All belong to Janet Evanovich. I'm just altering a bit.

This is something that I've had in my mind. What if Ranger and Stephanie's paths acrossed at an earlier point in their lives. Would they ever cross again?



Eight years ago

A young Army officer was walking through the Miami airport. Duffel in hand. He was finally coming home after almost 6 months away on his first Special Operations Mission with the Army Rangers. He and his team were all coming back alive. A few minor injuries, though. Their assignment accomplished.

He could hear voices coming his way towards the airline gates. One was rather a high pitched raspy voice coming from a tall, very thin woman dressed in a long thin grey coat with matching grey pants. Very tailor made. Her jet black hair in a tight, severe bun. Large white gem encrusted sun glasses hiding most of her face. She was babbling on and on about luggage and designs. Here in the middle of the airport, he felt a tingle go up his spine. Not the kind when he experienced danger, but a soft prickle. Looking around he didn't notice anyone or thing in particular, but another voice caught his attention.

"If you would shut your frickin' trap for one minute and listen! Not cackling like a sick hyena, you would have heard everything is on the plane all ready! I watched as it was loaded onto the plane WITH MY VERY OWN EYES! Now, go get your skinny ass on the plane and give me some peace!" pointing towards the walkway leading to the gates.

A young woman with low riding blue jeans, a faded 'Bon Jovi' t-shirt, and brown hair in a ponytail was standing in front of sunglassed woman with her hands on her hips. He looked at her from head to toe. It had been a while since he had actually seen a desirable woman. He preferred the darker Spanish skin like himself and big, full breasts on a woman, whether real or plastic, but it was her feisty attitude and slight accent that made him look twice. Maybe New York or New Jersey he could decipher. He hadn't realized he was staring. She looked his way. There were the bluest eyes he had ever seen glaring at him.

"What? You've never heard New Jersey attitude before?" the young woman said to him.

At first it didn't register she was talking to him, he was mesmerized by her blue eyes. Blue like the ocean he had swam in so many times. Blue like a clear morning sky. He shook his head to clear it and took steps forward towards the exit in the main terminal. As he walked, he could still see her blue eyes in his mind. Eyes to remember for a lifetime.