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I was so happy I found Bella. I'd gone on this trip expecting nothing but a few embarrassing moments from Emmett and nice scenery. Instead I got all of that and the love of my existence, Bella. I stroked her brown hair from my spot in line. We were boarding another airplane, but this one was going to take us home. After the incident in the hotel room we all decided it would be best to just leave. We'd all sat in silence after that, everyone thinking the same thing, what was home?

We all wanted to stay together so there was those two questions, which house would we got to and how would we work everything out? Alice had us covered. She'd stood up and with a brilliant smile and said, "I think we should all get a house together. We'll each sell our old houses then put our money together and buy a big house!"

We all agreed. I had spoken with the boys too see their opinion in inviting Carlisle and Esme to live with us, to which they agreed. Bella rested her head on my chest which ignited by the slightest touch from her. I was so lucky to have Bella, my beautiful Bella.


My hands covered Rosalie's hips as we inched our way to the terminal for the flight. Rosalie leaned into my touch and we exchanged tiny kisses. Rosalie was one of a kind, sexy and smart, my other half. She was the best thing that had happened on this trip, although the hotel incident was pretty cool. Her blond hair rested on my shoulder as we made our way closer to the flight attendant.

I couldn't wait to get to our new home and check out our room. I gave the flight attendant my ticket after Rosalie then headed down the short terminal towards the plane. I moved to put my hands back on her filled out hips, Rosalie looked back at me and gave me a smirk.


Emmett kept leaning over to me, begging we go into the airplane bathroom and 'share a moment.' I shoved him off hissing 'not now'. How many times did I have to say it to get it through his dense head? I had fallen deeply in love with Emmett, but sometimes he was such a child with a horny teenager's intentions.

Ireland had turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Never would I have dreamed I'd found someone like Emmett. But I had and now we were on an airplane back home together. My mind began to wander as I thought of all the different things we could do when we had our new house, together. The plane began to move for take off. I leaned over Emmett towards the window to take one last look at Ireland, while placing my hand dangerously near his sensitive spot as punishment.


Alice was vibrating with excitement next to me as we waited our turn to get off the airplane. I placed a cool hand on Alice's thigh and she instantly relaxed. She looked up at me with love in her eyes as I did the same for her. She was the most beautiful person I had ever met, full of life, energy and love.

I shudder at the thought of going to Ireland and never having met her. She was my light, my hope and my love. I looked up and saw Rosalie and Emmett stumbling out of the same bathroom with silly grins on their faces. I shook my head, but couldn't help looking back down at Alice longingly. She grinned, seeming to know what I was thinking and winked. I stood up in a daze as we took our spot in line to exit the airplane. I was truly the luckiest man on the face of the planet.


I grabbed Edwards hand as we walked out of the terminal and into the practically empty airport in Alaska. We'd decided to go with the boy to their house and wait for it to sell then go down to ours in Forks and do the same. Then we'd all head off in search of a new location. I couldn't help but grin madly at the thought of living with Edward.

Edward, my savior from living out my long years alone. I kissed his shoulder as we walked, while trying to keep my balance. He stopped and wrapped one arm around my waist while his other lifted my chin and we collided in a passionate kiss. Everything around me melted into a bright white of nothingness. His soft cold lips moved in tantalizing patterns while his hand that caressed my chin moved to my hair as his other stayed on the curve of my back. A loud cough snapped me out of my trance.

We broke apart and looked around. The rest of the group was standing a few feet away looking at us with all-knowing grins controlling their mouths. Edward and I sighed, looking at each other once more. It would just have to wait until we had our own room.


Each couple got a taxi to carry them to the boys' soon to be no-longer house. Jasper held the door open for me as I hopped in and scooted over so that he could enter through the same door. He chuckled and sat down. Jasper gave the taxi driver the directions and we were soon off. I gazed at Jasper admiringly; he was gentle and caring he made my heart come alive. Jasper gazed back then spoke softly, "ready to start our lives together?"

"Emmett!! Jasper! Edward! Stop wrestling before you break all the furniture!" Rosalie shrieked as Bella and I stood at that sidelines watching the scene unfold. We were in a large house with cream colored walls and wide open stairs. There was another open door off to the side and I saw two other vampires, who must be Carlisle and Esme, from the boys' descriptions. The three boys were entangled and wrestling on any space they could find.

"Boys, stop," came another woman's voice, more calmly. I looked back over to the opening where the other couple stood. The three boys stopped abruptly and struggled to untangle themselves.

"Sorry Esme!" Emmett boomed, "Had to teach these boys a lesson!" Edward and Jasper snarled then walked over to Bella and me where their snarls turned to smiles and a quick kiss on the cheeks.

Esme spoke again calmly, "I think it's best if we all just go to our rooms for now," and everyone nodded their heads and walked off, up the stairs, couple at a time.

"Alice? You okay?" Jasper asked, leaning over to me. A smile began to form on my lips as I looked back over to him.

"Yeah everything's perfect."

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