Disclaimer: …Come on, people. Everyone knows that if I owned Fullmetal Alchemist, half of the men would be paired with each other….and there would be a Mary-Sue. XD Or three.

Summary: Ed's got the Hiccups. Roy knows how to fix them. ;D

"I'm telling you—hic—this…isnotgonn—hic—a…work…!!"

"Come on. My mom did this to me all the time." Havoc smiled, handing him a glass of milk.

Ed paled. "No. Wa—hic—…"

"Nii-san, why not? You keep on complaining, 'cuz you've been hiccupping all day!" Al insisted.

"I AM NOT DRINKING THAT NA—hic—STY…!!" Ed's shouting had conjured a spasm so powerful that he was actually knocked backwards; stumbling as he completely lost his balance.

However, someone managed to catch him at the last minute, gripping his slim shoulders from behind. Ed nearly choked in surprise when that person slipped a spoon of pure sugar into his mouth. Edward spat reflexively.

"Yuck! Who the hell do you think you are, shoving sugar down someone's throat like that?!?!"

Ed has had nearly stopped by the time his breath and voice hitched again. Twice.

Roy shrugged. "Works for me." He looked down at Ed, laughter gleaming in his black eyes. "I don't suppose anyone's tried scaring you yet, hm?" He asked with a nefarious smirk.

"Ye—hic—, they have…" he gasped. "It's not gon—hic—na work."

"Oh, I think I could scare you pretty good."

The blonde cocked an eyebrow, but his demeanor was thrown off by another hiccup-induced spaz. He crossed his arms over his chest in a challenge.

The colonel grinned. Not wasting any time, he advanced on Ed and grabbed his chin in his hands, before abruptly leaning in on him, meeting Edward's lips with his.

The teen's eyes went wide, and he froze solid, rooted to the spot. Mistake. Without a pause, Roy slipped his tongue into the relaxed seam of the blonde's lips.

Then, just as soon as it had started, it was over. Mustang's mouth and tongue left his, and he wiped a little saliva off the corner of his upturned lips. Ed turned slowly redder and redder, but never once did he hiccup.

'Definitely tastes better than sugar.' Ed thought.