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Spoilers: None for Torchwood but for Doctor Who: Aliens of London, Boom Town

Set pre-series 1 during Boom Town in Doctor Who

I'm assuming the time between Aliens of London and Boom Town is six months

These are more a bunch of ficlets than an actual story, but they're all connected

The Stuff They Didn't Show Us

Doctor Sato sat at her desk inside the immense hub. It still amazed her after six months in which she had seen so many things; things she didn't believe could have possibly existed. It started with that pig thing. The pig that wasn't a pig, but still was a pig. Then that man. The Doctor. So dangerous yet so safe. Thanks to him her life was now nothing but contradictions. Living in perpetual fear, yet constant excitement. The pterodactyl roared above her head. A bloody pterodactyl! They were extinct yet they weren't. They lived on through this one which they, for some inexplicable reason, called Myfanwy. She glanced up and noticed Richard effortlessly perching on her nest. Richard was incredible. How could he look after that thing? But he was fearless: climbing up to feed her with bloody meat slathered in barbecue sauce every day. Barbecue sauce! This world was mad, absolutely mad! But it was so exciting she couldn't leave.

She still remembered the day that changed her life. After the insanity of the Slitheen attack she had decided she needed some change in her life. She packed a case and was ready to go travelling… or something. She had always wanted to go somewhere, do something life changing. And her run in with aliens showed her that she should take the opportunity while she could.

She was about to walk out the door when the doorbell rang. She stopped mid-step: nobody ever visited he. She opened the door to reveal a tall man with messy black hair and sharp blue eyes. He was wearing a long flowing greatcoat that looked like it belonged in World War Two.

"Toshiko Sato." She instantly fell in love with his luxurious American accent and nodded vaguely at his… well, it wasn't really a question was it? The man stuck out his hand.

"Captain Jack Harkness." She dumbly shook his hand.

"I have a job proposition for you," he grinned, "Aren't you gonna invite me in?"

She hurriedly gestured for him to come in while mumbling incoherently.

He sat on her couch while she made a cup of coffee. After a scalding mouthful of raw caffeine shocked her back to life she felt ready to wonder what the hell was going on. She then remembered the man in her living room.

Swearing under her breath she dashed back into the room to find him browsing her DVD collection.

"Do you mi…"

"I'm rather pleased about this, you look quite promising," he gestured to her varied collection of sci-fi films while noting her Die Hard and Indiana Jones box sets, "I suppose we are a bit Indiana Jones… sort of," he muttered.

Erm… thanks?"

"Now Tosh," she was surprised to find she didn't mind the nickname- even though they'd only just met, "I know you helped a man called the Doctor during last week's alien attack. I lost a good man during the fiasco and we're looking for a replacement. Do you want the job?"

She had no idea what he was talking about but she found herself nodding. Next thing she knew he had grabbed her little case and she had been bundled into the back of a black SUV.

"Toshiko, meet the team."

Jack pointed to the back seat. A man with short black hair that didn't seem to respond to the laws of gravity grinned madly at her. He was wearing faded jeans, a loose shirt and big army issue black boots.

"That's Richard Moore, he's in charge of covering up all our mess."

The next man had shorter brown and a sort of smirk on his thin face.

"Owen Harper, resident doctor."

A woman with curly black hair was riding shotgun.

"Suzie Costello, second in command."

Toshiko smiled at her but Suzie didn't return one.

"Where am I going?" she asked tentatively.




Jack smiled. She was definitely promising.

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