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Cipher's Revenge

Chapter One: Meet Lucas

This was the moment he was waiting for, ever since he first started his journey. He easily breezed through the 'Elite Four', but faced one more challenge, 'the Sinnoh Champ.'

All his hard work and development of the perfect team had paid off, for this exact moment.

Lucas, a twelve year old trainer, took a deep breath and took a step into the stadium. His Pokemon were healed by Nurse Joy, and he went to face his final and his toughest battle, yet.

The stadium was a large, dome-like, coliseum filled with cheering people from all corners. So this was how it felt to be in the very battle field past champs have battled it out.

Lucas felt a surge of excitement, and his blood boiled with anticipation. 'Bring on the champ so I can take her out.' he thought to himself.

"Today's challenger, Lucas from Twinleaf Town," cried the referee, "And his opponent, the current champ, Cynthia!!!!

Lucas flinched, Cynthia? She was the woman she first met in Eterna City, and gave him the HM, Cut. She helped him out a lot in the past, but never expected her to be the 'Sinnoh Champ'.

Cynthia entered the stadium, smiling, "Hi, Lucas!! I'm glad you made it this far!"

Lucas laughed in disbelief, "I just can't believe that all this time you were the 'Sinnoh Champ.' I've been dreaming for this moment for all my life, and now I see who I have to face…"

Cynthia smiled again, "Well, you aren't dreaming. This is very much reality, and, yes, I have been 'Sinnoh Champ' for a very long time." She paused for a bit.

"I saw your battle with the 'Elite Four', and I was impressed that you were able to beat them so easily."

Lucas smiled, remembering his battle with the 'Elite Four.' He breezed through Aaron's Pokemon with his Staraptor. Bertha was a little bit tougher, but Roserade managed to pull through. Flint was pretty hard, but Floatzel and Toxicroak managed to defeat his team. And finally, Lucian was the toughest, but Luxray and his old buddy Infernape pulled through.

"Now, fight me like you did with the other elite four members," Cynthia grinned, "I want to see you battle me at your full power!"

Lucas grinned back, "I've been looking forward to this battle for a very long time!"

"The rules are 6 on 6 battle; no switching out from both sides; without further adu, battle start!!!" the referee shouted.

Lucas and Cynthia both lashed out a Pokeball from their belts. They threw the ball and a Pokemon emerged from each ball.

"Luxray, you're up!!" Lucas cried as he threw the ball of the black and yellow cat.

"Spiritomb, battle dance!!!!" Cynthia cried as she threw the ball of the purple Ghost Pokemon.

Lucas looked worried, as a Ghost/Dark type Pokemon; it had no weakness, but shrugged this advantage aside.

'Spiritomb is a slow Pokemon,' Lucas thought, 'so I can take advantage with my speed attacks…' Lucas grinned.

"Luxray, Discharge!!!!!" Lucas ordered.

Luxray unleashed a storm of powerful thunder bolts

Cynthia grinned, "Spiritomb, counter with Psychic!!!"

The ghost Pokemon countered the electric attack by stopping it with a huge psychic force.

"Now Dark Pulse," Cynthia ordered.

Spiritomb unleashed a powerful aura imbued with dark thoughts; the attack blew away the Discharge and charged at Luxray.

Lucas frowned, that Psychic attack was problematic.

"Luxray, jump!!!!" Lucas ordered.

Luxray did a huge leap and dodged the powerful attack.

"Now on your way down, use Thunder Fang!!!" Lucas ordered; the force on the way down would hurt a lot.

Luxray charged at Spiritomb, its fangs sparking with electricity.

"Wait for it…" Cynthia smiled patiently, waiting for the right time to attack.

Luxray was close enough for an attack, "Now Psychic!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

Spiritomb stopped Luxray in midair, the electric cat stayed there, unable to move.

"Now, slam Luxray to the ground!" Cynthia ordered.

Spiritomb slammed Luxray with incredible force.

"…rrrrr…" it muttered weakly, hurt by the attack.

"Now, use Dark Pulse before it can recover!" Cynthia ordered.

Before Luxray could recover, Spiritomb unleashed another wave of dark thoughts.

Luxray was buffeted by the fierce wave, "Shake it off; don't give up now!!!!" Lucas commanded. The black cat shook off the attack, but was bruised badly.

'I gotta find an opening,' Lucas thought, 'Wait a minute… I got it!!!'

"Luxray, use Spark!!!" Lucas ordered. Luxray glared at him, confused by his recklessness, but charged with an electric tackle.

Cynthia frowned, "Surely you're smarter then that…" She exclaimed, "Dark Pulse!!!!"

Lucas grinned, "Exactly what I thought, Luxray, Discharge!!!!"

The electricity from Spark boosted the power of Discharge. The attack ripped right through the Dark Pulse.

Cynthia smiled, "Nice combo, but not good enough, Psychic!"

"Oh, no you don't, Luxray, use Thunder Fang!!!!" Lucas ordered.

Luxray changed from Discharge to Thunder Fang, Spiritomb stopped the Discharge, but was caught by the fang of Luxray, electricity surged through Spiritomb's body and it became paralyzed.

Lucas grinned, "Now Discharge at full power!!!!!!"

Luxray unleashed powerful electricity at full power. Spiritomb cried in pain as it was hit, and fainted when the attack ended.

Cynthia frowned, "I'm impressed, and your Luxray is a great fighter!"

"Thanks," Lucas smiled, but from the way Luxray was panting hard, he knew that he pushed it way beyond its limits. Even though he really wanted to give it a rest, the rules prohibited him from doing so.

"I think that I should start getting serious now…" She smiled, "Gastrodon, battle dance!!!!"

Lucas once again looked worried; Luxray was really worn out from its battle from Spiritomb. The Gastrodon was part ground added to the pressure; it made Crunch the only effective move against it.

'I can at least wear Gastrodon a little bit…' Lucas thought.

"Luxray, Crunch attack!!!" Lucas ordered.

The tired Luxray ran toward Gastrodon, its fangs bared for a vicious attack.

Cynthia smiled, "Muddy water now!!!"

Gastrodon started to ride on a wave of murky water, Luxray stopped its attack, charging at the wave would be considered madness.

"Use Discharge to rip the wave!" Lucas ordered.

Luxray tried to discharge its attack, but it used all of its energy in its previous battle.

Cynthia took this chance, "Gastrodon, jump behind Luxray and use the force on the trip down for an Earthquake attack!!!"

Gastrodon jumped down and unleashed an incredible tremor; poor Luxray was splashed by the wave and torn apart by the tremor.

The double attack was too much and the Cat Pokemon fainted.

Lucas returned Luxray and smiled softly, "Thanks buddy; you were awesome…"

'Damn, Luxray was one of my greatest assets,' Lucas thought, Luxray was Lucas's strongest Thunder type Pokemon. 'But I know who to use next…' He smirked.

"Go, Roserade!!!!" Lucas threw the ball of the heroine-looking Rose Pokemon.

Roserade was not only a battler, but also a contest Pokemon, so it made a flashy entrance. Roses circled around it as it landed, then the Pokemon bowed.

Cynthia was impressed by the entrance and applauded; Lucas just flushed red in embarrassment.

"Come on, Roserade… This is a battle with the champ, not a friendly Pokemon contest…"

Roserade nodded and entered battle mode, glaring at Gastrodon.

"All right, Leaf Storm!!!" Lucas ordered.

"Counter with Sludge Bomb!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

The two attacks cancelled each other out, but then a pair of vines emerged from the smoke and wrapped around Gastrodon, squeezing it tightly.

Lucas grinned, grass-type were great against Water and Ground types like Gastrodon.

"Giga Drain!!!!" Lucas ordered.

"WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Gastrodon cried in pain from the powerful draining attack, it was greatly weakened.

"Now use the energy from Giga Drain to unleash your Solarbeam attack!!!!" Lucas ordered.

"Ro…seraddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" the Grass Pokemon cried as it unleashed the powerful light-green beam at the weak Gastrodon.

Bam, a direct hit!!! Gastrodon fainted immediately.

Cynthia frowned, "I can tell you trained your Roserade very well…"

Lucas placed his hands behind his head, "Hah, and I'm just getting started!!!"

Cynthia smiled, "I'm afraid I'm just getting started, too!!! Milotic, battle dance!!!"

'A water-type, like Milotic is weak against a Grass type, like Roserade,' Lucas thought, 'what can she be thinking…'

Cynthia smiled, "I'll give you do the first attack…"

"Fine by me," Lucas grinned, "Roserade, Solarbeam!!!!!"

'Just what I was expecting.' Cynthia grinned, "Milotic, counter with Mirror Coat!!!!"

Lucas flinched as Roserade prepared unleashed the huge lime-green beam again.

"Roserade, don't release the attack!!!!!" Lucas ordered.

But it was too late; Roserade had already unleashed the huge blast of lime-green energy.

"Rade???" Roserade looked confused, what was its master worried about?

Milotic responded by glowing energy, the Solarbeam bounced of Milotic and charged at Roserade, only twice as strong.

'Damn, I should have known something was up…" Lucas cursed at himself.

"Roserade, you gotta avoid the attack!!!" Lucas exclaimed.

Roserade attempted to leap, but the beam was too fast, and scored a direct hit.

"…Rade…" it cried weakly as the beam devastated the rose Pokemon.

"Now finish Roserade off with your Ice Beam attack!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

"Milotiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccc," the Mystic Pokemon cried as it shot a ferocious blue beam of ice.

Lucas cringed; ice was deadly to Grass types, "Roserade, pull yourself together, you gotta dodge this!!!"

Roserade nodded and managed to recover from the Solarbeam in time and leapt, but it was too slow and was hit on the leg.

'I need a physical attack to get past Mirror coat,' Lucas thought, 'But what can I do, all of Roserade's moves are 'special type' attacks, I knew I should have taught Roserade a physical attack…'

Then he remembered; Roserade's vines weren't just used for draining…

He grinned, 'Why didn't I think about that…' He laughed in his head.

"Roserade spin around while slowly extending your vines!!!!" Lucas ordered.

Roserade nodded and spun around, its vines slowly extending and it slowly gained speed.

The vines continuously slammed Milotic; it couldn't fight back from the rising speed of the attack.

"Now, restore your health with your Giga Drain!!!" Lucas ordered.

Roserade spun one more time and abruptly stopped, the vines wrapped around Milotic. The Mystic Pokemon struggled to break free. Roserade then began draining the energy of Milotic, healing its injuries.

"Milo…tic," it moaned as it started to grow weak.

"Now Leaf Storm!!!" Lucas ordered.

"Ice Beam!!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

The two attacks collided, Ice Beam pierced through the storm of leaves, and the Leaf Storm charged at Milotic.

"Rade!" Roserade winced as Ice Beam struck Roserade.

"Tic!!!!!!" Milotic moaned as the storm of leaves tore up Milotic.

The two Pokemon fainted from their two attacks, smiling at each other, 'Good battle…' they thought.

"Great job, Roserade, you were awesome; you deserve a long rest." Lucas smiled and sighed, 'this is gonna be tough without Roserade…' he thought 'It's my third best Pokemon…'

"Return Milotic, excellent performance…" Cynthia smiled.

"Toxicroak, you're up!!!!" Lucas cried. The purplish frog appeared from its ball, ready for battle.

"Roserade, battle dance!!!!!!!" Cynthia cried.

Toxicroak twitched with Anticipation, Lucas looked worried; this meant her Roserade had a potent attack.

'I'd better attack from far away,' Lucas thought, 'I can't afford to be reckless in this fight…'

"Sludge Bomb!!!!!" Lucas ordered.

"Extrasensory!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

A strange, unseen force cancelled the Sludge Bomb. It then started to pelt Toxicroak with attacks.

Lucas cringed, so this was the potent attack…

"Toxicroak, you gotta fight back!!!!" Lucas ordered.

Toxcroak responded; it weakly pelted Roserade with its Sludge Bomb attack.

'I gotta finish this fast' Lucas thought, 'one more attack like that and I'm done for…'

"Poison Jab!!!!" Lucas ordered.

Toxicroak charged at Roserade, its knuckles filled with poison.

"Counter with Shadow Ball!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

Roserade shot a circular, black orb at Toxicroak. The blast hit Toxicroak, and it fainted instantly.

Lucas frowned, 'Poor Toxicroak, it didn't even get a chance to attack… guess that's to be expected from a four times effective attack…'

'I gotta get past that Roserade before it does any major damage,' Lucas thought.

"Floatzel, you're up!!!!!" Lucas cried as he threw its ball.

The orange sea weasel with a fur coat hanging on its back appeared from its ball;

"Use Whirlpool attack!!!" Lucas ordered.

A spiraling orb circled around in Floatzel's hand, and it then pressed the orb to the floor.

"Zellll!!!!" It cried as the orb turned into a charging Whirlpool. The Whirlpool charged toward Roserade.

"Energy Ball!!!!" Cynthia commanded.

Roserade shot a green ball of energy, the blast cancelled out the whirlpool.

Lucas grinned, "Now, Ice Fang!!!!"

Through the smoke, Floatzel came charging at incredible speed.

Crunch! Before Roserade could react, it was impaled by Floatzel's freezing fangs. The Rose Pokemon flinched from the powerful attack, trapped in its fangs.

"Now throw Roserade up and hit it with your Razor Wind!!!!!" Lucas ordered.

Floatzel threw Roserade with incredible power; it then spun and unleashed a razor sharp blade of wind.

Slash! The wind attack sliced Roserade, it fainted immediately.

Cynthia smiled, "I'm down to my last two Pokemon," She exclaimed, "No one has done that before."

"Yeah, well no one has pushed my Pokemon this far before," Lucas smiled back at Cynthia.

"This is the first battle in my life that I actually thoroughly enjoyed!" Cynthia said smiling.

"You're probably the toughest opponent I have ever battled!!" Lucas said, once again placing his hands behind his head with a broad smile on his face.


Meanwhile, in the Pokemon center, Ash and his friends watched the battle on T.V.

"What an awesome battle!!!" Ash, the fourteen year old Kanto Champ, exclaimed excitedly, "That Lucas kid is pretty good, who would've thought he would go up against Cynthia of all people!!!"

Dawn, a ten year old beginning coordinator, watched the battle, thinking, 'Where have I seen him before, it seemed so long ago…'

Ash interrupted her train of thought by excitedly saying, "The next match is starting!!!!"


"Lucario, battle dance!!!" Cynthia cried.

'Lucario, eh…' Lucas thought, 'This is gonna be a tough fight…'

"Whirlpool attack now!!!!" Lucas commanded. Floatzel unleashed a huge whirlpool at Lucario.

"Psychic!!!!" Cynthia commanded.

Lucario stopped the Whirlpool with a psychic force and sent it back at Floatzel. Floatzel stared, impressed by its power.

"Don't give up now, Aqua Jet!!!!" Lucas ordered.

"Dragon Pulse!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

At a powerful thrust of its arms, a dragon-like shockwave was unleashed.

Floatzel managed to cut through the Whirlpool with Aqua Jet's power, but the Dragon Pulse devastated the poor Weasel Pokemon.

"Use Water gun!!" Lucas ordered.

As it crashed toward the wall, it managed to unleash a forceful blast of water at Lucario.

However, the Aura Pokemon brushed off the blast as if it was nothing.

Floatzel smirked; it thoroughly enjoyed the little time it had to fight, Floatzel really liked tough opponents, such as Cynthia.

Lucario smirked back, that was an enjoyable battle.

Floatzel fell down, and fainted.

'That Lucario is tough,' Lucas thought, 'I hope Staraptor cancan handle him.'

"Staraptor you're up!!!!" Lucas shouted as he threw the Pokeball of the hawk-like Pokemon.

The large hawk-like Pokemon emerged from its ball; this Staraptor had an 'x shaped' scar on its cheek.

"Starrrrrrrrrrrrrraptor!!!!" It cried as it emerged from its ball.


"So he has a Staraptor, eh," Ash looked excited on how this battle would turn out, "that's an awesome Pokemon!!"

'That Staraptor… It can't be, can it?" Dawn thought to herself.

She wondered this, until she saw the X shaped scar more clearly on its cheek.

"That trainer," Dawn started, "I know him!!!!"

"Really?!?!" Ash asked excitedly, "You're kidding me right, are you friends? You gotta get us to meet one day!!!!" Ash started to throw a bunch of questions at Dawn, and she tried her best to answer, but Ash kept interrupting her.

"Easy now Ash," Brock, a nineteen year old Pokemon Breeder, settled down Ash, then turned to Dawn, "So how do you know him?"

"It all happened three years ago… He was my best friend." Dawn began.

5 Years Ago

One day, I was called over to play by Lucas.

"Hey Dawn, c'mon let's go play with the Pokemon!!!" as seven year old Lucas called for Dawn.

"Coming," said a five year old Dawn as she prepared her hair.

Lucas smiled, "Do you have to straighten your hair all the time?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, got a problem with it?" Dawn asked, in an intimidating voice.

Lucas smiled, "Course not, anyways, anyways let's hurry, Barry's gonna charge us 50 Poke if we're late!"

On our way to Barry's house, we met a Chimchar, being attacked by a swarm of Starlys, their leader had an 'X shaped scar', just like Lucas's current Staraptor…

Lucas grew quite pissed that they were bullying one Pokemon when they were a whole pack.

"Char…" the wild Chimchar fell, tired of running so much. It tried to shield itself from the constant pecking.

"Hey leave it alone!!!" Lucas yelled, "Why don't you pick on someone in your numbers!!!!"

"Um, I think agitating them will just make it worse for us…" Dawn muttered.

"They're just plain old cowards, they gang up on one thing, but if they were alone…" Lucas started, but was tackled by the leader.

"Ow, what hit me…?" Lucas muttered, rubbing his back from the impact.

'The leader and his pack angrily glared at us. They were quite irritated by Lucas's taunt, and they forgot about Chimchar, now focusing on us.

"Uh oh," the both of us said at the same time.

Dawn was interrupted by a rude, "Go Staraptor, you rule!!!!!!!!!!" from Ash.


"Staraptor, Brave Bird!!!" Lucas commanded.

Staraptor charged, full force at Lucario, but instead of a bluish aura, it was a bright orangish color.

"What attack is that?" Ash wondered excitedly, "It's not Brave Bird for sure, but still, it's awesome!!!!"

"Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…aptor!!!!!!!" Staraptor cried as it charged at Lucario.

Lucas looked almost as shocked as Ash; it learned Sky Attack, a move that a normal Staraptor can't learn by itself.

Lucario, Aura Sphere, quick!!!" Cynthia ordered.

Lucario unleashed quick, blue orbs, but Sky Attack was too strong for it, and it fainted.

"I guess I'm on my last Pokemon," Cynthia smiled, "Garchomp, battle dance!!!"

This was it… If he defeated Garchomp, he would be 'Sinnoh Champ.'

"Staraptor, Brave Bird!!!" Lucas commanded.

"Garchomp, use Giga Impact!" Cynthia ordered.

Staraptor charged with a light bluish aura and Garchomp charged with a spinning force.

Bam! Garchomp's attack devastated Staraptor, and the Hawk Pokemon fainted.

"Great job, old friend, you deserve a long rest…" Lucas smiled at Staraptor's ball

'Now I'm at my last Pokemon,' Lucas smiled, as he took out a red Pokeball.

"Infernape, you're up!!!!" Lucas cried. The red ape with a flowing fire crown appeared out of its ball. Lucas's Infernape had a red ribbon tied to its tail, other than that it was just like any other Infernape.

"That ribbon!!!!" Dawn exclaimed, "That was the very ribbon I gave it on that day!!!!"


"Run, Dawn!!!!!" Lucas cried, holding Dawn's arm as he ran. The Starly's were in hot pursuit.

"I'm trying my best," Dawn said as she ran, "But you know that I'm both shorter and younger that you!!!!"

Dawn suddenly felt herself trip over a rock.

"Get up, Dawn!!!" Lucas exclaimed. "They're coming!!!!!!"

Dawn struggled to get up, but she injured her ankle on the fall. "My ankle hurts, I can't get up!!!!!"

Lucas gritted his teeth as they started charging at the defenseless Dawn.

Lucas went in front of Dawn protectively. "Aren't I the one you're after!?!?!?!" He yelled as he confronted the Starlys.

Lucas looked toward the Chimchar, who weakly was watching the pursuit.

"Chimchar, take Dawn and get out of here!!!!" he commanded softly.

Chimchar hesitated, and it shook its head.

"NOW!!!!! Lucas commanded louder.

Chimchar still refused, Lucas gritted his teeth; then looked back at the Starlys.

"Come and get me, Starlys!!!!!" Lucas shouted.

The Starly charged at Lucas and Dawn at full speed.

'I didn't even get to start my journey… and it's over already…' Lucas thought in defeat.

Suddenly, Chimchar leapt in front of Lucas.

"CHARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!" it cried as it unleashed a huge fireball, it was an Ember attack.

The attack drove the Starly away, all but their leader, who had its wing injured by the attack.

Lucas reached for a cloth in his pack, and attempted to wrap its arm.

The Starly hesitated and swatted Lucas's hand.

Lucas smiled, "Its ok, just want to help…" Lucas said softly.

Starly's vicious glare softened, Lucas took this time to spread ointment and to wrap its wing.

"There good as new!!!!" Lucas smiled, "I don't suggest flying for a while, and don't get into trouble and you'll be fine."

"I'm sorry that I separated you from your group, and for taunting you!!!" Lucas smiled, placing his hands behind his head.

The Starly stared, as Lucas helped Dawn get up, Chimchar following. Was it growing soft? No one ever treated it so nicely before; it never had a real friend before, and it became curious.

"Thanks for saving us, Chimchar," Lucas smiled, "I don't know how to thank you!!!!"

"But I do!!!" Dawn smiled, as she placed a red ribbon on its ear.

"There, you look so cute!!!!" Dawn smiled.

Chimchar stared as they left; it was as lonely as Starly.

By the time the two of us were near Barry's house, we noticed that Chimchar had followed us.

"Do you want to stay with us??" Lucas asked.

Chimchar shyly nodded, it had nowhere else to go.

"Then welcome to the family!!!!" Lucas smiled.

A small tear fell from Chimchar's eye, and it happily leapt to Lucas's arms as Lucas patted its back.

"What happened?" Barry suddenly came out of his house, "And why are you late?"

"Sorry, Dawn and I got kinda distracted," Lucas smiled, "but it was worth it!"

"Well, what are you standing there for, come in!!!" Barry gestured the two in.

Eventually, the Starly, from before, joined us. It broke up its group and stopped bullying Pokemon. It was also a lot nicer now. The four of us had a lot of fun, until Lucas decided to go on his journey.

Dawn looked sad. "Will we ever see each other again?" she asked.

"I'm certain…" Lucas smiled, and then he, Chimchar and Starly left on their journey. I never saw them again, until now.

End Flashback

Ash stared, mesmerized by Dawn's story, "THAT WAS THE MOST AWESOME STORY I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ash said at the top of his lungs, Brock shushed him, and he stayed quiet after that.

"Ah, the match is starting!" Dawn said.

Infernape and Garchomp were evenly matched, both Pokemon were exhausted.

"Dragon Rush!!!!!" Cynthia ordered.

"Counter with Flare Blitz!!!" Lucas countered.

The two attacks collided, the two locked in their ferocious attacks.

"Don't give up Infernape, Close Combat!!!!!" Lucas commanded.

Infernape was injured by the recoil of Flare Blitz, but started to unleash a fury of punches and kicks.

"Gar…chomp…" the attack was too ferocious for the land shark Pokemon to handle, and it fainted.

"Cynthia is out of Pokemon!!!" the referee shouted, "The winner, and new champ, is Lucas from Twinleaf Town!!!!!!!!!"

"We won!!!" Lucas ran up to his smiling, and exhausted Infernape.

Cynthia smiled, "I have no regrets; I lost fair and square…"

Ash stared in disbelief, "He actually defeated Cynthia; I can't believe this!!!!"

Dawn smiled, "I knew he was strong, but I never thought he would defeat Cynthia!!!!!!!"

They all smiled as Lucas was entered into the Hall of Fame.

"Your Pokemon are all healed!!!" Nurse Joy said, smiling.

"Great, let's go," Ash said hastily, "I'm now fired up for my next gym match!!!!"

"That reminds me," Nurse Joy took out a letter. "You have a letter from an unknown person!"

"The only letter I would want is a love letter from you!!!" Brock said, blushing, until he was jabbed by Croagunk.

"But then again, you're not the mailman!!!" he said as he fell to the ground, Croagunk dragging him away from Nurse Joy.

Ash read the letter, his face was in disbelief when he finished, "What!?!?!"

'Dear Ash:

Your hometown of Pallet has been seized by us, we want you and your friend Brock to come as fast as you can, don't bring anyone else, or we'll activate our 'Cipher Bomb' in the center of your beloved home. We'll give you an hour to decide. Use our Abra to teleport you.

From the greatest evil organization ever:

Team Cipher

"Brock, this is serious, we gotta get back to Pallet Town, now!!!" Ash turned to Brock.

"But we don't even know who this Team Cipher is…" Brock said logically, "Besides, we can't leave Dawn alone…"

"I know, but Pallet Town is my home!!!!" Ash exclaimed, "We have to go now!!!!!!"

Brock sighed, "Dawn, do you think you can go home from here?"

"Sure!" smiled Dawn, "No need to worry, I'm old enough to take care of myself."

The two trainers held on to Abra as Ash gave Dawn a worried look.

"Sorry we can't continue our journey," Ash said apologetically, "Are you sure you can take care of yourself?"

"Yeah," Dawn smiled, "No need to worry!"

Ash sighed, "Ok, see you later, Dawn." And the two vanished.

Dawn sighed as she picked up her pack. 'Of course I can't get home from here, it would take too long… Geez Ash, sometimes you take things too seriously, but I guess I didn't want to make them get too worried…' she thought.

As Dawn began her long journey home, Paul passed by, riding on Torterra.

"Hey troublesome girl," Paul started, "Where's your friend the noob?"

Dawn sighed, "First of all, my name is Dawn, second of all, his name is Ash, third of all, he left me because his Hometown was attack and fourth of all, I have no way home."

Paul smiled, "I can give you a ride, hop on."

Dawn smiled, "Really, thanks!!!"

The two rode to Twinleaf Town, Dawn told Paul about the battle her friend Lucas had with Cynthia. Paul flinched with jealousy, but then told about his next trip to Orre.

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