Title: Dance

Chapter 1: A Joke

I let my eyes focus on the staring eyes of the red head. How I hate him. He thinks he's better than me, I know it. He just stares back, his green eyes showing nothing, his face blank, his thin lips pressed together lightly. I watched as they parted his voice reaching my ears as he spoke in his soft yet rough whisper.

"Will you go to the dance, with me." I froze. What had he just asked? Was the world ending? He wanted me to go with him. Why? Would I end up covered in blood and the laughing stock of the whole class?

"What did ya just say?" I questioned tilting my head to the right so I could hear him better.

"Will you go with me to the dance." He seemed annoyed that I asked him to repeat himself. I didn't care, I was pissed.

"I'm not some joke you know!" I yelled balling my hands into fists as I walked closer to the boy, he didn't back away or change expressions. He watched me. Thinking he was better than me. Just because he had friends and everyone in the whole school knew him, he was not better than me. Not at all!

"I don't joke." Came his reply as I was in his face.

It was true, the redhead had many friends and keep them all... but he wasn't the type to joke. Even when his friends made fun of me he was the only one not to laugh at my reactions. I swallowed hard as I thought this over. Gaara, was he really asking me because he wanted to? "Who's making you ask me?" I questioned narrowing my eyes. "Sasuke?"

"I asked you for myself." The redhead tilted his head at me and I backed off a step.

"What you planing on making a fool of me there?" I glared now.

"No, I think you can handle that your self." He replied with only a second of thought to his answer, I could take offense to that.. but it was true... I made a fool of myself all the time with no ones help.

"Whats the catch?" I asked running a hand through my golden hair and waited for his reply.

"There is none." he replied looking at me with something hidden in his eyes I couldn't place.

"Hn." I twirled on my heels as I thought this over, pacing lightly with my index finger tapping my lip.

"You can tell me in Spanish class." Gaara spoke as the bell rang for third period. I blinked and watched as he walked towards his class room. I gave a yelp and ran down the hall towards my own class. I had until after lunch to say no... or yes.

My crush on Gaara had gotten me in to a lot of trouble. I could never bring myself to tell him openly so I would just stare at the redheaded demon that haunted my dreams. This caused me to get picked on by his friends. Sasuke had been the worst, he always had a witty comment... I'm not so witty so when I throw one back it comes out making me look worse.

By the time lunch was almost over I had decided that I would give it a shot, I'd say 'Yeah, sure Gaara you can take me to the dance.' The redhead would laugh and so would everyone as the camera crew came out of the closet and I was told I was on the Stupidest Peoples show. I'd laugh along then go home and hang myself. Sounded good.

I yawned and stretched as I walked to may locker and twisted the combo so it opened. I hate Spanish. I can't speak any of it. I was forced to take the class as all my other choices were filled and so they threw me in there. I groaned as I lifted the book out of my locker and shut it. As I turned away to walk to class I ran in to the redheaded boy.

"Well?" He asked lightly and I glared at him.

"Whats the hurry? The dance is over a month away." I huffed and pulled the book to my chest. He said nothing and waited for my answer, I shifted my weight from foot to foot, I really had to pee. Gaara had that effect on people, he could scared the shit and piss out of almost anyone with just one look. He backed those looks up too. I've been at this school for two years and he's been here three, I've seen him in at least a dozen fights many not fair towards him, no one ever jumps in to help him... I don't know if its because he doesn't need the help or if his friends really just want to see him lose one of these days so they know he's human.

"Have you thought about it?" He asked looking at me with that head tilted and his lips parted lightly as he breathed, kami he was sexz. I forced myself to breath and roll my eyes.

"Why me? Why are you asking me?" I half way yelled being the Drama Queen that I am. He blinked and I never thought he'd answer boy was I right. He reached out a pale arm and his thin fingers enclosed around my book, he snatched his arm back quickly and my book with it. I growled in protest.

"The bells about to ring, walk with me." He stated as he carried my book towards the class room. I could feel the heat on my face as people watched us in awe, mouths hung open and whispers started up quickly.

Once we entered the room he took the seat next to me and handed me my book. I glared at the desk top as my ears burned... Everyone was watching us. Gaara seemed not to notice. "Will you tell me tomorrow before classes?" Gaara's voice fought through my burning ears and I turned to glare at him, I nodded none the less and he turned to the front as the bell rang to show class was starting.

The rest of the day went by and I was not paying attention to it, once the school day ended I shoved all my stuff in my locker and headed out of the school, I unlocked my bike from its home and started off for home. I wasn't so luck as to make it far.

"Naruto." A voice called, one I hated more than anything. Sasuke's voice. Ugggghhhh.

"What!" I yelled over to him.

"Stay away from Gaara." The boy growled walking closer to me. "He's way to good for the likes of you."

"Stay out of it." I replied continuing on my way, until I was knocked off my bike and ended up scraping my palms and knees. I hissed in pain and shot up. The bastard. I charged, but something stopped me, manly the green eyed demon that blocked my way to Sasuke. He was saying something. Did he really just tell Sasuke to back off? I blinked then huffed when he turned to me. "I can handle him on my own."

Gaara seemed to not hear me or ignored me, he took my hands and looked them over before speaking once more. "Want a ride home?" Gaara was the only one in school who actually owned his own motorcycle. I dreamed of riding on it, so I almost jumped for joy. My face lit up into a smile as I nodded.

"Hell yeah!" I laughed and told him to wait while I put my bike back up, it slipped my mind that I might need the bike to get back to school tomorrow. I didn't care though, I'd walk or something.

Gaara was still waiting for me when I returned, he gave me a glance over then handed me his helmet. I gave him a look. "Do you have one?" He shook his head no and I tried to give it back, but he refused and I sighed before putting it on. He got on and I got behind him. I wanted to wrap my arms around him but I didn't, until he told me to.

"Hold on." He commanded as he started the baby up and was turning around... then speeding at 2 times the speed limit down the road and I was holding on, I was holding on so tight my nails dug through his shirt and left marks on his skin. He passed cars, truck, semi's even without slowing down and cut in between traffic running not one, not two but three red lights. I had my eyes closed after the last one he ran, we were almost smashed into by a car.

When he stopped I was in awe that I was alive, and in front of my house. I blinked and didn't even notice I was still digging into his skin. "You can let go." He stated and I did so quickly, getting off the bike and nearly kissing the solid ground. I handed him his helmet and waited for him to go, he didn't instead he got off as well and examined his wounds.

"Sorry." I stammered as I noticed the blood soaking through his shirt. He shrugged and looked at me.

"Can I come in?" He questioned looking at my place. I lived alone in a small house that my only living family owned, he was out of town right now doing research for his next book... In fact he was almost always out of town.

"Uhhh.." I took a deep breath and then spoke once more. "If you answer a few questions for me." He gave my request some thought before he nodded yes and I lead the way to the door opening it and letting him inside before closing the door behind him.

I walked into the living room and took a seat on one of the chairs while he sat on the sofa. "May I smoke?" He questioned noticing the ashtray on the coffee table. I shrugged and he lifted a pack from his pocket and a lighter. I watched as he let the stick hang from his just licked lips and then let the flame engulf the end of it, breathing in and a moment later exhaling a cloud of smoke.

"So, why'd you ask me?" I asked him as I watched his cloud of smoke.

"Why not." He countered and I growled annoyed.

"Thats not an answer, its a question." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why wont you say yes?" He looked at me and I stopped breathing for a moment.

"Because." I replied and his forehead wrinkled as he glared at me. Hahaha. Don't like it very well do you.

"You live here alone." It was a statement not a question. "Show me around." He stood and I blinked, why? Why did he need to see the rest of my house? I stood and showed him the kitchen the bathroom and the pretty much spare bedroom. He stopped in front of my door, the only room I refused to show him. The jack ass just barges in like its his room!

He sits down on my bed with the ashtray in hand and looks around the place. My room. My room, Gaara is in my room. On my bed. If I wasn't so pissed I'd be having a nose bleed right now and cuming my pants.

"Why won't you say yes?" He blinks at me.

"Yes." The words flew from my mouth before I could stop them.

"Good." He stood and walked past me stopping at the living room to put the ashtray down and then spoke to my still shocked self. "I'll pick you up for school in the morning." With that he left me alone in my house, thinking What had I just done... And that maybe I should go lay down in bed in case it was still warm from him sitting there.

A/N: Maybe I'm getting myself into trouble with three stories going on now. I guess we will find out soon enough. All three are different, so I shouldn't have much trouble keeping them straight in my head. This one is gonna have some humor in it. I mean Gaara dancing. XD. I hope his character was still ok. I never read any stories where he asks Naruto out... Maybe there is a reason for that. Review if you want.