Series – Hogwarts and Halliwells

Title – Back From The Future

Summary: 9th in my Hogwarts and Halliwells series. Two people, one familiar to the Charmed side, appear in this time, after a spell has gone wrong. Read what happens while they are here. Harry Potter Charmed Xover. Major AU. HG RHr JL LePi SPh RPr CA

Full Summary: Not going to post this just yet, it will give too much away. But once I've posted the third chappie, I'll put it up.

And of course we have the ceremony of naming all the pairings in this fic. They consist of: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, James/Lily, Leo/Piper, Sirius/Phoebe, Remus/Prue and the couple from the future (You'll find out, can you guess if I put the couple down as CH/AP?).

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Other Information: This is a Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, James/Lily, Leo/Piper and Sirius/Phoebe and Remus/Prue fic. Read my other stories first chapters for vital information.

This is the ninth in my Hogwarts and Halliwells series, so here is a little recap of the previous instalments:

My Parents, the Whitelighters:Harry has a dream of the Charmed Ones and asks them for help in summoning his parents. It fails but Leo comes down from 'Elderland' with Lily and James, who are now Whitelighters (James is Remus and Sirius' and Lily is Harry, Hermione and Ron's.). They return to Grimmauld Place to tell Sirius and Remus. After the reunion, James goes to the ministry to tell them that he is alive and that Sirius is innocent. It is announced in the Daily Prophet and Lily, James, Harry, Sirius and Remus move to Godric's Hollow (the real one, not the one that was blown up, which was a safe house with the same name).

Harry Potter and the Last Battle: An Elder tells Lily and James that everyone has to help Harry defeat Voldemort. The Elders discover there are Kinetic Charmed Ones and release their powers. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny turn out to be those Kinetic Charmed Ones. They have to learn to control the powers and train to defeat Voldemort. Ron and Hermione & Harry and Ginny start dating. When they arrive at the battlefield, James, Sirius and Remus run into Wormtail while Harry and the others go straight to Voldemort. The Marauders find them and Voldemort casts Avada Kedavra at Harry. Wormtail jumps in the way, fulfilling his Wizard's Debt to Harry. Harry then casts Avada Kedavra with Hermione, Ron and Ginny and Voldemort is finally killed. In the end, Lily discovers that she is pregnant.

The Charmed Professors: Dumbledore goes to the Charmed Ones to ask them to become the new DADA teachers. They accept this offer after finding out they all have wand magic. Leo is also a wizard but came from a Muggleborn family so didn't know. For their first lesson with the 7th years, they summon Grams to show them Wiccan magic. When they talk to Grams after the lesson, she tells them that Harry, Ron and Hermione are to receive more powers soon. Sure enough, Harry receives telekinesis and astral projection, Ron receives premonitions and levitation and Hermione gets freezing time and molecular combustion. Draco asks Paige out on a date and she rejects him, because he is so young.

Become With The Animal Inside You: In the final stages of their Animagus potion, Harry, Hermione and Ron are caught taking an ingredient from Snape's stores by the Charmed Ones. They don't turn them in, but rather ask if they can take the potion with them. When the time comes, the 6 of them take the potion and fall into a sleep, the side effect. Ginny has been spying on them and takes it with them. When they wake, Piper is a cat, Phoebe a dog, Paige an Owl, Harry a Lion, Ginny a Lioness, Ron a Puma and Hermione a Lynx. They discover that Leo is an Animagus too from when he was a Whitelighter, he is a cat. They tell Lily, James, Remus and Sirius and spend the full moon with them. Phoebe and Sirius share a 'moment'. There is a costume ball on Halloween night and all of them attend.

What Do You Mean, Half Whitelighter?: Paige decides to invite her Whitelighter father Sam over for a visit. While he is there, he sees Molly, who faints at the sight of him. When she comes too, it is discovered that they knew each other from a party years ago and they had a one night stand. One of the Weasley children is Sam's and it turns out it is Ginny. She is upset at first but soon comes around to the idea. Her powers are unbound and she receives two powers, orbing and telekinetic orbing. She learns how to harness her Whitelighter powers and has controlled them fully in a week. Phoebe and Sirius share a kiss and start dating.

Two Sets Of The Power Of Four?: The Kinetic Charmed Ones are home from Hogwarts for the Holidays and a mysterious person keeps popping up around Godric's Hollow, PRUE! After being seen by Phoebe, Leo, Remus and Ron and Hermione, she finally appears in front of all of them. It turns out that she never really was dead and is allowed down now by the Elders. Piper and Leo and then Phoebe and Sirius develop Soul Powers (empathy and telepathy respectably.) The full moon comes and Piper's potion for Remus works and the wolf will no longer be in control. They discover that Prue is a wolf Animagus. Christmas comes and with it James' birthday. The New Year is celebrated with Lily's birthday and then the Kinetic's finally have to go back to Hogwarts for the new term, where Draco Malfoy seems a little less hostile towards the Kinetic Charmed Ones.

Not More Powers!: The Charmed Ones and Kinetic Charmed Ones are all getting a new power each! Harry has Phasing, Hermione had Energy Balls (Not known why), Ron had Telepathy, Ginny has Lightning Balls, Prue has Conjuring, Piper has Molecular Transfiguration, Phoebe has Empathy and Paige has Glamouring. The Kinetic's make a deal with Draco Malfoy, who wants to fight evil and be one of the good guys. A new Source is in town but is quickly vanquished by two Power of Four spells. But now demons have found out about the Kinetics! Dumbledore places a spell on Hogwarts so no demons may enter but Hermione is hurt. He changes it to any evil intent. Prue and Remus go on a date, and maybe keep on dating? Of course they do!

Birth Of A Daughter: When she is within a few weeks of her due date, Lily is kidnapped by a demon called Nedom. The reason, because they want her child to raise as the new source. James and Harry have to control their emotions as they plan to get her back. Thankfully, with the help of Hermione, they retrieve her from the Underworld, but she's in labour! The new arrival is delivered into this world safely and she is named Alysabeth Lily Potter. Remus and Prue discover they have a soul power, telepathy, while at Alysabeth's celebration party and Chris' 1st birthday. James and Lily decide that they want Remus as Alysabeth's godfather, but since neither Potter child has a godmother, Phoebe is named Harry's and Prue is named Alysabeth's.



Firstly, I would like to say to all my readers... I AM SOOOOOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING IN LIKE MONTHS!!!!! I've had a lot on and fan fiction has been the least of my problems. But... here I am again.

Here we are the next story, all happy and waiting to be read. I hope you enjoy it, I just hope it's really well written, I've read some that have time travel and they aren't the best. Oh well, it's been written now. Enjoy! Oh and BTW I changed some eye colours of characters. Mainly Chris' and Wyatt's if they weren't what I've put them down as.

Chapter 1: Stalkers…?

Hogsmeade, Friday Evening…

Harry Potter had his arm around his girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, as they were walking around the Wizarding town of Hogsmeade. With them were Ron Weasley, hand clamped to Hermione Granger's, both smiling broadly. Between the couples was a young man who had dark blond hair with dark brown eyes, Draco Malfoy. Harry had changed his appearance so that Draco's cover wasn't blown. His cover story was that he was a relative of the Halliwells who the Kinetics had become friendly with. They were about to go into Honeydukes, when Ginny stopped.

"What's wrong Gin?" Harry asked.

"I thought I saw… Never mind." She said. They walked in.
"Gin, what did you really see?" Harry asked privately.

She sighed. "I think I'm just paranoid, but I thought I saw a guy and this woman watching us."

"They could have been looking at anything. Don't worry about it." Harry kissed her cheek and they went to buy some sweets. It wasn't too crowded, the thrill of going to Hogsmeade every week had worn off for about half of the students. They made their purchases and left the shop.

Harry, I feel it again. I swear that we're being watched. Ginny thought to Harry.

Where from, what direction? Harry asked her.

Our left. Harry turned to see if he could see any one looking over at them, and he saw a group of students, fourth years he estimated. Gin, it's just a few Hogwarts students, nothing to be worried about.

I know, I just had this feeling. Ginny squeezed his hand. "So, where to next?" She asked out loud.

"How about go to Zonko's?" Draco suggested.

"Yeah, sounds good." Ron said. "Might see the twins there today."

"How comes they might be here?" Hermione asked while they walked towards the famous joke shop.

"Because they're visiting some joke shops around Britain to promote their stock."

But Fred and George weren't visiting Zonko's that day, so the five of them brought what they wanted and left the busy little shop.

Harry, look to your right, two people, looking straight at us. Harry turned to his right and saw a brown haired man and a red haired woman, trying to look inconspicuous but none the less they were looking in their direction.

"Hey guys do you see that couple looking over at us?" Harry whispered to the others.

"Yeah, have they got a staring problem or something?" Ron whispered back.

"I think we have some stalkers. I saw them before we went into Honeydukes." Draco said.

"Let's go over to the shrieking shack, we can orb inside." Ginny said.

"Isn't that haunted guys?" Draco asked.

"Oh yeah, we forgot to mention about that." Hermione said as they started walking in the direction of the shrieking shack. "When the Marauders were all at Hogwarts, Remus would come here to transform every full moon. Dumbledore just encouraged the rumours that it was haunted."

"That explains a lot." Draco said. They walked around a corner and quickly orbed away from the spot. The couple who had been watching and following them came round to find nothing.

Shrieking Shack…

Harry and Draco watched out of the window as they saw the couple walk away from them. "Ok guys, they've gone."

"Wonder why they were following us." Hermione said.

"Don't know, do care." Ginny said. "I think we should get back to Hogwarts and tell everyone."

"Good idea Gin." Ron said. Every grabbed Ginny's hands again and they were orbed away to Kinetic Tower first before heading over to see the sisters.

Charmed Tower…

Everyone had been gathered in Charmed Tower, after going to see the Charmed Ones about it. They explained what had happened and that they had been followed.

"What did they look like? We can keep an eye for them if we see them." Lily said, gently rocking the crib she had brought for Alysabeth.

"The man had dark brown hair, about chin length a little shorter maybe. He looked quite tall, maybe the same as Ron. And the woman had long dark red hair, deep red, and she was shorter. We didn't really get a good look at them though." Hermione said.

"This man, did you see his eyes?" Leo asked, Piper thinking it.

"Yeah, I think they were blue." Ginny said.

"That's impossible." Piper blurted out.

Leo got up and got a photo from above the fireplace. "Is this the man?" He asked them. They looked at the photo, a photo of Chris Halliwell.

"It could be, we didn't see them close up though." Draco said.

"Excuse me for a moment." Piper said, getting up and storming up to her room with little Chris.

"What was that about?" Ron asked.

"It's nothing." Leo said. He could feel what Piper was feeling and he knew he was lying, it wasn't nothing at all.

In Hogsmeade, By The Shrieking Shack…

As they sat on the log by the shack, the man sighed.

"Beth, what are we going to do if they keep orbing away from us when we get near to them?" He asked the woman.

"Topher, we will. You know it happens, I guess it's just going to take time." Beth replied. She brushed some of her red hair out of her hazel eyes. "Once they realise that we aren't demons…"
"But you know they think we are, that or a couple of stalkers." Topher replied. "I'm surprised they haven't hunted us down yet with potions."

"Topher Perry! (A/N: Ooh, a hint there!) Keep a hold of your self." Beth said fiercely, her eyes changing shade slightly to add some green. (A/N: Ooh, another hint there!) "You know they aren't really like that."

Topher sighed. "Your right. As usual. How comes you are always right?"

"Because I'm me." She replied. "Now come on, we need to get back to our place." And they travelled back to where they had been staying for the past few nights.

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