Bella POV

I walked into Edwards room, Edwards arms still wrapped around me. I felt comfortable being held by him, but he had a girlfriend, so at the same time it felt wrong.

"Edward you can let me go now you know", I told him and he pouted tightening his arms around me.

"I don't want to", he sighed his head resting on my shoulder. I turned my head and kissed his temple. I really did miss him terribly. I wish I hadn't avoided him.

"Edward I need to tell you something", I whispered and he nodded letting me go. I walked over to his stereo changing the C.D to James Blunt.

"Angela's taste in music gives me a headache", Edward complained sitting on his sofa, and I laughed silently.

"So what do you need to tell me?" he asked arching a perfect eyebrow, I sat down next to him.

"A lot, I'll start with Mike not leaving me alone", Edward growled deep in his throat, hatred showing in his eyes.

"What", he snapped. I closed my eyes knowing he would react this way.

"Well, Mike won't leave me alone. Its quite simple", I tried to joke.

"Don't try and joke Bella, why, what does he do?" Edward asked. I looked up at him, gently touching his arm.

"Calm down and I'll tell you", I whispered. He relaxed his tense muscles.

"Okay im calm".

"You sure?"

"Yes now tell me please".

"Well Mike has been leaving me messages about how sorry he is, phoning me from 8 in the morning to midnight, and now he is so happy because im his partner for biology. He told me his going to use that time, when we are together alone, to make it up to me", Edward sighed.

"He won't stop will he?" I shook my head.

"So I was thinking, should I give him a second chance?" Edward's eyes widen.

"Hell no, im sorry Bella I cant allow that", I frowned.

"But doesn't it say in relationships you always get a second chance".

"Yes, in fairytales", he grunted. I had been thinking of giving Mike a second chance for some time now, maybe it would get him off my back. Edward still had Angela and well I Would never have Edward for my own, he was too perfect.

"Edward I don't care, Im going to give him a second chance. Maybe he is really sorry", Edward growled again and I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders.

"Don't worry I'll be safe", Edward held me close to him and I sighed in content, I loved being in his arms.

"But Bella..." his voice was strained from worry. I rubbed his back.

"Don't worry Edward, I promise you if he tries anything again I'll tell him to fuck off", Edward smiled at me swearing. I wish I could kiss those lips again.

"Fine, but if anything happens, I snap his neck", I nodded excitedly.

"Of course Eddie", I kissed his cheek and then got up.

"Im going to Mike's now. I'll see you later", Edward nodded and I walked out his room.

When I got to Mike's I had the shakes. Knowing what happened in his room. Could I really trust him with a second chance? I knocked on the door and it swung open.

"Hello?" I called. Nothing. I walked inside and then the door shut behind me and someone grabbed me from behind, muffling my terrified screams.

"Bella", Mike's voice came from behind me. I struggled against him and he laughed.

"Got you", I bit his hand and he cried out letting go. I ran for the door but he tripped me.

"Bella why you running baby? I thought this is the perfect time to play and you running away", I started crying. Mike was really evil.

"If you don't want me, them I'll just have to take what I want. I want to be known as the guy who gets it all at school, I need to be with Eric and them in there group, and they asked me to film having sex with any girl in the school. I chose you baby", I screamed. Mike lifted me up, pulling me to his room. I struggled and then kicked him hard running away again.

"Bella, I locked the front door, you can't get out", Mike called in a sing song voice, I hid in a corner. Taking out my cell, I dialled Edward.

"Hello?" came the voice that made me feel instantly safe.

"Help, Mike house, please NOW", I whispered.

"Bella? Im coming now", the dial tone came up indicating he hang up. He was on his way, I felt almost safe.

"Bella", Mike called again. I tried not to gag. After a few minutes off Mike calling me and me holding my breath, Edward slammed through the front door looking livid.

"MIKE", he roared coming up behind Mike and taking him by the neck. Mike yelped in surprise. I got up from my hiding spot, running to where they were.

"What the hell are you thinking", Edward snapped and Mike smirked.

"Trying to be a proper guy unlike you gay faggot", Edward punched him in the nose and kicked him in the ribs when he fell to the floor.

"Don't you ever touch Bella again!" he threatened. I ran to him sobbing. Edward lifted me into his arms and walked out the front door leaving Mike with a broken nose and fractured ribs.

"What did he do, and I told you", Edward practically shouted. I winced.

"He wanted to have sex with me and film it. He was going to force me, for his friends to watch", Edward froze looking at me.

"I'll kill him".

"Please just protect me".

"I will Bella", Edward put me down and then turned me around in his arms kissing me. I was surprised and tried to pull back but he wouldn't have that. I broke away.

"Angela", I muttered. Edward sighed walking away from me.

"Edward", I called. He stopped walking and turned around.

"I want you not her Bella", he said and my heart ached to hold him, kiss him, be with him.

"I want you too", I told him. He walked towards me again hugging me.

"I'll sort things out", he whispered and then let go. I took his hand and we walked to his house in silence.

Edward POV

When we got home, I went up to my room leaving Bella in the living room. I sat down on my couch pinching the bridge of my nose, a habit I picked up from my dad.

"Why", I asked out softly. I wanted to be with Bella, she wanted to be with me. But I was with Angela. I sighed getting up and pacing my room. I had to do something to sort this out. I would have to let Angela go, we didn't get along that well anyway.

"Edward", came Bella's voice outside my door. I walked to it and opened the door. Bella smiled up at me and I returned it, I wrapped one arm around her waist, closing the door with the other.

"Bella, Im going to break up with Angela", Bella's eyes shot up in horror.

"Why Edward?" I sighed and hugged her.

"Because she's not the girl for me. I want you", Bella shook her head.

"Edward what says we will work out".

"We wont know till we try", I kissed her softly and she gave in wrapping her arms around my neck tightly.

"I can't do that to Angela, steal you away from her", she said once we broke apart.

"Bella, people break up every day, I wont do it in a rude manner, don't worry, everything will be fine", I reassured her. Bella nodded. I sat her down on the couch putting on some James Blunt again, and then sitting down next to her.

Bella took my hand and I smiled. She buried her head in my neck and I kissed her temple. I wanted things to be like this forever. I hope nothing will come between us, well it wont I wont let anything like that happen. Bella was my soul mate and I wanted to marry her one day.

I know it was too early to think things like that, we were only in high school, 14 and 15 years old. But it was obvious we would marry, we were closer then people thought, we shared everything and new everything about each other. But it might not be that way either, we might go separate ways later in life, start families with other people and stay good friends, but I hoped it wouldn't be that way.

I was willing to take the risk with Bella, and try out this relationship, and I knew she was willing to as well inside.

Bella sat up and looked at me.

"Edward, when you going to do it?" I knew what she was talking about, to tell you the truth I didn't know.

"I don't know Bells, soon", Bella looked pained. I know she didn't like the thought of me breaking up with her best friend.

"Bella, it will be fine, she wont ignore you or anything because we will be a couple, she will just maybe ignore me, but I don't think she's that kind of person".

"I know, I just worry too much".

"You do little worry machine", Bella smiled and I nuzzled her neck.

"I think I'll talk to Angela tomorrow at school, okay?" I asked and Bella nodded. I smiled and kissed her cheek. I will finally have her for my own, call her my girlfriend and hold her when ever I wanted.

Next day. School...

The next day at school, I was walking to my locker when Jessica Stanley the gossip queen in high school tapped my shoulder.

"Edward", she called in her high voice, I forced a smile.

"Yes Jessica", I said politely, I heard Jessica had a massive crush on me and I didn't like her, no one really did.

"I heard a rumour going around about your girlfriend, Angela and Ben Cheney", I was instantly tuned in.

"What about?" I asked, like I wasn't interested.

"That they are secretly dating", I smiled inside, I knew I should be upset but I wasn't it would be easier to break up.

"Thanks for telling me", Jessica nodded batting her eyelashes then walking away when I didn't take notice of her hints.

I saw Angela coming up to me, I put on my serious face.

"Hey", she said taking my hand. I took my hand away from her and she frowned.

"We need to talk", I said and then walked off to the cafeteria, and Angela followed me.

"What's wrong Ed?" she asked, worried. I smiled.

"I need to talk to you about this relationship".

"What about".

"Well, I don't think its working, and I heard you like Ben". Angela's face fell.

"I wanted to tell you Edward..." I put my hand up silencing her.

"I think it was for the best, because I like Bella", She smiled.

"I thought so".

"Yeah, so friends", Angela nodded hugging me.

"Friends", we smiled at each other then I saw Ben coming up to her. She ran up to him and kissed him full on the mouth, I laughed.

"Thanks Ed", she said and then they walked off. I smiled when I saw Bella coming towards me.

"So how it go", she asked sitting next to me. I took her hand and kissed it.

"We are now officially going out", Bella smiled, this time it reached her hands.

"And don't worry, Angela like Ben all along, so it was fine the break up", Bella hugged me and I hugged her back kissed her after.

"Im so happy", I nodded.

"Me too".

Bella POV

I got to school, shaking. I was worried about Edward and Angela. I had no clue what would happen. Them someone small bumped into me dropping their books. I got down on my knees helping them with their books. I looked up to see a little pixie girl smiling at me.

"Hey Im so sorry", she said, her voice was like velvet.

"Its ok, Im Bella", I replied, she smiled and nodded.

"Im Alice".

"You new here?"

"Yes, I am actually, I started today", I nodded.

"Well if you need help, finding your way around here and stuff, I'll help you", Alice smiled again, bouncing.

"Can you walk around with me, we can get to know each other and then become friends", I agreed, it would be nice to have some friends.

"Come meet my family", I followed her outside, to a group of people sitting on the logs.

"Hey guys this is Bella, Bella this is Emmet, my brother and his girlfriend and Jasper my boyfriend", I greeted all of them smiling. Jasper was tall and lean, but attractive; she had bleach blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Emmet was big and really muscular, his girlfriend whom I found out was Rosalie, looked like a supermodel, she had long legs, long blonde hair with brown highlights, she was really pretty.

"So Bella, you from around here?" Emmet asked

"Yes I was born here, properly going to live here and die here", I replied. "Where you guys from?"

"London", Jasper said. I smiled and he smiled back wrapping his arms around Alice's tiny waist.

The questions went back and forth like that, I found out that Jasper and Alice has been together for a year, same for Emmet and Rosalie and they all met on a camp that had different schools. I told them about Edward and me, and our life we had growing up.

"I better be going got to meet Edward, you must have lunch with us and meet him".

"Totally, I want to meet this guy, we can be the three musketeers, I think we will all get along just fine", Emmet said clapping his big hands together. I thought the same thing, we would all get along just fine.

I said goodbyes and left to go meet Edward at the cafeteria. I found him sitting at the table smiling. I sat down next to him.

"So how it go?" I asked. Edward took my hand kissing it lightly.

"We are now officially going out", I smiled. I was so happy.

"And don't worry, Angela like Ben all along, so it was fine the break up", I was relieved. I hugged him, and he hugged back kissing me.

"Im so happy", I said, meaning it. Edward nodded.

"Me too", he replied.