From when we were younger.

Renee POV

When I went into labour I almost had a heartattack. It was too early for my baby to be born. 'Please dont let her be dead', was what went through my head while they pushed me to the emergancy room. My breathing was ragged and I held onto my husbands arm like it was my life boat.

"Charlie, please Dont let our baby be dead, its too early for her to be born", I cried and then gasped when my next contraction came. The pain was unbearable, it felt like I was being ripped in two.

"Renee, Sweetie Dont worry im sure everything will be fine. Our baby will be alright, stop stressing. Its bad for the baby", he reassured me and then almost tripped when we turned the corner. I hoped to God our child wouldnt be as clumsy as him. Another contraction, shit.

I finally go to the emergancy room and they helped me on a more comortable bed. I wanted this to be a natural birth so they got me into a sitting position for the baby to be pushed out of me. It sounded horrifying but at the same time it felt like release.

"Alright, the baby is ready to come out I need you to push Mrs Swan. Push.", I squeezed Charlie's hand hard that he winced and pushed. My breathing became ragged again and my chest hurt.

"Push again Mrs Swan, your doing great", I pushed for the next 2 hours until I felt the release and heard crying in the distance. I forced myself to stay awake, I needed to see my baby.

"Congratulations you two. Its a girl like we expected and she looks healthy, would you like to hold her Mrs Swan", a nurse asked me. I nodded unable to speak and they passed my darling baby to me. She was beautiful and at that moment I knew she should be named Bella, for beautiful.

"Charlie look, our baby", I said and Charlies eyes filled with water. The tears spilled over and dropped to the linolem floor as he kissed our Bella's small forehead.

"She'll be a catch", Carlisle said standing in the doorway. He was holding their year old son Edward and Esme stood further into the room. She started making her way to me.

"You did it, Congrats Love", Esme said lovingly as I passed Bella over to her.

"She is a Bella, look Carlisle", Carlisle came to stand beside his wife and smiled down at My Bella.

"Welcome to the world Little Bella", he said and Edward looked in awe down at the litle baby.

"Baby Bella", he murmmed and then clapped his hands. Bella made a baby sound and moved her hands up and down. I already saw they would be close.

"Let me put Bella in her cot and then you can get some rest Alright? You need it", I nodded, I was already drifting in and out of sleep. Esme placed Bella carefully in the cot. Then Edward started performing.

"I want to be with Bella", he whined and Carlisle tried to talk reason to him but he would have it. He was a stubborn baby.

"Its alright I trust him Carlisle", I said. Carlisle nodded and placed Edward next to Bella. We all watched in amazment as Edward wrapped his small arms slowly around Bella's frial body, it amazed me how careful for a year old toddler he was.

"I will keep you safe always Beautiful Bella", he said softly and then drifted to sleep holding my baby, I smiled weakly along with my close friends and my husband as we all watched our children sleep.

"Well, thats a sight you dont see everyday", Carlisle commented. Charlie nodded moving to stand beside his pal.

"They will be forever with each other, you can see it now", Esme touched her heart and went to place a kiss on each of their heads.

"Sleep well you little angels", she said and then stood up.

"Hopefully they will stay little angels", I said and we all laughed after.

Of course that wouldnt be the case totally, It would be hard and thats why Charlie and I decided one child is fine. Bella was born into the world and Edward the first man to hold her, you could already see they were soulmates. I sighed contently and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of the future.

A year later, Bella is one year old and Edward is two years old...

"Ethwar", Bella said as she waddled over to Edward, I watched the two of them play while chatting to Esme.

"They are adorable arent they", Esme comented and I nodded.

"They are", I smiled when Edward picked Bella up and Bella giggled. Edward was tall for his young age and already looked to be a heart stopper, he had bronzed brown hair and big green eyes. His smile was crooked everytime showing his cute little dimples.

Bella turned out to be an angel sent down from heaven. Her hair was long a dark brown with a tint of red to it, she was short and petite but that was normal. She was very clumsy like her father and always knew when "Mommie and Daddie" were fighting or were angry at each other. That she got from me, it was like she could sense the tension in the air.

"Mommy!!!! Ethwar is being a big meany", Bella cried running into my arms, Bella couldnt say Edwards name yet. I laughed as Edward came up behind her and tickled her, she squealed and ran onto the lawn, her little toddler legs moving fast.

"Ethwar! No!", she scolded and Edward backed away, he was afraid of Bella when she was demanding. Esme and I laughed as Bella pulled her small tongue and Edward and walked into the house. Edward shrugged and went to sit on his mothers lap, before fidgeting and then running into the house screaming, "Im sorry Bella!!".

The two of them we could never seperate, they never got sick of each other and demanded sleep overs every night, so we all had turns. Esme and Carlisle had them mondays and wednesdays and Charlie and I had them Thursdays and Teusdays. Fridays was family time. Bella would fall asleep in Edwards arms every night, no matter what. If they were already asleep when we put them in the bed Bella would snuggle closer to Edward untill she knew she was sae and Edward's arms would immediatly wrap around her. It was an adorable sight to see.

"We should get dinner done, Family day today. Will you and Charlie be sleeping here tonight", Esme asked taking a sip of her wine.

"Yeah Why not. I'll help you with dinner", we both got up and headed inside.

We made lasange for dinner that night, the men were complaining we didnt get enough carbs in our diets and the children wanted italian food, so what the heck??

I dished up for everyone while Esme made a fruit salad for dessert.

"Come on Kids, Dinner", Carlisle shouted up the stairs. Edward and Bella ran down the stairs holding hands and looking very happy.

"You two look happy, been playing lots?", charlie asked them getting on his knees and pulling Bella into a hug. Bella giggled and nodded while Edward smiled like he had just come from a toy store.

"Italian Food!", he screamed and ran into the dining room. He sat next to his father and started baby talking.

"Bella go sit with Edward, i'll bring your food now", she nodded and obiently went to sit with Edward. She baby talked with Edward.

Esme helped me put everything down on the table for dinner. We had old time fun that night, the kids food fighting in the kitchen, Esme and I drinking wine and talking about interior designing and the men speaking about medical and sport issues.

It was what we did almost every night.

"Bella, look at you", I gasped when my daughter stepped into the dining room. She was covered head to toe in flour.

"Edward come in here", Esme screamed and Edward came slowly into the room, he too was covered in flour and had egg running down his face.

"Ethwar started!", Bella whined and she pointed at him, he pulled his tongue and then looked at his father whom was fuming.

"This is enough, Edward go clean up with Bella. You two must stop with this food fights, I have to go to the store every day to get more flour or eggs".

"Sowwie Daddy", Edward said and then walked out the room sulking. Bella ran after him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"It ok, we both were nauthy", she said and kissed Edwrds cheek. Edward smiled and then pulled Bella with him. They made their way to his bedroom, and I followed to get them cleaned up.

"You wont be doing that again, will you two?", I asked as I undressed their tiny bodies. Edward jumped into the bath while I helped Bella in.

"No, Im vewi Sowwie Mommy, and Ethwar is too", Bella pouted and I ruffled her hair. She giggled.

"Ah, its the life of a child", I murmmed. I got them both cleaned and dressed and then out them to bed.

"Sleep well, little devils", I whispered and kissed their heads.

"Night", they said in unison and then turned onto their sides and drifted to sleep.

Although they were mischief, they were overall good kids.

I smiled and walked out the room, switching the light off.

"They alseep?", Charlie asked. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I leant into him.

"Yes, mm. Where is Esme and Carlisle?".

"Bed, we cleaned up while you sorted the kids out.", he kissed my neck and I sighed.

"Charlie, do you think Edward and Bella is destined to be together?".

"Yes, I do think so. Edward will grow up to be a gentlemen, so I dont mind them dating", I smiled at the fatherly figure.

"I love you", I whispered, I felt Charlie smile against my neck.

"I love you to my beautiful wife", he murmmerd and then turned me around kissing me softly. I kissed him back and then broke apart.

"Im tired, can we go to bed?".

"Of course", Charlie picked me up and I laughed feeling like a teenager again. He carried me to our bedroom, locking the door behind him.

6 Years pass, Edward is 8 and Bella 7...

Bella POV

"Edward, who do you want your first kiss to be with?", I asked as I read my moms magazine I found. Edward looked up from his Ps2 game.

"You of course", he stated simply, turning back to his game. I got up from his bed and went to sit next to him pausing the game.

"Hey, what you do that for!", Edward exclaimed.

"Kiss me", I said.

Edward froze. I heard him gulp.

"What", he said shakely turning to look at me.

"You heard me, Kiss me", I gave my pout and he looked away.

"Why, we are too young Bells", he said blushing. I smiled.

"No we not, mommy and daddy always do it and I want to see what the fuss is about, please...", I batted my eyelashes, Im sure i was blushing just as much as Edward was.

"I dont know".

"Oh pretty please. Arent you alittle curious too?", I pushed.

"Yeah Kinda".

"Then do it". Edward leant forward, defeated and pressed his lips to mine. His eyed were wide open and then he pulled away wiping his mouth.

"Yug", I mummbled, "That was digusting, what do the adults see in that?".

"I dont know. That was digusting", he wiped his mouth again and looked at me.

"Oh well, we had our first kiss together now", he said and I nodded. I heard a car pull up, I got up and raced to put my mom magazine back in her bathroom.

Edward POV

I was playing tag team racing when Bella interrupted my comcentration.

"Edward who do you want your first kiss to be with?", I turned my gaze on her, Bella was laying on her back her head hanging off the bed while she read a magazine im sure was her moms.

"You of course", I stated simply turning my gaze back onto my game. I carried on playing. I heard shuffeling and then felt Bella's presence beside me.

All the sudden my game paused.

"Hey, What you do that for!" I exclaimed.

"Kiss me", Bella said and I froze. I gulped and turned to look at her, she was smiling her angelic smile and watching me. I tried to control my vioce, I was nervous.

"What?", I asked shakely.

"You heard me, Kiss me", Bella pouted and I looked away. Her pout was too cute.

"Why, we are too young Bells", I used her nickname hoping she wouldnt want to really kiss. I was sure I was blushing.

"No we not, Mommy and Daddy always do it and I want to see what the fuss is about, please...", I turned to looke at her again and saw she had turned a shade of pink.

"I dont know...", I started but got interrupted.

"Oh pretty please. Arent you alitle curious too?", she pushed. I was slowly giving in. I was a bit curious, I atched my parents kiss all the time and it did look abit strange.

"Yeah kinda", I sighed knowing that I was defeated.

"Then do it", I took a deep breath and leant forward pressing my lips to hers. They were soft and wet, it was disgusting. I pulled away and wiped my mouth.

"Yug", I heard Bella say. I looked at her and she was too wiping her mouth. I smiled inside.

"That was disgusting, What do adults see in that?", she asked.

"I dont know that was disgusting".

"Oh well we had our first kiss together now", I said and she nodded. I heard the car pull up and im sure Bella heard it too. She got up and ran to take the magazine back, I laughed and went back to my game.

My mother walked in ater about 5 minutes making me pause my game again. Damn game pausers.

"Yes mom", I said and she came to knee'll next to me.

"Edward your father and I are going out tonight with Bella's parents. So a babysitter is coming to look after you two. Behave please and let her in when she comes alright?", I nodded and she kissed my head stepping out my room. God damn baby sitters, I could look after Bella, we didnt need a stupid baby sitter.

"Edward!!!", Bella tackled me to the ground laughing. I gave up with my game and tickled her untill she begged for me to stop.

"Alright what was the pouncing for?", I asked helping her up. She was small because she was born premature so only came up to my shoulder. I was taller then most boys at my school, and people called me intimadating.

"We gonna have so much fun tonight pranking the babysitter!!", she squealed, jumping. I smiled crookedly and hugged her tight.

"Your such a boy Bella", I said when I let her go. She just laughed and ran out the room. I followed her.

"Prank scheming time!!", she called from up the stairs, I ran up to her and we went into my dads office sitting on the big leather couch.

"So what we gonna do this time", I asked.

"I...", The doorbell rang interupting Bella.

"Thats her i'll let her in and then we can continue", Bella nodded and I ran down to the front door. When I opened the door Lauren sneered down at me.

"I gotta babysit you brats again. So no and I mean NO! pranks. You hear me", she said walking inside. I rolled my eyes and slammed the door shut.

"Dont slam the door you brat!", she screamed and then she was on her phone chatting to her "girlfriends". I ran back up the stairs to find Bella writing something down. I looked over her shoulder and smiled. She was writing our pranks.

"Ok we will do these", She said handing me the paper. I read through it and chuckled.

"This is going to be fun!", we said in unison.