"Whoa!" he called out as I ran into his embrace "What's the hurry?" he chuckled

"I just needed to get out of there," I mumbled

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned

"I am now," I confessed as we walked hand in hand to the car.

Edward opened the door, and I got in. I turned back to the house and saw Jake watching me. His eyes blazed hate and I shuddered

"Bella, please. Are you okay?" he asked again, not willing to let it go

"Just a bit of a chill from earlier" I lied "I'll be fine"

Within minutes we were at his house and in the large foyer

I watched as his family gathered around us.

"Good to see you again Bella" Carlisle spoke first

"Thank you Dr- I mean Carlisle"

"Edward" Alice interrupted "I need to speak with you"

I smiled and watched Alice pull Edward away, who seemed to not want to leave my side

I felt Carlisle touch my shoulder and position me to move into the other room.

We entered the music room and my eyes once again immediately were drawn to the piano.

"I was told you play" Carlisle mentioned offhandedly

I sat down at the ivory keys, and closed my eyes. I drifted off, as my fingers roamed the keys. Sweet music resonating from the instrument.

"Bella" Carlisle breathed "May I speak with you about your treatments?"

I kept my eyes closed, but nodded in the affirmative so he continued

"I was very happy to hear that you wanted to continue with treatments, and continue on to medical school. You will be an outstanding physician Bella"

"Thank you Carlisle" I smiled at his optimism as I continued to play

"You need to know something else" he paused "The rest of Alice's vision-"

"Oh!" I chuckled "Are you talking about the mystery man!" I looked at Carlisle, who now looked a bit uncomfortable

"Yes about that" he said softly

I heard the door open and my eyes darted toward the door, I saw Edward enter. I pushed the piano stool back abruptly and jumped up

"I'm sorry to interrupt" Edward said glancing at Carlisle and then to me "Your playing was lovely, I heard it from the hall"

I blushed crimson at this praise, and turned away

"I'll see you tomorrow at the hospital" Carlisle finally said as he left the room

I looked at Edward with a quizzical look, and sighed, "That was weird"

"So what shall we do now?" Edward said reaching for my hand

"Will you play for me?" I asked

He immediately took the seat I had vacated, and began to play. Like everything else, Edward was perfect at this as well. I took a seat on the large sofa and watched as his pale elegant fingers caressed the keys. As he played the soothing, soft melody, my eyes fluttered closed. I fought against my lids, but soon lost the battle.

I was first aware of coolness against my cheek, and I moved into the touch.

"Was it that bad?" Edward whispered in my ear

"No, on the contrary. It was that good" I smiled as I opened my eyes

I met his gaze and was stunned by his closeness. "What time is it?"

"11:30" he said, and I jumped up panicked

"I need to get home," I said apologetically

"Certainly" Edward said clasping my hand and walked me out to the car.

The car raced towards my home, I was nervous how Charlie was going to be about me being late.

I wasn't kept in suspense long, as we pulled up Charlie came out to the car.

"Bella" he said firmly "Please go in the house"

I looked at Charlie, and then to Edward. "I'll be fine" Edward winked at me

As I went into the house I heard Charlie confront Edward "I hope next time, you'll have the consideration to bring my daughter home at a decent hour"

"Sir, I want to apologize. She fell asleep for a bit, and with her treatments and all, I thought she could use as much sleep as she could get. I'm sorry"

"Oh- well then, I better get in and check Bella. Thank you Edward, but next time-" Charlie said firmly

"Yes, sir." Was all I heard Edward saw as I moved away from the door, and crashed onto the sofa in the family room.

I made a failed attempt to pull a blanket over me, but soon I was back into the darkness of a dreamless slumber.

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing, and realized that Charlie has left me where I crashed. I managed to grab the phone on the 5th ring, and muttered an unintelligible "ello?"

"Bella, it's me Jake. We need to talk," he said

As he spoke those words I flinched a bit, his voice had an angry tone to it that I couldn't help but notice.

"Please, Jake not now" I mumbled

"You said we would talk later, well it's later now. Please come over, there's something I want to show you"

"Jake, I don't have time for your games"

"No! It's nothing like that; it's something I think you'll enjoy. Please say you'll come."

I hesitated, I had my treatment today. But I could head to La Push first I suppose, "Sure Jake, I'll be there in like 30 minutes"

"Great!" Jake said as he hung up

With the 15-minute drive to La push, that meant I had 15 minutes to get ready. So I ran for the shower immediately.

I just threw on some sweat pants and a tank, after all, I was just going to the hospital after and I was all about the comfort not the fashion these days.

As I pulled up to the little house Jake ran out, and opened the passenger door. He hopped in, and said "Turn Left!'

"Where are we going?" I asked curiously

"Just drive, you're going to love it"

I glanced in Jake's direction and shrugged. I drove for 10 minutes until suddenly he screamed out "Stop! This is it"

I quickly pulled over, and looked confused "What is it?" I asked

"Come on Bella" he said jumping out of the truck

I hesitantly followed, and soon saw what he was talking about.

"What are we doing up here?"

"Cliff diving!"

"I'm sorry- what?"

"Cliff diving!" he said again pulling me closer to the edge

"Um-no thanks Jake," I said pulling away "I'm not sure it's such a good idea"

"It's a fantastic idea Bella. There's nothing to be afraid of, I'll be with you"

"Jake, I-" but I stopped and thought about it. I had always been so responsible…never in my entire life had I been intentionally reckless. The prospect was thrilling.

"We'll start out at this lower ledge, then if you want we can move up there," he pointed up, way up above us it appeared.

"Lets just stick to this height for now" I smiled

"There she is" Jake said as he pulled me closer to the edge

"Who?" I asked innocently

I watched as Jake bore his gaze into my soul, "The girl I'm completely and utterly in love with."

As he said those final words he jumped from the cliff

"Jake!" I cried as I looked over the edge. I saw him hit the water and soon he resurfaced laughing

"Your turn!" he called up, waving me on

I looked out at the ocean, and froze at the thought of what I was about to do. Just don't think about it, I tried to tell myself.

I just had to go for it. I ran toward the edge, and jumped.

The wind against my skin, the exhilaration of the fall. All of it was amazing, and then came the water. The whoosh of the water filling my ears, the pressure of the water on my body was intense. I swam to the surface, breaking the waves of the ocean and gasped for the needed breath. Jake pulled me to him, and I hugged him tightly

"That was amazing Jake! Thank you!" I said

"I'm glad you enjoyed it" he chuckled "again?"


We made our way to the shore, and began the hike back up to the cliff.

It took a while, but would be well worth it. When we finally made it back Jake asked if I wanted to go up to the next cliff.

"Are you crazy?" I said laughing, "No thank you, I'll stick to this one for now!"

"Do you mind?" he motioned up

"Jake, I'm not so sure about that. Have you done that height before?"

"All the time!" he scoffed and began to climb to the next ledge.

I watched him ascend the cliff face rather quickly

Jake called down to me and I strained to hear him "You go first Bella!"

I looked up and gave him a wave, as I jumped of the cliff.

The feeling was even better than before, because I knew what to expect.

Once I resurface I wave up to Jake "All set!" I called, hoping he could hear me

It was amazing watching Jake, fall through the air. He seemed to be laughing all the way.

Jake hit the water with an amazing splash.

I hollered out my excitement and waited for Jake to come up. As the water settles, he still hadn't resurfaced.

I looked around frantically "Jake?" I called hesitantly at first "Come on Jake, this isn't funny" I continued searching the water, but saw nothing, panic growing with every passing second. "JAKE!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs "HELP, SOMEBODY HELP!" I screamed as I dove underneath the water.

Visibility was difficult, and I searched mostly by touch. I felt my lungs burning with the need of oxygen.

Rising to the surface, I saw people gathered on the beach "HELP!" I screamed and dove underneath again, knowing that this time someone heard me for sure.

I made my way back under, and soon became entangled in some kelp. I struggled against it, but then felt a pull and a tug. I looked to see Jake; he was struggling just the same as me. But he had been under longer. I met his frantic expression as he fought.

I pulled myself down to look at the kelp that entangled us. I felt for Jake's pockets, looking for the pocketknife I thought he had. I saw his head shake intently. I looked down and noticed it on the bottom, just out of reach. I strained and with luck I felt my fingers grasp the handle. Immediately I raised the blade and cut the kelp holding Jake down. He was big, and obviously could hold his breath for a time, but I know he was in dire need of air. When he was free he tried to help me, but I pushed him up, and he understood.

Now alone, I began to franticly slice at the restraining kelp, at this point the burning filled my lungs and I was now desperate. Freeing myself, I kicked toward the surface as I felt the darkness coming, but I had to reach the surface. Soon I felt a strong arm pulling me. I tried to open my eyes, but it was no use.

"What happened Jake?" a male voice was asking

"We just were cliff diving" he said panic in his voice "I got caught in the kelp and lost my knife. Bella- oh god! Bella cut me free"

I felt another pair of hands on me "Bella honey, please…open your eyes"

With that, I complied. I needed to know Jake was okay.

"Jake" I croaked

I felt him pull me to him "You scared me. Please don't ever do that again"

"Jake, I need to go to the hospital" I coughed

"What's wrong?" he asked frantically checking me over for damage

"I have treatment today." I said sleepily "I can't miss it"

"You should have told me earlier" he cried, "I never would have asked you-"

"Jake, it's fine. I just need to go now." I moved to get up, but collapsed back to the ground with exhaustion.

"Oh, no you don't" Jake said as he picked me up and carried me up to my car

"How come your not hurt or anything" I yawned

"Werewolf remember." He chuckled "I just got caught in that damn kelp."

We drove to the hospital, because soon Jake was carrying me in, "Put me down Jake!" I complained

"Ms Swan?" a nurse said, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing" I said, pulling from Jake's grasp "He's just being silly" I joked

"You're late, and Dr Cullen-"

"I'm just a bit late. That's all" I reassured her

"You haven't been overdoing it have you?" she questioned

I saw Jake was about to speak so I interrupted "NO! I've been resting just like I was told. I realize the importance of not overexerting myself especially now"

"If you say so" she motioned to the chair "Take a seat, I'll let Dr Cullen know you've arrived."

I took a seat and leaned my head back. "Bella, I think we need to tell them about today"

"No, please don't do that."

"But they said you-" he stammered

"Jake, i'm just tired. Please, I had a good time today…until" I looked away

"So did I. We never really did get a chance to talk"

"I know" I yawned, "Next time, I promise"

"Okay, next time." Jake said as he reluctantly left

"Bella!" Carlisle's voice sounded relieved "I was worried you decided to-"

"No" I interrupted "I was just running late"

I looked at him, and he didn't seem to believe my lie. "Please, not now. Let's just get this over with before I do change my mind"

"Alice said-" he spoke softly "That you disappeared from her sight so to speak. We were all very concerned"

I hadn't even thought about Alice and her visions, she must have been worried "I'm sorry if I worried anyone" I felt Carlisle's cool hand against my cheek. The coolness felt good.

I drifted in and out of sleep for a while, most likely recuperating from the near drowning.

"Let's take it once again" Carlisle's voice called out and I felt the thermometer pressed into my ear

"100.3 Dr Cullen" the nurse said

"Bella, you need to wake up dear," Carlisle said patting my hand "Bella?"

"5 more minutes" I mumbled and heard a chuckle in the distance

"Bella love" Edward soft voice spoke "What have you been up to?"

"Edward?" I questioned as my eyes opened slowly

"Bella, it seems you have a slight fever. But I'm not too concerned especially since you said you've been resting and taking care of yourself. Take these" he handed me several pills. "The yellow ones are for the nausea, and the other 2 are to help with the fever"

"Thank you Carlisle" I said, getting up slowly. Edward offered me his hand, which I gladly took.

"I'm going to call your father and let him know about the fever-" I looked questioning to Carlisle but he continued without interruption "Bella I know you don't want to worry your father, but you must understand that it is imperative for everyone close to you to be aware of even the slightest change in your condition."

"Thank you for your care and concern Carlisle, it means a lot to me"

I walked with Edward to the Car, where he suddenly turned to me.

"So, when are you going to tell me what really happened this morning?"