Alright, this story came about as a result of a little creativity challenge created by Panzer IV, so credit goes to him.

Rules taken directly from his post:

Write a short story/one shot fic using these as a start:

-She heard footsteps coming from outside
-Until that day, it had rained hard...
-Maybe because she was...
-The gun explodes, sending...
-He stood still, unmoved, knowing...

Rules are:
1. Character must limit to 3 (no more, no less)
2. At least each character must be from its respective anime (varying--Crossovers, so to say)
3. The names of the character must NOT be mentioned; use only he, she, them, it, etc. (meaning, your description is what identify the character from which anime he/she come from)
4. No OC allowed (for now)
5. Most importantly, have fun!

I do not own the rights to Gunslinger Girl. There that's out of the way.


He stood still, unmoving, knowing it was his last moment on the face of god's green earth. The girl in front of him gave off an evil aura, and the wicked smile on her face didn't help anything. "It wasn't what it looked like," was all he could manage to choke out.

"You know that I'm the only one for you," she cooed brushing a lock of brunette hair out of her eyes. "I've already taken care of her. Now there is nothing keeping us from being together."

He gasped, tears welling up in his eyes. "No!" The woman he loved was dead, by the hands of the girl he was supposed to care for no less. And after all the effort it took to warm her up too.

"We can be together forever." The girl reached behind her and pulled out a small pistol, a SIG P239, the gun he had given her. She aimed the gun at his forehead and smiled. "Forever."

He saw his life flash before his eyes. All of the events that led to this point in life, the happy times with his brother and sister, the vacations in Sicily, his work with the Carabinieri, his decision to take a job with the SWA, and finally, the moment that caused his downfall, the moment the girl discovered his secret love.

He gazed longingly into her eyes. They captivated him, made him weak in the knees. "I love you."

"I love you too." Her short hair glistened in the last remains of the suns rays.

He had succeeded. The one woman, the envy of every man in the agency's eyes, was his. He succeeded where many others had failed, his own brother included. He bent down slightly to kiss her.

How did she know? he thought bitterly as the girl leered at him. "I'm sorry."

Her smile pierced his heart and a bullet pierced his skull. "I'll be joining you soon."