Chapter 3

Jack was counting down the minutes. He watched Owen desperately trying to work out what was wrong with the rift detector. Jack had disabled it earlier in the morning knowing the rift would become active, but they didn't know that and it would give them something to do.

Richard and Tosh were chatting quietly in the corner, each holding a cup of coffee. Jack considered grabbing a cup himself before remembering he had no idea how to work the coffee machine and he couldn't stand that instant rubbish. Anyway, he had more important things to be concerned about.

"You seem worried."

Suzie made him jump.

"Not worried, no. I know exactly what's going on." He sagely tapped the side of his head to try and reinforce his point.

"You do?"

Jack was mildly insulted by Suzie's lack of confidence. He turned back to gaze at his team.

"Yep, don't need a rift detector. You just need me…" Suzie frowned, "Plus, nothing's gonna' happen tonight anyway," he added quickly.

He knew he had to keep them away from the Doctor. He knew Torchwood's policies. Knew they'd want to capture the Doctor. If it's alien it's ours. Well the Doctor was one hell of an alien and was number one on the hit list passed down through team leaders since Torchwood began. He couldn't let them capture him. Firstly because if it did he wouldn't be here and some mad paradoxical alternate timeline thing would occur. But secondly, and more importantly, because it just wasn't right. The Doctor wouldn't suit imprisonment.

He knew if Suzie knew the Doctor was outside she'd try to jump him. He knew she was ambitious and dreamt of Yvonne's job, and wouldn't capturing the Doctor help her along the way? He knew he had to keep her away especially.

He then realised he was talking in 'knews' again and decided he really should stop doing that.

Jack was counting down the seconds.

Everything was deadly quiet then suddenly the hub erupted with noise.

"Jack! The rift's active!" Jack heard Suzie but ignored her.

"Jack, we've got to get out!" He ignored Owen as well.

He glanced and Tosh, they had grabbed each other in the chaos and were lying on the floor together with Richard covering Tosh, possibly trying to protect her. Jack smiled- no matchmaking required then.

"Jack are you bloody well listening to me? We've got to get out!"

"Owen don't go anywhere!"

Owen stopped mid-step with his left foot hovering above the floor.

"Jack," he was talking surprisingly calmly for Owen, "I am not bloody dying in here because the roof falls in on us!"

"Owen the roof wont fall, trust me. This place is too solid and it'll pass in a couple of minutes."

"Why should I trust you?"

"Because I know we'll be all right!"

Owen looked at Jack. He noticed something hiding deep within his eyes. Fear? Never! This was Captain Jack Harkness, the bravest man Owen knew. This was something else. Desperation? What did Jack know that the rest of them didn't? Owen sighed. He did trust Jack. He sat in his seat as the hub shook.

"Thanks Owen."

"Jack if I die you're bloody-well getting haunted!"

Jack grinned, "I wouldn't expect anything else."

Behind Owen Suzie had seen the look in Jack's eyes. Unlike Owen she wasn't prepared to just blindly accept everything Jack told her. She was sick of Jack's secrets and resented the fact that Jack didn't trust her enough to confide in her. She was tired of him hiding things. He wasn't going to hide this.

She rushed to the stairs. Jack saw her.

"Suzie, don't go out there!" She ignored him this time.

"Right then, Plan B!" Jack thumped a big red button nearby. The doors suddenly closed around them. Suzie was blocked by the heavy metallic doors.

"Maximum lockdown. It's not getting lifted till we play nice Suzie!" Jack added a few scolding wags of his finger for effect.

"What's out there Jack? What are you hiding?"

He walked towards her and stared into her eyes.

"Suzie, it doesn't concern you. Drop it."

Suzie sighed and nodded. The rumbling and shaking stopped. Jack grinned.

"Right, that's that sorted. Let's lift the lockdown."

"Jack you idiot!"

Jack's grin disappeared at Richard's outburst, "We're at maximum lockdown! We're not getting out!"

"Oh, I hadn't though of that. Better get comfy then!"

Richard made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a growl. Jack smiled while thumbing the pack of cards in his pocket.

Later that night the Doctor was leaning on the TARDIS. He was having the strangest feeling but he couldn't place it. A bit like déjà vu, but not it. He placed his hand on the console and felt it hum happily.

"I think you're hiding something," he told the ship. And then to nobody in particular, "What stage in your life have you gotten to when even your spaceship keeps secrets from you?"

From somewhere deep inside the TARDIS the Doctor heard Jack yell, "Has anyone seen my cards?"

Please R&R. I only wrote this because I enjoyed confusing my sister with all the possible paradoxes (or whatever the correct term may be) in Doctor Who. If anyone wants me to I'll see if I can write some more.