Disclaimer: I do not Own Pokemon, if I did, I wouldn't need fanfiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, if I did, I wouldn't need fanfiction!

Epilogue time XDXDXDXDXD this. The epilogue takes place about 10 years later! Anyways, let's see what happens to our heroes!

Dawn: Age, 25 /Lucas: Age, 27: Dawn and Lucas got married four years later after Dawn's 16th birthday. Two years after, they got their first child, and named her Shiro. After Shiro grew to be three years old, they had another child, and named him Kuro. Lucas gave his Champion title to Cynthia, who gladly accepted. He now lives comfortable life with Dawn in Twinleaf. Dawn gave her Buneary to Ash so it could be together with Pikachu. It never evolved because it wanted to stay the same for Pikachu's sake. The two Pokemon mated and had a baby Pichu and a baby Buneary.

Rui: 29/Wes: 30: Wes and Rui finally found a home near Twinleaf Town. They had their first child a few weeks after Dawn and Lucas got married. They named him Tsuna. Wes retired from snagging since Cipher has been brought down for good and is now a friendly neighbor to Lucas and Dawn. Wes's Umbreon and Espeon mated, and gave birth to two Eevees. Wes gave one to Michael.

Michael: 25: Michael also gave up snagging for good. He now works as the professor of the HQ lab. Jovi now works as his assistant. Michael also found an abandoned baby while doing outside research and decided to adopt her since she reminded him of himself when he was younger. Brock is still single and helps Michael with the lab work. Despite being older, Michael is still childish as ever.

Ash: 30/Misty: 29: Ash and Misty went back to Kanto. They got married near Cerulean City. Ash has achieved his dream and is now a Pokemon Master and Misty is once again the Cerulean City Gym Leader.


Ah yes, let's not forget our favorite pervert, Mike! Now that Cipher was gone, he had nothing to do. So he decided to start his Pokemon journey in Sinnoh after Dawn and Lucas left Orre. His starter was his Growlithe, now an Arcanine. He managed to beat Cynthia and is now Sinnoh Champ. He still hasn't gone over his pervy habits. In fact, now they are worse. He mainly likes to flirt with Dawn, much to Lucas's dismay.

Well, that's the end of Cipher's Revenge! Look forward to my other stories! I can't believe that I'm done! Ugh, but man am I tired. - -;

Well, I hope you enjoyed! And thanks to all of you who reviewed! Much gratitude for my fellow readers!! XDXDXDXD