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Chapter 3: The Truth… At Last

Covent Garden…

Harry and Ginny walked around, still a little tired from the full moon the night before. They decided to get a break from Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. The whole Beth and Topher thing was annoying now. They saw them everywhere in Hogsmeade on Saturday, so Muggle London was a good place to get away from it all. They had travelled through Trafalgar Square, Camden Market, Piccadilly Circus and Leister Square. They had just spent an hour in the Tocadero (A/N: I Love That Place!) and were going to wander around Covent Garden market. That was, until, they saw two familiar people.

"What the hell?" Ginny said. "Why do they have to stalk us still?"

"I don't know, but lets get somewhere so we can orb away." Harry took her hand and they wandered down an alley across the street. They turned to see if they were being followed still and sure enough, they were. Until they heard a car's horn and Beth, right in it's path, stared at it. Before she orbed out of the way, Topher sprayed a jet of water at the windscreen so the driver wouldn't see the magic. The car drove past and Beth orbed back in behind it. Harry and Ginny's jaws dropped. It was just lucky that it wasn't a busy part, or everyone would want to know how they did that. Beth and Topher looked at each other before walking slowly over to them.

"I guess you want to know how we did that, yeah."

"Yeah, and another thing, why the hell are you stalking us everywhere we go?" Ginny asked.

"We have a good explanation." Beth said. "We're from the future you know."

"Yeah, Chris right?" He nodded. "And who are you then?" Harry asked.

"Well I'm offended. You don't even recognise your own sister Harry." Alysabeth said with a wink.

"You're Lyssa? Oh my God." Harry said. "No way are you my baby sister."

"He hasn't changed much over the years has he?" Lyssa said to Chris, who sighed.

"We really need to talk to everyone. Together, you think you can wrangle together Uncle Ron and the others?"

"Uncle Ron?" Ginny said.

"If you don't want two head aches, then I would wait until we explain everything." Lyssa said. "Should we orb to your tower?"

"Erm, yeah. We'll get everyone there." Harry said, rubbing his temple with the first signs of a headache.

"Ok, we'll go first. See ya there guys." Alysabeth and Chris orbed out separately.

"Come on then Gin, let's get everyone." Harry grabbed Ginny's hand and they orbed off to find everyone.

Kinetic Tower, With Everyone There…

"Chris!" Piper exclaimed as soon she reappeared from the orbs. She gave her youngest son a big hug, which Chris gave back.

"Hey mum. How have you been?" He asked.

"Ok. You sound British." She told him with a smile.

"That's cos I grew up around a bunch of English people. Dad, hey!" Chris gave Leo a huge hug, which Leo returned.

"Chris…" He started, but couldn't say any more.

"Its ok dad, I don't blame you for anything Gideon did." He said quietly to him. Leo pulled away.

"How do you know about that?" He asked.

"Well when I turned 23, I got a nice bunch of memories from when I was here a few years back. Not that Wyatt appreciated being told that he had been evil in another timeline."

"Why?" Piper asked.

"Don't know. But without me coming back, you wouldn't have come to Hogwarts, so I'm pretty glad I did." He told them. Then he spotted Prue. "Aunt Prue! Oh my God, I haven't seen you for weeks!"

"Chris, future weeks, remember?" Lyssa told him.

"I know, I'm not stupid." Chris rolled his eyes.

""Nice to finally meet future boy." Prue grinned as Chris groaned. Lyssa grinned at Chris.

"Future boy?" She asked.

"A nice little nickname his charming Aunt Paige created for him when he was here for a year." Phoebe said with a giggle.

"Thanks Aunt Phoebe, Aunt Prue. Had to bring that up, she use that against me now."
"Yeah, I can tell everyone else about it, I'm sure that Wy and El would love that." Lyssa said, then thinking it over, she added, "and I guess I could tell the others, I bet Am…"

"Lyssa, have you ever heard of future consequences!" Chris raised his voice. Paige, Phoebe, Piper and Leo all looked at each other.

"Yeah, that's our neurotic Chris back again." Phoebe said.

"You're such a comedian Aunt Phoebe." Chris said sarcastically.

"You're very welcome, now give the Auntie a hug!" Chris rolled his eyes but gave her a hug.

"I can't believe that you are our little girl all grown up." Lily said. She looked from the Alysabeth in the cot to the grown up daughter in front of her.

"It's like you've grown up in a flash." James added. Lyssa giggled.

"Well I won't say much because future boy will be annoyed with me, but you, in the future of course, told me to tell you, you did it right with me and that you loved it all. Plus, I had the greatest childhood ever, I couldn't have asked for more."

"Thank you Lyssa." Lily said, hugging her daughter from the future.

"So why are you British now Chris?" Paige asked, curious.

"Well I can go American since I got those memories, something about seeing a year of your life as an American that you can go American. Plus, seeing as I went to Hogwarts, I got it from there."

"Yeah that plus actually living here." Lyssa said.

"Lyssa, do you not get anything about future consequences, as in consequences of the future?" Chris asked.

"Shut up now Christopher Perry Halliwell or I will orb your testi…"

"That's enough of that young lady." Lily warned. "You're going to make every male in this room feel uncomfortable with that talk."

"You really haven't changed mum." Lyssa smiled.

"I'm going to like having a sister even more now." Harry grinned.

"Me and you are gonna get along great Harry." Alysabeth threw her arms around his shoulder.

"Yeah, especially with that cool fire power of yours."

"Fire power? You have Pyrokinesis?" James asked.

"Yeah, pretty fun power." Lyssa told them. "And a complete opposite of Chris."

"Why an opposite?" Ron asked.

Chris sprayed a small jet of water at Ron and grinned. "Because I have Hydrokinesis."

"How comes we didn't know that last time?" Phoebe asked.

"Because I only got it when Lyssa was born."

"Chris, are you two part of the Elemental Ones?" Leo asked.

"That prophesy all makes sense now doesn't it dad?" Chris said with a grin.

"Leo, what prophesy?" Piper asked.

"When I was an Elder, Zola asked me to decipher a prophesy. And it was for the Elemental Ones. It makes sense, well part of it does."

"'Elements four shall once again reside in humans four.

The first, a twice blessed with immense power,

The second, a daughter of a moon and star,

Third, a son of witch and a light of white,

Last, the youngest, a daughter of flower and stag.

When fourth is born, the elements shall be released.

Claye meets Briese and Rayn meets Phyre.

Together they will rid the world of all that is evil.'" Chris recited as if from a book.

"We're the third and fourth." Lyssa told them.

"Then who are the first and second?" James asked.

"Wyatt, twice blessed child. What does he have then, Aerokinesis or Geokinesis?" Piper asked.

"Geokinesis. But we can't tell you who the last one is, you haven't met her yet."

"So you two are together, are this other girl and Wyatt together?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, Wyatt and Ellie…" Chris covered his mouth as soon as he realised what he had said.

"Chris, don't you know about future consequences?" Lyssa mocked him.

"Who is Ellie?" Sirius asked.

"No one that you need to know about yet, Uncle Sirius." Lyssa glared at Chris.

"Chris, stop giving info out!" She growled.

"Phoebe and Sirius, sitting on a broomstick…" Paige and Harry started to sing. (A/N: BTW, I got that from The Second Generation Marauders. Give that story a read, if you love Harry/Hermione/Draco threesomes. One of the best stories I've read. And of course, there is one word that could be used that rhymes with stick… ;) If you get me.)

"Stop it you brat." Sirius ruffled Harry's hair.

"But Uncle Sirius, it's so obvious you get married." Harry moved out of the way before Sirius hit him round the head.

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