her head. She rolled her tongue, in thought. "Yah, you'd think I could've remembered that lil' fact two minute ago."

"Well, it's no secret you're slow sometimes," Buffy teasingly replied, casually hopping onto the headstone nearby. Taking in the position Faith was in, she had to admit that she had never seen someone look that comfortable splayed across someone's grave during the night. "Does it hurt?"

Faith lazily turned her head.

"Only the first time, I guess. You know what they say - it'll get better the more you..."

"Faith," Buffy interrupted, knowing where this was headed. "Your hand. Does your hand hurt?"

"Oh, that's what you asked?" The brunette grinned, closing her eyes again. "Nah, it's five-by-five."

Moments later, Buffy let her eyes slide from the brunette's face to her hand resting right under her...

"B, you're either not believing my 'it's five-by-five' or you're ruthlessly checking out my rack. Better be the last one."

Come on, her eyes were still closed. There's no way she could've seen her look at her.

As if reading her thoughts or rather correctly interpreting the silence, Faith spoke up,

"I'm a hot chick with superpowers and leather. I can pretty much do anything." She opened her eyes and grinned. "Seriously, the hand's fine."

"Doesn't hurt or anything?"


The blonde narrowed her eyes.

"Prove it. Wiggle them."

"What?" Faith seemed to be amused if anything by the request.

"The fingers. You know, like this," Buffy moved all of her fingers. "Wiggle, wiggle."

Faith rolled her eyes, but knowing the blonde as well as she did, threw her hand up in the air anyways and moved them – ridiculously fast.

"Look, B. Spirit fingers!" She smirked at the half-smile she got in return. "Knew you watched that bullshit."

"I have no idea what you're referring to," the blonde innocently inspected her nails, before flicking a piece of dirt from the headstone towards the girl on the ground. "Also, I believe this is the pot calling kettle a cheerleading movie watc... Oh. Finally!"

Buffy scooted down from the gravestone, stepping back to observe the ground moving just slightly.

"You'll take care of it, right?" Faith asked from her position, seemingly not about to move.

Buffy threw her a look.

"What? You're just going to lay there?"

"I'm injured," the brunette answered, raising herself slightly to look at the hand that had just popped out from the grave. "Besides it's a newbie. Not like you need backup on this one."

Buffy gave a nod in agreement. That was true. Also, another fight wouldn't be too bad. Maybe she could have a little fun here.

The man was climbing out of the grave by now, all dirty and pale. He noticed them both and leered, obviously thinking he was one lucky undead man.

Buffy was starting to really like the idea of kicking his ass.

He stumbled towards them, ready to lunge.

"Hey, dude!" Faith shifted her legs a little, as the guy almost fell on them. "You step on me, and I swear to god, I'll kick your ass."

"She's not joking," Buffy replied, casually brushing against the stake she had in her waistband behind her back. "She's always had issues with people stepping on her."

"Well, wouldn't you?" Faith ignored the vampire in front of her and looked up at the blonde nearby. "It's not a nice feeling, okay?"

The vampire growled.

"I guess not," Buffy scratched the back of her neck. "And his boots are all muddy too. That'd ruin your clothes."

"Exactly," Faith placed her head back on the ground, but not before giving the dead guy another warning glare. "Do try to avoid stepping on me, okay?"

"I just want to drink your blood!"


Buffy was the first one to burst out laughing, split-second before Faith followed her lead.

"I can't believe it," The blonde gasped through laughter, moving to the right, making the vampire follow her movement. "Just when I think there's nothing they can say to catch me off guard..."

"They smack you in the face with the lamest vampire line ever," Faith supplied, still chuckling, as she watched the blonde casually face-off to the pale dude. "So fuckin' original."

The vampire was obviously not expecting a verbal beating. His head kept snapping from the girl in front of him to the girl casually lounging on the ground nearby. Neither of them seemed scared, but he knew just the way how to fix it.

Now what did he have to do to make his face work.


Oh. There we go.

"Are you ready to die?" He asked, enjoying the feeling of power coursing through him. He was going to kill them both and enjoy making them pay. The blonde in front of him looked up at him with wide green eyes. Gleeful at the sign of fear, he asked, "Are you scared?"

And then she grinned.

"Of course I am. There's only so much lame lines a girl can take per night, you know."

That was his limit. He lunged, ready to rip the tiny girl to pieces. Imagine his surprised when he attacked and ended up face down in the ground, his back aching from the sudden kick the blonde had somehow placed there, even though he was quite certain she had been facing him.

Even angrier now, he got onto his feet and shot towards her again, hands outstretched.

With ease that scared the crap out of him, the blonde caught his arm, kneed him in the stomach and sent him flying head first into a mausoleum nearby.

He groaned at the collision.

The words "I can relate" coming from the brunette lounging on the ground rang in his head as he did so.

Faith looked away from the pathetic vampire and at Buffy, smirking now,

"Looks like the guy isn't even trying."

"I know right," Buffy turned her back to the guy and faced her best friend instead. "I get all dressed up for them, spend my valuable time thinking up witty things to say, hang out in cemeteries to get a chance to meet them and all I get is a incompetent fighter with sentences like 'I want to drink your blood'."

She shook her head.

"Back in the old days, I had to actually try to beat a vampire in a fight."

"That was last week," Faith propped herself up on her elbow, watching as the vampire by the mausoleum got onto his feet. One glance at the blonde told her that Buffy was aware of it too.

"Yeah... those were the days," Buffy's hand grasped the stake as the vampire behind her straightened up. "The grass was greener, you know, and the cows were bigger or something like that."

Faith snorted.

"Cows were bigger?"

"I think so, I don't know, I didn't actually measure any," Buffy's hand twitched as the vampire, thinking he was sneaky and all, started to approach her slowly at start. Faith's eyes flew to him as soon as he picked up actual speed, but before Buffy could put her stake into action something else collided with the vampire.

One big muscular brooding vampire being that something else.

With a loud crash the two vampires smashed into the ground, struggling with each other.

Faith stood up, finally motivated enough to do so. Coming to stand next to Buffy, she surveyed the fight alongside with her best friend.

It wasn't the most enthralling fight ever, because one of them had an obvious upper hand here – Angel was the one on top, both figuratively and literally. Holding his opponent against the ground, he seemed to have no trouble grabbing hold of his head and twisting it until it snapped off with a loud crack and the body beneath him disappeared in a cloud of dust.

"Okay, that was not bad," Faith murmured, watching as the man, who she had happily dubbed as Soulboy a good while ago, got up and approached them, looking as dark and broody as Faith had seen him in Buffy's dream world.

"Hey," Buffy was the one to speak first, her eyes on her boyfriend. "Nice entrance."

"Yeah, well, I like showing off a little," Angel replied, his mouth curling. His eyes went onto Faith and after small hesitation, he nodded at her. "You must be Faith."

Faith nodded right back.

"And you must be Angel."

What followed was a rather silent scene. The wind blew softly; a crow made noise in the distance somewhere and Angel and Faith - they just stared at each other. For a while. In complete silence.

"Well... isn't this fun?" Buffy finally spoke up, clapping her hands together after the quiet had stretched on for long enough. "I just knew you two were going to be the best of pals."

Faith couldn't help it. While she knew that he was one of the good guys and Buffy's boytoy on top of that, the Slayer in her was still all sorts of itchy about it. Made her wonder how Buffy could stand it in such large quantities. Maybe she had found a way to somehow adjust her slaydar or something. Was that even possible?

Overall though, Faith had accepted the fact her best friend was dating a vamp a long while ago. Add that to the fact that he was hot and strong and used said strength to rip heads off from vampires?

Faith approved.

And in a rather Faith-like fashion, she just had to be clear about it. She dragged her eyes away from the man in front of her and turned towards the blonde,

"No wonder he gives ya that low tickle. Man's a beast with nice hair."

The look she gained from Buffy in return put a smirk on her face. The amused one she got from Angel widened it.

Even though she would've enjoyed teasing Buffy even a little more she, as a girl with experience and wisdom, knew what she was supposed to do. Making sure she had her stake, she started to slowly back away from the couple.

"Hey, I'm gonna check out the northern cemetery, 'kay and then head to the Bronze. I guess we could just meet there by 9 or something, right?"

"You sure?" Buffy looked uncertain. "Angel and I could come with..."

"Nah," Faith cut in. "You two should... find the fun a little. Was a pleasure to meet ya, Angel. B, I shall see you later and..." She flashed her dimples at her. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone."

Buffy grinned back at her.

"That doesn't leave out much."

"Exactly!" Faith sent a suggestive eyebrow waggle her way, before turning her back on the couple. Throwing a wave towards them without even as much as looking back, she walked off into the trees.

Buffy watched her leave, before turning towards her boyfriend. Firm hands wrapped themselves around her waist and she sighed happily, breathing in the scent that was so completely Angel.

"I missed you," she admitted, feeling herself relax for what seemed to be the first time in a long long while. Angel had always had this calming effect on her and nobody else could make her feel that safe.

Yet, merely moments later, when Angel captured her lips with his own, a certain person flashed through her mind.

Damn it.

This was not okay.

When Angel deepened the kiss, the lingering brunette in the back of her mind disappeared for the time being.

But the fact was that an evil, distracting Faith-shaped seed had been planted firmly into her mind. And even if she forgot about it sometimes, it still remained there, growing roots and branches and all sorts of things it shouldn't be growing.

It was likely that this could end up driving her completely crazy.

And that would just suck.

Big time.


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