Dance in The Snow: A Christmas Special

I walk the path of the mall. Dodging and quickly stopping, swerving and avoiding. It's amazing to me that all these people seem to flock in hoards of idiots to this dreadful place. I'm on a mission. A lone mission, my guards are not with me nor my family. I am here to locate the perfect gift for my love, for my Naruto. I will do it.

Determined to locate a single gift so perfect for my blond haired angel. I suffer through the mall and it's inhabits. I have never been one to shop, or deal with crowds and every year I end up sending Temari to find Naruto's gifts. This is a special year though. This is our fifthyear being together. Five years. Five wonderful years spent with the god. Five years of bliss. Five years of me not really buying him a single gift. I find it sad, and so I will suffer this year and go out on my own to make it up to him.

What does one get one who has given him everything back though? A ring? We have our rings. We have everything money can buy, we have happiness and love and I am stuck going inside every shop and searching for the perfect gift. Not something lame or impersonal. Something as perfect as he is. I glare as a lady hurries in front of me as I glance at the jewelry counter. Bitch.

I'm having no luck. There's a lot of nice things I could get him. Watches, book sets, movie sets, the whole lot of Grey's Anatomy... Yeah he got me addicted as well. I could buy him one of everything I saw and thought he'd like. No one thing made me think he'd love though. I want something he will be in awe and shock and will show him how much he means to me. Why was it so hard! I sighed and walked past the pet store and out into the snow. The beautiful snow that seemed like to should be able to freeze time. I wish it could because time was running out, three days till I was screwed. Three small days. I looked around trying to locate my car in the mess of humans and automobiles. I thought I had and began for it, almost getting hit as I did so. My thoughts still on a gift.

What could I give him that would show his meaning to me though...

I'm not mad, I'm not... Ok I'm pissed! Five years he's been giving Temari the rights to shop for me. Not one single gift had been from him, not one single gift from his heart. Sure, I had loved them... But now they were meaningless. Like the necklace I use to hold close because it was our first year together... Our first Christmas in the open... Now it was nothing more than a gift. No meaning behind it. I slammed the paper work down and was given odd looks from the workers. I don't care. I'm pissed.

Did he even care I had personaly gone to pick out his gifts? His five years worth of gifts?

I sighed. No, I couldn't be pissed at him. He just didn't think that way. I head to the office to find him, our last day of working before the holiday. I was surprised to find he wasn't there. He was not one to skip out on work. I frowned wondering if he had gotten upset when I kind of went off on him this morning. I guess it left me in charge so I couldn't go find him. I pulled my cell phone out and sent a short message. I went about my job and waited for his reply. None came as we closed and I was worried. I dialed the number for Temari and waited as it rang she answered and I could tell it was a bad time.

"Yeah?" She said kind of rough, her guys must have been round.

"You heard from Gaara?"

"Earlier." I could hear her heels clank as she walked way from them. "He seemed upset."

"I didn't get a reply back and it seems he left work early..."

"That's not like him. I got a few things going on then I'll be at the house. Call Kanky and see if he knows whats going on."

"Kay." We hung up and I dialed aanother number, getting no answer I left a message and headed to our home. The doors were locked and it seemed h hadn't been home. I sighed and changed my clothes before checking our messages and grabbing a bottle of water for th rode. I was going to meet Temari at her house. I scribbled a note in case he made it home first.

Temari wascleaning when I entered the house, a bad sign. "They're both missing." She grummbled. "No answers and no notes. What the hell." She threw the rag down and crossed her arms. "I got people out looking for them."

"I left a note, in case hecomes to the house. Maye they are just out together." I shrugged, trying to stay positive. I smiled as she stared at me. I wondered around the house, now placed in lock down it seemed since my brother in law, and love were missing. I couldn't go outside without some guy in a suit and sunglasses following so close I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. It was tiring. I knew I wouldn't get much sleep but at least I'd be left alone. I fell backwards on the bed and tried to call Gaara once more. No answer. I left another message and rested the phone on my chest moving my arms behind my head.

Where was he? Was he with Kankuro? Were they alright? So many questions and no answers. The main thing in my head was about the last things I had said to him. Was it going to be the last words I ever got to say? Mad about something as stupid as him not picking out my gifts? I frowned and held back tears. I'd see him soon. Maybe he just forgot to get his cell from the car. Maybe Kankurowashaving problems and he just went out with his brother. I was trying my best to stay on the plus side.

I'm not even as stupid to not think deep down he was dead, or dying. Taken to hurt Temari. I needed to clear my head. Without someone following me, imposible atthis point though. I shake my head and remove my phone before standing and going to draw a hot bath. It would help some... I hoped.

By morning it was clear Temari was about to declare war on anyone she could think of. Hell, she might have even just started killing random people. I calmed her down some and we agreed to head back to where I had first meet Gaara and check up on our old friends... To say the words lightly. First stop was to the brothers Sasuke and Itachi. They were easy to find.

Sasuke and Itachi waited for us in a formal meeting room, surprise was across Sasuke's face and nothing across the older of the two. "Naruto?" He whispered and then shook his head. I gave a smile.

"Well, let's have the reason for a visit to see us now." Itachi spoke in such a low yet deep voice. It remined me of my Gaara.

"No point to beat around the bush." Temari agreed as she took a seat on the table instead of the chairs around it. She threw one of her legs over the other and shook her foot lightly as she spoke. "You wouldn't have any information on my brothers would you? Heard anything?"

"No, I'm afraid I can't help you." Itachi supplied but Sasuke spoke up.

"Uh, I saw them yesterday. Well, I saw Gaara. He was at the mall... Doing a mad dash around everyone." He added. Temari glanced at me and I frowned. He had to be there for me. I kicked myself in the ass mentally and nodded. "I'd say that was around 1pm."

"Was he alone?' Temari asked she smiled, I knew she was glad to get any information.

"Yeah, he was heading towards the exit. No one seemed to be with him... No, I didn't see anyone heading that way... But, thats the only time I saw him." Sasuke added looking over at me.

"If you do see him will you give us a call?" I asked and write my number down handing it over before we said our goodbyes and headed to the next place.

We got home kind of late and placed a few clues we had gotten together. Kankuro had gotten a call and left Kiba's place around 3pm. Kiba hadn't know who it was from but Kankuro had been in a good enough mood. Also Kankuro had called Kiba put was cut off, that was at 9:40pm so said his cell phone. Kiba assumed it was to cancel their date that had been planed for 9. Temari's people had discovered Kankuro'scardhad been used to buy something worth a few thousand dollars earlier today in a town nearly three hours away. Gaara's had been used too, nearly the same amount of money. They had sent a 'team' out to see what was going on and were waiting to see if they used them again.

I sat alone on the bed, tired and unable to go to sleep. Waiting for some sort of news. I am not for sure when I drifted off to sleep but when I woke I felt like shit. I found Temari and asked about what the team found. She stared at me a moment before she sighed. "Nothing..." She replied.

"So what's the game plan for today?" I asked taking a seat.

"Well, I think you should get some rest. Just leave it to me. I know your worried but don't... I've got this." She smiled and gave me a hug.

Maybe I should be more worried? She was serious about not letting me help though and ordered the guards to keep me in the house as she headed out the door. I guess I didn't think about it at the time but it was odd the way she dressed when doing so.

I took over her role of cleaning after a good half day spent trying to escape or fight my way out. I lost and mopped around as I scrubbed the floor by hand. A great way to spend Christmas Eve.

It was nearly midnight when Temari returned and handed me clothes from my house. "Go get cleaned up and I'll take you home. I think you'll be safe there."

I bitched and then did so, huffing as I got in the car. When I made it to the house she smiled as I looked in awe. My home was covered in lights completely decked out for Christmas. "Did you do this?"

"Nope." She laughed and hurried out of the car holding on to me so I didn't run streight in the house. "Don't hold this against me, but I can't let you in until Midnight."

"Why not? He's in there isn't he?" I escaped and fumbled with my keys cussing as I couldn't get them in fast enough, I threw the door open and was stunned to see my beloved standing at the door way, the tree behind him filled with gifts and a small smile on his face. I raced to him tears in my eyes and hugged him tight before pulling away and hitting him. "I LOVE YOU." I yelled, just to make sure if I killed him he knew I still loved him.

"I love you too." He kissed me and takes my hand."I got you something. I picked it out all on my own, but needed help to get it. I hope you love it as much as I think you will. I wanted to get you something to show how much I love you and want to be with you forever. It was hard to pick out the right gift so it took some time to think it over. I wanted to make sure it was perfect for you." He speaks as he leads me into a room that we used as a clutter holder. He places his hands over my eyes and someone opens the door. I'm let to see inside... I can't speak.

The words don't form because my head is spinning. He got me this? How? Was he sure?

The bundle in Kankuros arms moved lightly as it let out a small cry.

"I hope you like him." Gaara says looking in my eyes. "I want you to know how much you mean to me. I wanted to give you a part as me as well as you. I know he isn't our blood but I know we will raise him as if he was." Tears come down my face as I take the blue covered being in my arms and look down at him for the first time. A new born baby.

"How did you get him? What's his name? What... How... Is.. He really ours?" I ask through sobs.

"I bought him. He was born three days ago, to a rape victim she was going to give him to an agency since she couldn't find the right parents. I told her about us and promised he would be given anything and everything in the world. Then I bought him and used connections to get everything in order and documented. He is ours forever. His name I didn't get to pick our, I understand we can change it when we change his last name. He is called Sota. I'm sorry for worrying you, I just wanted to surprise you. I know you have always wanted to have a child. Since I lack the ability to bare you one, and you like wise I thought now was a good time to start our family."

"It's the best gift you could give me." I laugh through my tears as I rock the child.


Naruto sighed as he got Sota to sleep, he made his way to the bedroom and smiled seeing his Gaara still awake. It was kin of nice that he was still needed for the red head to fall asleep. "He's asleep?" Gaara asks sitting down the work he had brought home.

"Happily tucked in." I nod and fall onto the bed, only to be straddled by my red headed beauty. He plants kisses over me and I moan. Despite being tired. I'm never to tired to haavea little fun. I pull his night shirt off and rub my hands over his body before leaning in and kissing the pale smooth skin, sucking on the small globes of darker and tugging lightly with my teeth. He groans and pushes me away fumbling to get my own shirt off and then planting more kisses on my tanned skin. I moan as he bites and sucks on the tender skin of mt hips as his fingers fumble with the string of my night pants.

Soon we are both undressed and I move so I can be on top, crawling down to take his hardening member in my mouth andbobbing my head as my left hand holds the base and right helps to keep my balance. His fingers tangle in my hair as he gasps for a breath before getting the lost dazed look of bliss. A look I love to see in his eyes. He lifts his hips as I pump and bob faster, then all but pushes me down and starts returning the favor. I'm loud when being pleased and he defiantly knows how to make me scream. I feel a digit enter me and have been so lost to not notice the lub he got out. I moan as it curves in me and pulls out to be drove back in, a nother comes inside me and I hiss as he moves in a sicors fashion spreading my entrance to make sure it hurts less. I pull away and move on all fours one of my favorite ways to have sex, he gets the hint and is lubed and inside me while his hand strokes my member softly. He pulls out and dives back in as his hand starts to tighted it's fist on my appendage and quicken it's pace along my shaft as his solidness pounds into me.

I cry out in bliss and feel the knot in my scrotum as I'm ready to come, soon I have a mess on the bed and he says my name, along with words I can't make out as h follows my lead and leaves his mark inside me. We lay in bliss a moment before moving to hold and kiss each other.

A/N: Happy Holidays! I hope my fans from before get to read this and like it! It's been so long and it seems this story is still popular as I have new fans every few months! So to all of you I wish you a Merry whatever it is you celebrate and a Great Filled With Naked Gaara's and Naruto's fucking under your bed New Years! Love you all!