Bella is already a Vampire and is with Alice and Rosalie.

Edward, Emmett and Jasper are all Vampires too, but havn't met the girls yet.

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"Miss Alice Hale," the principal called out my 'sisters' name from the podium as the thunderous crowd cheered. I glanced up to watch Alice skip over to receive her certificate for graduating high school, once again. I gave her a few claps before my eyes retreated back to my hands that I folded in front of my robe.

"Miss Bella Hale," my eyes shot up as the roar of applause took over, once again. I gave the best smile I could as I walked up from my spot in line to retrieve my certificate, for the third time in my vampire life. I tried to think of funny things to keep my face happy while all eyes were on me, I hated the spot light. I made my way over to the principal to shake his hand and grab the useless piece of paper, that I would have had no regret over using it as a source to fuel fire. If only Alice would let me, why she insisted on keeping them was beyond me.

When I got down to shake the last school staffs hand, my other 'sister' was called. "Miss Rosalie Hale," I grinned when the applause carried a few whistles along with it. I kept looking up at the sky making sure no breaks would occur, even though Alice had reassured me they wouldn't, since she saw it through her vision. Alice was waiting for me over at the side—with the rest of our student class—hopping from one foot to the other excitement gleaming in her eyes. When I got close enough she launched herself at me giving me a big hug. "We graduated!" she exclaimed.

"Again," I muttered under my breath so that only Alice's keen ears could hear. She ignored me and launched herself at Rosalie saying the same thing. From the look Rosalie had, I could tell she was saying the same thing that I had said not moments before.

"Oh come on guys! I'm really going to miss this place aren't you?" Alice put in giving a heavy sigh and looking around. The school was small and so were the amount of students attending. But that's what you get when you move to a town like this, where sun refused to show. Rosalie looked at me annoyed then rolled her eyes at Alice. I chuckled then spotted Angela making her way over with a sad smile on her face. She was one of the few people I had made friends with during my stay at Forks.

"Hey Angela congratulations," I put my best smile up, which wasn't so hard considering it was her. She had truly been a good friend and always had the nicest intentions.

She sighed heavily, "Yeah you too. Kind of hard to believe we actually did it, you know?" I nodded my head and gave her an awkward hug. We all talked amongst our classmates for a while. The emotions ranged from boredom, to excitement, to hysterics.

Once the parents started filing through that's when us 'Hales' bailed.

"Alice I swear if you don't stop bouncing," Rosalie trailed off as we made it to the car and got in. Alice got the hint but only dulled it down a fraction.

"Aw come on Rose," I teased, "aren't you excited we graduated!" She just glared at me then smirked. I took off my cap and began to slide out of my robe alongside Alice while Rosalie sped out of the parking lot filled to the brim with cars.

"Actually I'm more excited to go to Ireland," she said as Alice and I joined in on the subject.

"Eee I know!"

"I'm so excited!"

Alice gasped "I still need to finish packing!"

Rosalie joined in "Oh no I forgot to get an extra bag for my shoes!" She started speeding down the road racing to get home.

"What?! Guys no we already have way too many bags as it is!" I protested. It was true; Rosalie already had a whole bag full of her shoes as with Alice… well let's just say she could clothe the whole state of Washington. That is if everyone was a size 0.

"Bella just because you don't care to look good when we go to Ireland doesn't mean Rose and I can't," Alice put her voice tried to sound teasing but I could hear the frenzy in it.

I guess I'd have to approach this in a different way. "First of all I do care to look good to some extent. I just don't need a thousand outfits. Beside what about when you guys want to go shopping there? You won't have any room in your suit cases to bring anything back," I pretended to sound worried. They seemed to ponder this for a little bit.

"We'll bring another suit case!" Alice squealed clapping her hands as if it was the most brilliant idea ever. Rosalie smirked and nodded her head while speeding up our drive way to the house. I gave a very big noticeable sigh as they both ran out of the car and up to their rooms to finish packing. I walked towards our white two story house, letting my feet drag a little, taking as much time as I could muster, knowing Alice and Rosalie wouldn't be very quick. I leaned down to pick a flower for no particular reason when I heard Alice screech at the top of her lungs.

"Bella!!" I jumped slightly from the loud noise, even being outside it hurt my ears.

"What the hell Alice! I may not have a heart to stop but could you try to keep it down!" Rosalie shot back. I made my way up the stairs warily not knowing or really wanting to know what got Alice so worked up, especially if it involved me.

"Sorry," Alice more stated then apologized. "Bella would you hurry up!" she screeched again but not nearly as loud as the first time. Her voice was coming from my room, which was not a good sign. When I walked in Alice had my suit case on the useless bed and my clothing spread out all over the place draping from the most random places.

My mouth dropped as anger rose up in my. I had already packed everything neatly inside my suitcase and now Alice just emptied it throwing everything I owned all over the place. "Alice!" my mouth was still hanging open in shock.

"Oh it will be easy to put everything awa-"

"Alice I had everything packed that I wanted to bring! What are you doing?!" I shrieked as Rosalie walked in an irritated expression on her face from all the screaming going on. When she took a look at my room her eyebrows rose.

"Alice I don't like Bella's choice in clothing either, but was this necessary?" Rosalie questioned as she walked back out not wanting to get farther into the conflict then she already had.

"Ok so I didn't have to fling your cloths everywhere, but honestly Bella, out of all the years we've known each other, has none of my fashion rubbed off on you?!" her eyes were frenzied as she began to pick up the mess she made. I moved my fingers to lift some shirts across the room with my power. They floated their way back to the bed as I worked on the rest of the room along side Alice, never leaving my spot at the doorway.

"Really Bella your power is so not fair," Alice said bouncing over to my bed as I did the same, although not bouncing.

"Hey, you can see the future," I pointed out.

Rosalie entered the room again, "And yet I get nothing," she grumble.

Alice and I both looked at her raising our eyebrows, "May we remind you of all the whistles you received today?"

She rolled her eyes though a smug smirk sat on her face as she sat down on my couch, "I'm done packing."

"Yeah well I'm not thanks to Alice," I glared at the victim of my accusation.

"Oh you're welcome! Rosalie help me out here, I mean look at this shirt she was about to bring!" She held out a brown T-Shirt with a band on the front. I really didn't know who the band was; I won it at a fair. Rosalie made a gagging sound.

"I thought we burned that shirt,' Rosalie covered her eyes for effect.

Alice had a sour tone in her voice, "No unfortunately that was the other shirt, Bella's good at hiding thing," she scolded at me.

"Ok first of all the T-shirt is very comfortable!" I began to grouch back but Alice cut in.

"Here we go again with the comfortable act! Bella there is plenty of clothing out there that are comfortable and won't make babies cry!" I folded my arms and jutted out my chin as Alice did the same thing. Rosalie just sighed and lay down on the couch, closing her eye, what good that would do.

I knew this wouldn't get us anywhere and all I wanted to do was get ready so we could leave. "Fine compromise?" I offered. She relaxed her stance slightly letting me go on. "I get to pick out five outfits, you can pick out three," she shook her head. I rolled my eyes I suppose I'd lived with her dressing me for so long here I could handle it in Ireland too. "Fine, Alice, you can pick out five I'll pick out three."

"Fine but one more thing," Alice said clutching my shirt at both sleeves.

"Alice no!" but I was too late she had already ripped it in half. Rosalie was laughing on the couch her eyes still closed. I pouted my best pout to at least make her feel guilty; I had really liked that shirt.

"This is for your own good, Bella. Do you really want to make innocent peoples eyes burn?" with that she began searching my drawers for the five outfits I promised her. I sulked my way onto the bed looking at all the options I had originally picked.

• • • •

Somehow we managed to make our way downstairs with our suit cases all packed and in hand. Alice had forced two more outfits on me while I forced Alice and Rose to get rid of two of theirs. Fashion was a difficulty in this house. Alice and Rose each had two suit cases while I had one and a carry on. One of the suit cases Alice carried was as tall maybe a few inches shorter than she was. It was a leopard print, way to blend in… I rolled my eyes and looked down at my normal sized black suit case.

"I'm gonna go hunting before we leave," Rosalie informed us as we nodded our heads knowing that sitting on an airplane for hours with no air circulation was not good. We made it out the front door as I inhaled the sweet aroma of the surrounding forest. The wind whipped past my face tangling my hair as I ran dodging trees and littler wild life.

I loved the sense of freedom from running so fast, nothing could touch you, except of course other vampires.

• • • •

"Where are you going?" I asked as Rosalie walked towards the garage. We had just gotten back from our hunt each finding a few deer's to drain. I ran my hands through my tangled hair with a questioning eye set on Rosalie.

"I'm gonna say goodbye to the cars," Rosalie said nonchalantly as she began to walk towards the garage.

Alice leaned in towards me while handing me a brush she whispered low but loud enough for Rose to hear, "And she says we have issues." I let out a chuckle and thanked her for the brush.

"You do," Rosalie called back over her shoulder swinging her hips.

"We're not the ones saying goodbye to cars!" Alice shot back narrowing her eyes then skipping off to put her two suit cases in the car that we were taking to the airport. I made my way to do the same thing while placing the brush in the carry on. I quickly checked to make sure I brought at least four books in case we had leisure time, especially when there was only so much you could do in the late hours of the night.

• • • •

"We've got about 5 hours before our plane takes off," I stated when we were all in the car. "Anything you guys want to do before we leave? Other than shopping?" I quickly added the last part knowing all to well what Alice would want.

"We could go to the graduation dinner," Alice perked up. Rosalie and I groaned in protest at the thought of anything that had to do with high school. "Fine, fine, fine, would it really kill you to say good bye to your classmates one last time?"

"Yes," Rose and I said together. Eventually we decided to head out and get everything ready at the airport incase of any difficulties.

We parked the car slowly—since we had a lot of time on our hands— in the airport section for long stays. When we entered the big building, countless eyes followed us wherever we went, and not just because of Alice's leopard suitcase that was the size of Antarctica. Alice led the way with her two hefty suitcases to the line. All of our suitcases ended up weighing more than the weight limit and we ended up having to pay twenty extra bucks for each suitcase. It was a good thing Alice could see the future and win us money all the time.

A few hours later, after sitting around fidgeting, our plane way finally called. Alice was jumping with excitement as we made our way through the small hallway that led us to the plane door. The captain was by the door welcoming everyone in. When the three of us got to the door the pilot gave each of us a quick look up in down. Rosalie flipped her hair with her hand playfully as I chuckled at the look he gave her. Before I stepped in I gave the outside of the airplane a quick touch for good luck. Who knows what could happen on this journey.

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