I was playing my piano, attempting to compose a new piece for Bella, when Jasper's thoughts practically exploded from his study.

My eyes! My eyes! Then, I saw images of the two of us in the throes…

"Jasper," I growled, heading up the stairs. "Have you lost what little sanity you had left? Has Alice finally broken you?"

"It's not me, I swear. Just look at this," he said, pointing frantically to the website he had loaded on his laptop computer.

My eyes quickly scanned the filth on the computer screen. I clenched my jaw.

"Who would do this?" I asked him darkly.

Jasper gulped. "It gets worse. Whoever is writing this has you paired with others…"

I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose with two of my fingers. "How could anything be worse than this?" I sighed.

"Some people have you with… Carlisle or even Rosalie, but the worst… are the people that have you with… Jacob."

I shuddered. "Why?" I asked him, my voice barely above a whisper.

Jasper shrugged. "I don't know."

I stared at the vile words written on Jasper's computer, trying to understand why anyone would write that. I felt nauseous though I knew I could not be sick.

"They call it fanfiction. You're very popular. Nearly everyone has you paired with someone, mostly Bella, but as you saw... there are others." Jasper asked, sensing my confusion.

My already pale face blanched. "Are you telling me that people are writing this sort of thing about Bella?"

Jasper giggled. "Oh yeah, you should see them. They pair her with everyone. You, me, Emmett, Alice, Rose, Carlisle, even Jacob. It's hilarious. You should really check them out sometime. They might give you some helpful hints for the wedding, you know?"

I growled and my hand instinctively went out and crushed Jasper's laptop with one quick motion.

"Or maybe not," he amended as I left his study.

I vowed then and there to keep Bella away from the internet at all costs.

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