Title: My Only Leader

Author: Flacutono (M.K.)

Rating: M (Yaoi)

Pairing: Bankotsu/Jakotsu

Genre: Romance/Drama

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Inuyasha characters.

Summary: Bankotsu gets upset when all Jakotsu thinks about seems to be cute guys to fight with - but is there another reason than it being inconvenient for the group?

A/N: I write stories for myself and others to enjoy, but a writer can't get better if no one tells them what they should do differently and what is good the way it is. So, any review telling your opinion and giving intelligent critique means a world to me! Thanks


A short young boy with long black braid was heading towards the "dark side" of the small village. It was his seventh birthday but he didn't care much - he didn't have anyone to celebrate with anyway. His clothing was dirty and ripped, and his expression made it clear that he was used to manage by himself and didn't need any assistance, thank you very much.

Inside he wasn't so confident. Inside, he felt lonely and cold. He was tired of meaningless wandering, tired of standing alone in the rain. Despite his young age he wasn't stupid and had survived by himself well enough since his mother had been killed a year earlier. But he longed company. Someone to talk to, someone who would understand.

Sudden voice made the boy look up. About ten bigger boys were running towards him, but not looking at him. They were clearly scared and messed up; some of them cried, others yelled and three of them had blood on their clothes. Braided boy quickly slid behind a corner, so the group wouldn't see him.

After the gang had passed him, he walked to alley it had came from. His eyes spread wide from the sight; a large boy lied on the ground, dead. There were bloody scratch marks on his face and the cause of death was around his neck: a light yellow scarf full of blood stains. And on the shadows, leaning towards the wall, was a figure with hands on their face, sobbing.

Braided boy went carefully closer. Crying person was wearing a yukata that matched the light yellow scarf. They had black shoulder-length hair, slim tall body and blood on their fingernails. Short boy could see painted red lips between pale, trembling hands. A girl? The blood... She was probably the one who... Better make sure, boy decided. "Umm... Why are you crying, onee-sama?"

Trembling and sobbing stopped, hands fell from the face. Braided boy managed to get a glimpse of light-blue stripes, like snake fangs, under black eyes. Next thing he knew, he was crashed against the wall and all air escaped his lungs. Porcelaine-white hands were holding his wrists up. "I was not crying", hissed a cold voice above his head. "And do I look like a girl to you? Hesaid so," the tall one nodded towards the guy on the ground, "and now he's dead. You want to end up the same way?"

Braided boy gathered his courage and looked up. He saw an expression full of rage on the pale face. But on the inky eyes and eyelashes, which were still full of teardrops, he saw something else. This tall, thin, effeminate boy was afraid. He had murdered the guy on the ground, and any minute now the other boys would come back with some sort of weapons and avenge their friend. But the black-eyed boy had no one to avenge for him. He was alone. That's why he hadn't run yet. It wasn't worth it.

Shorter boy saw all this in one blink of an eye. And the words came out before he had the time to think about them. "But you are pretty. I've never seen a girl as pretty as you. And I want to be your friend." Silence. Widened black eyes were looking deep into honest blue ones. Then taller boy smiled. "And you are cute." He leaned forward, gave younger boy a light kiss and let go of his wrists. Blue-eyed boy looked confused. Then pale boy laughed and took his hand. "Now, we should get away from here before those jerks come back. There is a way out of village we can use without being seen. Follow me, friend."

Younger boy looked at the sincere smile. Slowly, smile spread on his face too, and together they ran out of the village.


Years passed. Two young boys kept growing together. Everything was so much easier now that they didn't have to be alone. They gave each other new names instead of the ones they had forgot. Jakotsu and Bankotsu grew up to be fighters, they started to kill people to get what they wanted, and never once cried because of it.

Their friendship was strong and based on trust and understanding each other. And even though Jakotsu had disliked most women since childhood and after some years started to seek men to ease his promiscuous nature, Bankotsu accepted it without a question. Then, after travelling and slaying demons together for many delightful years, Bankotsu came up with an idea of a group of mercenaries. And since Jakotsu, who had taken younger man as his leader and even called him 'big brother', had nothing against it, the Shichinintai was soon born. Before too long they became a living legend.


"Bankotsu no anikiii..." Bankotsu's eyebrows rose. Jakotsu only used that particular tone when he wanted something he knew Bankotsu wouldn't like. That's why the voice of young leader was suspicious as he turned to his best friend and asked "What is it?"

"Well, I was wondering if we could visit a small village, not a two days' journey from here, before heading to north..." Jakotsu's voice was calm but his eyes sparkled. Bankotsu sighed. "And may I inquire why you suddenly wish to make our way longer?" he asked, though he was pretty sure he already knew the answer. He wasn't disappointed. "I heard that village has most handsome men in all province... I'd like to see myself", Jakotsu said with a sly smile.

Bankotsu suddenly felt annoyed. Why did his friend always have to run after his neverending lust? It's not like the rest of us want to change direction because of women. And at any case, he only seeks men to torture them, kill them and maybe rape them. Just satisfying his needs, he doesn't care about my feel- I mean, our work.

Braided man blushed sligthly. Why was he thinking like this? Jakotsu was now looking him into eyes with a puppy-face. "Pleeease, Oo-aniki. I promise it won't take long. Besides, Mukotsu needs to test his new poison before we get to real work." Bankotsu's expression softened. "You little devil... I need to ask the others, but I guess it will be allright." "Really? Yayy!" Jakotsu ran to hug his leader. Bankotsu patted cheery Jakotsu on back and hoped the tall man wouldn't see his face getting red.


The rest five members of Shichinintai had nothing against a little detour - Renkotsu murmured something about 'horny little idiots' under his breath, but was nevertheless pleased to get some exercise.

They headed towards the village as the first red, orange and yellow leaves started to fall from trees. In few weeks it would start to snow in north. Jakotsu was leading the group and humming happily with an idiotic smile on his face. Bankotsu, however, left himself walking behind all his companions. Everyone (except enthusiastic Jakotsu) noticed he was unnaturally quiet.

"What do you think is wrong with Oo-aniki?" Mukotsu silently asked from Suikotsu after they had walked for some three hours. Schizophrenic assassin looked at his feet and slowly answered "I don't know... But I don't think it's anything serious. Maybe he's just considering stragedies."

In fact, Suikotsu had a strong feeling Bankotsu's silence had something to do with the man in light pink yukata walking in front of them. But it wasn't worth telling the others - they would just feel awkward and Renkotsu was already rather disgusted about Jakotsu's preferences. And of course there was always a possibility he had imagined the whole thing. But usually his intuition was correct.

Their business is their own, he decided, and they probably haven't even noticed it themselves yet. Suikotsu couldn't help smiling when Jakotsu finally stopped his humming, looked around and hurried to Bankotsu's side.

"Mou, Bankotsu no aniki, something seems to bother you." Jakotsu's face was worried. Bankotsu didn't look at him. "It's nothing. I'm just tired, that's all." His casual voice didn't fool Jakotsu, who knew his leader. "Look, if it's something I've done, you can say it. You can trust me, you know." The voice of older man was light, as if he wouldn't actually believe Bankotsu's moodiness had something to do with him.

And suddenly, Bankotsu snapped. "You are such a fool", he whispered. Obviously Jakotsu had heard him, because when he looked up, tall man's face was somewhat surprised. Unfortunately the shocked expression only annoyed Bankotsu more, and this time he shouted. "You always think everything has something to do with you!" Whole Shichinintai had stopped and all eyes were on their young leader now. "It's high time for you to learn the world doesn't revolve around you and your needs!" Leaving his stunned friend behind, Bankotsu marched to the lead of group.

Suikotsu couldn't watch Jakotsu's expression; the usual happy look in cross-dresser's eyes was absolutely broken. He turned to look at Bankotsu's back instead, but if he had seen his leader's face, he would have been looking at an expression identical to Jakotsu's.


Late on the next evening Shichinintai had found an empty cabin close to the village they were planning to attack. The atmosphere was very tense; Jakotsu and Bankotsu barely looked at each other. Both of them secretly wanted to settle the fight but couldn't bring themselves to talk to other one. Rest of the gang knew something was wrong between two men, but didn't dare to interfere.

All seven were sitting in larger of two rooms and discussing about their attacking stragedy. "So it's settled... We'll head to the village right after sunrise and take them by surprise." Everyone nodded at Bankotsu's words, except Jakotsu who had been looking at his feet all evening. "Well then." Braided man stood up. "You all know what to do. I believe we should get some sleep now." He entered the small bedroom to sleep in; rest of the group would sleep in the hall. But while others were unfoldingtheir futons, Jakotsu silently stepped outside, stood at the porch and looked at the full moon.

Bankotsu is really angry at me, he thought miserably.He won't even sleep in the same room with us like usually... I don't want to sleep with others, I'll just stay out here. He blinked. I don't even know why he is so mad. He yelled something about me and my needs... But he can't be jealous about the men I... This was a new thought, and somehow it felt warm to think about Bankotsu being jealous of him. But he can't be, he repeated to himself, he surely knows how much he means to me. Pale man looked up at the moon again. Or does he?

Jakotsu was so deep in his thoughts he didn't notice a sneaky figure sliding away from under the cabin's window and into the forest.


Jakotsu felt happy. Bankotsu was in front of him and smiled. He took Bankotsu in his arms and they hugged each other... Bankotsu kissed him and he felt hot all over... He slid his hand under Bankotsu's shirt... A voice called his name. Suddenly Bankotsu was fading away and Jakotsu was cold. "Mmmh... Bankotsu, please..."

"Gesh? It's me, Jakotsu. Wake up!" Jakotsu's eyes spread open as he recognized Ginkotsu's metallic voice. He remembered where he was, remembered his dream and blushed. He could still feel Bankotsu's soft lips on his...What on earth am I thinking? Oh great, I'm going insane. He sat up on the porch and shook his head.

"Gesh, are you allright, aniki?" Ginkotsu asked. "Everyone else is up already, they are inside." Jakotsu looked up. "Yes. I'm fine. Let's get going."

Shichinintai was getting very close to the village. "It's about half a mile away now, get your weapons ready", Renkotsu adviced. "And be quiet", Bankotsu added. Somehow he had a bad feeling about this. He held Banryu a little tighter.

Suddenly Jakotsu was walking next to him. "Bankotsu", tall man whispered, "I'm... sorry. So sorry. I don't exactly know why you are so angry with me... But I can't stand it. I'm going out of my mind, I see these..." he looked at his feet, "these - dreams. You know you are my best friend like you have always been. Please... Talk to me." When he heard the sincerity in his friend's voice, Bankotsu felt his heart getting a bit lighter. "Jakotsu..." They looked each other into eyes now. "I... I think I - "

"NOW!" yelled an unfamiliar voice. All of a sudden the Shichinintai was surrounded by three dozen men with all sorts of weapons with them. It's the village men, Bankotsu realized. They must have been spying on us. Oh well, this saves us some walking. "Get them!" shouted the leader of village men. "We'll get you first!" Bankotsu responded. "Shichinintai! You know what to do!" His companions didn't need another command; they attacked at once. Jakotsu caught Bankotsu's eye. Talk with you later, leader's expression said.

That was good enough for Jakotsu, who turned his attention towards the village men; they were quite good-looking indeed. Black-eyed fighter grabbed his Jakotsutou and felt adrenaline rushing through his veins. His black, sadistic personality started to take control over him, and he didn't resist. With a wicked laugh he ran towards the unaware men and gave them a deadly wave with Jakotsutou.

The fight was short. Village men were brave, but no match against Shichinintai's skills. Bankotsu lifted Banryu back to his shoulder and watched his fellows finishing rest of the villains. They were certainly having fun. Kyokotsu was sitting on the ground and eating something that might have been an arm, Renkotsu blew fire over some men who were trying to escape, and Mukotsu circled around spraying small amounts of poison on the few ones still moving. And Jakotsu... He was bending over a badly wounded soldier. Without a doubt he was having his usual "scream a little and I just might leave you alive"-speech. Bankotsu smiled a little when he noticed Jakotsu wasn't touching the man.

He was just about to call his group back together, when something hit his head from behind and everything went black.

Jakotsu waved his sword once and the man on the ground stopped his whining. He looked around to see the last man being killed by Ginkotsu's blade. Everyone started to gather together. Except - "Where's Oo-aniki?" Jakotsu asked. The other five looked around. "I don't see him", Kyokotsu said, looking over the trees. "I just saw him standing over there... He wouldn't have gone wandering on his own. He might have been kidnapped by the villagers while we weren't looking", Renkotsu guessed.

Jakotsu's face turned from pale to white. "No. That can't have happened. Bankotsu! WHERE ARE YOU?" His heart was beating like hell. This can't be true!

"I see smoke. And more men coming from the village. They have horses." Kyokotsu sounded alarmed; apparently there were lots of men approaching. "We cannot take them now, we are short one man and Jakotsu seems to be going insane", Renkotsu said, looking worriedly at the tall man, who was breathing heavily and muttering to himself. "We must get back to the cabin for now." Jakotsu looked wildly up. "NO! I'm not leaving without him!" He broke into a run towards the village. "Kyokotsu, catch him!" Suikotsu shouted.

Giant man captured Jakotsu and easily lifted him from ground. "No! NO! Let me down, you big son of a -" Jakotsu struggled with all his might, but with no result. "Come on!" shouted Renkotsu, and they headed quickly to the woods. Jakotsu screamed curses and kicked Kyokotsu, but finally, with all his strength gone, he gave up. "Bankotsu..." he whispered and fainted.


When Jakotsu woke up, he had no idea where he was. Then he saw his five companions sitting on a circle close to him, talking quietly and looking worried. He sat up quickly. I remember... Bankotsu. He was taken.He swore loudly and the other five jumped. "Aniki... You are up already?" Mukotsu's voice was guilty. "Cut the bullshit. We have to go get him, now!" Renkotsu sighed at Jakotsu's words. "There's nothing we can do now. If those soldiers Kyokotsu saw were from the village, we need to be in good shape to take them. My arm is hurt and Ginkotsu's cannon needs to be fixed; we cannot imagine attacking them before tomorrow."

"Tomorrow might be too late!" Jakotsu shouted, his heart aching from that thought. "I'll go by myself then!" He stood up and almost fell back from exhaustion but headed at the door nevertheless. Renkotsu got up too. "You stop right there! I'm higher in command than you and you will do as I say!" Jakotsu stopped. He slowly turned around and looked at Renkotsu. There was an ummistakeable flame of cold rage in his eyes. His voice was quiet, but it trembled with anger. "You are not. My. Leader. I only have one leader. And I will do anythingto save him from those fools."

Renkotsu stepped back a bit; he had never seen Jakotsu so serious before. Suikotsu realized the danger and cut in before Renkotsu found his voice again. "Listen... You are not in condition to fight. You need resting, you were barely unconsious for an hour. Bankotsu would not want you to get yourself killed because of your stubborness. We have more hope if we go together. Besides, they won't kill him rightaway." At least I hope so, the doctor thought. "They surely know who he is and might want to examine him or use him as a hostage. There's no reason to rush."

The fire faded from Jakotsu's eyes, he let out a deep sigh and slowly walked to the room where Bankotsu had slept last night. He closed the door and everything was dark; the curtains were thick and closed. He walked to the futon, let himself fall on it and looked at the roof without seeing anything. In his mind, he prayed. Bankotsu... Please be allright. I need you. Something wet fell down his cheek.